Stricter traffic laws could prevent serious accidents.

Stricter traffic laws could prevent serious accidents.
I was reading that certain countries recently introduced stricter traffic laws in the hope of reducing traffic accidents. There are harsher fines imposed on drivers who make use of a mobile phone while driving, as well as a system where points are deducted for breaking laws, so that when a certain number of points are accumulated one could even end up without a driver’s licence. I honestly hope that these rules may help to make drivers be more serious about their driving attitude and behaviour because there are so many negligent and bad drivers on the roads. Do you have such a system in your country? Do you think it can actually lead to safer roads and better drivers?




We already have many such laws in place in my country. Including the one, you described with the points. Each time you break the law while breaking you get added a certain amount of points and if you go over a certain limit the driving license is taken away. That means that you have to redo the whole driving test and exam.

Does it work? Compared to some other countries, I guess it does. Of course, we still do have accidents but not as many as others do.

Posted by Mehano on 01-18-2018


The amount of people who break the traffic and the rules need to be controlled. And this way people can have more safer roads. And things would be much more secure and properly adjusted. You can see that some of the time it can also prevent the accidents in many ways.
Posted by overcast on 01-22-2018

The Rate Of Accidents Is Disheartening

I really understand why someone will risk his life and the life of other people with a tangle precaution he could take.

Road accidents are caused by three main things: if something is wrong with the vehicle, bad road or the person driving the vehicle.

The last one is the most common cause of accidents so if there is any reason to support stricter rules for these mindless drivers, I would be among the first set of people to support it.

The first strict rule I would suggest is on drink and driving. If you drink, will not drive for 30 to 50 days. Some will say it is very strict, but do you know that some element of alcohol still remains in the body even after many days?

Other suggestions would be to raise the driving age to around 22 or 24 years, renew driving test every 2 years.

Posted by OlaSidiq on 01-22-2018

Life is at stake

There are lots of laws for every country and some of them are really well made and very important. The problem with laws is basically they are all just a piece of paper until they are implemented. Implementation is the key for every law. Traffic laws are very important because of it's life saving benefits. Every car in the highway is susceptible to accidents unless a stricter and comprehensive law is in effect
Posted by fishbate on 06-15-2018


I have agreed based on the things I have seen in my country. Most serious accidents are a result of neglected traffic laws. Strict traffic laws will prevent both minor and serious accidents. Most drivers in my country do not respect traffic laws because they are not strict. The only way to bring sanity in transport industry and our roads is strict traffic laws.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-16-2018


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Well, it depends. I am not sure how many times a mobile phone is actually implicated in accidents. Also, I think that if mobile phone fines are increased people will continue to use them just not when police are around. Also, if someone is using their phone when they are stopped in traffic or at a traffic that so awful? I think we need to have a bit of common sense in regard to these rules.
Posted by kgord on 01-18-2018
Our law against the use of mobile phones while driving is not fully implemented for practical reasons. How would the traffic cop know that a driver is using his mobile phone when the car is heavily tinted? I have to agree that accidents are caused by drivers who are using the phone while driving and it should stop that bad habit. But again the problem is the implementation unless the tinted windows will be prohibited.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-15-2018
There are more car owners in my country and the number of accidents has been increasing over the years. I have to admit that there are many careless drivers in my country who doesn't respect the traffic laws. The government has installed speed cameras in many regions and many people were fined. We actually have the points system in my country. I am not sure if this law is really working as this has not helped reduce the number of accidents. We need to change the mentality of the population and that's not easy.
Posted by Pixie on 01-18-2018
Well yes, the laws should be stricter no matter what. But until these laws get implemented there is no reason for them to be present. Laws are just meant to be applied. In the third world countries, I am sorry to say these laws never get into a working form. Instead, they always remain in their dormant form. People know they are driving wrong. They know that they are breaking it by all means but still keep doing the things because there is nobody to stop them from doing it.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 01-18-2018
Traffic laws are always good to have but there are those will will not follow laws even if they are enforced. There will always be accidents because there will always be people breaking the laws. They know better but they take a chance hoping they wont get caught or have an accident. People will do what they want to do laws or not.
Posted by Sue on 01-18-2018
Yes if the traffic laws are very strict then it will definitely caution drivers from over speeding and thereby in the long run it will reduce lots of road accidents on the way.
Posted by babyright on 01-18-2018
Some months ago, a new law on driving was passed and implemented. It is called anti-distracted driving law. It prohibits the use of the cellphone while in front of the steering wheel which means as a driver, you cannot even hold your phone even on a traffic stop. Too strict, I’d say. That law was to curtail the common accidents on the road caused by the driver’s use of the phone while driving. But the problem now is the implementation. How can you implement that law when you cannot see what’s happening inside the car with a tinted window? That is one wasted law.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-18-2018
I totally agree with this new development, especially with drunk drivers making our roads danger zone and making people lose their loved ones in a twinkle of an eyes through accident because of bad drunken drivers,yes their license should be revoke if need be to curb this menace.
Posted by lovely on 01-18-2018
It is always beneficial to have strict traffic laws in place to minimize road accidents. Implementing these laws will call people's attention in general and make them more attentive to bad habits that may cause hazards to their fellow drivers and themselves. I don't think that these laws are a waste because enforcers and agencies can always resort to them when an accident happens on the road and use the laws as basis for filing a case against the violator.
Posted by chatbox on 01-18-2018
I don't think having tight regulations will be preventing road accidents. We already have tight traffic rules. What is important is following the rules. As long as people are not following traffic rules, the accidents will continue to occur. It is important to give traffic lessons to the drivers.
Posted by vinaya on 01-19-2018
Road incident reports prove that more than 50% of road accidents are due to drunk drivers. A little percentage include those high on illegal drugs, ignorance and/or violation of road rules, and other behavioral issues.

So, if we put harsh penalties and fines on driving with alcohol content, drugs, etc., the angels will fall if road accidents won't diminish by its number of occurrences.
Posted by tiffiecute on 01-19-2018
That's true. In our home country, there is zero tolerance policy against drunk driving, the driver can receive a monetary fine as well as 6 months in jail, yet people continue to drink while driving. The tough rules have not stopped people from drinking while driving. Therefore, more than rules, we need to implement the existing rules strictly. High speeding driving is also one of the factors that contributes to road accidents.
Posted by vinaya on 01-21-2018
I think the traffic laws are fairly strict already. Most of the speed limits are unneccessarily low and sometimes it is just a source of revenue for the state or county. I just think that enforcement is the key because in t his rural area there aren't even many police around. Also, with budget cuts and so forth the police don't seem to be patrolling as much as they once did.
Posted by kgord on 01-20-2018
You make an interesting point about the "revenue." In our country, if the traffic personnel hands a ticket to the driver for breaking the road rules, 60 percent of the money will end up in his pocket and this is sanctioned by the lay. Since the traffic personnel can legally cut his commission from the tickets, they are strict in implementing rules. This has substantially improved road rules.
Posted by vinaya on 01-21-2018
The reality of the matter is the need for those that drive to be responsible and understand that while on the driver's seat, there is need to be careful. The issue is not about punishing them, but understanding the need to enlighten them on how they should behave while driving. I always see that education as a means to make them understand the need to drive safely and not about increasing the penalty for breaking road rules.
Posted by Barida on 01-21-2018
I think that in most countries there are already too many laws regarding traffic safety. To really work it is necessary to increase the supervision of the authorities and especially the awareness of the drivers. After all, traffic accidents rarely happen, what actually happens 99% of the time is drivers' recklessness.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-21-2018
I have noticed that a lot of people are going to not follow the rules because they have their plans and the things in mind. And that's something needs to be properly adjusted. People have to learn to make the rule follow their habit. And this way things can be lot more improved. And that's going to reduce the accidents. So people have to eventually take things seriously.
Posted by overcast on 01-22-2018
Speaking from the point of view of my country where they are bad fatal accidents every so often, we have all the laws in the world. The problems is not having better laws. It is the personal responsibility of the drivers and the enforcement by the various agencies.Should they be a law to remind you to drive safely and if you don't you will be punished? Our agencies also take bribes and look aside and therefore don't enforce any of the laws. There is the problem!So no stricter laws will not prevent accidents.
Posted by jaymish on 01-23-2018
I think this will definitely work but will only be effective when we also solve the issue of corrupt law enforcers. I mean sure you have stricter laws but if the people implementing these laws are corrupt and bribable then what's the point, violations will be committed and violators will go unpunished. Look at Japan, they have strict traffic laws and at the same time strict law enforcers so the result, record low traffic violations.
Posted by estads03 on 03-08-2018
Agree with that, but in our country, I think we need to implement that law. Imprisonment should be the penalty of any irresponsible drivers who using their phone while driving. or drunk driver or under influence of drugs. It's really dangerous for innocent people that kind of attitude of driver, we should protect the people to that kind of driver and imprisonment even in the first violation should implement immediately.
Posted by ion on 03-11-2018
The truth is that road safety can be carried out through multidisciplinary procedures related to road engineering and traffic control, training and education of road users, and car design. If we nevertheless do not understand how severe is the problem of terrible driving and bad road conditions the following casualty of the accident can be one of us.
Posted by jetselle on 11-15-2018