Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Liar Playset

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Liar Playset
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Heroes in a Halfshell, Turtle Power! I can still hear that song in my head after all these years. I loved the Turtles. Loved watching them and playing them. I would have probably flipped if I had been gifted this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Liar Playset. Amazon has this for $190 with free shipping. This playset has it all. Battling areas which is perfect for the Ninja turtles. It also has a trap door, shooting projectiles and so much more. It stands over 42 inches tall and is perfect for a child's turtle figurines. Some of the floors fall out, and there is an effigy of Shredder so the turtles can practice their ninja moves. There are also spring loaded floors and a zip line. Plus there are three levels of the playset: the sewer, the street level, and the rooftop. Donatello's computer lab is also featured on this playset. This playset is great for children that love the TMNT. Plus it really expresses creativity and imagination. It would make a wonderful gift for a child for a birthday or any holiday. Children that have a special love for the turtles will have their face lit up when they see this great toy.

  • fun
    • over 42 inches tall
  • creative play
  • promotes imagination
  • compatible with basic turtle figures
  • has many features
  • went together pretty easily
  • huge
  • great customer service
  • well worth the price
  • kids love it
  • well detailed
  • child plays with it constantly
  • does not look cheap or junky
  • fast shipment
  • just as described

  • hard to put together
  • took too long to put together
  • instructions were only images, no texts
  • not as sturdy/stable as desired
  • small parts
  • horrible instructions
  • flimsy
  • horrendous to put together
  • has some cardboard pieces
  • fell apart in a couple of days
  • cheaply made
  • did not receive the toy that was pictured



This one

Whilst I wouldn't get either, I would rather get this, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Liar Playset since it looks a lot better and would be great fun to play with (if I were still a kid of course). The fact that both are cheaply made and very flimsy is just not good at all!
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-06-2018


The design of the playset is simple. And it's something you can think of the gift on say Christmas. You can also think of giving this as a gift for the birthday too. So it depends on how you handle that.
Posted by overcast on 04-08-2018


You can involve a lot of creativity with this set and you can also use other cars on it, so it's a bonus. It's kinda annoying that it's hard to set up, however this can teach your kids some nice lessons like putting in effort for some good results.
Posted by manmad on 04-09-2018

This one too.

You can play it with different styles that you want. This toy will make your kids creative and enjoy a lot more time here.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 04-06-2018

Sold as a set

I feel this is more worth the money compared to the other one. It is composed of many toys. While the other one only has the vehicle. Most kids will enjoy this more because it will take them a lot of time to get tired of playing with it because it has more toys included in the set.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 05-03-2018

Well, the more details the merrier

I haven't seen this ad on Amazon, but if it has Donatello's lab, then we are sold out. My kids love the Ninja Turtles. And surprisingly, He is too keen with details. Having that lab would really shake things up with his playtime.
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-25-2018


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser
Amazon has got some pretty cool Turtle toys on the market today. I think that this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser is a neat toy that many children would love. It sells for$40 and has free shipping. Plus it is an Amazon choice product. Perhaps what I love about this is that it is true turtle form. The little shellraiser looks like a camper to me but definetely has the style of the turtles. It look sort of run down or like something you would find in the sewer. Perfect for the turtles to go find an enemy in! This vehicle does fit all 4 turtles in it. They are not sold with this shellraiser, but has so much other cool stuff with it that it is ok that the turtles are not with it. There is a battle hutch on the top that opens. The rooftop is spring loaded and there are fold down battle ramps. Plus it has sewer pipe battle grips and rail to road rough riding wheels. My nephew thinks that the turtles are very cool. When he saw this, he said he wanted it added to his birthday list. It must be cool if he wants it as my nephew is pretty picky with what toys he likes.

  • holds up great after several months of use
  • small hands are able to manipulate it well
  • fun for anyone that loves TMNT
  • vehicle has a lot of street cred due to the stickers
  • three points of entry to the car
  • impressive size
  • able to carry all the turtles and even bad guys too
  • assembles easily
  • does not take batteries
  • does not make annoying sounds
  • has neat gadgets that are on it
  • durable
  • awesome for turtle fans
  • creativity is promoted
  • makes a great gift
  • children are excited to play with it or receive it for a gift
  • lots of play options
  • turtles can be attached to the outside or played inside
  • very cool
  • comes with a projectile launcher
  • hours of play
  • arrived on time
  • well made
  • keeps children entertained for hours

  • lots of stickers that need to be applied
  • diagram is tiny to show where the stickers go
  • arrived damaged
  • pieces started falling off right away
  • flimsy
  • too expensive
  • spinning rod did not work
  • flip action kick bar was broke when it arrived
  • door fell off on the first day



Seems more well made

When you’ve got kids you know that quality construction is a real factor in what you buy - things that are flimsy just end up falling apart and being a total waste of money. This one seems better constructed so it has my vote.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-27-2018


I've always preferred vehicles in terms of toys even when I was younger but never really got to buy them since they were always expensive. I did have a few here and there so I'm not complaining and when I did I had so much fun with them so in this case I would pick the same. I feel like having the lair can be fun too but ultimately I feel like the vehicle will provide me with more joy because it brings more action.
Posted by Wubwub on 04-12-2018

Lasts longer.

The teenage mutant Ninja turtles shellraiser is a toy that you can get for your kids and feel calm about how long that it ia going to last. The durable nature makes it stand out and for the fact that most kids always enjoy getting it as a gift, it won't take the kids enough time to make start having fun with it.
Posted by Barida on 07-21-2018

Turtle Shellraiser

Im choosing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser because it's relatively cheaper at $40 with free shipping, it's quite affordable and it's not complicated to assemble also it doesn't have cardboard pieces which we all know are not that durable . This can make a great gift and it also looks like an expensive toy.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-13-2018

I choose this.

Eye catching. Children will definitely love the design. Although its more expensive than the other one I think it will be worth it because it has many pros than the other.
Posted by medelynsumile on 04-15-2018


This one to me is better constructed and would be something my children would play with for a longer amount of time. That is always something to consider when I get toys for them, so this one would be my choice. I also love that TMNT are making a comeback! Retro!
Posted by amelia88 on 05-27-2018

This one.

I prefer this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser more than the other one because of two reasons. First, it assembles well, unlike the other one, the Turtle Shellraiser is not a burdern when it comes to assembling of parts, and while doing it, it's still fun. Second, it is awesome. For some reason, I find this more pleasing to me and cool that I would love to borrow it from my sibling and look at its composition.
Posted by theresajane on 10-14-2018


I love TMNT that's why I am here posting my own ipinion about toys. They are the same cool and can give your kids enjoyment. But I choose the one that can give me more time to enjoy.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 04-06-2018
I like the teenage turtle shell raiser it looks cool to me and a fun one to play with and kids will really loves it.I love the creative nature of if and it very impressive to a great gift to the kids which the kids will find very useful,I like the fact that's awesome doesn't have annoying sound.
Posted by lovely on 04-06-2018
Both toys are really cool for kids and I have to admit that I played and even fought with the other kids in the neighborhood to have a share of their toys. That was the way that I got to develop some mental fitness in the sense that I hardly give up when I play those games with the toys.
Posted by Barida on 04-07-2018
Even though I really liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Liar Playset, I am not going to buy this toy because it is very expensive. I cannot afford to pay $190 for a toy. Therefore, I will consider buying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser beause it just costs $40. This seems to be a good toy for a cheap price.
Posted by vinaya on 04-07-2018
I think both the playset are good. But one of them being simple makes it worthy of the purchase. I'd say on that note I'd surely use the one which is more usable. And another thing is that it'd be reasonable to make use of the playset that can be worth giving for the gift.
Posted by overcast on 04-08-2018
The teenage ninja liar playset is very good since it promotes creative and imaginative play for kids and it also has many features that makes children want to play with it more than that of the ninja turtle shellraiser.
Posted by babyright on 04-09-2018
I still remember the popularity of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles that was the craze. It was a blockbuster on tv and every boy and girl should know the names of the 4 ninja turtles – Raphael, Donatello, okay, you name the rest of them. But with the kids today, I’m not sure if they would like those toys that are designed with the ninja turtle trademark. Remember that this is the modern times and the teenage ninja turtles were popular some 30 years ago.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018
I don't really know what could be the feeling of having these kind of toys. When I was young I don't really have toys because my brother was so selfish that even my one toy bought by my mother still stole it from me. He cried over my toy >:( . What I think is way better ,the first toy. I's more attractive to me but I think both of it are good toys to play especially boys.
Posted by nekonieden on 04-11-2018
I remember TMNT from my childhood and I think it's great to see that all of these years later, its popularity as a universe is still going strong.
Posted by NickJ on 04-11-2018
I really like the teenage mutant ninja turtle sewer liar play set because it really reminds me of my childhood times and honestly I was a fan of this toys before even until now that I am now at an older age still I love it to see but not anymore to play since I am now a full grown man. It is really attractive and fantastic to play, you can play it anytime and anywhere you want. I really like the creator of this toys because they are so creative and talented, I am amaze by the way it looks because it is so attractive.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-18-2018
This kind of toys really brings back my childhood memories wherein I am playing such toys for the while day. It feels great to have this collection because it is very entertaining and most love by the kids. Playing such toys are a fun way to really spend time together with kids because they really love it to have. I am sure that more kind of toys are coming in the following years.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-20-2018
Kids of course will never say no to toys.. But my kids love wrecking parts and all that so I make sure I buy something that will last for years. But based on the Cons provided with those toys, still thinking if that will last to my kids. I guess its okay to purchased those them give it as a present to someone are die hard collecting these turtles. Its more good to give this to kids who know how to take care of their toys, love to put on stickers, have time to assembled the part and will surely appreciate it. Still it wont last to my kids LOL.
Posted by romy_ter on 10-03-2018
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser assembles pretty well. I also love it and would like it as a Christmas gift for my nephew.
Posted by theresajane on 11-15-2018
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