The gift of gab is a great asset to have.

The gift of gab is a great asset to have.
The gift of gab is something really important I always wanted to have but unfortunately, I lack. My line doesn't involve a lot of public speaking but sometimes, during very important meetings, I would need to hold a presentation about something with important clients, that's when U would love to have the gift of gab!

I usually get very nervous when doing public speaking and I really want people to make people pay attention to what I'm saying, to captivate them into my arguments. I work in online marketing when I'm writing an email or an I'm writing a presentation I have no problem in expressing my thoughts and I actually have a gift for convincing people online, but when it's time to take it to a face-to-face level I don't do so well. I'm not disastrous but I would definitely need to improve my skills.

So how can you improve your public speaking skills and gain the gift of gab? First of all, you need to sound very confident, I personally can't be very confident if I don't know that 100% of what I'm saying is the truth. Some people can sound confident when telling half truths and that's what I need to learn! Anyways, I figured that a book about public speaking should be the way to go, anyone here has any decent recommendations on this subject?



yes definitely

Like you I am afraid to speak up in public. I cannot stand having all those eyes riveted on me. I do not waht to be the centre of attention. I try to avoid these kinds of situations, but I remember when I was at university we often had to give presentations and I used to be so frightened. I think that the key is self confidence. You need to believe in yourself and in what you are saying. Rather than reading a book on the subject I would suggest orking on your self confidence by practising and finding opportunities where you can train yourself to gain that confidence.
Posted by sspi on 01-10-2017

I agree!

I myself am a really shy person and I often find it hard to be able to openly speak at times when I need to and usually it's because of confidence issues that I have. I sometimes wish I had more confidence than I do and I often look at my friends who obviously do have the confidence and often get jealous of how much confidence they do have. It's not a bad thing to be confident and have that confidence to be open, it's a great trait to have.
Posted by Shortie on 05-04-2017


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I am a good speaker in private circle, however, when it comes to speaking in public, in front of a crowd, I always fail. I have spoken to a public in few occasions and I have always failed to grab audience's attention. In the last few years, I am trying to develop my public speaking skills. I don't know why I am afraid to speak in public even though I am a confident person.
Posted by vinaya on 09-07-2017
People that have the gift of gab is actually a great asset for them but it is not everybody that can have the gift of gab, if you are blessed with it naturally then thank God but if you are not still thank God for the other gift he has blessed you with.
Posted by babyright on 12-22-2017
Speaking in public needs one to have confidence and remain calm.Before now I have always very shy to speak in public but I learned from a mentor during of his seminar, you will have to know your worth and realize that nobody is better than you and people are hungry for your knowledge, then you shouldn't be scare.Speak to people but look at the people head and focus abstractly , this will help one to focus.
Posted by lovely on 01-12-2018
You can check any politician or a popular tv host and what do you find in them? They all have the gift of gab. Good talkers succeed when they use their talent properly. What good is a politician if he doesn’t know how to give a good speech? I just wonder why some talented people are using their glib tongue for fooling and scamming people. Why not use it in sales and marketing that can make them rich in a decent way? Oh well, some people have the propensity to be adventurous even if they go out of line.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-15-2018