A fast, lightweight editor for the Mac, iPad and iPhone supporting more than 80 programming languages. Created by Alexander Blach from Germany in 2010, the text editor is amazingly fast and beautiful on the iPad pro. With support for FTP, SSH, SFTP, Webdav and more, editing code on your website becomes a breeze regardless of what device you are using it on.

Fast, lightweight, Price

Not universal, doesn't support multitasking on iPad Pro yet, must download files locally before you can edit them



So fast

I love Textastic. I bought it a while back and have never looked back. It is so fast and a remarkably great looking editor.
Posted by Lop on 11-21-2015


Textastic is great. I have been using it for a bit and would not go back to Coda at all.
Posted by BrowniePoints on 11-21-2015
Yeah, I couldn't believe the first time I coded on my iPad with it. This makes my iPad useable on an entirely different level.


I have not use these two editors before, but Coda seems to be more popular as I have heard about it many times. Since Coda is slow to load and the price is about the same, I would choose the fast to load application. I would like the application to be fast to load, so it helps to develop any applications or debug. A slow application really gives me headache and makes me impatient.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-11-2018

The popular Mac, iPad and iPhone text editor by Panic with so many features it is hard to call it just a text editor. The application is beautiful on all devices just like all of Panic's software. Coding with the project manager is easy and syncs to all of your devices so you can code on the go. Features include support for MySQL (built in MySQL editor/connection), FTP, SSH, SFTP, Plugins (which include themes, modes, sidebars and more), iCloud sync, preview and much more.

Beautiful, easy to use on any device, syncing of projects via iCloud, MySQL editor, multitasking enabled on the iPad pro

Price (expensive), slow to load



Both are great

I use both on the Mac and iPad but use Coda more often than Textastic. Textastic is fast and raw which I love while Coda is more eloquently designed for in depth coding sessions. Loading files directly from my development server and editing them rather than downloading them first is a plus IMO.
Posted by FindingJay on 11-21-2015
Yeah, both are good text editors but Textastic is better.

Great feature set

One of the most full featured editing apps for the iPad, allowing you to do everything you need in a coding session without a hassle.
Posted by Anonymous on 03-21-2016

Better Editor

You can have better features with the Coda editor. You can see that they are launching new features. And it seems like a good editor now. They have spreadsheet and the docs support too. So coda seems to be getting more advanced features soon enough.
Posted by overcast on 03-14-2018


Coda is a quality device that you can always use which makes it interesting for me. When using this, you get to feel at home and the way that you can make use of this to run your photo editing is something that is nice.
Posted by Barida on 11-11-2018


Let's see coda is Mac OS only. And Textstaic is now being ported to the Windows and Linux. I think in such case I'd go with the one that is portable across different platfomrs. Also the amount of the money being paid for the IDE is less. Because we can get good features with the free IDE such Visual Studio Code too. So it's not that bad for us to make use of the IDE which are relatively cheap in price.
Posted by overcast on 07-07-2017
I will go for the textstaticc editor, it good for those that need a fast way of typing and being done within no time.This can't be used by other devices not just on mac alone.So it the ideal one to have.
Posted by lovely on 12-08-2017
I have read the entire description before it dawned on me that the products offered above are for Apple products only. By the way, I have been seeing MySQL in some discussions and I am greatly interested if that is the same SQL database of the olden times. It is one good database system that is easy to manage and use. And with the text editor, I’m sure there will be a counterpart for the android gadgets sooner or later because that is the challenge of technology, coming up with a competition all the time.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-18-2018