Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards
The world of the Tarot was at first called trionfi, it then, later on, got changed to be called tarocchi, tarock. These were known to be playing cards from the 15th Century and used in various parts of Europe. It wasn't until the late 18th Century when they started being used as a divination tool.

The Tarot is like playing cards with 4 different suites, which in each of the suites as 14 cards. There are altogether 78 cards in total which actually do come in 2 halves the Major arcana and the minor arcana. They are 22 cards in the Major arcana and 56 in the Minor Arcana. The tarot cards are used by psychics or spiritual members who are learning psychic development. They are used as some call it "Fortune telling" but when you think of the words fortune telling you immediately think of an old lady with a crystal ball well doesn't always work like that. The Tarot has been known to help people see into the future and help others see there future. There are many tarot cards out there but the most famous classic ones are the raider waite deck.

The tarot is a brilliant tool to help tune with your psychic abilities or even self-help to help others too. Many years with tarot and the cards do often still old a mystery.

Centuries of history A way to look into the future and help others with clear insight There is 78 cards all with meanings to do with our daily life's

too many cards to learn Some say they carry a curse (well some lol) May take you a while to get to know each card many give up without trying.




I'm not that familiar with the Angel Cards but I know that Tarot ones have been in use for a very long time. Even my great grandmother had a deck of them.

Also, I have gotten a reading from them before and it was a very interesting experience.

I have a deck or two in my closet because I got those as a gift. They're popular in my country.

Posted by Mehano on 01-03-2018

Interesting History

I have seen that some of the cards are really meaningful. Though i am not sure which cards meant for what. And whether or not we should be believing into this type of stuff. I guess real stuff goes into the history part. But regardless of that I think tarot cards are fun to read from. And they are insightful too.
Posted by overcast on 10-22-2017

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are probably the best from those two choices, personally, I haven't tried any of them but a friend of mine did and he said that a tarot reading was very close to the reality of its life.
Posted by wallet on 10-22-2017

Tarot Cards

There are so many different strains of tarot Cards these days. They have Native American Tarot, Thoth Tarot, Star Wars Tarot--I even saw a Tarot deck the other day based on punk rockers and new wavers that was funny and a bit scary. However, I think that, for me, the good old Rider-Waite deck represents the basic Western archetypes of the Tarot in the most straightforward way. I have never looked at the angel cards thoroughly, though--maybe I will do that now...
Posted by JoeMilford on 10-31-2017


The tarot cards have such an interesting story behind them and also have a deep an mystical meaning so my vote goes to them!
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-23-2017


This is defenitely not my kind of thing (because I do not believe it), but... I think "Tarot Cards" are better because they are better known. Because of this, they are more reliable to the people who believe in it.
Posted by wiseagent on 10-22-2017

More intriguing

I haven't actually seen Tarot Cards in real life, it's just mostly on movies that I have seen being used on several occasions and I definitely enjoyed it. The drawing and meaning ascribed to each card is very interesting to me. The Tarot Card that I know so much is the death card, the one with someone nailed to be cross and turned up side down.
Posted by Heatman on 10-21-2017


Tarot cards drew their imagery from myth, mystery plays, and other medieval sources that were potent with meaning and easily recognizable. Each Tarot card reader has her own method of interpretation. Tarot doesn't have the power to change future events, but it can help you anticipate them.
Posted by reymond2861 on 10-22-2017

I vote Tarot Cards

They're a lot more mysterious and carry a much larger mythology and intrigue along with a bigger legend. Angel cards I've never heard of honestly until reading this post, but I have heard of Angel Boards. Which are supposed to be an antithesis to Ouija boards.
Posted by NickJ on 10-21-2017

Wired but cool

Mostly I have seen Tarot Cards used by psychic in circus and also in movies. There is this one particular tarot card that intrigues me the most and it's the death card with someone nailed to the cross in a downward position. This is very mysterious and to actually be working back in the days and probably till date is still something I never believe would be in voke.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-03-2018


Angel Cards

Angel Cards
The angel cards bit like tarot as a divination tool. Some say tho the messages you receive in the cards come directly from the angels and divine goodness. As you work with these cards in helping others to see hope in their lives and help with any trying times someone may have. The messages delivered are inspirational, to say the least. Bringing comfort and peace, as that is what angels are the divine light and bring love peace and harmony.

Angel cards are said to be much more easier to learn than tarot. When shuffling the cards and thinking of your questions or say out loud to the angels you will know when to stop shuffling. Draw your self 3 cards, past, present and future and see what they say about you. Let the messages come from the cards and also with intuition. At times when shuffling a card might flip out the deck this is often a sign so keep that card out the pack this will be your focused card, So just draw 2 out as with this card you will have 3. There is divine messages in all the cards. They connect with us on so many levels mind, body and spirit.

Well designed and made by Angel expert Doreen Virtue every card is different with the Archangels giving you pure love and guidance

So much to do before you start using them straight away occasionally have to cleanse the cards with deep meditation to place your energy in them if someone touches them [ well that is what I believe as I have been using these my self for many years]




I choose angel cards. I like the word angels. They are servants of God.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-10-2018


I have never been opportune to see either the tarot card or the angel cards but I'm given the opportunity to have one I will definitely go for the angel cards.The angel card sounds more angelic and divine,I think it more of supernatural item then tarot and I believe one can communicate with divinity more and one's can get problems solved with this cards.Will find out more about angel cards because I intend to get them for my home and it quite cheap too.
Posted by lovely on 10-21-2017
Angel Cards? I have never heard about Angel Cards. I know Tarot Cards, however, I never had a chance to go to a Tarot Cards reader or hear about the future predictions using Tarot Cards. Between Tarot Cards and Angel Cards, I will have to side with Tarot Cards because it has a long history.
Posted by vinaya on 10-21-2017
I use both, and it depends on how you interpret them. Tarot can have more meaning because of the numbered cards and the pairings and angel cards end to have messages that can actually answer a question. Therefore angel are better for answers, and tarot are better for guidance n general. Of course people shouldn't live by them because they offer suggestions and not absolute directions in what you should do.
Posted by Alexa on 10-22-2017
I have tried the angel cards on both device and the computer. And it seems to be good enough in many ways. You can see that there are some of the good options out there for the cards. And one should be really use it if they want to know about it. I think tarot though are fancy these days. The classic cards seems to be good enough in many ways. I hope to learn about it.
Posted by overcast on 10-22-2017
Never heard of angel cards, honestly. Tarot definitely considering there's a fair amount of decks and types but never angel cards- sounds like a more religious driven 'acceptable' alternative. Honestly don't care for either but tarot has more history behind it.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-22-2017
i think the angel cards are more inspiring to give hope and wellness to the user since angel are messengers of God than the tarot cards.
Posted by babyright on 10-23-2017
I have never heard of angel cards prior to this discussion but it seems like these are some of the alternatives you might need when looking for choices that you are looking for in the divine. Tarot has been around for many years and has some real information behind it. Angel cards are not as well known.
Posted by kgord on 11-13-2017
I haven't heard about angel cards before so I'm biased in favor of tarot cards. Tarot cards seem interesting because they can give varied results but I do think that that are just slightly better than playing solitaire. I don't believe that these cards can tell the future or exert some influence in one's psychic development. Tarot cards are man-made cards and I don't see anything sacred about them.
Posted by chatbox on 01-13-2018
Over here, tarot cards are mainly used by fortune tellers. They would ask you to shuffle the cards and then knock 3 times on the deck while thinking of your question. The fortune teller will open the cards one by one with each card an explanation that is related to your life. For example, a man appears on the card, that can be interpreted that a man is coming or arriving in your life. I wonder why people still believe in that but until now I can see fortune tellers with their tarot cards, waiting for a gullible client.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-24-2018
I'd like to learn more about the angel cards. I know that they're not well known. Maybe there's something about them that differentiates from the usual cards. It's good that they're used to inspire hope in people.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-22-2018
I choose angel cards. I don't use both cards. I just choose angel cards because I love angels. They are created beings by God.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-10-2018