StealStreet Red Baby Dragon

StealStreet Red Baby Dragon
This is the StealStreet Red Baby Dragon In Eggshell with Gem Figurine. It's only 4.75" tall but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in appeal and adorability don't you think?

Anyone that is a dragon fan, or perhaps those that went through a bit of a "Hatchimal phase" will probably like the look of and want this StealStreet Red Baby Dragon In Eggshell with Gem Figurine.

That includes any mom's out there that love their dragons! Thus, the StealStreet Red Baby Dragon In Eggshell with Gem Figurine would make an ideal and excellently perfect Mother's Day gift don't you think?

It's of a small and new born hatched red baby dragon just breaking out of its shell. However not completely out of its shell yet and already looking like he's looking for some dragon-esque adventure!

The StealStreet Red Baby Dragon In Eggshell with Gem Figurine has been very well made with high attention to detail and at only 4.75" would make a ferociously looking paper weight!

Either that or on your side or mantelpiece along with all your (or their) other dragon ornaments! And this one, the red baby dragon, is just one of many from StealStreet who make money just like it.

The red stone on the side of the egg is actually a birthstone and is either a January or July birthstone as they both look very similar in color but would make an ideal birthday gift for someone in July too!

  • Very cute and very adorable and almost ferocious looking red baby dragon breaking out of his egg and looking for some adventure!
  • Very reasonable price at just $15.88 with free shipping on Amazon.

  • My only gripe is that I wish they would do these in slightly larger sizes. And I'd like one that is candle as well as they are cool but this is solid resin.



Love this baby dragon

I loved this red baby dragon. Very nicely designed, and with that cute look, and for just $15, it is really a great buy. For those who like dragons this makes a very nice gift that will surely be greatly appreciated.
Posted by sspi on 03-17-2017
I hear you. However, I disagree. I do not like red. It reminds me of the devil. Did you know that the devil was red?

Red is My Favorite Color

Everybody loves dragons. I'm no different from everybody else. All dragons would be fine with me. But if I have to choose, I pick red because it's my favorite color.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 01-11-2018


I like red a lot more than green so this choice is easy for me. I think the fact that it's a dragon also makes me think red is much more fitting because it's a fire color. I understand that green is probably closer to the way dragons have been depicted for ages but in this case since the design looks more like a cartoon I don't think green looks as good as the red one.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-26-2018


StealStreet Dark Green Baby Dragon

StealStreet Dark Green Baby Dragon
And this one is the StealStreet SS-G-71471 Dark Green Baby Dragon with a green birthstone which radiates a beautiful and vivid color and is for people who are born in May. Or just for any dragon fans!

This green baby dragon is almost fully broken out of his egg but not quite and has his two little feet poking out of holes at the bottom of the egg so that he is practically sitting in it!

And like the other, although he may only measure up to 5 inches, he makes up for in cuteness appeal and adorability what he lacks in real physical size. Although he will grow to be really big one day..

And like the other dragon, the StealStreet SS-G-71471 Dark Green Baby Dragon would make a truly perfect gift for any dragon fans and collectors, both on Mother's Day, or any day of the year!

Made with the best in attention to detail. Cast in a solid resin and then painted to look meticulous from every angle. He'll take pride place on the shelf, or serve as a ferocious (but cute) looking paperweight?

Whatever your reason for wanting the StealStreet SS-G-71471 Dark Green Baby Dragon would be. Whether it's for yourself or for someone else as a gift. He'll surely be loved and appreciated for a lifetime.

  • The StealStreet SS-G-71471 Dark Green Baby Dragon is a very cute and adorable looking green baby dragon sitting in his eggshell that he's not quite broken out of yet!
  • Great for dragon fans and collectors and great as a gift for any mom on Mother's Day that just happens to be a dragon fan - or anyone else on any day!

  • A little bit more expensive at $18.68 but only by a few bucks. And only available in one size and that's not good for people who'd like a big dragon!




I like the lively nature of the dragon, it looks pretty and its so attractive. Dragon in reality is rare to find, because their species is believed to be extinct, so anyone who has passion for dragons will definitely fall in love with this sculpt.

The dragon is quite different from the rest, I like to give this dragon to my friends who are so used to hatchimals, because their is great resemblance between this sculpt and hatchimals. They will make great gifts.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-16-2017
I agree completely. Green is one of my favorite colors. Therefore, I chose this one. You cannot go go wrong with green. I like everything green, except my eggs and ham. In fact, my wallet is green. Also, my wallet is cool.


I don't think this is a case that goes down to anything beyond preference (MAYBE price, but nothing more), based on the information I see presented to me. Both dragons are very similar sizes, from the same company, and have a similar style. Unless the $3 price difference is enough to sway you toward the red, all the judgements I could make only boil down to appearances - and as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why choose for those besides myself in this particular case?
Posted by Linen on 12-14-2017
I am not really a fan of dragons but I like figurines and even stuff toys of dragon. For me, the dragon is a lucky charm that can bring me good fortune. But I am not really being superstitious. I am collecting dragon figurines and stuff toys just for fun. But I understand that the dragons above are more of toys than display items. I don’t know if the son of my nephew will be happy with a baby dragon. It is not easy to buy a gift for a toddler because you don’t really know what he likes.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-19-2018
Though I don't like dragons but the stealstreet baby dragon looks cute,it will be a perfect gift as stated for either dragon lovers,fans or looks so cute and stylish to me.I think fun loving or seeking kids can have this for keeps.
Posted by lovely on 03-26-2018