Everyone know Superman: the iconic DC characters, the first superhero and one of the most popular ever. He have movies, comic books, games... and a cousin, that until a few years ago wasn't that popular. Supegirl sounded like a weird idea, something that someone just made up, but as the recent TV series proved, she is much more. Her true name is Kara Zor-El, and like I said she's the cousin of Clark Kent – of Superman if you prefer. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, she appeared for the first time a very long time ago, in the May of 1959. During her first years she became very popular, appearing not only in the comic books but also in television and other medias. However her story became too weird, too confusing, too.. useless, maybe, and during the 80s the character was killed off, before coming back once again and even stronger in the yearly 2000s, becoming once again a popular character until a few years ago when she obtained her very own TV show, set in a parallel universe to the ones where The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are set. Being the cousin of Superman, and another daughter of Krypton, she basically have the same powers: first of all, she can fly! The citizen can see her going around the buildings, dressed in the same iconic Superman colors. She is also super strong, super fast, and invincibile (sure, if the kryptonite is not around). She can breath ice, she can shoot a laser from her eyes... She's literally the female version of Superman, but with a personality of her own – she is not just a simple copy. In some issues she is even stronger than Superman, but apparently this is not always the case. Before the modern TV series, she had a own movie in 1984, a few appearances in the animated Superman TV series (and in Justice League cartoons), and also in the Smallville TV series where we were able to see a young Clark Kent. Maybe she is not the most popular character from DC, but she's surely a good one.

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  • As strong as Superman, and sometime even more
  • Her popularity increased in recent years
  • Even if she was “inspired” by Superman, her personality and story have enough differencies than him

  • Not as popular as Superman, someone might consider her just a copy, a female version
  • She is powerless against kryptonite
  • Like Superman, she's weak to magic
  • The TV series Supergirl can often be annoying



Prefer SuperGirl

She doesn't hate men. And she's around superman and other guys. Also she seems to have same power as superman. So on that basis, I'd go with the supergirl. And I am glad that she has the series for herself. It seems like super girl is both good on TV and the animation too. I'd prefer that.
Posted by overcast on 11-10-2017

Supergirl is awesome in every way

Wonder Woman loses because she really can’t do enough damage to get through Supergirl’s invulnerability to a significant extent. Superior skill doesn’t compensate for that although it would mean it would take a while.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 11-10-2017

It's not a plane! It's SUPER Girl!

By the name itself, Supergirl. It is like the female version of Superman. They are all alike and the only difference is how they dress they're outfit and of course the gender. If supergirl is going to compare to wonderwoman, supergirl is stronger than wonderwoman. Supergirl has a lot of powers than wonderwman
Posted by blank629 on 11-10-2017

looks cuter

I like Supergirl because to me she looks nicer than Wonder Woman and I like the costume a bit more. I am not a fan of Superman but for some reason I like the suit better on Supergirl. I also am a fan of Wonder Woman but I don't think I could say I like her more than I do Supergirl, as if both had movies out at the same time I would definitely go watch Supergirl first.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-15-2018


I've always liked Supergirl more than Superman. Superman was too "nice" for me. Which is why I like Batman better. Way more edge. Supergirl had more interesting villains too. Wonder Woman never registered with me. The old t.v. show was cool I guess but nothing special. The new Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot was better in Batman vs. Superman than she was in her own movie, titled Wonder Woman.
Posted by NickJ on 11-10-2017
Yes! Supergirl was a more humane hero with human traits, unlike Superman who was too tidy and nice. I love Batman also

super girl

I vote for super girl. She is more powerful than wonder woman. She has the power of superman.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-15-2018

Super Girl

Supergirl and Wonder woman are the two most iconic superheroes in the comics. Both of them are great characters and has there own unique charms, but if this two would fight Super Girl would destroy Wonder woman. It is said in the comics Super Girls is stronger than Superman due to her prolonged exposure in the sun when she was trapped in her space capsule and floating aimlessly in space.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-14-2018


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
It's suprising how long fans had to wait before having a proper Wonder Woman movie! Wonder Woman is probably the first character you think when you heard the words “female superhero”. And for good reason, she's a very good character! Her true name is Diana Prince, and was created by a psychologist, William Moulton Marston, and a comic book artist, Harry G. Peters, in 1941. She's as popular as Batman and Superman, and during the years she had many incredible adventures and appearences. Diana is a amazonian warrior with a very good list of skills and powers: she is super strong, maybe even as strong as Superman – but she is not invincible. She can fly, she can run very fast and have very strong sense and perception. She even goes beyond physical strenght: she's smart, she's intelligent – and it's not random, since Athena herself is her protector. She doesn't fight on her own bare hands (but she can, and she's good), but have a few weapons like a classic sword with a shield, and her iconic golden lasso. Wonder Woman appeared in a few medias, besides of course from the comic books: Lynda Carter is the most famous one – she was the heroine in a very old TV series. Recently, she official entered the DC cinematic universe, played by Gal Gadot. She first had a very quick appeareance in Batman V Superman, helping the two titular heroes fighting Doomsday, and then she had her very own movie, considered one of the best from DC. In a few weeks, she will be one of the characters in the Justice League movie – after being a Justice League character in various cartoons, and also some animated movies from DC. Wonder Woman is a icon for all superheroines.

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  • A really iconic character
  • Lot of powers and abilities
  • A very strong fighter, that once even managed to defeat Batman

  • At least in the past, she used to lose her powers if she was tied by a man
  • Most of her powers come just from her weapons
  • She is not completely invincible, and bullets or swords can still hurt her
  • Greek gods are stronger than her, and can take away her powers if they wish to
  • Her close relation with Superman can be easily exploited by villains



Wonder Woman

I like both characters, and I am a fan of the Supergirl TV show but I think that I will pick Wonder Woman because she has been around a long time and has a great following. Many people enjoy this character and I think that she deserves to be first as she is the pioneer.
Posted by kgord on 11-13-2017

I Like Wonder Woman's Outfit

I have to go with Wonder Woman because she's the first female superhero that I can remember from my childhood. I liked her in comic books. I liked her in animated TV shows. I liked her when Linda Carter played her on the TV show. I have not seen Wonder Woman in the movies but I'm sure she is still wonderful.

But most of all, as an American, Wonder Woman's outfit. It seems very patriotic to me. LOL.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 09-29-2018

The super heroine to beat

The fact that there's a hit movie featuring Wonder Woman as the sole leading character is already a give away that she is definitely the super heroine to beat. Woman versus Girl - we can hardly call it a competition. Wonder woman is an alluring yet powerful, intelligent, and strong woman. Her character can face and overcome more complicated challenges. Supergirl relies too much on the Superman hype and is relatively limited.
Posted by chatbox on 11-14-2017


I don't even have to think twice to say that I choose "Wonder Woman" instead of "Supergirl".

Why? Well... Among my various reasons for it, I think the story of the warrior princess is much better and more relevant. Not to mention that she is a more beautiful and more charismatic character.

Posted by wiseagent on 11-10-2017

Personal preference.

I've never liked the concept of Supergirl and that's probably the reason why I go against her. I am not much of a fan of Wonder Woman, however she has an interesting history and I've seen her in way more comics and TV shows than Supergirl. As a superhero I don't like Superman either, he is just a plain boring character that is made to be stronger than everyone else and is not to my fitting, the same goes with Supergirl.
Posted by manmad on 11-11-2017


Since I was a kid I thought this character was awesome because of all the powers she has and how badass she can be. I never really heard of Supergirl until like a couple of years ago (believe me or not) so that's why I don't consider it as an iconic super hero.
Posted by felabruno on 11-15-2017

Definitaly Wonder Woman!!

I think WW is a character that she's not only strength but she es sensitive to others needs, besides she is minded to defends her convictions despite the circumstances she might be into. This character is a good example (that seems to me when I watched the movie starred by Gal Gadot) and I believe those good examples must be present in our society and, even more, those examples must be taught to the following generations. The thing is to sow good seeds so, we can harvest excellent production ni the future.
Posted by cubo on 11-25-2017

Popular here.

As kids, you dare not try to miss an episode on the wonder woman series. This is a movie that many of us have come to enjoy watching considering the way that it keeps you under suspense till the end of the movies as well.
Posted by Barida on 09-29-2018

Wonder Woman

I love the story of Wonder Woman and how she become so powerful. Clearly, Wonder Woman is a unique hero in DC and she is one of the main characters in Justice League. We do already have Superman so we don't need another hero with the same power which is a redundant character. If we're gonna have a new superhero, might as well as a different power and a different story to tell.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-10-2017

Wonder why this woman?

This is just because she is the one! On my own opinion, I do believe that this iconic hero represents most of the women this days. Her strong aura and gut gives the "girl power" justice. I love her not because she's famous but because I once dreamed to be like her. She has a lot of powers that will surely allow her to win no matter what.
Posted by she on 11-12-2017

Amazon Queen

Wonder Woman is my favorite super hero. She is the daughter of Zeus with the Amazon queen. She is half god and half human but her strength is marvelous.

She looks sexy and gorgeous too.

Posted by Martinsx on 12-09-2018


Lets face the reality. This girl is more famous than the other super girl. :)
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-25-2018

What can i say...

Gal Gadot had me at Fast and Furious. I became a fan when she did that comedy action film with Zach Galifianakis. BUt maybe let's wait and see if the Supergirl film version would blow our minds. Now if they'd only let Marvel make the movie.....
Posted by sonnyisabeast on 11-15-2018


Even though wonder woman has lots of powers, I prefer super girl. I love watching movies and cartoons for superman. Being a superman fan can automatically make you a super girl fan and that is what has happened to me. Super girl might look like she is copying superman but it is inspiring to watch the female version of superman.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 11-10-2017
I think Supergirl is the sentimental super hero of the women because she was there when I was growing up that she provided me with a kind of inspiration. But Wonder Woman was very popular on tv so I couldn’t blame the others if they love Wonder Woman more than Supergirl. Much more when the recent movie of Wonder Woman was shown in the cinema that starred Gal Gadot, it was a blockbuster because the role was played by an Israeli beauty queen who is very popular.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-18-2018
I am fan of supergirl. She does not hate men. And she seems to be better. Various comics and the movie screening shows how the wonder woman can be anti men. So on that basis I'd surely prefer to be watching more of supergirl than wonderwoman. I think on that basis I'd go with the supergirl any time.
Posted by overcast on 11-10-2017
I don't really like Supergirl. She is not as strong as Wonder Woman. I prefer Wonder woman's personality. Moreover, Wonderwoman is more famous than Supergirl. I also prefer Wonder Woman's costume. She also looks more feminine and attractive.
Posted by Pixie on 11-10-2017
The super girl is a good character just like the superman though she might not be popular as superman but she also has high super powers that makes people to enjoy watching her like superman.
Posted by babyright on 11-10-2017
I like supergirl because like superman she could also fly and has superpower. A flying superhero with a mighty power could save more people because it could respond faster.
Posted by vhinz on 11-10-2017
I have been hearing about wonder woman, I think she is super heroine of the time.She can fight all battles and spit fire.Got all the supernatural power to to fight all her opposition. I think she deserve the name of a super woman.
Posted by lovely on 11-10-2017
I am always a fan of Superman for the first time I hear it and watch its animated film. Superman embodies all of the Superheroes, he's the leader among them. I've watched all of its movies and series. So, if I am to choose between Supergirl and Wonderwoman, I would definitely choose Supergirl, the female version of my all-time favorite Superhero who is Superman.
Posted by DanoCath on 11-11-2017
Always been a fan of Wonder woman. I like the whole story behind the character, and also it has been part of my childhood, because I used to watch League of Justice cartoon all the time. I remember she used to have an invisible plane, so I was crazy about it, and as a kid I used to think that was for real, so I always wanted to be sure where could I find an invisible plane around haha. After the movie, I became a bigger fan, so Wonder woman team here.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-11-2017
I am not familiar with these characters. I did watch the Wonderwoman movie that was released a couple of months ago, however, before I watched that movie, I had not watched anything related to wonder woman. I have not watched anything from superwoman. I even don't know anything about this character.
Posted by vinaya on 11-11-2017
Unlike Superman who is the most popular of the superheroes, I cannot say the same for Supergirl. Maybe because she lacked the exposure that other superheroes get. Wonder Woman was a hit on tv with its series that lasted for years so it is logical that Wonder Woman has more fans than Supergirl. And with the new Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot, that surely spiked the popularity of that superhero.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-15-2017
I also think that I would have to pick Wonder Woman here. I think that Supergirl might be just a bit TOO powerful , and Wonder Woman still has to rely upon her wits a great deal in order to emerge triumphantly in battle and in certain situations. I also really like her back story and the mythological world that she comes from--I am a sucker for all things Greek mythology, so she does appeal to me on that level as well.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-08-2017
No offense to Wonder girl, but I like Supergirl.I remember watching Lynda Carter on TV when I was a small child in the early ’80s, and from the first strains of the theme song, I was hooked. Supergirl made a good choice when in her animated version she joined up with the Justice League in one of my favorite cartoons, Super Friends.
Posted by cess_08 on 02-13-2018
Wonder Woman is the first solo movie of a heroine to win the screens since the lousy Elektra in 2004. But there we were in front of another world, where the adaptations of comics were not yet as big as nowadays , in a pre-universes world Marvel and DC. And if Marvel was faster by bringing its top superheroes together in one piece, DC won the race to launch the first solo film with a female lead, showing that the competition was wrong to not yield to appeals for a long of the Black Widow, for example.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-16-2018
I would give it to Wonder Woman 24/7/365.... Wonder Woman Is The Mightiest Superhero...She can go toe to toe with even new gods like Darksied and Steppenwolf... Supergirl is too weak to even hold a candle against Wonder Woman
Posted by Anonymous on 03-26-2018
Just like the student and the teacher. Super Girl will always be the student and Wonder Woman will be her teacher. Super girl will just started knowing her power while Wonder Women is an expert of it.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-25-2018
For beauty rating super girl is more baby face than the other one. But wonder woman is so hotter than super girl. Super girl looks teen and wonder women looks matured hot one.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-25-2018
I prefer super girl. I am a fan of superman movies and cartoons. I like that he has a counterpart with super girl.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-15-2018
Personally, I haven't brought myself to watch the Marvel Super Girl movie. The Super Man was enough for me, so I really don't want to watch another version of Super man in a woman.

It's more like a duplicate.
Posted by Martinsx on 12-09-2018