The book

The book
The book is almost always the predecessor of the movie. The book might have pictures and illustrations but mostly it uses words, phrases, idioms and expressions to convey the author's original thoughts to the reader. Usually, the book is divided into parts such as chapters and sub-books. The book can be bought in several versions such as collector's edition, hardback, paperback, etc. It can be signed by the author which increases its value a great deal. You can borrow it for free at a public library or else bought from many local or online bookshops.

Easy to carry with you and you can read wherever you like - in bed, at the beach, in parks, etc. Possibility of bookmarking several parts of the story to turn back to when needed. Easy to pick up again when you need to stop a reading session. Provides longer hours of entertainment and relaxation. No matter how many times the book is read, content (such as words and phrases) which might have been overlooked is always discovered. By reading you can enrich your vocabulary by learning new words, expressions and writing techniques.

May take some time to get truly immersed in the story. Print, paper quality and margins may not be comfortable enough for the reader. Readers with low language mastery may find it too difficult to read. Some parts in the book might drag or some information may not be so important for the story. Book cover can get damaged easily and pages may get stained. Visually impaired persons cannot enjoy the story behind the book. The book is usually read by one reader at a time.



The best

You can read a story at whatever pace you want, stop, start, stop, start, which can't really be done with a movie, at the cinema at least. The films are also much shorter than if you were to read the book, which means they obviously have to cut parts out. Another issue is that they often add new parts in to make it 'interesting' for the viewer.
Posted by hasa1015 on 07-29-2016

Movies boring. Books amazing!

Books are always better, more indepth and satisfying experience than the movie knock-off can ever be.

For one thing, most movies bore me and I have a short attention span, fueled by massive amounts of caffeine and inability to tolerate junk. I've seen so many movies over the years and most just look like a rip off of the last one and the ones based on movies are sometimes the worst (not including Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings - classic movies, enjoyed those, but that's the exception).

Now, you would think with such a short attention span, i would not be easily entertained by a book, but reading is one of the only things that can hold my attention. And, actually reading is something that I do most days, if not fiction then non-fiction.

The experience of reading is way more immersive. The details of events and emotions feel real as the characters are experiencing them and ability to jump inside the life and head of a character is such an amazing thing, that only a book allows. You are looking passively at a movie character, nothing immersive about that. I'm not interested in watching someone do these things, I want to read a book and feel that I'm doing them - or at least after finishing a book, I feel that I have lived the events/experiences. Possibly not the same for everyone but since I was four, this is what I take from the experience of reading books.

And, as was said before, I'd read the Lord of the Ring books (as a child) long before they came out in movie form. Same for Sherlock Holmes, huge longtime fan of the original books. The exception that I made was to watch the TV shows which never bore me. But again, this is about the movies not TV shows, so I'll stick to that.

And, yes I loved Lord of the Rings movies but again, even with all it's majesty and cinematography, I often found myself checking emails or work or Facebook. Same for the Harry Potter movies. We rented those awhile back on DVD - 8 DVDs, think it was. And, as amazing as some of those movies are, I found myself getting up and leaving room to check on other things after twenty or thirty minutes.

Putting a book down or doing anything else is not even a thought in my head when I'm reading a good book as I'm completely immersed into that world and don't want to leave for a second to do anything else.

Don't get me wrong, I have seen hundreds of movies over time, many enjoyable - but the book is always better to me.

So, long story short and in summary: Movies boring. Except for a few. Books amazing!

Posted by Beverly on 07-31-2016
LOL Beverly! Once a reader, always a reader. You either love reading or can't see see the beauty in it at all.

My husband can't figure me out, always with a nose in a book. He once tried to join me and read a book and asked me to go and buy him Those In Peril by Wilbur Smith. It took him a very long time to read that book. Probably his first fiction book he chose to read.

I believe that was 4 years ago. He has not read anything since.

As a little girl my mom would take me and my two sisters to the library every few weeks. We could each get up to 5 books, so between all of us there would be 20 books.

When we got home we would each choose a book and start reading. We would each read every single book we got out. My older sister, the worst book addict and faster reader would finish all 20 books first. She would then harass us all to finish so she could get her next fix.

Books just have such a depth to them that a movie will never get, things are described in such detail that just can't be shown in the movie versions. A book can explain what people are thinking and feeling that won't be seen in a movie.

I love reading!

Usually if there is an epic movie coming out that is based on a book I have often read the book first anyway.

Take Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit for example, plus many many more.

Those are all good examples of great books and the movies made pretty much stick to the storyline and were amazing movies.

Then there are some books I have read that were a great read but the movie was awful. I find this a dreadful let down.

The thing with books is that the imagination can be so much more powerful than anything Hollywood can come up with. There have been times I have watched a movie from a book and thought, but hey this character is not right at all.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-29-2016


I like the idea of a book, since it is almost always the original, and leaves more idea to the imagination. The author decides on every element and leaves more up to interpretation for the reader, where most movies are more straight forward. On top of this, movies have to take to many of their own ideas and shove it into the story in order for it to be more viewer friendly. These things just make the movies feel like they have less of an identity and lose the authenticity that the books will have. Also, I hate it when they throw in an actor/actress that I can't stand to play a character I liked. Having the ability to imagine your own setting and the appearance of characters gives more freedom, and the way I usually envision a story is quite different than the average film studio usually decides to carry it out as.
Posted by GeneralScruffles on 07-31-2016

The best

Books are arguably more graphic and purer than their box office counterparts. In books there is better character development-a character is presented in a more explicit yet emotional way, thus , allowing the reader to empathize with each and every character in the book unlike movies which generally develop only the main character leaving the minor characters to the imagination of the watcher.

Movies again are a thrill to watch for the 1 hour that you are seated watching, they take you on a journey far beyond comprehension . But, at the end of it there is only so much that can be resented in the the continuation of a movie therefore, most of the soulful content that really make the book lovable are sacrificed in a movie.

Books are generally cheaper than movies, and they also last longer in comparison . The impression left by a book in your mind lasts longer than that of a movie. This is because when reading a book all your attention is focused on reading the book unlike movies where you do not fully give into the picture. I know some might argue you can pause and rewind a movie to really grasp content of the picture, but this gets really old and boring quickly and it is virtually impossible to do any of the above in a theater.

without books there would be no movies , this is considereing that most movies are either based or looosely based on a book. I honestly prefer the original therefore, my vote goes to books

Posted by Mambombaya on 08-02-2016

more personal

I never used to understand why people said the book is better but one day I did eventually find a book I liked and a movie was eventually made about it, and watching the movie, I couldn't really understand what was going on since the visuals didn't really connect that much for me because I've already been spoiled by the experience of reading the book. It made me wonder how many movies I otherwise would probably not have liked had I read the book first.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-12-2018

It will always be better..

Ever heard of a movie made into a book? It's uncommon and rarely works. But books adapted to movies are the common theme of the movie industry. There's never a year that a movie is made that's adapted from a book.
Posted by sonnyisabeast on 11-11-2018


The movie

The movie
The movie is the visual implementation of the book. The movie uses a variety of camera shot angles and photo stills mixed with sound which includes sound effects, music and dialogue to deliver the story. The movie usually merges the whole story together in one sitting (unless, of course, it is segmented into parts such as for a TV show). Various editions of the movie can be purchased such as Director's Cut, Extended Edition, BluRay, DVD, etc. It can be also experienced in 3D for a more total immersion. The movie can be bought digitally or from movie stores.

Visual and audio experiences are more exciting than print. Easy to get immersed in the story and feel empathy towards the characters. Can be experienced in various sizes: cinema screens, projectors, home televisions, laptops, portable DVD players, smartphones, etc. Often easier to understand than the book. Takes less time to get to know the story behind the book. Subtitles for the hearing impaired are an asset. It can be experienced at the same time with a number of peers.

Most often, the movie doesn't meet the readers' expectations. In order to be loyal to the books, most of the movies are quite lengthy (the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, etc.). Some movies might add new content not found in the book which might disappoint the book readers. Movie discs can get scratched easily. People familiar with the book might find that the actors don't fulfil the character they were portraying. Some scenes might not be adequate for a younger audience. Many people find it boring watching the movie more than a few times.



The movie is always better

I personally love watching movies, I have a home theatre system and it is the best thing in the world. I can basically go to the cinema whenever I want, without having to pay $30 or deal with other annoying things. I recently got an AV receiver and it has made the audio on my system fucking amazing
Posted by Anonymous on 12-18-2016

I don't like books

I used to be a voracious reader during my high school days but I grew to hate reading. I think that is because not everybody in my class loved reading back then so some teachers tried to make us read more so of course boring books. I was a student that didn't happen to cope well under pressure so I lost interest and stopped reading. Movies on the hand help me pass time and escape reality whenever the need arises. I also find it easier to understand, and I don't need to concentrate much to know what it is all about
Posted by abkr08 on 08-08-2016

Much Quicker

I am a student who studies for many hours a day, reads lots of 'somewhat' boring academic books and plays quite a few sports. All of this activity leads me to not have much time on my hands left over to read books. When I do read books I have to admit I often get bored with them. I tried to read the Lord of the Rings books and the amount of detail they go in to is quite boring to be brutally honest.

I prefer movies as they are much faster to watch and tend to save a lot of time in what I consider largely irrelevant description. Yes there is definitely an element of destruction of your imagination as you do not create images of people and characters in your mind, but in some ways that is much more relaxing. I really feel like these books where written to be enjoyed and relaxed with and a film just furthers that relaxation.

Posted by Natty on 07-29-2016
I can certainly understand why you would rather watch a movie since you are reading so much during your day anyway.


I am a huge fan of movies, i watch movies always if i get any free time...... Reading books is great, but watching a movie is better.If you have a home theator system,then you'll feel more like in the movie,which is a feeling you cannot get by reading a book. A picture could tell something which could not be done with 1000 words, so a movie is like a million word book... lol
Posted by achi007 on 04-07-2017

Movie is a Time Saver

I don't agree that the movie is always better. In fact, more often than not, the book is far better than the movie. But when you think about reading "War and Peace" versus watching a TV series of "War and Peace"? There's no doubt that watching the mini-series is a significant time saver.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-29-2018

Visual for me.

In as much as I am not the type that always spend a lot of time on watching movies, I always enjoy watching movies when I want to know of an event and that is different than when I am looking at reading books.
Posted by Barida on 11-12-2018

Movies are the best

I'm lazy to read books so I would easily go to the movies. I don't want to spend a day just to read the entire book while there's a movie that only lasts for 2 hours which is less boring since your eyes will feast for all the good scenes that have been shot in different locations. You also don't have to visualize everytime you read since, in movies, everything comes to life. You can also enjoy watching it together with your family while eating your favorite snacks.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-19-2017

Easier to follow

I don't have much time nowadays so while not all book adaptations of movies are good, I can choose to skip it anyway and not waste time whereas it would take a while for me to read a book and enjoy it.
Posted by treecko142 on 05-24-2018


I choose watching movies than reading a book. We are now in advanced technology. What you can read on paper can now be done in a movie that is a motion picture.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-29-2018


There are two ways of looking at this VS. If you have already read the book or if you are naive to the story. If you have already read the book you will almost always perfer it as you have invested so much of your time into it already. The movie will feel rushed and it may leave out some of your favorite parts of the story. If you have no idea what the book/movie is about than just seeing the movie will give you a good enough idea of whats at hand.
Posted by 4mericorn on 07-29-2016
You've nailed it with this explanation and that is exactly how I feel too. If you have seen the book and loved it you have expectations that can be trashed. It can ruin the whole thing. There are a few movies I have watched that did the book justice but most of them didn't.
Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-31-2016
If I have an option to choose between the book and the movie based on the book, I will always choose the movie. However, when there is a choice between a good book and a good movie (which is not based on the book in question), I will choose to read the book. Reading is more satisfying that watching.
Posted by vinaya on 09-12-2017
I also want to choose movie because reading takes years. And movie is quick watch. And that way you can consume the concept lot quicker as well. And on that note I prefer to have the movie over book. In some cases though there are some really good options out there. But I prefer to have the movie in most cases.
Posted by overcast on 11-12-2018
I'm not really a fan of reading books especially a novel with hundreds of pages of it as I think its kinda tiring just to sit and read every word of it so I prefer to have it watched on a movie or a television series cause its much enjoyable and quite faster to understand the story if you just watch it on screens. There's quite a lot of movies that I watched that I didn't even know that it came from a book like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and a lot of television series too. I'm definitely not going to be a fan of reading back even in the future as my time mostly ended up on work and being online.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-13-2017
It depends on the type of story. Like the Indiana Jones movie series, I prefer to see it on the movie screen because it is visually entertaining. But with science fiction stories like The Bicentennial Man which starred Robin Williams, it is more interesting to read the book because of the details that couldn’t be shown on the screen. Most science fiction movies are better read than shown particularly those stories that are complex and detailed.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-22-2017
I have always preferred books to movies.I tend to get the nitty gritty of a book storyline than in a movie.Sometimes bad acting might really distort the storyline of a script,leaving watchers seeing a different picture than what it was supposed to be but with books one really get to understand vividly the points of the writer, because one understands it from the writer's distortion from bad audio sounds, bad filming, poor costume or even bad directing.
Posted by lovely on 01-27-2018
It depends. It depends on the movie and the book. I have been reading a lot of books these days, so I would probably choose books. However, I'm a big fan of movies and series, so it depends on the title of the movie or the book.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-29-2018
The visual and audio experiences in a movie always makes it to be more exciting to watch than when you are reading the book version.
Posted by babyright on 02-11-2018
I’m going to get torn apart by the book lovers on this site, but the simple fact is that I hate novels. I personally don’t see reading for entertainment as a valuable use of my time. That doesn’t mean that I think others shouldn’t read for entertainment, but I just prefer reading for education. Because of this one fact, I’m always going to choose the movie over the book. Besides, films based on books are usually some of the best films out there since they usually get to work with great source material.
Posted by Denis_P on 09-24-2018
I actually like both. I enjoy watching movies and I like reading books as well, if the topic is really interesting, I will go for both movies and books. If I can only choose one, then I would go for the books, as I find that the stories written in books are more detailed, and I can have my own imagination to picture those scenes. Moreover, sometimes there are things I don't really understand in the movie, it seems like something is not explained well or I just couldn't catch it, but I can always find better explanation from the books.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-08-2018
The book is always the good one. A lot of adaptations really changed the movie or cut some scenes from the book, so I don't really kike the movie version.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-12-2018
I agree that the book is the original source of the story that the movie makes an adaptation only. That is reasonable because the movie is only for 2 hours or so and the thick book cannot be completely condensed into a movie without losing parts of the story along the way. But the movie is one good entertainment for busy people since you don’t have to spend so much time like reading a book.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-29-2018
I am a book reader and I have always prefer reading to watching.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-29-2018
I prefer watching a movie than by reading it in a book. Movies are motion pictures. A picture is worth a thousand of words.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-29-2018