Take over the world

Take over the world
Let's have some fun, shall we? YES! BWAHAHAH! Yes, laugh and laugh again in the most vicious possible way! You are not just evil, you are more than a villain, you are a true terrible supervillain! You have a rotten heart, a smart brain full of different scheme and a single goal in your mind: you see this pitiful world where you live on? Don't let it to himself, those inferior beings need a ruler, need a commander -and you are that commander! It doesn't matter what exaclty is your plan, what people work with you, what weapon you use, what's important is just the final result. After maybe months or years, or just a few days or weeks if you are a really good villain, you hold the world in your hand! The whole Earth stand upon you, and will follow every single command you give them! You can make entire new nations, order them to build you some monument - who need Mt Rushmore when you can have a Mountain carved into yourself? The Statue of Liberty? It's nothing compared with the Statue of You! Any wish will be granted. Of course you'll need some loyal servants, maybe some generals and a army to defend yourself. Because as fun as it sounds, taking over the world is a enormous task. We've already talked about the schemes, so just focus on the post-conquer. You have a entire world to manage: it's not little! There is a lot going on, and if you don't want everyone to hate you (I mean, hate you more after you have conquered them) you need to prove yourself as a good leader. Sure you can be evil and without pity, but if you don't do things well the world will soon be too ruined even for you, and your reign will be just dust. Also someone might attempt to defeat you after you conquered the world, and this is why I said you need a army. Heroes are so annoying, sure, but you must never underestimate them. You can almost be considered a god after conquering the world, but there will also be a lot to do - so ask yourself if it's actually worth it.

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  • You will be more than a king, more than a emperor! Everyone will respect you!
  • Being able to do literally anything you want is a nice perk I would say
  • Eventually you could change even the name of Earth into yours (or something funny and silly)
  • Many monuments could be made about you: even if you are defeated, you will always be remembered as the man who conquered the Earth!

  • It require a lot of effort even after you conquered it
  • Some hero might try to take it from you
  • There are people that might hate you a lot



Put good in this world

I would want to take over the world to put some good in it. There is just way too much negative energy in the world and just too many bad things happening. I would love to bring peace to this earth so everyone can enjoy all that life has to offer. Make this world a great place to live where no one had to worry about skin color or how they were going to afford their next meal or if they would have enough money for a medical procedure they needed to have done. This is the world that I would want to live in. This is the kind of world that would help others love each other better and be more compassionate about things.

I think that taking over the world would be a huge task but once everything was in place, it would be very rewarding.

Posted by angie828 on 11-08-2017
I agree with you on the fact that what the world really need at the moment is peace all over. With news of unrest and killings happening around the universe, there is need for the world to be taken over by those that will bring peace and love among the people of the earth. This is where I like what you have in mind when talking of taking over the world.

Power Show

This may look like a power show and it is to be honest. And it can be good for living better life. As long as you can control the power. And then it at the end may end up against you or in favor of you. So that's something to be considered as well. I personally think that taking over the world is not going to be a bad thing.
Posted by overcast on 11-08-2017


Nothing says I'm in charge like conquering the world! You could have anything for yourself! Lots of money women and almost anything a man could desire!
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-07-2017

The world is mine.

I am very dreamy and always think that I can do many things for many people. This might be very utopian (considering the reality in which we currently live), but I can't think differently, so ... "Take over the world" is the best option for me.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-07-2017

I rule the world!

Rather than destroying the world, I just take over it. Even I am a villain, I hate destroying things. Even though taking over the world is not that easy. I sound like a villain here now. Sounds funny right? Anyways, taking the world is much better than destroying it. I can rule the world and correct the wrong. I will do a better world than before.
Posted by blank629 on 11-15-2017

nothing to gain in destroying the world

I don't think there is much to gained from destroying the world so given the choice I would just choose this one and be in charge of the world instead. I don't think I'd really do that many things different and would maybe just try to improve on certain aspects like systems that would preserve the environment better.
Posted by Wubwub on 01-24-2018

Take over the world

If I'm gonna be a supervillain and have a chance to take over the world, I will definitely become a supervillain of those people who committed a crime and I will punish them harshly. That way, the world will gonna be clean from any vicious people that destroy our environment and committing a crime. If that happens, no need to destroy the world, instead, we can still gonna live through it with a cleaner environment.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-07-2017

Take over the world!

I wouldn't rule with an iron fist though. I'd just tell people to 'carry on.' But I'd definitely be tough on crime the way citizens would want. By stopping crime but also not violating peoples rights or freedoms. I'd also try and end poverty and homelessness - while fast-tracking cures for some of the world's worst diseases.
Posted by NickJ on 11-11-2017


Destroy the world!

Destroy the world!
I would like to start this side of the versus with some examples, but there are so many to pick from that I don't even know where to begin! Let's start with the childhood of many of us: Dragon Ball. You might remember a lot or almost nothing about that show, but there is something I'm sure you'll never forget: the villains. In particular, let's think about Majin Bu(or Buu, or Super Bu... there are many ways to call him). There is a lot that can be said about it, but the main point of the characters is that he liked destroying world. Don't talk about why he did that, or the whole story about him, his summoning, etc... Let's just look at him when he finally destroy the Earth (probably the only or just one of the few villains in the anime to manage to do that). He's so incredibly happy! Destroying world must be a excellent activity for your health! Another example might be Star Wars: the Death Star was built for the sole goal of destroying planet. We are given an example in the movie, and it look so cool! And I could go on and on, and I'm sure you have even more example than me. The point is that with so many villains wanting to destroy the world, it must feel good! Maybe you can also add some reasons: all the humans are terrible, the world is a bad place to live in, or it obstruct your view of Venus (Marvin the Martian anyone?). Whatever the reason, whatever the way is, you blow the world and you are so happy doing that! You achieved your goal, but then there's the aftermath... I mean, there is not too much. The world is no more, you don't have any friends or enemies left and probably not even a place to live in. Before destroying the world you should make sure you have a home somewhere else, because as amazing as it sound you probably won't have a single supporter. Conquering the world is something that require effort after doing that, destroying it might sound easier on paper but after doing that it will be hard, and you will be alone. Before and after, indeed. Think twice about doing this. But again, it's just for fun!

Image source https://karachimetrolo...12/12/earth-exploding.gif

  • You will prove to have a incredible power
  • Destroying stuff always feel so good
  • Whatever is your reason to destroy the world, doing that is an amazing way to achieve your goal

  • No more friends, and no more enemies of course... just no more people
  • You might end up without a home or a place to live
  • Probably you won't have any supporters


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I think destroying the world and staying alone into it. Adds no benefit for our world. And that can be really bad if you ask me. So in that context I'd surely be working to overtake it than destroying it. You just learn about more people and their patterns in this. And you learn how to cope with them. So that being said, it can be really nasty you know. We just learn from our mistakes as well.
Posted by overcast on 11-08-2017
I am a super villian, if I destroy this world, where will I live, whom will I rule. If thr world will be destroyed, I will remain alone. There will be no amusement for me. Therefore, as a supervillian I will take over the world and rule over the human civilization. I can use humans as props.
Posted by vinaya on 11-08-2017
We have to show love in this world and that's where I will be glad to take over the world and build love in the hearts of men. One good thing about building love in the hearts of men is that it will bring about peace and love for one another irrespective of tribe, religion, color and race. This is the reason I will be glad to take over the world.
Posted by Barida on 11-09-2017
I will be happy to take over the world and i will be taking instruction from God to see that good overcomes all evil in the world. The world by then will be a very much better place.
Posted by babyright on 11-11-2017
I think taking over the world would be more fun. I would not want to destroy the world but if I could take it over and rule it, I would think that it might be the kind of thing that I would like. I would just have fun ruling the world and making it into my personal paradise.
Posted by kgord on 11-11-2017
The world is slowly being destroyed by humanity so there is no need to do it when it's already being done. The sad thing is that some can see that while others are doing the destroying. As for taking over the world, isn't that protestors are doing? They are trying to save humanity but are seen as radicals. While some go a bit too far, the message is the same as in that humans are destroying their own world and they are trying to take it back and save it.
Posted by Alexa on 11-16-2017
Destroy it. I mean we're already at it anyhow. Taking over the world is meaningless when resources are vanishing and we're all dying of poison slowly but surely. Speeding up in some countries as restrictions are lifted and companies go back to dumping toxic waste into the waters, ect. The universe doesn't need our brand of short sightedness and greed.
Posted by Rhodolite on 11-29-2017
I love to play the role of a Supervillain. Why destroy the world? I'm gonna make it my footstool and turn everyone into slaves. When the population becomes too uncontrollable, I'll put the excess ones in the path of natural disasters or make chess pieces out of nations and pit them against each other. Har har har! I'll rule the world's natural resources and keep them safe from abusive people. Now, how do I perpetuate myself in power? I've learned a lot of lessons about that. In my country, for instance, the ruler simply bribe the military with salary hikes (double or triple the old salary and benefits), large houses, sponsored trips abroad, scholarships to children, powerful positions to their spouses and chosen relatives, pension money fit for the rich people, etc. If I spread those benefits around to more people, they will be too willing to spread fake news on social media for me or trample potential enemies and quell dissent. Har har har
Posted by chatbox on 12-28-2017
I will like to take over the world, well this is just me,I like to take over things, be a super heroine and show how powerful I can be I will take the world and probably rule it just the way I like to see the world be and become. it will be a delight to me.
Posted by lovely on 01-15-2018
Even if you are the most cruel person in the world with super powers, I don’t think it is logical to destroy the world. I don’t think there is someone with that idea. Maybe destroy all the people, yeah, I know when you are so angry but not to the extent of destroying the world. Taking control is more like it because isn’t it nice to be treated as a king? And if you have to power to destroy people then you will be given the best treatment all the time.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-24-2018