Star Trek

Star Trek
Star trek is an adventure across the galaxies. The mission seems more like a scientific exploration rather than the need to protect or establish supremacy or seek a planet for human beings to inhabit. It is also a scientific mission because people from different planets and galaxies collaborate in the endeavor of bringing in their areas of expertise.

It is not about valor, as much as it is about using the available techniques to overcome any problem. Each Star Trek episode has a different storyline, in which, Captain Kirk along with the crew of the Enterprise pool their knowledge and decision making processes for a humane resolution. Most of the gadgets and tools used in Star Trek now seem out dated as many new models and products are now used in movies related to space travel.

  1. Each episode ends the storyline, instead of carrying the same storyline across several episodes.
  2. The approach towards meeting aliens and accepting their possible physical features makes people especially children more tolerant towards others who may not look like them.

  1. It is a fiction and people soon grow out of it.
  2. Much of the technology used in the storyline is no longer impressive, unique, or striking.




Star trek always gets me. Whenever there is a rerun or movie on television I have to see it. I do not care if i saw it already. I love star trek. Now as for Star Wars, I believe Disney bought the rights, and let's just say that it will probably go down the drain. Disney will ruin Star wars. Anyways, Star Trek has a lot of feels to it. The characters are so emotional, with the exception of androids, and other alien species on the tv show or in the movies that don't experience emotion. The idea is great too, exploring the far reaches of our universe. That right there would probably be my ultimate dream job.
Posted by Everett on 11-09-2017

Star Trek is Better

Less drama and more fun. You can see that star wars has too much complicated drama. And that's something is not there in the star trek. The journey is very much plain. And there does not seem to be any much of the issues with the story. I personally find the story of star trek lot better compared to the any other type of stories on space.
Posted by overcast on 11-09-2017


Star Wars

Star Wars
Ever since Star Wars came into the picture, the concept that galaxies could go on war too became accepted. Here there is a perpetual enemy and the protagonist uses all his intellect and valor to fight the enemy off, assisted by computers and other people from various planets. Here, it is like an ongoing war. That said there is recognition to some primordial energy referred to as the force, which is said to help some, attributing these people with supernatural powers such as clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc. While some of the abilities that are shown in the crew members of Star Trek do seem unrealistic, the overall engaging storyline of Star Wars helps to overlook the fact that supernatural powers are present in its characters. Techniques used for filming this ongoing saga keep the storyline fresh for each new generation.

  1. It has a good storyline, and a good way of presenting it.
  2. The technology used for presenting the story makes it relevant even today.

  1. The storyline can be understood better by watching the previous episodes in the right sequence otherwise it is difficult to understand



I always preferred Star Wars

Star Trek was a little bit past my time. I mean I've caught it on TV and everything, a great SF series nevertheless, I also seen the movies but I never turned into a massive fan of this franchise.

I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek, the story is much more complex and the overall idea is better. Can't wait for the follow-up movies to Star Wars. I guess I prefer the fantasy aspect of Star Wars it is sort of an SF Lord of The Rings for me. But don't get me wrong, I love SF series like: Star Gate and Star Gate Atlantis

Posted by Cristian on 11-10-2017


STAR WARS is a far more fun series to watch than STAR TREK. Even the newest STAR WARS film THE FORCE AWAKENS, was better than the recent STAR TREK reboots. STAR WARS has cooler villains, weaponry, more epic and memorable fight scenes, and of course... CHEWIE.
Posted by NickJ on 11-08-2017

More action

IMHO, if you were to compare Star Wars and Star Trek to games, Star Wars would be an FPS. Star Trek would be a tabletop RPG, lol! I have a lot of love for ST. I grew up watching it, saw most of the movies and to this day I still watch it on Saturdays. But SW? I saw (part of it at least, lol) at the drive in back in 77, I was 5 years old. Since that day I've been hooked! ST, although there are action scenes, they aren't really the focus. ST is more cerebral and at times I like that. SW is cerebral at times but due to the nature of it's storyline (the struggle against the Empire)is full of action. I watch movies to zone out and be entertained. SW does just THAT!
Posted by Digicashceo on 01-11-2018


None. I have watched Star Trek as well as few movies on Star war franchise, however, I did not like these movies. I do watch si-fi movies, however, Si-fi is my least favorite genre. I enjoyed watching Aliens by James Cameroon, which happens to be my favorite si-fi movies. I also enjoyed I Robert featuring Will Smith, however, I don'gt watch sifi movies too much.
Posted by vinaya on 11-08-2017
I haven't watch any of these movies but from the description wouldn't mind to see star trek since it has to do with explorations. I hope to explore and discover and it satisfy my yearnings and I'm sure will learn one or two things from Star Trek.
Posted by lovely on 11-08-2017
I have seen both of them. And honestly star wars does not seem to be any good story for sure. You can see that some of the stories on the star trek does take more fun compared to star wars. And even better part is that star trek has it's set of the moments where things may not look good. But I like the tech in the star trek. And overall a story is much better with the star trek from where I have seen it.
Posted by overcast on 11-09-2017
Both series are good and have their own pros and cons. Personally, I like Star wars better because of the universe that it was created on top of it. The Jedi Order and all the moral lessons that we learned from them
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-09-2017
Sorry but I can't choose any, I love both of them. I would say that I'm more into Star Wars drama, but then I can't get forget the thrill on Star Trek battles. So, any of those just make my day, the characters, stories, audio and visual effects, soundtrack, everything is great from them. I've been watching them since I was a kid, so they're part of my life, and sharing those with my dad, always make us feel in sync.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-09-2017
I like science fiction, but... Frankly, I'm not a fan of any of these two franchises and I find them completely overrated and boring. the characters - with a few exceptions - seem to be always the same and I find the plot of the stories very weak and repetitive.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-17-2017
I love both storylines but I'm.more into star trek series,though at a point it became boring and i stopped watching it for a while.I love adventures especially scientific ones that as to do with explorations, discoveries and documentations
Posted by lovely on 12-17-2017
I do both find those movies as a great one since for me, the special effects, the storyline is really great. They do have the quality that most people will truly love and the excitement that most of the people can't help but to portray the character that they're dreaming about. It's a great movie and I do recommend it for those who haven't watched any of their movies.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-15-2018
I'm choosing Star Trek because I'm a trekie. I've been a fan since I was a kid and I've watched all Star Trek series episodes including the new generation ones and also all the Star Trek movies ever made. Nothing beats the starship Enterprise and it's captain James Tiberius Kirk.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 09-19-2018
For me I prefer Star Trek, it seems more introspective and there’s a lot more content, with less confusing timelines and character structure. Plus I think Star Trek dives deeper into alien culture and discovery versus focusing solely on a time of war and rebellion, so it has more sustainable content.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-14-2018