The masses are in charge of the economy

The masses are in charge of the economy
The state of an economy depends on the masses and not the government as the government usually make rules but its the masses that have the final say. And, in today's world it would be good to note that most crisis occur as a result of the belief that the economy is controlled by the government. The majority always carries the vote so only they actually control state of the economy. Agree or disagree?


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The wealthy are.

I wouldn't say the masses are in control but the wealthy are, who also have a large (if not total) control on the government. The wealthy are the ones dictating what the "masses" want and buy (whether you know/realize it or not).
Posted by FindingJay on 11-29-2016
I strongly agree with you, I took my time to considered the market structure and I realized that if you really want the best , you need cash. The best was always reserved for the rich, sellers gave more attention to them, and from my observation from a governmental visit I found out that people couldnt express the wrongs they are suffering from. They just praised the government more than they deserved.


The world is experiencing a tide when it comes to governance, in the middle east the level of violence there is insinuated by the rich, the poor don't have much of a choice, and the rich constitute to a large degree those who are the government. The level of peace , tranquility, turbulence experience in such places is as a result of those in authority and not the minority. Majority of the crisis are sponsored to satisfy the lust of very few who are privilege to be in power. If the masses actually had the power they wished for ,then the world would have been a better place, because majority want peace, a few won't let it be. In Europe it is believed that the votes count, but the influence of wealth and people in governance infiltrate the system a turn things in favor of those who are already in authority, so the game end up leaving the whole discissions in the hand of the government. The economy is controlled by power and wealth and it turns out we have those who fit perfectly between the two in government, so the economy can imaginarily be in the hands of the masses but practically in the hands of the government.
Posted by Jeshurun on 11-30-2016


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