Super Nintendo SNES

Super Nintendo SNES
Old classic retro gaming console Snes which stands for the Super Nintendo. This classic Super Nintendo which is an entertainment system which as we all know the classics you can play on this is Super Mario, Mario Kart and super Bomberman and so much more. This is a 16-bit gaming console which was released in the year 1990 firstly in Japan and also South Korea. Later north America in the year 1991 and then in Europe in 1992 and 1993 for South America.

The Snes as a lot of popular old retro games on this system and a few good ones which can be worth a lot of money today. There are many games which came popular all those years ago on the super Nintendo like Super Mario All-Stars which as on the Game Mario brothers 1, Super Mario 2, Mario Lost Levels and also Super Mario Brothers 3 which was a great classic to which they also made the cartoon for children on television which was many years ago but children loved it as it was based mainly on the game its self.

There was also Mario Kart all your favorite Mario characters to which was a racing game but in go-karts. Not just go-kart racing but as in Mario game to where you would hit question mark blocks to get power-ups to grow and get powers. They used this idea on Mario Kart to which when you drove over the question Mark on the road on your Mario go Kart it gave you a power-up or boost even tools to stop other players.

Snes had many great games like Bomberman and many other great classics to play with. They have also been making a come back by re-releasing another new Snes. Same SNES but a smaller version of the original.

2 ports allowing 2 joypads for multiplayer options. Joypads have 6 buttons and a D-pad. a start button and select button also followed with the D-pad for directional uses up, down, left and right. Multi-coloured buttons A button which is red, B is yellow, X is in the color blue and then green is Y.

Re-live the good old times with an excellent retro video gaming console

Games crashed on screen many times, you have to be gentle with the console Also, sometimes the games would not load would have to take the game cartridge and blow into it before replacing and then working.




This was my very first console and I would always prefer this for the nostalgia alone and the games that came with it which I would play all throughout my childhood.
Posted by Anonymous on 02-13-2018


I remember throughout my childhood I use to play games on the Super Nintendo SNES regliously. I remember waiting to come home from school just to play on the game system. The SNES is a huge part of gaming culture even now since a lot of games from the SNES helped shaped the world of console gaming.

Super Mario World was amongst my favorites, I also spent countless hours playing Street Fighter. I use to be awful at the fighting games but I was such a champ playing Street Fightr.

One of the issues we all had, and that I remember to this day, is when we had to take the game out, blow on it and push it back in. This was so widely prevelant that it was such a quick fix for everyone, and even now and then you just basically remove the dust so the game would work. Games back in the early 90s were such a hit that they still make them and release them. Not only that but you can also buy a Super Nintendo SNES for around $90 now, even now when systems are hundreds of dollars, it is quite bizarre that the old 90s system is still worth around $100 USD now! So defintiely with all this being said, and because of countless memories I would definitely choose the SNES!!

Posted by Everett on 02-10-2018

One of the greatest consoles ever

The Super Nintendo or the SNES has a huge library of awesome games. Mario, F zero, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Front Mission, Zelda, Mortal Kombat... There was a game for everybody's taste. It was a console that every kid loved. It helped make my childhood a lot more fun.

I know that the Sega Genesis was a fine costume too and had some great exclusives, but it just couldn't match the massive number of games that came out for the SNES.

Posted by limberg on 02-13-2018

Super Nintendo

I grew up with a Super Nintendo, so maybe I'm being a little one-sided on this one. I have fond memories of playing Donkey Kong Country, F-Zero, and Aladdin games on the console while growing up.

My brother and I first got into gaming by playing split screen with each other on the Super Nintendo. Eventually, we moved onto the Playstation consoles, then the Xbox, and now PC gaming, but the Super Nintendo still holds a special place in our hearts. In fact, we had a family "Tetris tournament" a couple months back when we broke the Super Nintendo out again!

Posted by TheArticulate on 02-09-2018

Super Nintendo

I think both game systems are good, but I like the Super Nintendo better. I just think this is the option I would go for if I was going to get a gaming system. Many people would like and enjoy the Super Nintendo. Sega is good as well.
Posted by kgord on 02-09-2018

Biased opinion.

My household was not a Sega household while I was growing up. I played nothing but Nintendo consoles well into my teens, at which point I had moved on to the Sony PlayStation 2. Because of this, I hadn't even touched a Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, as you folks outside of North America called it) until literally a couple of weeks ago. As a result, I obviously have a preference for the Super Nintendo. However, having played a few Sega Genesis games, I can say that it is a fantastic console, but I feel that the Super Nintendo's library of games was far better.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-09-2018

Nintendo Before Playstation

We've had both Nintendo and Sega Genesis. But I have more memories of the Nintendo.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-12-2018

Super Nintendo

SNES or Super Nintendo, was my favorite console as a kid. I enjoyed it far more than the Nintendo 64, which came after it. I must've beaten the SNES debut title SUPER MARIO WORLD at least 50 times or more.
Posted by NickJ on 02-10-2018


I'm a loyal Nintendo user since the 80's and I have to go with Super Nes. Nintendo is the best console for me and my kids. It's user interface with all the add ons gives us a great game experience everytime we play. Also it has the best games.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-10-2018

Great console

My dad used to own this and I was still able to play it even after years and I like its look and the games that came with it. The look of the classic games are refreshing to see compared to the games of today.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-13-2018

Good o'l days

I used to play Nintendo and Super Nintendo as a child. We still have a Nintendo console today. Now, I use emulators to play the old games that I missed playing and playing the old retro games really feels nostalgic. It still gives the same fun experience it did before. Even though the graphics are not as good as today's games, the gameplay was really good and may even be better than some games today.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-02-2018


SEGA Mega Drive

SEGA Mega Drive
Called SEGA Genesis but more known by the other name it is called and that is the SEGA Mega Drive. SEGA has come a long way over the years, they had a SEGA Mega Drive 1 and 2 plus also small version handheld known as the Game Gear. They also had the Master System which came before the Mega Drive which some version had a built-in game Alex the kid.

The SEGA Mega Drive is a 16-bit entertainment video gaming console which as the top games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Alex the Kid, Altered Beast and many more great classics like duck tales and Aladdin.

The controllers consist of 4 buttons and a D-pad, first 3 buttons are A, B, and C. With also a start button with the D-pad for up, down, left and right. Which also later SEGA released an add-on for the Mega Drive called Mega CD which allowed you to place the Mega Drive and Mount it onto the Mega CD which not just allowed players to use this to play games which were on CD Format. So members could play cartridge games or the could play CD games.

With also 2 ports for 2 joypads allowing 2 players on the console. Have hours of fun with your favorite games like Sonic and street fighter which is also fun with 2 players battling your friends.

Great catalogs of games which went on for many years with top classics Sonic and Street Fighter

May have problems loading sometimes if a bit of dust got on the game cartridge.



Sega was where I started

I know most people had gameboy and other Nintendo's stuff but for me it started in 1999 with the Sega drive. Where I had to buy game cassettes and the first ever game I played was indeed sonic. What a memory. Then Shouyuken memories of street fighter. WoW nostalgia.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 02-09-2018
Just like myself, SEGA Mega Drive was my first before the dawn of PS 1 which I later bought. I think it was during my junior class in the secondary school days that I actually bought my SEGA Mega Drive during one Trade Fair sales event. I got about 30% cash discount for purchasing the game in the event.

My first ever game

If not for anything else, I will choose SEGA Mega Drive because it's actually the first ever console game that I ever bought with my own money, not my parents or relatives money. The first game which I ever played on my SEGA Mega Drive was "The Punisher". This game kept me awake several nights before I was able to beat all the kingpins. It's was really a wonderful gaming experience for me playing on SEGA Mega Drive.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-11-2018


The sega mega drive is very good since it contains a lot of catalogue of games that is available to watch and play with at the same time.
Posted by babyright on 02-10-2018
I never owned any of these, however, I have tried my hands on Super Nintendo during the late nineties when I was introduced to a video game. I was a kid interested in video gaming, however, my father so strict on video gaming that he did not buy me a game. He believed games are too violent for kids. Instead of games, he gave me books.
Posted by vinaya on 02-12-2018
Both islands are excellent and have been ahead for their times. But I have to admit that Super Nintendo had a much higher quality. In my opinion, the games were better and more fun and for that reason, my choice is Super Nintendo.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-13-2018
The description has a line that says re-live the good old times with an excellent retro video gaming console. I like that kind of description because for an old woman, reliving the olden days with the retro games is not just fun but nostalgic. When I play old games, what’s on my mind was not exactly the game but my feeling as a young woman or perhaps a girl who is adept with the hand controls. Thanks for posting this discussion because my memory was invigorated.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-01-2018