The Call of Duty series is dying.

The Call of Duty series is dying.
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare sales down almost 50 percent on Black Ops 3, according to an article in PC Gamer, November 07, 2016. - And most of us should have heard at some point, that the COD series are dying. Just ask your friends. How many of them are still playing these games?

With that being said, I personally believe there's a few good reasons for Call of Duty to die, and I'll list them below.

  • First of all, how many COD games have they released so far? (I've literally lost count..) I think it's 13 or something like that? - That's a good reason to just stop. More are not better!
  • Secondly, people are playing other type of games nowadays. Just look at all these weird, funny and odd games you can purchase on Steam for instance. ("Shower with your dad" is one good example of an odd and weird game!)
  • I personally don't enjoy the Call of Duty games anymore at all. I think the first games in the series was awesome but after that it went downhill. And it went downhill quickly!
  • People are playing more Mobile games nowadays, so PC gaming in general have decreased.
  • They've been releasing a new Call of Duty game once per year, and I personally believe it's way too much! (Just look at FIFA or NHL from EA. It's more or less the same game as the previous year.)
  • And I honestly think that most people are getting bored of the gameplay nowadays.
What do you think? - Do you think COD will die or will they continue to squeeze out as many games they can, before they finally realize it's time to move on?
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yes definitely

I agree with you fully on this. It has been several years since I bought my last cod game. They are way too costly, and the latest edition was just silly with the space thing. Battlefield seems to be picking everybody's interest and it is far better. They have been releasing too many, and still the prices were exagerated every time.
Posted by EliteWriter on 12-19-2016

Too many, too fast

I use to love the COD games and became addicted to the online play at various points in my life. Now I don't even care. They just released Infinite Warfare and I have no desire to get it. They released them too fast. I can't keep up with all the different editions they release. Not to mention online play is crazy hard now with 13 year olds gaming 24/7 pwning you left and right at spawn.

I believe the series is certainly dying.

Posted by Lop on 12-19-2016

Everything good comes to an end.

Everything cool comes to an end at some point. This is also true for video games. Every video game you liked will eventually die in both support and community.

Sequels may be very good, mediocre or made, but eventually the developer will squeeze every lost drop from a series before letting it die. Same thing happened with Call Of Duty.

Posted by Cristian on 12-23-2016

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Still seems active

I haven't looked at any stats but the game online still seems very active. Thousands of players and it only takes a minute or less to find a game. They do release a lot in this series rather quickly though.
Posted by FindingJay on 12-20-2016

Oh please don't talk wet!

Come on COD dying out? As if! This is a block busting multi million dollar franchise we're talking about here. Yes so they've released a lot of version of COD but that's not an argument for them dying out, that's a sign that it's not if anything at all. And yes there are many other games to play (well a few that are really worth playing). And new games being released all the time. But the FPS games industries is one of the biggest if not biggest and best types of games that people have always loved to play. And I think you don't personally like playing COD any more because you are rubbish at it and RAGE QUIT LOL :P Yeah people are playing more mobile games now but you can get COD on your phone now too lol. And yeah they release like 2 new COD games a year. Well it's shared between Treyarch and IW but I've never liked IW's games as much as I have Treyarch's, their COD's are much better IMHO and a lot of other people's too. And I don't like the direction that IW have gone in too far into the future, I'd like to see a return to WW1/Cold war era so it's more realistic none of this running along walls and jetpack crap although it's kinda cool to have futuristic stuff but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves you know? And yeah people get bored of COD very quick! It's good fun to play when they first come out and you play it for a couple weeks or something but then you stop playing it as much because, well, there's better things to do! But no, the FPS/COD series wont ever die out dude! Trust me, as more powerful gaming consoles and ways to enjoy and play games at home such as 3D holographic projection and augmented technology blend together, they will always make a COD / FPS type game for it to play on it. Simply because there are so many FPS / COD fans and gamers out there that will buy it. And as long as people are buying it, they will keep selling it come on! :D
Posted by idealmikey on 01-19-2017

Don't be too sure.

Just because there's a drought doesn't mean it won't rain again. things are not always black and white, in fact, when are they ever. Many companies including; apple, Microsoft, blackberry just to name a few have gone through rough patches but that did not mean the end of the road for them So what I'm trying to say is the franchise still have time and a following of fans.
Posted by Mambombaya on 04-12-2017

Gamers Preference

I myself am a huge gamer and I still play Call of Duty Black Ops 3 daily and to this day still enjoy it. I am also someone is constantly goes back to older Call of Duty's such as Black Ops 2 and Black Ops as well because I really did prefer those games over the others. I don't feel that Call of Duty is dying, no as there are still so many playing the games. I feel it's on gamers preference as to what they want to see from a Call of Duty game. I personally could never get on with Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare but I feel that was because it lacked something that I feel helped me to enjoy the game whereas others prefer games such as Infinite Warfare over Black Ops 3 because there is something in that game that they prefer. I believe it's more of finding what they fans prefer and making a game that everyone will enjoy.
Posted by Shortie on 03-17-2017

Modern Warfare 3

I haven't played COD for years. The last playable was Modern Warfare 3.
Posted by petrduda on 12-21-2016

You cant beat COD

So what if they bring to many out in one year or the next , They are brilliant . I have many of these games and also love the black ops series specially black ops 3 . Brilliant games and will always love playing them always.

You can't beat a good action game with shooting and using tactical skills and beat the enemies. I so love these games so no I don't agree with your statements .

Posted by moneybags82 on 04-24-2017

I don't think so...

Still people love the cod series.It is true that some cod games were not that much interesting, but when we compare with other games of the same kind I think cod is better.The story,gameplay and graphics are great in most of cod of duty modern warfare series is my favorite so far.
Posted by achi007 on 04-03-2017

Still there!

As long as organizations continue to sponsor the e-sports community of COD, they will always be around and not dying. Seeing a vast following as each game gets added, there is no stopping on the enjoyment of millions of players.
Posted by Atropia on 05-02-2017

Too Big To Fail

I'm not really a fan of this franchise or any FPS game for that matter as I am just not their demographic but from what I can tell they are still going strong and they still have hardcore fans that will probably keep buying their new releases for the next few years at least. I would say that this game is theirs to lose like if they do something wrong with a new version they put out and they piss off the fans but other than that they seem to be still doing well.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-17-2017



With latest upcoming Call of duty, i am sure it will gain its hands back. Tho i haven't played any call of duty after black ops 2, but i have plans of playing Call of duty WWII. I am sure activition have learned the lesson. But if COD Decides to return to futuristic settings the game will die for sure.
Posted by contracterboss on 05-05-2017
I would disagree with that. COD sales did bumped alot with the release of infinte warfare because people were sort of bored with jumping mechanism and didn't even knew which wall acted as a place to crawl on ... But all those grievances are going to be settled with the release of WWII
Posted by muaaz.93 on 08-16-2017
Sometimes you cannot find the rationale why something becomes popular. In the same breadth, you also couldn’t find the reason why a good thing becomes unpopular. With the decreasing sales of Call of Duty, it can be attributed to many factors and the primary of which is the competition. Think of the other games in the market, some old and some new, that can compete with Call of Duty. And gamers have their whims and caprices, their biases and prejudices.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-10-2018