The Hitman's Bodyguard.

The Hitman's Bodyguard.
Have you watched this movie? I believe it's the best movie of 2017. It features Samuel L. Jackson as the Hitman who has to be transferred from prison to The International Criminal Court (I.C.C), to testify against the Ukranian president for crimes against humanity. A bodyguard is given that task, to protect him and take him to the court alive. They have to pass through teams of assassins hired to take down the Hitman. It's a full action movie that is a must-see for 2017.

If you have seen it who are your best characters in the movie?


Yes, I've already watched... But I have to strongly disagree that this movie is the best of 2017. It's one of the funniest jobs in the career of Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds, but it's just a silly comedy movie. You laugh, but soon forget (without making much effort for this).

2017 has many better movies.
Posted by wiseagent on 09-20-2017
I agree with this. It's a bit of an overstatement to say that this is the highlight of careers like Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson, especially the former who has been in more than a couple of movies and all of them with great content. Overall I'd say I kinda enjoyed the movie but not by a long shot was the best movies of the year
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-20-2017
I also agree with you. This is a good movie, but it is impossible to say that it is the best movie of 2017 even for being filmed with great actors and having a good script.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-26-2017
I wouldn't say it's the best film of 2017 because there are a lot of other films that are much better. I haven't watched it yet but I will do at some point because I love any film that Ryan Reynolds is in. I'm sure that it will definitely be a funny and great film when I watch it but I doubt it will be the best film in 2017. I think that title probably goes to a film like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
Posted by kingcool52 on 09-20-2017
Perhaps if there are no other movies better than The Hitman then you have to settle for the second best. That’s a saying here and I think that goes well with movie addicts. For me, I am selective with movies because the cinema ticket is very expensive and it is sad if the movie is not good after paying so much. That’s why I always wait for a review from my friends before I go see a movie.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-17-2018
I haven't seen this movie but it sounds like one that I might watch sometime. It is not honestly my kind of movie but it could be something that I want to see sometime. It just seems like a good movie and one that I would look forward to viewing at some point. I would probably like it. Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and enjoyable to watch so that would be a draw for me honestly.
Posted by kgord on 09-20-2017
This movie was one of the best movies I have watched in recent times, I would say it's the best movie this year. The movie right from the time I saw the name and the actors I already knew it would be a bang in the movie industry. It's a very fantastic movie that is laced with humor and action packed, and that's my type of movie, I love the movie so much, I can watch it over and over again. I can't say who the best actor was between the bodyguard and the hitman, both of them were great but Samuel Jackson was something else tho.
Posted by Authord on 09-20-2017
I have not seen this movie but do plan to watching it. I have heard good things about it. Most people I know who have watched it liked it and said they believe it to be the best movie of the year. I like Samuel Jackson so I always seem to enjoy any thing that he is in. I am really looking forward to watching it.
Posted by Sue on 09-20-2017
I have not seen this movie and I don't know if I will. I love action movies but people are always talking about how this one has a lot of comedy. If that's true, comedy was never a big part of hitman because he's an assassin after all.
Posted by Tania997 on 09-21-2017
I've not watched it yet and I didn't know that movie existed either. Samuel L. Jackson is a great actor and his movies are pretty good. I'm going to see if the movie still in the cinemas, if not, I have to buy the movie. It seems pretty good movie.
Posted by cubo on 09-21-2017
I think the thing about the movie is that it has some of the best moments about the fun and the action. Though I am not much fan of the ryan reynolds. But the samuel jackson has his moments which makes the movie lot interesting. It has some of the good flow of the story. And if anyone wants to watch the simple comedy and action drama then it is definitely fun to watch as well.
Posted by overcast on 09-21-2017
I haven't seen this movie and just heard about it here. So i'm really excited to see this after reading your comments. And knowing it's samuel jackson and ryan reynolds who stars in this movie i'm sure this one is really good. I love watching action comedy films and i think this will meet my standard.
Posted by zheh on 09-22-2017
Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about Samuel L. Jackson taking up a comedy role. I'm just so used to him being a bad motherf****r (censored because I think of the children) that seeing him in a comedy movie might be a bit off-putting for me. Ryan Reynolds on the other hand, I think that action comedies are right up his alley, especially after seeing Deadpool. If for no other reason I would watch it just to see how Ryan Reynolds does in the movie.
Posted by Denis_P on 09-22-2017
Whenever there's a new film of Samuel Jackson out I certainly am watching as he's one of the best actor I'll always watching out for. Actually the first time I've seen this post, I've looked if its available on the net and I've just finished watching it now. Its really hilarious and very funny. I really enjoy the movie from start to finish.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-22-2017
Personally, I enjoy watching action packed movies, although I haven't really been opportune to watch this particular movie Hitman's Bodyguard. From the looks of things, it seems to be an interesting movie as I have read through all the comments made above, I do have reasons to believe it's worth watching.

Maybe before the month run out, I would find a way to fix up watching the movie with my tight work schedule because during the weekdays am very busy and also during the weekends I'm still committed to a lot of task but definitely am going to find time to watch the movie.
Posted by Heatman on 10-04-2017
I don't know about the movie Hitman's Bodyguard. Samuel L. Jackson is one of my favorite actors. Based on what I have read about the movie on this thread, I think Hitman's Bodyguard is a good movie. The action is not my favorite genre of the movie, however, I do enjoy watching action-packed movies sometimes.
Posted by vinaya on 10-07-2017
Yes, I did watch this movie and honestly, it's a good movie. I love how Ryan Reynolds became the bodyguard of his mortal enemy and a professional assassin, Samuel L. Jackson, to testify in a court where he's the witness on the massive killings of a former president and how they manage to stop all the enemies from trying to kill them to stop him from testifying in the court. I love the story and action of it. I don't think that there's gonna be a sequel of this movie but if they manage to come up with a great story just like this one, that would be great. Planning to watch this again.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-01-2017
I decided to wait for DVD or on demand. I'm not really a big Ryan Reynolds fan. I think he's a good actor but not an actor whose films I need to rush out and see. I like Samuel L. Jackson too so at some point I'll see this. But just not in cinemas.
Posted by NickJ on 11-07-2017
Samuel L. Jackson is fit for the role because he is good with humor. It’s not really comedy but the slight humor will tickle you especially if you know Jackson very well. The twist is that the bodyguard and the hitman that he is tasked to protect are mortal enemies. So how would Ryan Reynolds as Michael Bryce, the bodyguard will protect Darius Kincaid, the hitman? Also starring Salma Hayek.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-03-2018
I really love watching an action movie, and this movie was great, very interesting and every act are great.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-13-2018