The Night Before New Year's

The Night Before New Year's
The year is almost over, so it's time to celebrate the coming of the new year! Like the family of this children book is doing. Written by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Amy Wummer, it's being sold on Amazon in paperback for 4,99 dollars or Kindle for 2,92.

It's the last day of December, and everything (including the family puppy) is excited for the coming of new year. The two kids protagonist of the story ask their parents a simple thing: to stay up for this very special evening. Luckily, the parents agree. It's time to prepare, then: at the store they buy all kind of party supplies, to prepare the celebrations in the most perfect way possible. The house soon is full with baloons, streamers, glitter and even a banner saying "Happy New Year" - all the must have stuff for this kind of parties. It's then time for the last meal of the year (and one of the kid manages to eat up to three cupcakes, lucky him!). After finishing eating, it's time for a toast alongside the various resolutions for the upcoming year. The dad have a lot of them, one of the kid (narrator of the story).. none at all. What's left to do while waiting for the year to come? But games of course! Stuff like checkers, charades or card game like spades. After that, it's time for some memories with the family photo album, with pictures of trips and newborn baby cousins. But why staying all time inside? The family goes outside for a walk, and after that goes back inside to watch the Time Square broadcast... only one hour left! With that few time left, the family start to practice counting down from then and cheering. No mistakes allowed! While the family is waiting, the younger kid and the dog chase each other... but after a while they go all silent, and worried about what's happening the family goes to check them. How cute, they are sleeping! Probably seeing his brother sleeping make the protagonist and narrator tired as well, since he goes upstairs for a five minutes nap... only to wake up the next morning, missing the whole New Year celebration! And finally, he have a new year resolution: next year's eve, he will stay awake!

It's a simple story, with very simple phrases that young kid can read and understand without problems. The drawings are cute and colorful, and overall the book is pretty charming and a good way to make kids sleep during New Year's Eve... if you actually manage to do that.

  • Good for young kids
  • Nice drawings
  • Arrived quickly
  • Very easy to read
  • It will teach children about New Year's Eve
  • Nice way to end the year

  • The pop up text in the kindle make it hard to read
  • Some rhymes are forced
  • Story is a bit simple and average



Nice for the season.

Reading this type of story book is going to make me feel how the season of new year is being celebrated in other places which is pretty nice and cool. One thing that I like is that they showed how families should always celebrate this period in a nice way as one family which is pretty important for us to know.
Posted by Barida on 11-07-2018


Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

Squirrel's New Year's Resolution
Being good, do something nice to others or stuff like this. Coming up with a New Year's Resolution is not easy, and the Squirrel protagonist of this book knows that well since he can't come up with one! It's written by Pat Miller and illlustrated by Kathi Ember, and being sold on Amazon in paperback for 7,70 dollars, or Kindle for 6.

It's January first, and as the radio in Squirrel's house says, it's the perfect day to make a new year's resolution. But the poor guy have no idea about how to make it, so he goes asking for help to Bear, who might know something about that. After Squirrel asks if they are like snacks, he says that resolutions are way more important than them! He explains that they are promise to help others or similar stuff - for example, he wants to teach people reading, startin with Skunk. Speaking about Skunk, Squirrel goes up to see her, since the poor smelly animal is sick in the bed... she would prefere to get better and learn to read, however (that's her resolution indeed). Squirrel manages to cheer her up and maker her laugh with a little game of hiding, popping out and saying "Boo". Laughter is the better medicine, they say, and probably the doctor (an owl) agrees about that, since he says Skunk that she can get up and visit Bear. Squirrel starts to feel hungry, and on his way to the diner meet Turtle and Mole, who decide to plant a garden but they still don't know where. Squirrel, being a squirrel, easily help them out by climbing on a tree and finding the perfect spot. Then it's time to get to the diner! Here, he meets Porcupine. His resolution is to be less grumpy, but being a spikey porcupine he can't think about anything funny to laugh of. Squirrel tells him a joke about a squirrel running back and forth because "he got nuts", and eventually manages to make Porcupine laugh out loud. So, everyone had a resolution... but Squirrel. He hopes that the New Year special offered by Rabbit would help him somehow to come up with something. But suddenly, every animal Squirrel helped enter the diner, and they are look happy and thankful. Rabbit explains to Squirrel that his actions were meaningful, and way better than simple words. Helping someone each day! That's can be a good resolution. Squirrel is so sure that the new year will surely be a happy one.

And yes, with good reason: helping each other is always nice, and the lesson taught in this book is surely meaningful and important. It's a little long for younger readers, but the drawings are gorgeous, colorful and rich of nice details. Reading this book might be your New Year's Resolution!

  • Gorgeous drawings
  • Very colorful
  • Amazing way to start a new year
  • Would order again
  • Good message about New Year's resolution and doing good in general
  • Cute
  • Lovable characters
  • Was as described

  • A little long for young kids
  • The Kindle version wasn't supported on some readers
  • Text on Kindle is very tiny



Squirrels Night Before New years

I would pick this one because I am a sucker for beautiful illustrations and it sounds like this book has them. I would add this one to my collection. I think it would be an awesome thing to have to entertain children.
Posted by kgord on 12-28-2017


I don't know anything about these books. Based on the pricing, I will consider buying The Night Before New Year's. My child is too small to read to to be read. However, this can be a good New Year Gift to my 8 years old nephew.
Posted by vinaya on 12-27-2017
Children’s book are nice to buy not for a gift but for reading to children especially for toddlers who can talk and ask questions sensibly. They can learn a lot from the nice stories and I had experienced seeing the eyes of a toddler in awe upon seeing the picture of the story book. I hope parents will continue to buy children’s book and read the stories to their children at bedtime. Book reading is one good way of bonding with the family.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-01-2018