The Color White

The Color White
White is considered the first and original color. At least, a color that is the plain, original and or "vanilla" of colors.

White is a color that never goes out of fashion! Just look in any clothing department. I's a color that is used for many things.

And white is a color found a lot in nature. From white sugar to white clouds, white blood cells to white chalk, sheep, hair and many other things are in white.

And white is a color that is traditionaly worn by women getting married on their wedding day in their nice white wedding dress.

White is the color of paper we have used to write and or read on for many years and books will probably always have white pages.

People paint their homes in white on the inside, I just painted my front room white. Over the top of the weird peach color!

People paint their rooms white because it's a nice simple color. It's airy and light and it makes the room look bigger (true).

And white it seems, is the color of life. Where white is seen as a symbol of purity, goodness and righteousness.

Where as black is a color that is symbolically connected with death and mystery and the like.

But let's discuss some things about black on the other side of this Vs.

  • White can be seen more clearly than black in darkened or dimly lit rooms and roads.
  • White is a color used by nature in a lot of things from food to hair and more.
  • White is a popular color to paint the insides of our homes with.
  • White walls make your room seem bigger and brighter to be in.
  • White is associated with life, goodness and purity.
  • Pure white is a mix of all the colors of the spectrum.

  • White is also a very vanilla like color compared to the other colors like red, blue, green, yellow, orange etc.
  • If colors can be associated with temperature, then white is colder color than black but only by sight.



Feels lighter.

Just to go briefly into my background, I was a really angsty teenager. I listened to mostly dark music like Heavy Metal and Industrial, and I was just a generally angry and depressed person. I would wear black every single day. It would look like I was constantly off to a funeral. After I started feeling more positive about my life, I started wearing more colors, and that included white. I began to notice I just general feel better when I wear brighter colors, and I were white a lot now. So my personal preference in both clothes and other aspects of life is to utilize bright colors like white over black.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-12-2017

White feels good on me.

My own colour is brown so i like to wear White dress shirts a lot. Similary i have alot of white Kurtas and shalwar kameez. It feels better in pure white colour dresses.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-11-2017

I look pure at white.

I both like the color black and white. But if I am going to choose with this two, I prefer white. Whenever I am in my white clothes, I always feel that I am clean and pure. Having this color around shows some plain view and a simple one.
Posted by blank629 on 10-12-2017

more options

I like this better because I think it looks cleaner and you can do a lot more with it such as adding small accents of other different colors whereas with black you are not left with much other choices. Both can be equally beautiful if done well though and I suppose you can manipulate each to get the effect you want but I just prefer white a little more.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-11-2017

The feeling of an Angel

There are some colours that gives you the feeling that you aren't from this world and the only color that does such for me is The Color White. This Color makes me feel so special and unique, whenever you happen to see me wearing white color attire, then you know that I'm feeling special such day.

The only thing that makes me not too much comfortable with wearing The Color White garment or attire is the difficulty in its washing. It feels so good to wear but too difficult to maintain.

Posted by Heatman on 10-11-2017


The Color Black

The Color Black
Black is the complete and total opposite of white. Black is a mixture of all colors rolled into one so much so that it's turned black!

Black is also a color that never goes out of fashion though! Many clothes are colored in black such as black trousers, tops, t-shirts, hats, shoes etc.

Black is also found in nature a lot. From black oil to black ink! From black dogs to black cats, natural black dyes to giant black holes!

Black is considered a dark and mysterious color often associated with evil and death itself! The blackness of the night is often feared by people.

And when it comes to using black in our homes, we never paint our walls black! That would just be far too Gothic like for most people?

But we do buy a lot of our goods in black today. The very keyboard I'm typing this on is black as is my PC and the desk I'm using.

Sitting next to me is my black leather wallet, a small black notepad and black pen. My kettle is black and so is my toaster and cutlery.

And some people like black more than they do white. They like to dress up in black clothes and wear black makeup and even dabble in black arts.

That doesn't mean they are bad people! It just means they like the color black more than they do the color white. You can't judge a person by their favorite color!

But is black more popular than white?

  • Black is another color found in and used by nature for many things from black hair to well, black holes in space?
  • Black also never goes out of fashion in the fashion world and is a practical color to wear for casual to professional reasons.
  • Black is a popular color used in the making of electrical goods and even our cars and mobile devices etc.
  • Some people like to wear a lot of black and some even like to get married wearing black wedding dresses but that's too Beetlejuice like for me!

  • Black is a color that is often associated with mystery, darkeness death and even evil.
  • Black is the color of night time when there is no sun to light the day.
  • Black is a hard color to see against a black background or in the black of the night.




I have always preferred black. I am not sure why because I am not a pessimistic or negative person but still, I am attracted to it. I have always worn clothes in more darker colors as well. Not sure if I have any clothing in pure white.

Plus black is very mysterious and I like that. But I'd never paint my room in it or something, that would be a bit extreme.

Posted by Mehano on 10-11-2017


I always loved this color and I've bought black clothes since I was born. Even when I want a new phone, I'll always look for the model that comes with a black color. After a lot of things that happened I often am negative about things, so maybe it's related to that.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-11-2017

Prefer black

I prefer black for most things. I like wearing black clothing over white as white shows a lot. Black is easier to keep clean when you are around children that are messy.

And I do not like white walls. When I lived in an apartment, all the walls were white and I got tired of looking at them. That is why every room in my house now is painted a color. I do not mind black walls either- in fact the ceiling in my bedroom is black and the walls in the bedroom of our bedroom is black for the time being ( we are going to repaint but when we moved in, we liked black and red for the bedroom as it had an Oriental theme).

I would also prefer a black car or truck over a white one if I had to pick.

Posted by angie828 on 10-11-2017


It depends on what you are using the colour for. I tend to prefer black clothes because it just goes better with almost everything and you don't have to worry too much of spills and stains when eating something or using something that is messy. Even for a car, I tend to prefer the colour black because it's just a nice colour and you don't have to wash it as often as you would a white car.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-11-2017


I like the color black. I find it to be very elegant looking. It is also very slimming and looks good with other colors. I wear a lot of black. It is my favorite color. I don't care for white because it gets dirty so fast and whenever I wear white I tend to spill something on myself or get dirty with a short time after I put it on. I also find that most white clothes are very see through which I don't like. You don't get that with black. Black and red paired together is my favorite color choices.
Posted by Sue on 10-12-2017

I prefer color black

I always liked the color more black than the color white. I honestly can not explain why, but I always bought more black clothes than white ones. I think maybe it's because they're always basic and match most other clothes. Besides, the black clothes do not dirty as much as the white clothes.
Posted by hermessantos on 10-18-2017

Black Doesn't Show Up Stains

I really like a nice white garment. But once it gets a stain, your eye can't focus on anything but that stain. It's silly but even if you get the stain out, your eye can still see it when nobody else does.

Whereas black doesn't show up stains so quickly and even if I did stain it, I'd wear it again and couldn't care less because nobody else can see the “mark”.

I'm pretty sure it's just psychological conditioning. :)

Of a truth, in my opinion, they are both equally elegant colors and match with almost everything.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-11-2017


I have always preferred black to white. I think that wearing black makes someone look more classy and sexy. I also noticed that wearing black makes me look slimmer.
Posted by Pixie on 10-12-2017

I Like The Black

This is a very simple yet very fascinating topic! I have always been primordially attracted to the color black. Even I do not know why this is so, but I love wearing black, and I love images super-imposed upon black backgrounds. I am not into "Gothic" stuff--I do like a lot of "dak" music, so to speak, but I do not really associate the color black with it. That being said, I think that black provides such a great palate to accessorize with images and symbols and art. I do not blame people for preferring white; I think that that is awesome too, but black is better for me (plus, I think that it makes me look thinner when I am wearing it, lol)....
Posted by JoeMilford on 03-26-2018


Personally, I love the black color. It symbolizes protection and power. Also by signifying the absence of colors it also means that no harm can be done to the wearer because it also represents absence of negative energy
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-11-2017


The reason why I like black more is simple, it's because it's more stylish and it fits a lot of clothes, it also makes your body look way better. White is also good, but when you combine it with black, of course the opposite works too, however wearing white jeans for example, you can't just really wear them with anything, like it's very hard to suit them with other stuff.
Posted by manmad on 10-12-2017


I think is a great color for many things and it's elegant. For dressing is one of the best choices because most of the time you will look good with something black on you. The White color is very nice, I don't have anything against it but the only bad thing about is that can get easily dirty.
Posted by felabruno on 10-13-2017

The darkness

This is my favorite color. Almost all of my stuff is black, my clothes, my phone, my bag, everything are black. I love this color because it combines with any other color and it never gets old-fashioned. Also, it's an elegant color, there is always a black version of any product and it's always the best and most beautiful version.
Posted by cubo on 10-12-2017


I love blacks, almost all my cloths are black, even my wears, I love anything I wear on my body to have a touch of the color black. the only thing I love to have white color on is my mobile phone. I love phones with white color. But for my wears, it is black through out.
Posted by Authord on 10-24-2017

Yeah right

Yes youre right. Black is everywhere and I'm a fan of black. Many of my clothes is color black. My mother notice it and she said that why I like black haha. I like black because it looks sexy and fits for all types of fashion. I dont like white because its easy to get dirty especially in clothes.
Posted by jayken on 10-12-2017

black is beautiful

I like color black especially when it comes in buying T-shirts. Denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color. Head-to-toe black is the easiest, chicest, most foolproof way to get dressed... and it’s actually cool. Black leather jackets, black pants, black shirts and black shoes are never out of style, never worrying about matching. It flatters every skin tone, it works for every season.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-11-2017

Black is beautiful!

I prefer black than white because it's easier to pair with any color and it looks more elegant. I always wear black because it looks simple, yet elegant and stylish. You can never get wrong with black.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-23-2017


I like the color white more, it signifies purity, neatness, and gentility.There's always this weird thought associated with the black color.White color when wore as a dress can make one stand out, one looks stunning and elegant.A building painted white can be so beautiful and adorable compared with a building painted all black. The White color is very mild to the eyes, unlike black color.
Posted by lovely on 10-11-2017
When I was in grade school, I remember our teacher in saying that white means purity. It is the color of the Virgin Mary as per our religion subject. And white also means clean so if you wear white, you exude cleanliness of yourself. However, too much white is not comfortable to my eyes like a room that is all white, it gives a semblance of a hospital especially when the people are all wearing white.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-17-2018
I liked both white and black when I was younger, but now that I grow older, I always prefer white as I just think it makes me feel lighter, more cheerful and peaceful. Whereas black color gives me the sadness and heavy feeling, though I enjoy the darkness sometimes.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-11-2017
I like both black and white also. I guess I would have to say of the two, I might prefer black because it is slimming. White is nice as well, and wearing black and white together is just the sort of thing you can really enjoy. I think they look very good together and can give you the look you are looking for. Many people like these two colors and might have a hard time choosing between the two.
Posted by kgord on 10-11-2017
Excuse my observation but white is just as inseparable against a white background as black is against a black background and naturally so for just about any color compared against it's own background. Black cannot be 'black listed' in that sense! These neutral colors are often incomparable yet very distinct from one another as night and day. Sometimes I look into outerspace and I gaze at the big black with sprinkling stardust of illuminated sporadia spread out across the universe. I marvel at these great instances and I do not see a comparative view but a splendiferous unison of black and white among other colors arranged in collective harmony.
Posted by Joteque on 10-11-2017
I was under the impression that black and white are not considered "colors" per se, but are rather referred to as "tints." White lightens any color conceivable and black darkens it, giving us our many "shades" of colors. But that makes me wonder, if black and white are not colors but only tints, what then is grey? Is it another "tint?" Or is it a "color" and if it is a "color" then how come it gets to be called a color and black and white, its parents, do not? But in respect to how I feel about the two opposites, I like them both and can think of an equal number of things each one is more suited to. There is beauty in the velvety blackness of a moonless night sky, and there is beauty in a fresh fall of snow, pristine white,pure, untouched, but one should not have to choose between them.
Posted by LeJayJ on 10-11-2017
I was under the impression that black and white are not considered "colors" per se, but are rather referred to as "tints." White lightens any color conceivable and black darkens it, giving us our many "shades" of colors. But that makes me wonder, if black and white are not colors but only tints, what then is grey? Is it another "tint?" Or is it a "color" and if it is a "color" then how come it gets to be called a color and black and white, its parents, do not? But in respect to how I feel about the two opposites, I like them both and can think of an equal number of things each one is more suited to. There is beauty in the velvety blackness of a moonless night sky, and there is beauty in a fresh fall of snow, pristine white,pure, untouched, but one should not have to choose between them.
Posted by LeJayJ on 10-11-2017
My choice will vary according to the product or item we are talking about.

As far as clothing is concerned, I prefer black colored clothes to white. Black makes me look thin whereas white makes me look a bit bulky. White colored clothes need a lot of care and maintenance as well.

For the house interiors, I will opt for white colored walls with dark colored texture. A tinge of black here and there is acceptable, but I will not like a lot of black color in my house.

Otherwise I like black heels, shoes and black hair .
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 10-11-2017
To be objective, both black and white are easy to match because they are both neutral colors. In fashion, they are the most convenient colors to chooses because they easy to mix and match. They go well with all colors and they can look very classy. But personally, I am attracted to dark colors especially when it comes to fashion. I don't give meanings or associate colors with something. Blue and black are my favorite colors so if I will be asked to choose between black and white, I will definitely choose black. I doesn't look pale and it looks elegant as well.
Posted by Krisleen on 10-12-2017
i go for white, since i want to be a doctor someday, it symbolizes neatness and purity which is a good reflection to see of your soon to be patients. white gives a sense of dignity and hope as well.
Posted by Anonymous on 10-12-2017
I cannot choose between the black and the white because both are my favorite colors. I like to wear black clothes as well as white clothes. My preference for black and white color is only for the clothing items, for the rest of the things I like to wear bright colors such as blue, yellow, maroon, purple etc.
Posted by vinaya on 10-13-2017
I like to wear black, I like black metal, I drink black coffee, I'm black for god sake. So, I have no room for white in my life.
Posted by joey98 on 10-17-2017
I like the black color better than white because it can match any clothe that you wear and it does not really expose stains like white color.
Posted by babyright on 10-29-2017
It depends on what I want at the time. For instance, with forums, sometimes I want a white theme, sometimes a black, and sometimes something else. Anyway, each color gives off its own vibe which is good for a particular thing I have in mind. Nonetheless, there are those obsessed with one color - and I find that a bit odd.
Posted by jyy on 11-12-2017
This both color are convenient in our eyes it they look cool. But depends upon a concept whether where it fits. But there are some people who loves white because it something like symbol of lightness unlike the symbol of black which is darkness.
Posted by mar06 on 01-20-2018
We have a friend who is a visual artist. I once heard him say that white is the absence of color and black is the presence of all colors. I have been thinking about that statement until now because he may be right and he may be wrong. White signifies positive and black signifies negative that is connected to grief. In the olden days, when someone dies, the family members wear black for mourning. But now, it seems that white is the color of mourning. And on tv, most celebrities wear black during special occasions. That’s how times have changed through the years.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-03-2018
Black for me. I really love that color, very deep, mysterious, and strong, that's my explanation for that color. It's really hard to define the person who wearing the black or just for me. It is much more pure for me compare to white. The person who wearing white is always confuse, and not comfortable by keep thinking if there's a dirt in their shirt, and also the first thing to notice in a pure white what ever is it, is the small black dot.
Posted by ion on 03-03-2018