When moving around a city, either for tourism, work or personal affairs, you have various ways of moving around - let's forget for the moment about cars or walking, and focus on that whole world that is the public transportation. There are various vehicles that allow you to move around that way, one of the most used being the subway.

You all know what a subway is: basically, a underground train, which in most cases is electricity based, altough there might be some exceptions. You walk down some stairs, take a elevator, and after you put your ticket in you can enter the whole world of the subway. The trains are usually pretty big, but that doesn't mean that they are't crowded... A lot of people take them, expecially in very big cities. Maybe is also for this reason that they aren't exactly the cleaner places ever. But they are convenient, very convenient: they are fast, quick, and can get you from one side of the city to the other in just a matter of minutes. Sure, maybe during the summer months it will be very hot unless there is conditioned air.

Sadly, the subway isn't always avalaible as a option for you and in small cities you probably won't find any. But the biggest cities will offer you this option, often with very cool stations and with a lot of ground covered. There are also some cities where the subway is pretty famous: who doesn't know the London Tube, which was actually the very first subway ever?

The subway is a cool, unique and very rapid way to move around. It's not perfect, and you might get angry just with a single trip if the circumstances of other passengers, the general cleaning of the place and other stuff, but in just a few minutes you'll get to your destination.

Image source https://upload.wikimed...y_R160A_9237_on_the_E.jpg

  • Very fast
  • Cover all the major cities
  • Pretty common, you won't have to wait too much

  • Often crowded
  • Not very clean in most of the cases
  • In small towns and cities you won't find it
  • You'll have to walk down some stairs to get to them




We really don't have an underground transit system but we do have an elevated one, it's platform is above the streets about 3 storeys high. It's more reliable, convenient and gets you around the metro 5 times faster than riding a bus.
Posted by Anonymous on 02-12-2018


Well, it's the tube for us since we don't have a subway over here in the UK but it's basically the same thing (just a different name). I would much rather get the train because it's quicker, more frequent and you don't have as many problems compared to the bus which can get caught to traffic etc.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-16-2018


I like subways because they are fast, efficient and usually on time. I haven't actually ridden on a public bus for many years. The schedules are always complicated and you have to wait outside unlike most of the metro trains. Subway all the way for me.
Posted by kgord on 02-11-2018

more comfortable

I always prefer subway if possible, though it isn't really very available everywhere in my country, at least it's still more convenient and comfortable as compared to taking a bus. Moreover, taking subway is safer as there are no other traffic on the track and we will not encounter traffic jam too. Here, subway is also cleaner than the bus, so I would definitely choose subway.
Posted by kaka135 on 02-11-2018

Most efficient way to get around.

I used to live in New York City, and anyone who has lived or visited there knows that the subway is the main way to get around. It wasn't always the most reliable system, with plenty of delays and even shutdowns of entire lines, but for someone without a car it was the best option. Most people who took buses only did so because they absolutely had to, usually as a means of reaching a subway station from their home.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-13-2018

If You Want Speed - Take the Subway

Subways serve their purpose. Buses have to deal with traffic and traffic lights. Subway trains don't. Subways can transport you quickly from one state to another. I could take the subway from Maryland to Virginia. Also, I worked in Washington, D.C. and if I wanted to get from one part of town to another part of the district quickly, just hop on the subway. Easy peasy.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 02-12-2018

Subway is superior.

Not all of my routes are available to be taken in subways, but whenever I can I do use it.

Why? It's easy. It's faster, cleaner, organized and it's (almost) always on time. There are less "what ifs" involved in the subway, because traffic doesn't matter.

Of course, during rush hour it is quite chaotic, but isn't it the same for the bus, anyway?

The subway just has more advantages.

Posted by VintageRose on 02-18-2018

Give Me The Train

Most of the buses I have ever been on were dirty, crowded, smelly, and uncomfortable. The subway isn't too much better, but I would choose it over the bus any day. For one thing, it is much faster and efficient. Also, there are fewer stops, it seems, on the train than on the bus. Also, I like standing and not sitting, so the subway suits me better in that way. I recently took a trip to New York from Atlanta. i went up by train and came home by bus, and I can tell you, from personal experience, that the train is much much better, at least for this guy anyway!
Posted by JoeMilford on 02-11-2018


Both ways of transport are necessary for the city because people can move in it easily. But, I prefer the subway because it's faster and comfortable, also, it isn't noisier than the bus.
Posted by cubo on 03-09-2018


If I'm going to take public transportation I'd much rather just not use the roads since if I did I think I'd much rather just drive myself. With the exception of riding a taxi which would bring me door to door to where I'm going. If I had to get off different stops though I think subways would be much more convenient. They both have a lot of disadvantages but I think I'd put up with a little more dealing with subways because it gets you to your destination faster.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-13-2018


It's obviously faster as there is little to no traffic underground. Occasionally, a subway train will stop or slow down for another train can pass by or to abide by certain signals. But it's nothing like topside with buses that have to stop at every traffic light, and also deal with other buses in addition to cars, trucks, bikes, motorcyclists, and others on the road.
Posted by NickJ on 02-11-2018

Above Ground and Below Ground

I've traveled in different countries and some have Subway Systems and others have an Elevated System of mass transport. Here we have the Metro Rail and Light Rail Systems, they're both elevated.

An Elevated System, is really like a subway, it's just not underground. It's very fast, and by riding it you can go to different cities in just minutes.

Buses here takes hours to reach your destination due to traffic. The best choice is still the metro rail and the light rail transit system.

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-12-2018
JB Fernandez

Fast and efficient!

Yes there are times that the subway gets too crowded. But it is still fast and always on time, such a good ride for the people who is always on the go.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 02-12-2018
Jigz Alvarina Lim


I have never rode subway but I know that is way better than bus. Subways are good if you want to reach a destination fast. Unlike buses, subways don't experience traffic jams. But sometimes, subways experience technicalities such as power failure. Subways are also great because it can occupy thousands of prople in a single ride. But as long as the subway is already crowded, it gets inconvenient. Bus are also good for short travels. If you are not rushing for anything, you can ride bus because it is more convenient than riding a subway. Both are good depending on your preference. Ride a bus for short travels, ride subways for long travels.
Posted by Jigz Alvarina Lim on 02-13-2018


I prefer the subway, mainly because of the speed of which you get to your destination, without the hassle of traffic. Buses can also get pretty crowded or unclean, so if a subway is available, I prefer to ride it over the bus.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-12-2018


I would choose this one as it travel fast than bus. I know people really hate traffic which consume our time instead of relaxing at home or doing some other stuffs. Sometimes when you ride a bus, it's full and you have to stand up for long hours if your destination is quite far unlike in in subway, even if it's full you can stand up only couple of minutes which is less hassle.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-17-2018

Subway of course

In my country, serious heavy traffic is already a part of daily lives especially during rush hours (going to work and going home). So train systems or the subways are very useful for commuters in order to have fast trip. For me, riding in a bus or in a subway train are both not comfortable and easy. What is the only matters to me is I can arrive at my destination safely and on time (can be late but not so).
Posted by mitan143 on 04-24-2018


The traffic here where I live is just too heavy and it makes riding a bus very inconvenient and that's one of the reasons why I prefer the railways (because we don't have a subway yet here). Railways/Trains are also faster compared to buses.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-24-2018


I vote for subway. Riding a bus can be very slow. Subway is very fast.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-12-2018


Well, can't be easier than this. Subway definitely has to be the choice of most of the people here including me. Once upon a time, I used to travel frequently by bus. However, traveling by bus in the heavy pollution and traffic has almost become a health hazard theses days. Traveling in a metro or a subway train does save a lot of your time and also can safeguard you from traveling in heavy traffic and pollution
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-31-2018


Subways are more convenient and faster than taking buses. It takes longer time for you to reach your destination with a bus. In my country, traffic is a real problem so as much as possible I refrain myself from taking buses.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-14-2018

So, in a city you have various ways to move around using public transportation. You might surprised on how many people actually dislike the subway - for them there are other options avalaible, of course, one of the most common method of transportation: the bus. You always see them everywhere: in big cities, used to move around the various roads of it, in small towns, where they often are the only mean of transportation, and even in the highway, used for very long trips.
The bus is amazing and while not as fast as the subway, still have its advantages. Its comfortable, it's cheap, and to cover a very short trip it's less annoying that having to walk down and up some stairs like for the subway. Of course a bus can also be crowded, maybe slightly less than a subway, but still crowded. The main problem is the waiting: buses are not as common as the subway, and they are often late. You might have to wait in the cold, under the rain, under the sun, in a very hot weather... whatever, for very long minutes, asking yourself why the bus is not coming to your direction but only in the opposite one.

Like I said, you can also see them in highways: there are buses that can move you from one city to another, maybe even from one country to another, while the subway is just focused on a single city. Besides, you can find buses basically everywhere, even in small towns, where a subway would simply be useless and without any actual purpose. Most of buses are environment friendly, but sadly a few of them still have a bad impact on the environment... Hopefully this is going to change in the next years, since there are still very few of them anyway. We'll see, and we'll catch the bus later.

Image source https://upload.wikimed...x-Nishitetsu_bus_0102.jpg

  • Comfortable
  • Can move you to one city and another, even from country to country
  • You can find it anywhere

  • Waiting for the bus is terrible
  • If it's crowded you'll have a terrible trip
  • Some of them are not environment-friendly
  • Slighlty slower than the subway




We don't even have a subway so this was an easy vote. We just have the regular train but even that one isn't useful because it only really does long distance trips.

I personally prefer the bus. It is fast, easy, cheaper and it does short distance rides.

The buses here are pretty well taken care of which is a big plus.

Posted by Mehano on 02-11-2018


I am happy with bus for the short distance. For long distance, I may take the subway. And things would be lot different though. I guess on that note some of the time it can be really good in terms of the expenses. Because tolls are more for bus so there is more fee as well.
Posted by overcast on 02-12-2018


Going with a bus is a good way for me to go faster on my journey and coupled with the fact that it is my normal route of travelling around the places that I want to go. I won't take the option of subway considering that you can't really enjoy the travel here for the fact that the railway system here is not all that good.
Posted by Barida on 02-11-2018
You are luckier than us because you enjoy traveling by bus. Maybe what you mean is the provincial trip that the bus is more comfortable than the train. But over here the bus in the metro is worse than you can think of because it is jampacked like sardines in the can. With the trains the same thing is happening that although it it not crammed with passengers but the queue is very long that it will take an hour before you can get a ride.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-14-2018
Deaths per km traveled is a lot lower in a bus. Bus drivers tend to be much more seasoned than an average car driver. They are less likely to be drunk while driving and good transit systems usually choose the bus drivers from a pool of skilled drivers. But for me either of two could work.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 02-11-2018
The subway is a better system of the public transportation when compared with the bus mode of transportation.waiting for the bus can take ages especially in my country, but the train is readily available at most times.The train is faster than the bus and much accident doesn't occur, train can be found in most cities and it a great form of public transportation that people realyl like.
Posted by lovely on 02-11-2018
Pardon me for this comment. Our transportation system here stinks to the high heavens. We have a train system that was expected to ease the public transportation but it’s not that efficient so there’s a long line of people in the stations. Worse, the train experiences breakdown once in a while and there is not a week that there is a smooth run. The bus is not preferred because of the heavy traffic on the roads. So you see, that is like we are caught in between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-11-2018
I have very limited experience with the subway. And you can see that not all people can easily do the subway for shorter distance. And so the bus is more preferred form in that case. I personally prefer the bus in such case. And it can be a good option for the transport. So subway is only meant for larger distance for me.
Posted by overcast on 02-12-2018
It really depends on where I am going and how far I am travelling to what transportation I would opt for. If I was going into the city then I would opt for going by train as the bus would take too long. I don't mind taking a bus to go shorter distances though as it would be quicker to just hop on and hop off at the nearest stop.
Posted by JMS on 02-12-2018
The bus is a good way of road transportation, it is affordable and it helps you to see the way the town or city is when you are travelling with a bus.
Posted by babyright on 02-12-2018
I like the bus because you don't need to walk too far or walk up and down the long stairs. It's also not crowded unlike the train station. You can also tour and view the city and you can have a nice seat and chose the good bus that you know is good and clean.
Posted by Scarlet on 02-12-2018
I am from Nepal, we don't have a subway here, we don't have train or tram services. The most used transportation system is the bus. We have city bus services as well long-distance bus services.
Posted by vinaya on 02-12-2018
Well I think if you're in hurry, and need to be on your destination at the shortest time, You should choose the subway. But if your destination is just near and the drop off point is far from the subway station take a bus.
Posted by ion on 02-13-2018
I think it depends. It depends on the city where you are and depends on the distance you will go. Here in my country, in some cities it is better to go by subway. On the other hand, in other cities, buses are the best options. I particularly prefer to drive because it is more comfortable. Either way, either option is great for me as long as they meet my need, that's okay.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-13-2018
If I'm in a hurry, I'll definitely prefer taking the subway or train over the bus. In many cases, the train station is a bit far from my destination and I would have to take another form of transportation to take me to the exact location. If i have all the time, though, I'd prefer taking the bus because it is more comfortable and not as crowded as the train. The train isn't exactly a joy ride in my country because it isn't well-maintained and arrive too far apart.
Posted by chatbox on 02-16-2018
We have some terrible bus companies in my country. They provide very bad services. There have been several complaints but the Government is just not interested in solving this problem. We do not have the subway over here and so I cannot really comment about this transportation system. The railway system is much better over here and I prefer to travel by train. The only problem is that I can only use the train to travel long distances. For short distances, I have no other option than to travel by bus.
Posted by Pixie on 02-26-2018
Public transportation such as bus, subway and train are "ideal for everyday situations", but depend on the amount of users. "Big demands are best met by transports over rails [subway and train]".

For me, much of the traffic problems of large cities are due to the fact that people use cars for everyday commuting, between home and work. "I'm of the opinion that car is just for exceptional commutes or for leisure."
Posted by hermessantos on 03-14-2018
I vote for the subway. If the subway is managed well and by the right company,this is the perfect way to travel. The seats are comfortable, you have enough space to sit, read , stretch your legs if you need to go to the toilet. There is even a table, where you can do your work. It's also faster for you to get to where you are going. It takes about half the time or three quarters of the time. A bus takes longer because of traffic.
Posted by jaymish on 03-27-2018
You are lucky to have a subway in your country and it looks like you are comfortable with that method of transportation. Our government has a plan of creating subways here but not yet for now, maybe after 2 or 3 years. They may still be studying since the metro is prone to flooding and a subway will be conducive to that problem. We also have overhead trains here that we call light rail transit but they are not very efficient since the platforms are not long enough so the trains are not long enough too in carrying more passengers.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-21-2018
In a world where people put much more value to their time rather than being comfortable I think it is normal that we choose subway rather than riding on a bus. We go to school or work everyday and being a latecomer is usually a problem. In school, when we are late we tend to get left behind with the lectures or worse when your instructor is strict, you might end up not getting an examination. For those who work, salary deduction is a problem, you might as well get a low rating by your employer. Subway since most of us have this kind of lifestyle is more preferable rather than using a bus as a means of transportation in going to work or school and going at home. Subway is undeniably a better way to save time and not to get stressed with the traffic.
Posted by Vinsanity on 03-30-2018
Subway is more convenient and faster than buses. In subway, you won't get into traffic that might happen when you take a bus. But sometimes, riding in a bus is also useful if you want to enjoy your trip and if you are not actually in a rush. Anyway, bus or subway can bring you to your destination without you having walking marathon. It is now your decision which is the best and the practical one to ride on.
Posted by mitan143 on 05-12-2018
Subway is very convenient and it avoids traffic. Also the amount of time travelling by way of train on a subway is way faster and somehow more safer. On the other hand buses are flexible in terms of route and deployment stations. Also buses is a great way to see the scenery when your traveling in long hours. In my opinion its a matter of destination and what is the most accessible means you prefer to use during travel.
Posted by fishbate on 05-13-2018
I prefer a subway and I really wished there will be subways in the Philippines. It is traffic all over the country and I think we need a subway. I think subway can reduce people commuting or using cars.
Posted by on 07-14-2018
When I was working in a corporate center somewhere in the capital city of my country, I used to travel almost 3 to 4 hours by bus. The heavy traffic used to eat much of my time in a day. When I tried for riding the subway, I felt drained out because it was too crowded like you are instantly compressed even though you don't want to or there's no space at all due to pushing from the people who wants to get in. Nevertheless, in my surprised, I just traveled for almost 45 minutes instead of 4 long hours. Since then, though it was too difficult to ride a subway, I prefer it better than riding a bus.
Posted by NesMarcos on 08-07-2018
I would say subway for me than bus. Its more convenient for me and i really want to stop on a specific station , I'll be there on time. Sometimes yah its okay to wait bus but not sure all time if I have a seat or need to stand until I get to my destination. Subway are just fine me. I love to walk, I actually walk fast, maybe me it make me lazy if I walk slow, that's why i walk faster not to waste time and I love the smell of the trees and to see dogs walking with their owner passing by.
Posted by romy_ter on 09-05-2018
Definitely subway. In our country, it is considered a miracle if there is no heavy traffic. And if you travel by bus, you will reach your destination 3hours after. Not because of the distance but because road can most of the time look like a parking lot because of the terrible traffic. So the fastest way and less stressful one would be to choose the subway.
Posted by mdayrit on 09-16-2018
Subway is a lot better to save me from all the traffic jams here in our country if the travel is within the city. But if I will go to a province and will take the expressways, then I prefer taking the bus, to enjoy the scenery. Also, I find subways uncomfortable in terms of my being a bit claustrophobic
Posted by Chinet23 on 10-11-2018
I choose the subway. I believe it is more faster than the bus. You can get caught in a heavy traffic with the bus. There are no heavy traffic with the subway.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-12-2018
I never tried to ride in subway only a rail transit(train). I do prefer i subway if we had it there in our country because we all know how heavy the traffic here. When you ride in bus, in makes you feel tired waiting to arrived in your destination it is so time consuming unlike in subways the ride smooth and no othe transfortation can block your way.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 11-19-2018
I haven't got any chance to experience this kind of ride. I may want to but maybe sooner or later. I asked someone how does it feel to experience travelling the subway and they said it, they feel nothing at all after they used to ride the subway or the train for long years.
Posted by nekonieden on 11-21-2018