The Night Before Thanksgiving

The Night Before Thanksgiving
Every holiday is special, and Thanksgiving makes no exception! But the most special part about holidays is the wait for them, the slow preparation, the day that slowly move us forward. And finally, the night before the big day, in this case the night before Thanksgiving. And this is the title of this book, which is being sold on Amazon for 4,97 dollars - or for just 2,93 in the Kindle version. Written by Natasha WIng and illustrated by Tammie Lyon, the book tells a heartwarming and nice story. During the night before Thanksgiving, everyone is getting ready for the big day. In the house of the protagonist, the mom is preparing not one but three different pies! As every night before a major event, the kids' night is full of dreams, wonderful dreams related to Thanksiginv stuff - turkey legs! Are you hungry yet? Finally the day come, and all the relatives start arriving from each part of the world to join the family in this wonderful important day (while the kids watch the parade on TV). Everyone in the family help to prepare the table: chairs, silverware, and everything that is needed - including the turkey, indeed! Finally all the relatives arrive, and they are greeted by name - while everyone is still smiling. And the smile continue when they go in the kids' room to play! While some relative is late because of a storm, the mom prepare the food and everyone simply can't wait - one of the kid have a taste of something, without being seen. Finally the big moment arrives: the turkey is ready, and it looks wonderful and delicious! The dad trips while carrying it, but luckily the kids are fast to catch it. Even the parent that was stuck in a storm arrive, and after saying how everyone is thankful of everything (like dad asked to do) finally the dinner can begin, with eating, and eating and eating! Well, they weren't expecting anything else! And the kids are even more joyful because the next day they can have a lot of leftovers. It's quite a simple story, with simple but nice drawing, but it have a unique Thanksgiving feel in it. It's a very nice read for young kids.

  • Very cute drawings
  • Good for young children
  • Simple story
  • It shows a typical Thanksgiving preparation, without any fantasy or weird additions
  • Nice rhymes
  • It have a actual focus on the actual holiday

  • Arrived with the pages cutted poorly
  • Too many details, some kids might get bored
  • After all the story is pretty generic



This one

I think that this book would be a lot better. The price is perfect for a paperback, the artwork in the book look good which I'm sure the little kids will absolutely love. I think with the other book, the con about the turkeys being killed is spot on, some little kids might find that a bit disturbing.
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-15-2017


If you compare the illustration of this story. You can find it more relatable. And it's indeed a good option for the kids. And today's kids can surely relate with this for their story telling. That's what I have found out in this context. That being said, this is the book I'd gift for the kids.
Posted by overcast on 12-13-2017


'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving
Don't be fooled by the title of this book: sure it's similar to the other, but it tells a very different story with a different feel. But that doesn't mean it's worse or bad, it's pretty good and children will probably love it. It will help them learn to read while telling a nice and interesting story about this important day, 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving is written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey, and it's being sold on Amazon in two different versions: a paperback one, for just 5,94 dollars, or a most elegant version in hardcover, for of course a higher price, 16,20 dollars. Let's not judge this book by its cover, however, and let's take a loook inside, at the story it tells. The day before Thanksgving (yes, day, despite the title) eight kids are going to a field trip, and after a long and interesting travel they arrive at a small farm, owned by a guy named Mack Nugget (whose name sound somehow a play of words, maybe unintentionally) , who also have eight small turkeys, each of them with a proper name! They greet the children, and everyone smile and is happy, they make good friends. But suddenly... a kid see a axe, and a kid ask what's that for. And the farmer give the most honest answer he could give: the turkey are gonna be chopped for the Thanksgiving dinners everywhere! Of course the children are shocked, and start crying. The teacher and the farmer run to take some water to calm the children down, but when tey come back they see the children are already calm... and somehow fatter. It's hard to understand in text, but looking at the pictures make things clear: each children have hidden a turkey under their shirts, to save them! They go away with the bus, while the farmer look around for his turkey... without any hope of finding them. Each of the children family will have a nice turkey as a guest next morning! It's a very fun story, easy to read and easy to follow - expecially with the big ncie drawings. It's good to have a laugh at thanksgiving!

  • Fun story
  • A happy ending for the turkeys
  • Adorable drawings
  • Heartwarming
  • A good lesson about caring

  • The part when they talk about the turkeys getting killed might scare some children
  • The children actually steals the turkeys, and this might be seen as bad
  • Might leave a bad impression in kids about eating meat (this can be either a pro or a con, either if you are vegetarian or not)


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Why make a choice? At the affordable prices you can get both books. I think it is just one of the the options that you need. It is one of the choices that you might need. They are fun, holiday items that you and your children can enjoy. It is simply something that you might want to find the choices you need.
Posted by kgord on 11-15-2017
Both the books are good if you can get hands on them. You'd find the illustration a bit different in each one of them. And it can be really something you'd find worth relating. And another thing is that both stories are worth reading to the people who wish to be in that. I personally prefer the former in that case.
Posted by overcast on 12-13-2017
I always like children’s book even if I cannot relate to them anymore since I am already a senior and my being a girl was a long, long time ago. But I want the children now to experience what I had with children’s books. That parents would read them the stories from the book during bedtime. That activity is one good way for the parents to be bonding with their children. And for sure, the children will not forget those days of the reading because the children’s book are still in the shelf when they grow up.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-08-2018
The Night Before Thanksgiving is a simple story book that is good for children to be able to read easily and it helps them to remember almost like the way they experience it the night before the thanksgiving day, all the preparation of the food that their mother does and how they assist their mothers. The book brings to them the good atmosphere they experience before the D-day.
Posted by babyright on 07-31-2018