The Last Guardian on the PlayStation 4

The Last Guardian on the PlayStation 4
This is The Last Guardian on the PlayStation 4 and it's a fantasy adventure game role playing game where you play as young lad that comes across a strange and mysterious creature who turns out to be your guardian protector.

You'll have to create a strong bond with your guardian who often needs your help just as much as you theirs in what will turn out to be a very emotional and haughty journey of discovery for you and your guardian.

Journey your way through a strange and mysterious land that's full of dangers around every corner of the mighty and towering, treacherous ruins and create a solid unbreakable bond with your guardian in a journey of a life time!

The Last Guardian promises to be a truly touching and emotional story about trust and friendship with the most unlikeliest of companions who just happens to a fierce looking beast called Trico who plays the part of your guardian.

You are just playing as a normal young lad from a normal world who has stumbled into a beautiful world of fantasy and adventure that finds a friend, companion and guardian and goes on a mystical journey fraught with fear & excitement.

With stunning highly detailed environments, particle lighting effects and true to life animation in the characters, you'll experience a world that seams to look and act and feel like a real world that is another world altogether!

You'll be transported to a world with stunning visuals and breathtaking sceneries like the crumbling ruins of ancient building and long lost forgotten tribes and cultures where you'll solve puzzles, play games and discover more than you can imagine.

Enjoy a completely new and unique and interactive AI partner gameplay experience in a beautiful fantasy world where the truth is greater than the legend.

I really like the look of The Last Guardian, it reminds me of a couple of games from the past like Half Life or Final Fantasy.

I guess if you like those games, you'll like The Last Guardian too.

  • This is meant to be a visually stunning adventure game with realistic life-like movements/animations and superb AI Artificial Intelligence
  • It makes you create a bond to Trico that has a real genuine feeling to it and makes you want to care for him as much as he does you.

  • Sometimes the camera angles can be a bit annoying making it hard to see what you're doing in the game and need improving.
  • Trico can actually be quite distracting at times and the frame rate isn't that great on the PS4 either apparently.




The last guardian is amazing, have you ever imagined what it would look like exploring an unknown terrain encountering the various vegetations that make up the terrain , then suddenly you meet a nightmare that turn out to be a saviour. Anyone who knows this game will be glad to play it, just like Godzilla, an animal that has enough power to tear things apart now turn out to be a deliverer , rescuer and savior.

I just pray I won't partake in such invent in reality, people might feel they can always surmount any situation, but this is a scenario that one really need help to survive. I love this game.

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-12-2017


Dishonored 2 Limited Edition on the PlayStation 4

Dishonored 2 Limited Edition on the PlayStation 4
This is Dishonored 2 Limited Edition on the PlayStation 4. The supernatural assassin game that is Dishonored is back in Dishonored 2 - the sequel to the original blockbuster hit game that's won countless awards and praises by game leaders in the industry such as IGN and Eurogamer and Game Informer all rating it highly.

With some saying that it's a must play revenge tale that's the best in its class. And others saying just "amazing" and a "masterpiece". Arkane Studio has done it again with another hit first person shooter game that is Dishonored 2.

In a world where mysticism and industry combine, collide and clash together into one, a world that is also vast and full of many new things of great power to discover. A world with unique architecture and eclectic characters abound.

You can either play as the Royal Protector Corvo Attano or the Empress Emily Kaldwin which both have their own unique set of skills and abilities and fire power to take out enemies in any way they see fit and are able to.

Who will you choose to play with as you progress you way across dark and dangerous lands? Stick with just the one character or make use of both of them together while you battle to the bone and blood for the right to stay alive?

With a brutal combat system and the ability to blend both characters powers and weapons and equipment together, you can be sure of a whole arsenal and variety of lethal weapons and gadgets and moves you can use on your enemies.

As you play the hand crafted missions, you'll be faced with possible choices to make and each of them can lead to having interesting results for you. So you'll need to make the right choices if you are to succeed and stay alive!

I only actually got to play the first Dishonored a while back around a friends house and it was quite a cool fighting / shooting game with a lot of style and class to it.

I can only imagine that Dishonored 2 is bigger and better with more ways to do what you used to be able to do in the first instalment.

  • Amazing follow up to a hit first person shooter game that is trenched in mysticism and mystery and plenty of action to boot.
  • Hand crafted missions are a blast to play and there's a lot of options, tools and weapons available to get the job done.

  • This is only a single player game and there is no co-op, split screen or multiplayer and most people can't live with that today.
  • The narrative in how the story unfolds can be a bit weak in places and and it shares similar plot lines to the last.



Dishonored 2 all the way.

Dishonored 2 is an absolute fantastic sequel to the original game and I've been playing this on my PC. However, from what I've heard, you'll most likely experience tons of performance issues if you're playing on lower-end system. As I've never played this on Playstation 4, I can't tell how everything works on it, but on my computer, running on the highest settings, it's brilliant, fantastic and amazing in every way! - I just love Dishonored 2. It's an epic journey and you'll be in charge for whatever happens. Sneak past enemies or go toe to toe with them. Spare lives or kill them all. Fantastic!
Posted by hitmeasap on 01-13-2017

Seems interesting

I haven't played this game yet and luckily for me I have Playstation 4, so I'm definitely going to try it out. After taking time to read through the article about the game, it looks pretty interesting that I would be a fool not to check it out. Thanks for sharing mate.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-22-2018


Aside from the challenge of survival, computer gamers love the scenery that is unique and out of this world. One gamer said that playing a computer game is like entering a different world where you find a different place that gives you a different feeling. In other words, it is a total fantasy that you are experiencing. I think that game The Last Guardian is one of those unique games that give you a challenging role in a challenging place.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-20-2018