The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

The 5 Love Languages:  The Secret to Love That Lasts
Relationships take a lot of work. Some are easier then others, but regardless, if you do not work to make them work for you, then they could easily dissolve. If you are interested in making your love life relationships better, you may benefit from reading The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. This is an Amazon best seller and comes in the following formats: Kindle edition for $6.67 Hardcover for $12.17 Paperback for $9.57 Mass Market Paperback for $13.47

This book is by Gary Chapman. It has 209 pages and just celebrated its 25th year. For 8 years running, it was a New York Times Best Seller. The book delves into how easy it is to fall in love, but staying in love is the hard part. This book can be of use to anyone that has a love relationship, no matter if you have a marriage that is failing or one that is flourishing. It is very practical to use and very insightful. It will show you how to not only love but how to receive love. By reading this book, you will be able to determine what your spouse really wants from you, which is so important to having the relationship succeed. Too many people try to change their spouse and fit them into a mold that they want them to be in, but this is something that should never take place. You need to figure out what your spouse expects. Sometimes all they want is praise. Others may want material things often from you in order to be happy. Others just want someone there that will help them fix things around the house and be happy with that, such as a broken TV or a leaky faucet.

  • insightful *different versions available
  • helps marriages flourish
  • practical
  • 25 years old
  • Amazon best seller
  • New York Times best seller
  • worth reading
  • inspiring
  • helps mend broken relationships
  • learn a lot about yourself just reading this book
  • relatable
  • interesting
  • makes relationships stronger
  • sends the message not to take anything for granted
  • helps one understand their partner better
  • informational
  • straight to the point
  • amazing
  • phenemenal tool for an introspection
  • has summarization of tips at the end of each language’s chapter
  • contains real life stories
  • thoroughly explained
  • teaches one to be selfless
  • common sense tactics used
  • helps with different stages of life
  • has a positive impact
  • offers powerful insights on how to stay connected

  • has some religious undertones
  • multiple pages were ripped
  • authors voice was very distracting
  • could not relate personally to the book
  • corny
  • did not learn anything from the book
  • only focuses on male/female relationships



5 love languages

I have heard alot about this book. This is the one I would choose. I think that people should have a long lasting relationship and to be able to do that you need to know what makes your partner happy and what you are willing to do for them, and how they can best love you.
Posted by kgord on 03-14-2018

Nice book for love.

When it comes to getting some interesting tips on how to love, this is the book to read. I really enjoyed going through every part of it and the good side is that you get to feel great doing so as well which is pretty okay.
Posted by Barida on 11-19-2018

Why Pay for Someone to Ramble?

If I go by your CONs there were too many things about the other book that I would not like. But the main thing is I don't need to buy a book to read someone's ramblings.

Whereas the CONs for this book, I can work with them and extract from the book what is needful for me and for my relationship.

Posted by foxchannel on 04-05-2018

Found this useful in understanding different appro

I have read this book and actually found it quite insightful. Love is something that can be expressed in so many ways, and not everyone might view it in the same way that you do!

Understanding that there are different ways love can be expressed and received is one of the best things you can do for a relationship!

Posted by amelia88 on 06-08-2018

Most Relationships

Most relationships are dying because partners ignore or do not know the 5 love languages. With ailing of family relationships comes auling of churches, offices and companies. What begins in the bedroom contageoysly affects many other areas.

Love language is gteat.

Posted by stbrians on 10-10-2018

5 love languages

I vote for 5 love languages. I am more familiar with the content of this book. This is a great book.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-17-2018

This one.

With just the title of this book, my attention was automatically caught. I guess I can get a lot of insights that can help me maintain my relationships with people like my friends and family. I believe that for your relationships to last longer and for a lifetime, you should be mature enough to deal with each other.
Posted by theresajane on 10-17-2018


How To Be An Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys To Mindful Loving

How To Be An Adult in Relationships:  The Five Keys To Mindful Loving
Relationships take a lot of work and if you are not willing to act like an adult, they will certainly fail. Amazon is selling the book How To Be An Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys To Mindful Loving by David Richo. This book comes in several formats: $12.99 for kindle version $13.09 for paperback $56.93 for Audio version

The author offers a fresh perspective on relationships and love. He says that most people feel that love is a feeling, but he feels that it is a way of being present. The five keys to being mindful in a relationship are:

1.Attention to the present moment; observing, listening, and noticing all the feelings at play in our relationships.

  1. Acceptance of ourselves and others just as we are.
  2. Appreciation of all our gifts, our limits, our longings, and our poignant human predicament.
  3. Affection shown through holding and touching in respectful ways.
  4. Allowing life and love to be just as they are, with all their ecstasy and ache, without trying to take control. When all five of these things are used and understood fully, a mature love can be formed. Love can become more fulfilling and deeper when all five of these keys are used.

  • easy to understand
  • useful
  • is a life changer
  • fantastic
  • has real meaning
  • book gives higher and more satisfying level of information then found elsewhere
  • practical
  • supplies questions to dig deeper
  • helps one find out more about themselves
  • incredibly helpful
  • full of wisdom
  • amazing
  • from an exceptional author
  • a great tool for improving communication and gradual deterriation of a relationship
  • describes psychological and spiritual aspects of oneself
  • is a comprehensive guide
  • clear and concise
  • thought-provoking
  • explanations are thorough and practical
  • intelligent
  • shows what a healthy adult relationship is
  • a must read
  • highly recommended
  • helps one become more loving
  • makes one a better person
  • makes one more trusting in all of their relationships

  • a little hard to get through at first
  • author says a lot without saying anything
  • not meaningful
  • complete waste of money
  • author rambles
  • terribly written
  • author skips from one topic to another
  • full of spiritual talk of mandalas and similar
  • lots of dense lines of platitudes that make very little sense
  • author's ideas do not develop logically


JB Fernandez

The road to being an adult.

One common reason of many break ups is immaturity. I think this book will help a lot of people to grow up and deal with relationships in a right way, and act as an adult already. Being matured on handling a relationship, can make it last forever.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 03-25-2018

This one

I bet this one is much more exciting to read especially for an adult like me. What important for me today is how I can manage my adult life rather that focusing in my love life.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-18-2018


I would love to read the secret to love that last,it really a beautiful thing to have love and not just having it but having it for life and I wouldn't mind having love that love forever .From the review up there I think it will worth a read, will check it up on the site to buy will really love to read it.
Posted by lovely on 03-14-2018
I've read the five languages of love. It bored me to death, but it had some good points, especially that people experience love in different ways. In my experience I have found that men show their love mostly by doing things for you and giving you gifts. This is very important to understand especially when you require the words and they are not forthcoming. However I prefer the How to be an Adult book , I think it's more relevant to relationships today.It's not strange to see couples fighting in public. One or both of them need to grow up!I think this book will help.
Posted by jaymish on 03-14-2018
I've seen and read so many love stories and books I the past, but I guess a couple won't do any harm. Am saying this because It's the first time am hearing about both books. The earlier sounds a little more interesting to me. So judging from the post and review of both books/product, I think my vote will definitely be on the earlier book.
Posted by Rumu on 03-14-2018
I used to be a heavy reader of books during the era when there was no internet yet. But when the digital age arrived, it seems that books have lost their luster. Anyway, I love the books being offered above because we are all involved in a relationship one time or another. And even if my marital life is quite good, I’d say that I’m still interested in those books because it is nice reading about tips and suggestions regarding relationship.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-14-2018
The title of the book says it all. I felt curious to know what's in the 5 love languages: the secret to love that lasts, so definitely it is my choice. If people don't know anything about the secret then people will be curious to know and it's one way of advertising the book by having a catchy title.
Posted by Scarlet on 03-15-2018
How to become an adult in relationships is one book that I will like to read and it's all because of the fact that we all need to have that mindset that for relationships to work out, we need to think and act like adults. The thing with most relationships that we have in our world today is that they lack communication and with some childish attitudes coming from either the man or the lady makes things get tough as well. So, having the wisdom to make things work out in relationships is quite better.
Posted by Barida on 03-15-2018
They are good books to read. But I prefer reading the one that I needed most. I can actually read them both but if this will be a versus, the one for adulting is be the choice for me.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-18-2018
Based on the cons I have read for both books, I do not want any of these books. Generally speaking, I do not like to read on the relationship. Most of the books and articles on the relationship are too much preachy. The tips explained cannot be actually used. They ask you to control anger, which is impossible because anger is natural emotion. This is just an example.
Posted by vinaya on 03-19-2018
If you think you are man and adult for love already then the 2nd book is best for you. The first one works with all ages, The 5 language of love is something that everybody needs to know and why I think this is important? I have a failed marriage, I wasn't aware of this fact, I wish I should known this before I marry my ex-wife. We had a baby but we should've not waste each others time. I should've seen the signs that we are not compatible to each other if I have read this book.
Posted by gavinci13 on 03-21-2018
The Five Keys to Mindful Loving is my pick. It's informative and gives you the necessary information for making better relationships. A lot of us takes things for granted. But learning to appreciate things can positively change our lives.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-03-2018
I have not heard of the books or the authors. Perhaps that's because I do not read books on building relationship. Instead of spending time readig how to build better relationship, I prefer to spend time in building relationship. However, I think The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts is a better title for a book than How To Be An Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys To Mindful Loving.
Posted by vinaya on 04-11-2018
I will actually read both of them since I think the book are different from each other. It is good to know how to express your love to your significant other so reading The 5 Love Languages can help you get an idea how to do that. Although the cons said it is corny, it is actually up to you if the advices will apply in your relationship. The other book on the other hand can help a person in the relationship to be sensitive to their partners relationship.
Posted by mdayrit on 10-11-2018
I choose the 5 love languages. My love language is touch. My wife's love language is service.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-17-2018
Though I chose The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, I still think that the other one has a great purpose in educating people. Whatever book is available, I would be willing to read it.
Posted by theresajane on 10-18-2018
I think both are really good books and very inspirational and educational. So, I choose both books because I can't choose which is better.
Posted by nrnlss on 10-31-2018