Tap water

Tap water
I personally have stopped drinking tap water since I was a kid. I never ran out of bottled water so I was never obligated to drink the tap water.

Overall the tap water here is actually very bad, even though I'm sure its safe to drink, at least on short periods of time.

I've discovered that in some areas, the tap water is actually very good and has a nice taste, for example the montain side towns, they get their tap water directly from the montain rivers.

Depending on the country you live in tap water is usually very cheap. The tap water that actually gets drunk by an average family is insignificant from a price point of view.

Most people agree that tap water contains a large number of impurities and added chemicals and that drinking tap water for long periods of time can actually kidney stones and other health problems.



In the UK

While i am still in the UK i will try and drink tap water and if possible not buy bottled water as in my opinion it is a complete rip off! Tap water is just as sanitary as bottled water in the UK and there has even been many experiments to prove it is better for you due to the controlled amount of fluride and chemicals that have been added. On the other hand bottled water here can go up above £1 a litre which i think is absurd considering tap water is free and in fact many companies here have in the past just packaged and sold tap water!
Posted by neilbhabuta on 10-01-2016

The water in South Africa is great!

Our tap water here in South Africa is fine to drink. I make my kids cordial juice with tap water every day and I drink water straight out of the tap all the time.

I don't see the point in paying for something when I literally have it "on tap".

I am sure if I lived in another country and the quality of the tap water was not great then I might change my opinion but for now, it is great.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 10-18-2016

Depends where I am

Here in the UK the tap water is safe to drink and I can't tell any real difference between it and bottled water. The water in the South of England is called hard water whilst in the North it tends to be softer. When in Europe we always tend to go for bottled water and if in a place like India it is a must ... however there you need to careful to check the tops have not been tampered with.
Posted by monab on 09-25-2016


Although tap water contaions many additives it is not as controlled as botled water therefore might not be as extended. Also it is cheaper.
Posted by Mambombaya on 10-27-2016

Yes, in countries where it is possible to drink

When I grew up in South Africa, I was able to drink tap water. It was one of the greatest joys, when I was so thirsty for example after sport at school. The thought that I can drink as much water as I want and I can rest with peace that the water in the tap will never run out. Yes, I know it is a bit foolish, but such a good memory. And when I go to South Africa on holidays and hopefully move one day back to South Africa and enjoy it and remember those good memories and make new good memories with my family.

But on the moment, in the country where I currently live I can not drink tap water so bottled water is the only option, and filter water when boiled it. It is enjoyable and nice to pump water out of the bottles (19 liters ones).

So both options are good but I like the one with memories and therefor I choose tap water!

Posted by jseyfferdt on 09-23-2016

Filtered Tap Water or Cancer?

It used to be a matter of economics. It's less expensive if you buy a water filterer and filter your water from the faucet.

However, my daughter convinced me to avoid bottled water. She said the plastic bottles that the water comes in, if left in the heat or sunlight, releases carcinogens into the water and that can cause cancer.

Have you ever heard of that?

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-23-2017

Tap Water

It's always a great thing to have a free clean water in your home so whenever you're thirsty, you don't have to worry that you run out of water in the middle of the night and there's no one else to purchase it. Why would anyone want to drink their bottled water if they can easily go to their kitchen sink to get one? It also pollutes the environment to use a plastic bottle and then find it in the wrong place where an irresponsible person just throws it anywhere he wants. If you compute the expenses that you spend for a bottled water, I'm sure that you'll feel thirsty because of the total amount that you waste instead of just drinking a nice clean water from your tap. We only pay less than $10 every month for all of our water and we're so happy about that.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-15-2017

Tap of course

Firstly "bottled" water is from a tap actually , secondly why would you pay for water , except if you don't have access to a tap ?
Posted by GeorgeDr on 11-08-2018


Bottled water

Bottled water
Bottled water comes in all shape or sizes. I usually buy the 2 litters version bottles.

Dirt cheap bottle water, depending on the brand, apparently is nothing much that a filtered tap water and in some cases some brand sold contaminated water to the public.

Overall I'm quite happy with the current brand I'm drinking and I would it change it anytime soon.

Depending on the brand and the number of impurities, bottle water can be a lot more healthier that tap water. It comes already filed in all shape and sizes making your life much easier.

Bottled water costs, not that much but you definitely end up spending a significant sum of money every year on bottled water, especially if you don't drink tap water at all!



Bottled water is cleaner and safer

I think it's that old adage 'garbage in garbage out' -doesn't just relate to coding! It's all about what you put into your body! Drink healthy! Eat healthy! Be healthy! Well, pretty much just what i said. Bottled water is cleaner and safer! And, some bottled water contains added minerals or vitamins so you can't go wrong with that. I don't drink 'flavored' water. If I wanted that, I'd go with Koolaid or Tea or something like that. Not saying that I drink bottled water a lot but it's just something I would prefer more of.
Posted by Beverly on 09-23-2016

Bottled water.

The tap water around here isn't as good as others. It tastes really metally, it's awful. Plus, bottled water isn't that expensive, I can get a 32 pack of 16.9 fl oz bottles for about 3.99 or even less.

We have a filtered water system that is built into the fridge, this water is better than the bottle water, is it filters out all the "bad" stuff. This water would be ideal to drink, but the filter is broken and it needs to be replace, which will definitely happen soon, i hope.

I don't trust studies done about water as it's very easy to fake results.

Posted by Everett on 10-01-2016

Bottled water

I prefer bottled water. The taste is much, much better than tap water. Besides it is safer too. The only drawback is that you need to buy the bottles and it is heavy of course when they are the large 2 liter bottles. And, you need to have where to store them too.
Posted by sspi on 09-24-2016


Sometimes it's not that we don't know what is better but when there are some unavoidable factors,then we are forced to go with the other despite the consequences. I believe bottle waters are better than tap water. All things being equal, I wouldn't even think of that twice. Water is essential for life and it's always advices to drink healthy waters as we could get diseases from dirty and contaminated water.
Posted by Nelson.Einstein.9 on 09-30-2016

Have to go with bottled

With all the chemicals that are drowned in our water ways in this day and age I would prefer drinking water straight from the sky to drinking tap water
Posted by MBillyK on 10-12-2016


Bottled water is so clean and safe, it is distilled and purified, many tap water are so dirty and even the pipes are filled with spyrogyra and dirty and people drink directly from it, this is not hygienic and can lead to cholera and water-borne diseases.
Posted by Selfrevealing on 09-29-2016


I know that there places that you can drink tap water but around here it's not safe. You just can never know what it's in the pipes or whether the water is really being treated
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-17-2017

Bottled water

I choose bottled water. It is safer to drink. It is more clean.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-11-2018

Always better

Drinking bottled water is much cleaner and safer from any kind of sickness or chemical disease you can receive from drinking tap water. Drinking tap water would depend on where you live. Such countries in Asia do not really have that clean and suitable tap water for people to use. Bottle water is certified to be clean and can be easily bought any store near you.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-21-2018


It depends where I am at. The tap water at my work is nasty and I will not drink that. We have a water cooler that we use there. But at home, I do not mind our tap water. I do buy bottled water for us to have, but can easily drink tap water as well.
Posted by angie828 on 10-14-2016
You said it right that it depends on the place where you are in. When I joined my husband in visiting a family friend in the mountains, we had no choice but to drink the water from the clay pot. At first I was hesitant but my husband said that there’s no problem because the water came from the mountain spring. Truly it was mineral water and I enjoyed drinking it because it was cold like coming from the fridge.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-20-2018
Bottled water is always the best option because it is usually cleaner than the other option. However, in my country bottled water is often very expensive due to taxes, so most of the time I use tap water to kill my thirst.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-17-2017
Bottled water is better because there is purity assurance. If you see any precipitates inside the bottle you can sue the company. Since water company cannot afford to lose money, they will always bottle pure water. However, tap water from civic water sypply cannot be trusted. Since in most cased authorities are corrupt, you never know what kind of things are inside tap water.
Posted by vinaya on 08-25-2017
Tap water. I dunno why but whenever I drink certain brands of bottled water, be it distilled, purified or alkaline, my stomach gets kinda upset and feels kinda heavy. The taste was also kinda weird and its kinda hard to swallow. Its just water but somehow those type of waters are quite not easy to drink at all especially when they are not cold. I prefer to drink refrigerated or cold tap water instead be it after every meal or just replenishment's from the heat and thirst that I feel.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-17-2017
In 1994, we discovered that tap water becomes muddy when it is raining. That may be due to a leaking pipe that is soaked in rainwater. That incident taught us to drink bottled water even if it was very expensive during that time. Fortunately, bottled water became cheaper in the year 2000 and water stations accept orders for delivery of the big 5-gallon bottles. We never drink tap water anymore and even for our dogs, it is the purified water. That drives home my point, right?
Posted by Corzhens on 01-01-2018
Bottle water definitely takes the vote on this. I can't see in anyway why anyone would choose or prefer tap over bottle water...except for one reason, they can't afford it.

It's unfortunate that in my country a large number of people drink tap water, which is not safe in some way, and it's because of the reason in the above paragraph...or they simply go for the third option which is less expensive than bottle water and very affordable to almost everyone. It's called pure water

Pure water is a rifined water just like bottle water, only that this one comes in a 50cl blown sachet. You can get 3 bags of 20 pieces on each bag for less than $1.

Going back to the topic, bottle water takes my vote on this topic beause it's safer and less risky health wise.
Posted by Rumu on 01-07-2018
The answer to this is going to depend on where you live. I used to live in New York City, and the tap water there was second to none. It was honestly on par with bottled water. We still owned a Brita pitcher so as to get rid of the chlorinated flavor that tap water inevitably has, but otherwise it was perfectly fine. The region I currently live in isn't as great. The tap water is definitely drinkable, but it contains naturally occurring methane as well as arsenic, which makes me a bit uneasy about drinking it, even though studies have shown it is supposedly harmless in the concentration shown. I'm more comfortable with bottled water here.
Posted by Denis_P on 04-17-2018
I usually consume tap water but had undergone filtration stages which I bought on some hardware store at 100$ each. The taste is just fine and I just have to make sure that the water that my family drink is clean and safe.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 10-28-2018
I guess it really depends which country or area we are in. In my country, drinking directly from tap water is not safe at all. We even need to install a water filtering system to filter the water, then only we can take the tap water to boil, then only we can drink from them. Some also install a water filtering system to filter those water to be used, not only for drinking. So I'd prefer to get bottled water here. I know in some countries, the tap water is really clean and safe to drink, then I'd prefer the tap water as long as it's safe to drink.
Posted by kaka135 on 11-06-2018
I choose bottled water than tap water. I always find it safe to drink. It tastes so good and cool.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-11-2018