Tai Chi

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial art. It is used for self defense but has many great health benefits. Tai Chi is full of slow movements that enhance inner calmness, relaxation, and meditation. Tai Chi dates back to over 2,500 years ago. Many in China feel that doing Tai Chi on a regular basis will help to slow down the aging process. Life can also be prolonged with practicing this martial art.

Tai Chi is wonderful for improving the flexibility of a person. And if you have muscles that need to be strengthened, then this is a great exercise for you to try. Many do Tai Chi if they have high blood pressure as it tends to calm them down. But did you know that you can benefit from this exercise in relation to your skin? Yes, many have found success in having skin disorders cleared up by doing Tai Chi.

Something else that is wonderful about this form of exercise is that it works wonders on depression. Plus it gives many confidence in their daily lives. It is essential to do if you have a lot of stress in your life. Those that suffer from the painful condition Fibromyalgia can also find some benefit in adding this routine to their exercise program. Minimal stress is put on the body when doing the moves and it is very low impact. There is very little risk of injuring the body and it can be done anywhere. No equipment is needed. There are many different classes that are offered at fitness studios, or you can look up tutorials online to see how to perform the moves. There are also many different videos on Amazon that can be purchased to learn how to do Tai Chi correctly. It can be done all by yourself or you can do it in a group if you desire. It is very relaxing and will make the body feel great.

  • low impact
  • no equipment is required
  • great for those that suffer with Fibromyalgia
  • helps with stress
  • relaxing
  • lowers high blood pressure
  • calms the body and mind
  • peaceful
  • you can do it at your own pace
  • there is no competition involved
  • lots of movements to keep one interested
  • can be done in a group or all by yourself
  • low risk of injury
  • does not require a lot of space
  • can be done indoors or outdoors
  • gentle
  • great for balance
  • strengthens muscles and joints
  • great for making one flexible
  • great for the body and mind
  • amazing for those that deal with anxiety and depression

  • may not seem like you are really working the body
  • may feel odd doing the moves
  • may take a while to master the moves



Looks cool

When I was a kid, I always admired those who knew Tai Chi. I thought that it was a martial art designed to defeat enemies by using their force against themselves. Well, it turns out that it's more of a workout exercise rather than a bad ass martial art style.

Still, I would pick Tai Chi over yoga any day. I don't do any of these but I do think that Tai Chi is better and cooler to look at when doing it at the park.

If I'd have to choose a morning workout regimen, Tai Chi would definitely be my thing. Now if only I had a sensei to teach me what to do.

Posted by limberg on 04-07-2018

Tai Chi is Practical

Tai Chi is a discipline for the mind and body, a form of exercise, and can be used for self-defense. People don't learn yoga for self-defense.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 04-23-2018

Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is interesting, because it can help you strengthen your body in areas that martial arts don't. So if you combine martial arts with Tai Chi, you're going to be in top shape, of course yoga has a lot of pluses too, because there are a lot of stretches that can help you with your body a lot, but Tai Chi can probably help you relax more and heal you mentally.
Posted by manmad on 04-06-2018

Tai Chi

I saw people in the park doing Tai Chi when I went to Macau. It's their normal routine of exercise and it amazes me. Different countries have their own signature of exercise whether it's yoga, zumba or just going to a gym.
Posted by Scarlet on 04-09-2018

Grand Master

If you are looking at getting stronger and be able to fight to protect yourself from harm as well as others you love from getting into harm, then I would suggest going for Tai Chi because in fact once one is successful in mastering the martial arts of Tai Chi, there is nobody who can intimidate you.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-14-2018

Tai Chi

I'll pick Tai Chi over Yoga because I've practiced Tai Chi Chuan in the past, it's a form of movement meditation like the Japanese Karate's Kata, which is a hard style, but unlike Japanese Karate, Chinese Taichi belongs to the soft style branch of the martial arts.

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan promotes good health and chi balance, it also develops focus, concentration and a clear mind. The Tai Chi movements you see being practiced in parks is only a part of the Tai Chi Chuan martial art.

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-07-2018


Actually I have experienced doing Tai Chi. With my arm movements and hands pointing everywhere I felt really odd but then it was as if I were doing Kung Fu or any kind of Chinese Mmartial arts which I find really cool. It was indeed a good experience because after doing Tai Chi, I felt better, composed and peaceful.
Posted by Vinsanity on 04-08-2018

Tai Chi!

First, the name itself looks cool. You can actually look like a martial artist doing this unlike Yoga, a very boring way to relax.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 04-10-2018

You'll also have self-defense

Aside from having meditation and health benefits, you'll also have a way to defend yourself. Yoga is only good for meditation and aside from that, there are no more benefits. Tai chi also looks cool when you see actors use it in movies.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-13-2018

Better option

The fact that I love to learn martial arts makes me choose Tai Chi. Doing Tai Chi is better since it is not just giving you a lot of health benefits, but you can also learn how to defend yourself from harm people. It also improves cardiovascular fitness. It is a series of mild and graceful movements which is perfect for my body type.
Posted by superlicca on 10-10-2018

Tai Chi

I remembered this being taught to me by my uncle. He would teach how to do this everyday. I feel good when I this.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-15-2018

Yoga is a practice that originated in India. These practices are a combination of spiritual, mental, and physical components. It uses breathing to help relax the body and calm the mind. It has been around for years, with the speculation that it has been around since BC times. There are many different forms of yoga offered, such as Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, Ahstanga yoga, Vinyassa yoga, Yin yoga, and Restorative yoga.

Yoga is very beneficial to people that have chronic back pain. Doing yoga on a regular basis can strengthen the back muscles and help aid in walking. Yoga has very low side effects and a low injury rate. Yoga is wonderful to those that suffer from arthritis. Yoga helps with heart disease. And if you suffer from depression or anxiety, yoga can help you through this very stressful time. Yoga has been known the improve the sleep quality of some, and if you have underwent chemotherapy, exercises can help reduce inflammation and help alleviate the side effects of chemo.

  • tones the body
  • great to loose weight
  • peaceful
  • can be done anywhere
  • improves flexibility
  • many forms of yoga
  • tons of exercises
  • have fun names for the exercises, such as downward dog
  • natural therapy to cure many diseases
  • can help with migraines and headaches
  • is not very time consuming
  • great for the body and mind
  • detoxes the body
  • improves brain power
  • great to get the blood flowing
  • helps with posture
  • creates a better aligned body

  • some may not like the yoga poses that involve being on the floor
  • can cause cramps if not done properly
  • studios offering classes can be very expensive
  • some poses can be rather uncomfortable
  • twisting and turning can cause herniated discs
  • not recommended for serious health conditions




For me, I had to go with Yoga because of the fact that it is something that I know already and therefore it's easier for me to do already. I don't know anything about Tai Chi other than the name really
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-06-2018

Love yoga

I have never done Tai Chi before so I will go with yoga. I've been practicing and doing yoga for a while now. It started very randomly because my friend was doing it and then got me into it.

Now it's just great. It can be hard at first because doing the positions requires muscle strength and flexibility but you gain it over time.

Posted by Mehano on 04-06-2018


I learned a little bit of tai chi when I was young as my dad went to learn tai chi, sometimes I followed him to learn, sometimes I practiced together with him at home. I started to learn yoga when I was working. A friend introduced it to me, and brought me to the trial class. I really enjoyed the yoga practice even in the first class. I was feeling stress at work, and I suppose my whole body was tensed as well, it really helped me to feel really relaxing. Though I haven't build up the habit to practice yoga daily, every time when I practice yoga, I feel great. Not only I feel better in my physical body, I feel calmer and more peaceful internally as well.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-13-2018


It has more meditation benefits. And people seem to be practicing it the better way. You can see that yoga is lot better in many ways. And also has long term benefit even if you can't stand or walk. There is something for everyone. Meditation is the best thing in yoga.
Posted by overcast on 04-08-2018

Yoga lover all the way

Yoga has saved me from all my "stress" issues. I was diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome about 8 years ago, usually the pain appears in crisis episodes, and it use to happen whenever I stop doing yoga. Why? Because yoga makes me breath better, increase my meditation methods, improve my flexibility and strength, helps me to be more focused, and takes away my worried mind. I do recommend yoga for everyone who feels anxiety or depression, you will notice you will get better since the first class.
Posted by ballyhara on 04-16-2018

staying still

I like this more because I think it's more interesting to stay still and it's what makes it a lot different to other forms of exercise and that's hat appeals to me. I think both are probably equal in terms of helpfulness in both staying fit and meditation but for me personally I just think Yoga is a little more in line with my own taste so I would just go with this one given the choice between the two.
Posted by Wubwub on 04-03-2018


Right from time, I have always look forward to Yoga as a better sport and one that I can really enjoy doing. The thing with Yoga is that you get to enjoy some peaceful moments and learning to relax the body as well while doing it is quite good for us as individuals. This is not to say that the other is not really a good choice as well.
Posted by Barida on 04-06-2018

Yoga for life

I enjoy doing Yoga. I haven't tried Tai Chi though I love to try it sometimes just to know the feeling. I've been doing Yoga for like a year now I'm not actively doing it every day but when I do Yoga it's a big relief and I sweat a lot it helps me to reduce lose some weight. I'm not a type of person who likes heavy work out that's why I enjoy doing Yoga because it doesn't require many movements.
Posted by aecel on 04-20-2018


I prefer this because it is more peaceful to work out in mind and you can actually meditate at the same time. I think it is more relaxing than Tai Chi. I like this approach for exercising.
Posted by mitan143 on 09-29-2018

Great for body and mind

I love how I feel after yoga for several reasons. First, it really is a workout - I've had times where I've been dripping in sweat after a yoga class. It's also such a great de-stresser and wonderful for the mind, too.
Posted by amelia88 on 09-29-2018

Yoga for life

Yoga has survived to this day just because it is effective, inspiring and conveys our universal truths.

Many of us meet yoga through her physical aspect, that is, by practicing various asanas. And it's quite okay because a healthy and lean body brings us through life to a much more successful life. But by practicing asana, we discover deeper messages of yoga: How to calm the mind, develop awareness and recognize the subtle energy that drives us.

Posted by Lost93 on 05-06-2018


I like doing Yoga. I incorporate it with my diet and it is quite effective for me. Also, it helps me to be disciplined and have longer patience. It relaxes my mind and body making me feel energize after.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-26-2018


My support is for yoga. It is a well known exercise that assists the mental health and wellbeing. Yoga is alsoba great way to exercise. My full support here.
Posted by stbrians on 10-16-2018


I have been doing yoga since february and it suits well with my OMAD diet. It promotes zen and it is not a high intensity exercise. The main reason why it is perfect as a couple exercise for my diet. I feel more relax with yoga than any other exercise. Other exrcise stresses me out and I feel tire. Yoga feels good after.
Posted by anchoreztin on 10-01-2018

Yoga is the best

Yoga is the most old and traditional exercise which dates back to fifth or sixth century BC. It is the most holistic form of exercise which not only takes care of your physical fitness bit also your emational well being. Basic Yoga can be practiced at any time and also by all the age groups ,right from small children to senior citizens .It benefits one and all. Even patients with serious illnesses can practice Yoga under supervision to help them cute there diseases and ailments. The physical and spiritual benefits of Yoga cannot be compared to any form of exercise. Itis way to superior to all other forms of exercise.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-12-2018

Yoga is the best

The main difference between Tai Chi and Yoga is in Tai Chi you Relax to Stretch and in Yoga you Stretch to Relax. Yoga is far more energetic at the beginning as you are putting your body into postures which will stretch it and tone it, eventually you will learn to relax into them from the stretching. An big emphasis is on breath. Tai Chi you learn a form, but eventually as you know the form it will fall away and you will feel the relaxation which will allow some stretching. A big empahsis is on breath and breathing. You see life is about breath and breathing, both these forms can help you to build your energy
Posted by csk81 on 10-30-2018


Yoga really helps calm the mind and makes you more flexible. Being able to join a yoga class will be very enjoyable and fun to do especially when you are someone who is trying to get some stress free activity and to calm your body. Yoga is the best for those who are lazy and do not really go out that much often.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-20-2018

Yoga flame

It is always important to keep our body physically fit and I am a big advocate of staying healthy mainly because in my life I have experienced a lot of sicknesses and I can say being sick is not fun at all. Both of this fitness style is great but if I would only choose one my vote will go to yoga. I never tried tai chi before so my vote might be a little bias. Yoga is great and I enjoy doing yoga.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-14-2018


When I was in school, I tried to learn karate, however, I could not master the skills. Then I concluded that martial art is not my cup of tea. I never tied Tai Chi even though I knew about this martial art form. I have neve rattended yoga classes, however, I have done yoga (by readig books and watching videos). I will choose yoga over Tai Chi. I think yoga is more beneficial than tai chi.
Posted by vinaya on 04-03-2018
You may opt for yoga but it is mainly for the mind and not really physical while Tai Chi is more of a physical discipline. I have seen Tai Chi practitioners in the Kowloon Park in Hongkong. They were mostly old people and not just seniors. When I talked to one participant she said that Tai Chi gives her health a boost because of the energy that she gets from the concentration and the movement of the body.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-12-2018
Tai Chi to me is a much better way to exercise your body as it will help to slow down the aging process and also reduce your blood pressure and it helps you to become physically fit and healthy.
Posted by babyright on 04-04-2018
Yes you are right. Tai chi will let you slowly move your body just like exercising rather than just looks like praying into nothing.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 04-10-2018
I do yoga a lot because of my weight loss journey and it has been very useful and helpful to really relaxing for me since it comes meditation and one can enjoy tranquility and peace using really a nice form of exercise not just for the body but also for the mind.
Posted by lovely on 04-04-2018
Yoga is the more popular practice in my country but I'm not a yoga fan. I'm a fidgety and hyperactive type of person and tai-chi is a better option for me. I've seen a group of older Chinese doing tai-chi at a national park in my country and I was impressed with their focus and the apparent benefits of tai-chi for health and longevity. Tai-chi is also something I can practice with my child.
Posted by chatbox on 04-04-2018
Well I think Tai chi for me. The concentration you will get in Tai chi is really different from Yoga. It's looks like you allowed your self to flow like a water and just fallow the flow by using your body. Your mind really peaceful compare to Yoga. Yoga is looks like you forcing your self into something difficult things. You forcing you body to do some difficult things and actually by doing that, your mind can't relax. unlike to Tai chi, the move are very smooth, you really feel that you are part of something soft, like water, and air.
Posted by ion on 04-06-2018
Well I think Tai chi for me. The concentration you will get in Tai chi is really different from Yoga. It's looks like you allowed your self to flow like a water and just fallow the flow by using your body. Your mind really peaceful compare to Yoga. Yoga is looks like you forcing your self into something difficult things. You forcing you body to do some difficult things and actually by doing that, your mind can't relax. unlike to Tai chi, the move are very smooth, you really feel that you are part of something soft, like water, and air.
Posted by ion on 04-06-2018
I've practiced and enjoyed both of these, but in my personal opinion, I feel that which one you perform depends on what your goal is. Generally, when I practiced Tai Chi, I felt a greater calming of my mind. I felt it improved my mental state as well as the flow of energy around my body. It left me more mentally relaxed. Yoga typically felt like more of a body exercise than a mental one. It was less relaxing and more intensive. Even if it ultimately did result in a relaxed state of body and mind, I feel like the benefits were more physical than mental. I think both can be used in combination for excellent results.
Posted by Denis_P on 04-07-2018
Tai chi seems to be good for the heart and the blood pressure. Also it can be good for those who are anxiety struck. And those who are into more or less mindset issues. I guess on that comparison both the yoga and the tai chi seems to be good enough. And people need to see how they can make the most out of the programs such as that.
Posted by overcast on 04-08-2018
I have seen the tai chi practitioners in a park in Hongkong and also in Taiwan. They were like ballet dancers in slow motion movement. When I asked about it, one of the practitioner said that tai chi is communing with the environment. Maybe he means nature. But anyway, it looks like tai chi is better and easier to practice than the yoga which has a very strict discipline that you have to practice very well before you reach the first level.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018
I think both of them are meant for different reasons. Meditation exists in yoga and tai chi is more of aligning with environment. So all of that has it;s own ways of handling. So on that note I'd say it's reasonable to go with the yoga if you have meditation requirements.
Posted by overcast on 04-10-2018
I prefer yoga because of it's calming abilities and its toning effects. Yoga can be a bit scary though, the poses your expected to perform are a bit out of this world. It also has a religious connotation to it, that is not encouraged by other religions. All the chanting is a bit confusing. The christian religion speaks out against this kind of chanting and they belief you are worshiping and calling to other Gods. I still attend my yoga classes because I love how i feel after them. I feel relaxed and in control of my world. Ever heard of tantric yoga? That's my next goal.
Posted by jaymish on 04-10-2018
IMO, Yoga is a not so good thing. It is like worshiping another spirit that for me is not I want. I don't want those things that makes me like worshiping to a something I don't even know exist.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 04-10-2018
I prefer Yoga. It helps calm my nerves. I have difficulty breathing whenever I'm anxious. It's hard to stop feeling stressed especially, when you're not even aware of it. This helps me remove stress on a frequent basis.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-10-2018
Those who choose Yoga as a physical activity are usually in search of the most common benefits this practice brings: gaining flexibility, toning the body, getting in shape and relieving stress and tension.

But did you know that the practice can help you with problems you probably did not even suspect, such as lessening anxiety, improving sex, and even losing weight?
Posted by hermessantos on 04-11-2018
I've tried both and I'd say it depends on my mood. If I'm a bit sluggish, yoga. If I have a lot of energy that day, then I'd probably opt for Tai Chi.
Posted by NickJ on 04-12-2018
Yoga to me is just an exercise that helps one to keep fit and be in a good body and health shape. The truth is that practicing yoga isn't easy at all no matter how it appears. It requires a lot of strong commitment and dedication to be able to succeed in yoga lessons.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-14-2018
I have done both but prefer Yoga. I feel I am getting more benefit from the positions from a physical sense. Even mentally, I have a better outlook, I have more energy and sleep better.
Posted by buckeye44 on 04-15-2018
Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient art of oriental origin, with a system of practices that benefit people in all, balancing both mind and body. The practices of Meditation (Serenity) and Tai Chi Chuan are specific techniques for obtaining calm mental states, which can help in the prevention and cure of diseases. Tai Chi Chuan integrates body and mind, breathing and movement, hands and feet. The whole body becomes integrated and moves as a whole. The mind (Yi) is used to direct the energy (Chi) and moves the limbs of the body. The movement pushes the blood through the system, aiding in the proper functioning of the internal organs.
Posted by hermessantos on 04-16-2018
The percentage of taiji practitioners who experience some sensation of qi is probably impossible to figure out. But given that the vast majority of practitioners approach it as calisthenics for old people, rather than as a meditative or combat art, I'm guessing that percentage is fairly low.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 04-17-2018
I have never tried both yet. However my mother in law prefers taichi. The movements are slow and steady, looks alike a kungfu action but in slow motion. Heard that it is beneficial for old folks to generate smooth flow of the blood vessels
Posted by peachpurple on 04-18-2018
For me I would choose yoga because of its easiness and simplicity, in my country in the Philippines yoga is very known and most practiced by most people . Honestly I really don't know how to do taichi since it sounds unfamiliar with me. Maybe I should take a research on taichi to see how it goes and what is all about.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-20-2018
I agree. I think the tai chi and other type of the Chinese relaxation methods are complex. And also they seem to have different benefits than yoga. So they are more or less complimenting each other. That's something I have learned over a period of time.
Posted by overcast on 04-30-2018
I am a taichi practitioner for almost ten years and became an assistant instructor today, taichi has many benefits than yoga if you are practicing it in a right way. The form can be used in self defense if you know how to execute it properly but it is not the major purpose of practicing taichi it is only a part of its multiple benefits. The main purpose is to achieve good health with the help of Chi or Internal energy circulation. And it has also therapeutic effect on our body to boost our energy and improve our health. Taichi is meditation in motion while yoga is stationary meditation and when you are talking about balance and circular movements or self defense you can achieve it by practicing taichi especially seniors who can still walk or move. The effectiveness of taichi in martial arts application can be achieve by daily practice in a long term period of time and not by instant. You cannot force it to become effective whenever you like to do it because you will fail and it will bring shame on yourself, you have to wait until the form that you are practicing daily will become your second nature or will act according to what you see or will act according to situation automatically. But I think few people can achieve this stage in practicing taichi because of misleading information or different explanation about the art.
Posted by albino on 04-20-2018
They actually looks the same for me. But do we need this two exercises? I think praying is more better exercise for our mind.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-10-2018
I tried both and I believe that Tai-Chi is better from yoga as it has same health benefits that a person could get but with extra learning about self defense and that's what we need nowadays. As a person, it is really a must to know self defense to be able to defend and protect oneself if no one is around to help in times of trouble. It would really depend on person which one of the two would benefit his or her overall health quality and life.
Posted by Marako0406 on 07-25-2018
Both are way good to start your day with those kind of exercise. Both have benefits as well for your body. But you need stretching and some warm up before you can actually start this two or you can get cramps while doing it. TaiChi might look slow and boring but after you done the session then that's the time you will feel the pain on your body and muscle specially for beginners. But I already tried some yoga and I've done some of it just to aligned my backbone.
Posted by romy_ter on 10-12-2018
The principle difference among Tai Chi and Yoga is in Tai Chi you loosen up to Stretch and in Yoga you Stretch to relax. Yoga is far greater lively at the start as you are putting your body into postures in order to stretch it and tone it, sooner or later you may discover ways to relax into them from the stretching. An huge emphasis is on breath. Tai Chi you analyze a shape, but eventually as the shape it will fall away and you will feel the rest so that you can allow some stretching.
Posted by jetselle on 11-04-2018
For me, They're quite different, but for health purposes, I think either one is good. Finding a good teacher is much more important, find somebody respectable and skilled, then learn from them, if there's a genuine yoga master, you learn yoga. If there's a genuine Taiji master, you learn Taiji. Good teachers are so rare for these arts that you really can't be very picky.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-13-2018