Steep: Gold Edition on the PS4

Steep: Gold Edition on the PS4
This is Steep: Gold Edition on the PS4. Steep is a snow sports game with style! Playing Steep, you'll ride your own way and conquer the world's biggest mountains on skis, snowboards, wingsuits & paragliders.

The powder is always fresh and the run never ends on the mountains of the open world map of the Alps. Explore the mountains and create your own path down them and then share your best custom lines with friends online.

You'll live unforgettable moments with other players. Either ride solo or drop in next to other players to share the thrilling, adrenaline fuelled, action packed ride of your lifetime! All shared on social media.

Just pulled off an insane aerial trick or stunt? Want people to know about it there and then? With instant sharing to social media, you can show off, replay and relive your best moments in real time on social media.

And with the Gold Edition of Steep, you get extra content and a season pass subscription which gives you access to all the major expansions and extra digital content, equipment and outfits so you can always look the part.

The Gold Edition of Steep lets you ride out in style with the fun snowman costume. But you can also get access to hundreds of other suits and equipment which can aid your rider to be a true king of the Alps!

With real life mountains to conquer, actually based on true life mountains, you'll have much to do and many slopes and slaloms to race down and jump over where the fun and adrenaline never stops pumping!

Create and live unforgettable moments with your friends online, or just about anyone that wants to drop in next to you to race along side you and share in the adrenaline filled, thrilling rides of epic proportions.

Steep will put your snow sporting skills to the ultimate test and give you a chance to prove to the world (and yourself) that you have what it takes to be king of the mountain and any of the other fantastically fun challenges.

  • One of the most comprehensive and action packed snowboard and snow sport games to hit the market on today's next gen gaming consoles.
  • The Gold Edition gives you the season pass to get new map packs, updates and the funny snowman suit which you can use in the game.
  • It has real life mountains based on actual mountains of the world in which you can ride and race down solo or with friends.
  • It has very good graphics and an almost infinite and endless amount of stunts and tricks that you can pull off.
  • It has a great sound track music playlist with many popular songs that are perfect for snow boarding fans.

  • You will need an Internet connection to play Steep, you can't even play single player mode without being online.


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Infinite Air on the PS4

Infinite Air on the PS4
This is Infinite Air on the PS4. Infinite Air is another snowboard, snow sport racing game that is said to be one of the most authentic snowboard games ever created due to its fluid, physics driven control mechanics system.

In Infinite Air you will get to explore a vast, wide open back country and snowboard down huge mountains and take place in real world competitions such as the Slope Style, Big Air and Half Pipe in a battle for the best.

And you'll be racing and riding your way down snow peaked mountains through seemingly infinite running powder runs and then all the way back up to the top again with the one and the only, Mark Morris pro boarder.

Ride alongside Mark Morris and meet other top elite snowboarding professionals and riders in an open world that has procedurally generated realistic mountains in what seems to be an infinite amount of runs.

One of the most authentic and realistic snowboarding games ever made, the physics driven controls are fluid and provide you with an unparalleled expression of control and grace and style and skills you never knew you had!

Take place in real world competitions and contests with other players and competitors from all around the world with genuine scoring and then share your best runs, and your personal creations with your friends online.

Infinite Air on the PS4 makes snowboarding very rewarding to play when the tricks and stunts are hard to pull off without crash landing and breaking your bones. So much so that even small tricks like 180's are fun to do.

Although not a game for trophy hunters who want to complete a set of tasks or objectives, there's no campaign mode to speak of, just an almost infinite and endless amount of mountains to explore and race down.

And for those that want their own mountains, there is the mountain creation system so you can create your own dangerous and exciting runs which you can race down on your own or with friends or anyone else online.

  • Physics driven snowboarding game with fluid control that provides one of the most authentic snowboarding games on next gen consoles yet.
  • Many mountains that are procedurally generated and provides an almost endless amount of runs to race and slalom down.
  • Many real work competitions to enter with authentic scoring systems for events like Big Air, Half Pipe and Slope Style.
  • Ability to instantly share your best runs, tricks and more with instant social media sharing online to friends.

  • The controls can take some getting used to but that's the same with most snowboarding games like this.



Infinite explore

A game to test true sportsmanship, just like ski free a very interesting game, you have to avoid mountains and hard spikes while skating on snow. This game is truly an adventure I refer to as an encounter, If you want to know how much fun board games can offer then this is the deal. You cannot judge how much you like board games till you try this one out, a whole new world of endless adventure. The fun of the game is you get to meet boarding simulated professionals, and you can definitely compete with your friends online.

Not so many boarding games offer the kind of varieties you can find in this game, it's actually a free world where you explore endless obstacles that can never bore you. The game is sharp.

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-12-2017


Those games featured above made me shiver. I think it’s nice to play those games during summer to at least give your mind a respite from the scorching heat of the sun. And since we don’t have snow and ice here, I don’t think I will enjoy playing those games. But for a game addict like my nephew, rain or snow will not stop him from playing, so to speak. The snow will be an obstacle that is not easy to overcome if you have no orientation on that kind of terrain. That means you have to take stock of the game first before playing.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-20-2018