The Call of Duty series is dying.

The Call of Duty series is dying.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare sales down almost 50 percent on Black Ops 3, according to an article in PC Gamer, November 07, 2016. - And most of us should have heard at some point, that the COD series are dying. Just ask your friends. How many of them are still playing these games?

With that being said, I personally believe there's a few good reasons for Call of Duty to die, and I'll list them below.

  • First of all, how many COD games have they released so far? (I've literally lost count..) I think it's 13 or something like that? - That's a good reason to just stop. More are not better!
  • Secondly, people are playing other type of games nowadays. Just look at all these weird, funny and odd games you can purchase on Steam for instance. ("Shower with your dad" is one good example of an odd and weird game!)
  • I personally don't enjoy the Call of Duty games anymore at all. I think the first games in the series was awesome but after that it went downhill. And it went downhill quickly!
  • People are playing more Mobile games nowadays, so PC gaming in general have decreased.
  • They've been releasing a new Call of Duty game once per year, and I personally believe it's way too much! (Just look at FIFA or NHL from EA. It's more or less the same game as the previous year.)
  • And I honestly think that most people are getting bored of the gameplay nowadays.
What do you think? - Do you think COD will die or will they continue to squeeze out as many games they can, before they finally realize it's time to move on?
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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Game of the Year Edition

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yes definitely

I agree with you fully on this. It has been several years since I bought my last cod game. They are way too costly, and the latest edition was just silly with the space thing. Battlefield seems to be picking everybody's interest and it is far better. They have been releasing too many, and still the prices were exagerated every time.
Posted by EliteWriter on 12-19-2016

Too many, too fast

I use to love the COD games and became addicted to the online play at various points in my life. Now I don't even care. They just released Infinite Warfare and I have no desire to get it. They released them too fast. I can't keep up with all the different editions they release. Not to mention online play is crazy hard now with 13 year olds gaming 24/7 pwning you left and right at spawn.

I believe the series is certainly dying.

Posted by Lop on 12-19-2016

Everything good comes to an end.

Everything cool comes to an end at some point. This is also true for video games. Every video game you liked will eventually die in both support and community.

Sequels may be very good, mediocre or made, but eventually the developer will squeeze every lost drop from a series before letting it die. Same thing happened with Call Of Duty.

Posted by Cristian on 12-23-2016

Call of Duty: Ghosts - PC

Call of Duty: Ghosts - PC

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Still seems active

I haven't looked at any stats but the game online still seems very active. Thousands of players and it only takes a minute or less to find a game. They do release a lot in this series rather quickly though.
Posted by FindingJay on 12-20-2016

Modern Warfare 3

I haven't played COD for years. The last playable was Modern Warfare 3.
Posted by petrduda on 12-21-2016


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