Tennis, like many other games has undergone a lot of changes over the years. Basically there are two players, one on each side of a net. The boundaries of the court on each side of the net is where the ball hit by the opponent needs to fall within. A racquet with strings helps to send or serve the ball across to the opponent’s court. The gear is simple, with shoes, wrist bands, head bands, elbow and knee bands. There is a lot of money in these tournaments, and each year there are the grand slam tournaments. The game can also be played with partners, who may be of the same gender or the opposite gender. Wimbledon, Rolland Garros, Virginia Slims, and Australian open are some of the most famous tennis tournaments. The games in tennis are actually smaller set of points, which begin with love all, fifteen, thirty, forty and game. Effectively, each game may consist of four points, but if the opponent scores there can be several deuces at 40. The total number of games to be won in a set is six, and there has to be a difference of two sets from those won by the opponent to say the set is one. The seventh game would be the tie break game. For ladies it is best of three sets, while for gents, it is best of five sets.

a. It is a very popular game, and helps to get muscles exercised well. It also requires plenty of thinking and shot selection at the right time as well as coordinating the shots. b. It does not lead to aggression or injuries as is common with games like football. c. There is no physical contact with the opponent so there are no angry exchanges with opponents either.

a. It can be a physically grueling experience since there is lot of exertion in this sport. b. It requires a lot of practice and it is not exactly an affordable game for many since the racquets are expensive, strings break and need to be restrung. Likewise, tennis shoes are expensive and so are charges of clubs that offer tennis facilities.




Since I don't like baseball then I would probably choose this one. I haven't played tennis in real life yet but I often watch some tennis game plays and my favorite tennis player is Serena Williams. She is really awesome and cool. Plus, what makes me more to like about this sports is that it is somehow just like the badminton. The only difference is the ball in tennis hit the ground.
Posted by Anonymous on 04-19-2018


It would have to be Tennis for me because it's the sport that I could probably watch plus I have played it and I enjoyed it. I'm one of those people that prefer to play it than watch it because I just don't really have a big interest in it.
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-13-2017

My favorite!

My dad is an avid tennis fan. He's also a good tennis player as he won several tournaments when he was still young. He taught me how to play. Playing tennis is fun and it's also great exercise.

I also love watching international tennis matches. My dad's favorite is Rafael Nadal and mine is Roger Federer. Whenever Federer would win, I would tease my dad, and vice versa.

I tried watching some baseball games before but it just made me sleep. I also played baseball in high school and found it to be boring.

Posted by limberg on 11-29-2017


If I'm completely honest, I don't really follow either one because I prefer other sports such as football, basketball and so on.

But considering that my country doesn't even have any baseball teams and the fact that I don't even know the rules of the game, I would go with watching some Tennis.

Tennis can be quite exciting depending on who's playing but it can also be VERY long.

Posted by Mehano on 11-30-2017
I also consider tennis to be quite exciting in as much as I don't follow the game as well. I've watched stars like Andy Murray play and it was a joy to watch for me.

More Movement

As you can see you can do more physical movement with the tennis. And in case of the tennis you'd be able to manage lot better in terms of the focus too. In case of baseball it's a bit boring. And also requires a lot more standing stamina than moving. So on that point I'd prefer tennis.
Posted by overcast on 11-30-2017


It's an easy choice for me because baseball isn't a popular sport in my country. I love watching tennis but don't have as much time for it as I'd like and there are many younger players that I know nothing about. I used to be a big Nadal fan but lately I've switched my preferences and will now support Federer when the two of them meet.
Posted by Gina145 on 12-11-2017

It's better.

Both sports are somewhat "static" (if you know what I mean), but I think Tennis is more interesting and challenging than baseball because it makes players and viewers more attentive and apprehensive at the same time. It's a nice mix to feel / see.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-29-2017

Tennis is a great racket sport

First of all, there is no comparison in between these two. Instead, I would say that baseball doesn't even compete with any big sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis or even Field/Ice Hockey. Baseball is a sport that has no future out of North America.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 12-29-2017

Tennis is me!

I first see the sport tennis in a anime show which is The Prince of Tennis. They are so cool even some of the moves and techniques they do is not possible in real life. But I want to be like them. I mean they do whatever it takes just to be stronger than before. So I start learning the basics and I want to improve more and go to the tournament. It's true that it is so hard to play but for me, I have so much fun especially when I'm playing with my friends. You should try playing it too.
Posted by blank629 on 12-08-2017

more interesting to me

I find watching Tennis to be soothing in a way even though i don't really watch it that much. I also like that it's easy to understand and still it doesn't feel too simplistic that it gets too boring. I never found baseball all that interesting and can't really get what people see in it, so the choice is easy for me on this one.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-10-2018


I love the workout that it will give you whenever you play Tennis. It will totally workout your legs, and arms to a maximum level. If you keep playing tennis, you will see the difference in your stamina, speed, strength and more. In tennis, you always run and swing and draining your strength and stamina like that is a good feeling to have, which only means that you really working out that much.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-27-2017


I enjoy watching tennis especially when women play it. Although I am not a fan of sports, watching tennis has never been boring. I have also tried table tennis at my school and I have enjoyed playing it although I would need training for me to claim that I can join competitions.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-02-2017
It's going to be awesome to see you play and watch any sport. One good thing is that you can have fun doing so and when you're ready, I will be happy to see you support Manchester United Football Club of England.

Rafel Nadal and Andy Murray

Tennis will always be my favorite and first choice, the energy and strength put in playing this sport is amazing. From the looks of it, the sport seems easy but if you take a closer look at it, you would discover it takes a huge toll on the arm and legs of player. I haven't seen a tennis player who doesn't moan in distress while playing. The grunting of Rafel Nadal says it all when he hits the tennis ball.
Posted by Martinsx on 12-30-2017

An interesting game

I am not a player of the tennis game and I have never played it, but I am a fan. I just love watching the game. I cannot even tell if baseball is a game. I see no fun.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-10-2018



Baseball is a team game, though all the members of the team batting at a point of time are not on the field simultaneously. The ball is pitched and the opponent has to hit it. Reflexes need to be sharp because the time on hand is usually less than half a second. The batter also needs to judge whether the ball needs to be struck at all. The team players standing at the bases have to run too. In baseball a narrow bat is used unlike the 12 inch wider head of the tennis racquet, making hitting the ball accurately a bit tougher, especially because the bat has a rounded smoother surface with a diameter not exceeding 2.75 inches and a length limited to 42 inches. The ball used in this game is slightly bigger than a tennis ball.

a. It is a team game. Therefore, team players have to hit the ball being pitched at them and coordinate running or getting hold of the ball and helping to make the batter or his team before they reach the next base. b. It is less exhausting when compared to games like tennis because the player does not need to continuously run and hit the ball for a point or rally.

a. The reflexes should be sharp and a lot of practice is also needed to both judge the speed, as well as hit the ball at the desired distance to score. b. It is an American game.




I have always enjoyed watching and playing baseball. I grew up playing outside abd playing baseball with the neighborhood kids. It has always been a big part of my family. I never played tennis and never really had in interest in it. I have played a lot of baminton though which is a bit similar.
Posted by Sue on 11-30-2017
Jonathan Solomon


I've never really been a tennis fan, in all honesty. My mother used to watch tennis, and I also had a few friends who were avid fans. But personally, I always thought baseball was more exciting. Growing up, I would always go to baseball camp during Summer vacation. I also enjoy equally playing, the same way I do to watch. For me, tennis seems a little quiet and kind of boring sometimes. Things can get dull with baseball during certain innings too, but I'll still take it as a sport over tennis in this comparison.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 12-01-2017
It's often down to participation in the sports and that's where I would have to say that it's great that you watch and partake in baseball as well. I prefer tennis and even know the rules guiding them. However, I would look into baseball and see how it is played.

Home Run for Baseball!

Tennis is OK, maybe less than OK, lol. Anyway, compared to baseball it's trash, no offense to anyone. But of course, this is all subjective. I simply have taken tennis and I didn't like it, but I've always loved playing baseball live and on computer - but not watching it, ha ha.
Posted by jyy on 04-10-2018

Makes for Good Conversation With My Hubby

I don't play tennis or baseball or know that much about either game, but my husband has always enjoyed baseball, so it's a topic I can discuss with him. (Actually, he does most of the talking.) He says he even remembers collecting baseball cards when he was a kid. He was not born and raised in America so I was surprised at how much he knew about the American baseball game, including the names of players and the names of the teams. Whereas if you ask him about tennis, he doesn't know very much.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-02-2018


This was a tough one for me, as currently, I enjoy playing tennis more. However, that's it; it's not as exciting to watch and I don't play it often enough to give it the edge over baseball. Baseball is a good team sport that is cheap and easy for kids to learn and play. It builds comradery and teaches discipline and basic hand-eye coordination. What really gives it the edge is that it's much more popular where I'm from. It's an exciting event to go to as a kid with your family and as an adult it's a relaxing environment to sit in the sun, have a few beverages and watch your team play.
Posted by salt on 01-30-2018


Personally, I like both. Baseball is a very famous sport here in my country, and I'm a fan of my city's team, so I do enjoy watching a game. And I used to play tennis when I was a kid, so I know the hard effort it involves, and a match usually brings a lot of adrenaline. Obviously, a baseball team has a lot of fans, and for sure that makes it super exciting, but generally speaking, both sports are great and fun to watch.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-29-2017
I'd say baseball is boring in many ways. I'd spend more time with tennis. As the cricket and other games are also good. But it's reasonable to play the tennis these days. I am not sure though some people have good timing with the baseball and they should play it if they like. But it's not meant for all from what I have seen.
Posted by overcast on 11-30-2017
It seems to me that baseball is not really an international sport unlike tennis. From what I remember, only Americans play baseball although lately I have read that they are playing baseball in latin American countries. With tennis, the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, have been playing against Russians, Germans and other nationalities. For me, tennis is more popular.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-01-2017
I grew up in America, so you would expect for me to be way into baseball. After all, baseball is regarded as America's favorite pastime, of course. That being said, baseball doesn't even have to exist for all I care.

I'm a person who was never all that interested in sports. There are certain sports which I'll tolerate more than others, but baseball is among those that I could never understand or care about. Much like most American sports, I find it boring and uneventful. Tennis at least has a constant flow of action.
Posted by Denis_P on 12-01-2017
Both of these games are not very popular here. People play tennis, however,r the tennis players are affluent people. However, I have not seen baseball being played here. I have watched baseball on TV but never in real. Cricket, which is similar to baseball, is very popular here. I have watched tennis in the court and TV and I enjoy watching Tennis. However, I have never played tennis.
Posted by vinaya on 12-01-2017
Tough question. I can only sit through a baseball game if my hometown team, the New York Yankees are playing - and it's a big game. Like a World Series game. As for Tennis - I watch it sometimes but only in the Summer months. It also depends on who's playing. But I am not a major Tennis fan or anything. My like of both sports is conditional really.
Posted by NickJ on 12-11-2017
I prefer tennis over baseball because I'm a girl and we don't normally play baseball, at least in my country. I found it boring to watch, too. I've played tennis when I was a child and it was something I enjoyed with my siblings and our dad during weekends. I also love watching tennis games and I've followed the careers of great tennis players. It was interesting to follow the change of leadership or ranking as the years pass by.
Posted by chatbox on 01-13-2018
I love sports but I love tennis rather than baseball. We all know balls games are very fun to watch although this baseball game is something difficult game because you need to run their meanwhile in tennis you just stick to you place but you should have a great movements to win you opponent. But still I love watching this two sports game.
Posted by mar06 on 01-18-2018
Tennis is a game of high drama and enthusiasm to win each and every point in the most bizarre and breathtaking manner possible. One more thing is that anyone who is a sports lover would know atleast who Roger Federer, Nadal or Djokovic is? Because they are someone who have been some of the biggest athletes ever born in all of the sports industry. Just think how many great players do you really think of when you think of one sport itself. Tendulkar and Wasim Akram when you think of Cricket. Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Messi and a dozen other when you think of football. Tiger Woods for Golf, Undertaker/Cena for wrestling. Muhammed ALI for Boxing. Micheal Jordan/ Lebron James when you think of basketball. But sadly enough Baseball, Rugby, NFL,field hockey,ice hockey,badminton/table tennis/squash are all sorts of regionally liked games which are played and liked in particular regions of the world and are not recognized worldwide. Even if they have great players but the number of people watching them are too low.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 01-22-2018
Here in my country, Baseball is extremely unusual. On the other hand, tennis is a more common sport. I particularly like to watch tennis games on TV and would like to watch a game live someday.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-15-2018
Tennis is perhaps the most popular game after football, with millions of fans and players in every corner of the world. Due to its handling, the tennis keeps your viewers attentive at all times. There are immense benefits of sneakers, such as improvement in your body, mind and health, and provides you with entertainment and fun as well. Playing sneakers always keeps you moving and that is good for your body and mind. One of the great things about tennis is that it is a sport that can be played at any age and at any level of skill. Whether you play competitively, for your health or just for fun, this wonderful sport has great benefits for the body and mind.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-01-2018
I would say baseball. In the Philippines, tennis is not that much popular. Teenagers here either plays basketball or baseball. I grew up in a barangay were we have our own field so baseball is popular here. I used to play baseball with my dad and that was a memorable experience. He thought me to play this game and thought me to pitched. This is the most memorable sport for me even though I love basketball because me and my dad can play at the same team in baseball.
Posted by bienn05 on 06-02-2018
Tennis would be my choice for this comparison because I use to be one of the players competing back in sophomore high. This would also be one of my favorite sport aside from volleyball and swimming. Tennis make your whole body move when playing compared to baseball which is you only be a baseball hitter when it's your turn. So, I guess that playing Tennis is more enjoyable and helps you exercise at he same time with this kind of sport.
Posted by Marako0406 on 07-25-2018
Tennis is an easier sport than baseball not in the mechanics or the level of play. You need a whole team to play baseball while you only need at least 1 opponent to play tennis. Of course there has to be the tennis court. Tennis is popular here while I don’t think there are players of baseball because the national teams that I see on tv are mostly softball and volleyball.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-17-2018
Many sports activities are top notch workout routines, however few sports activities offer the fun and anaerobic pastime that tennis offers. Tennis players are almost constantly in movement, and the usage of nearly each muscle of their body. in addition to quick sprints, there also are consistent changes of route, and motion in every feasible attitude. It builds muscle and stamina. What’s now not to like?
Posted by jetselle on 10-16-2018