The number of children should be proportional with the income

The number of children should be proportional with the income
I see a lot of couple who cannot afford to raise their children. They are bringing innocent angels into this life only to make them miserable. This is why I think people should only make children if they can afford them. There is no point having 3 or more children and then begging for money because you cannot offer them the minimum for a decent life. This also means that if you are not able to take care of yourself you should not have any children at all.



Not more than 2 children, 1 is well

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In my country Bangladesh this is a slogan for every family- Not more than 2 child, one is very much well. Peoples are following this rules every time by family planning method. In the European and American world enough couple has been taking up to 4 child. There is no problem if you take 4 or 5 child from religious sense. Because every child when come to this world as an angel the great creator has been gave them food from any source. That is the great creator matter. The invincible one will always take care the child must by parents or by any society. But this is well if we take family planning by looking our regular life income.

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Posted by centurion on 05-18-2017

Yes I think so

Why would you go on having kids when you know you may not be able to support them? In this day and age where there is plenty of contraception it really doesn't make sense.

It's not fair to bring up children in poverty where their quality of life will be less than it should be. If you want a big family then make sure you have the means to support them.

Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-19-2017

This is the correct thing to do

Yes, I think that the number of children you have should be roughly proportionate to you ability to support them. I think everyone is entitled to have children if they desire, but you shouldn't subject them to far less than quality living conditions because you can't afford them. Especially if you knew beforehand that you wouldn't be able to afford the number of children you have.

I don't think there is any justification for that, and in order to be able to responsibly care for your children, you need to be in an adequate financial situation.

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-18-2017

I Agree

I have personally seen many examples of couples suffering to raise their kids due to lack of money. It is obvious the ease of life is directly proportional to the amount of money we have got, when there is no balance between expenses and earnings, then that would definitely lead to chaos in the family and having more kids means more expenses and if the money we earn isn't enough to cover all these expenses then life will be easy for us. That is why I strongly believe "The number of children should be proportional with the income ".
Posted by wikifarmer on 05-19-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Makes logical sense!

Nothing is wrong with two people being in love, as well as wanting to affirm their love by reproducing and having a child.

However, the population of a house should match the income brought in. This is why couples should build in stages when it comes to raising a family. Of course, life has its natural course, and you're right, beautiful children are produced. As a population, however, we can't be birthing children into the world with little resources. So the equal responsibility from both parties is a major factor in this.

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-18-2017
If you can't afford to have children don't have them as simple as that. It is not fair to anyone least of all the child. I know someone online who couldn't afford her first 4 kids, and for some reason decided to have another which the tax payers are now half supporting..wrong!

Don't live beyond your means

I totally believe you should only have children in the proportion of your income. In the end, you only hurt your children and yourself by not being able to adequately provide for each and every kid. If you can't afford college for every kid or school then you are putting your kids at a disadvantage when you could have had two children that you could properly provide for, send them to school, buy them clothes and anything else they may need.
Posted by AlexHarris on 05-18-2017

Children are not cheap

It is seriously important that the number of children one has is proportional to the family income. Children are not cheap to look after and so it is ideal to have more than sufficient finances to support the raising of children.
Posted by kingrichez on 05-18-2017

Of Course It Should Depend On The Income!!

If you're someone who receives minimum wage you and can barely afford your own expenses you should not have a bunch of children. you probably shouldn't even have one child. If someone with low income has a bunch of kids those kids have a higher probability of growing up to be poor themselves and therefore a higher probability to become thieves.
Posted by FatManX on 05-18-2017

responsible and practical

Kids cannot live on being loved and I see lots of kids living on nothing and having to be worried about where their next meal will be coming from. I didn't grow up rich but I also didn't grow up poor and I even had a lot of things I missed out on because my parents did not have enough. Being in a somewhat lucky position already and still realizing it isn't enough makes me wonder sometimes how parents with extremely low income can stomach putting a young human being through such a horrible situation.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-19-2018



Freedom justice and equality

People should be able to make their own decisions. If the number of children should depend on income then everyone should have equal opportunities to make a living.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-18-2017

Sorry, You Don't Get to Decide

In a perfect (and boring) world I guess there would be rules on who should have children and how many kids each person can have. There's this thing called "freedom" that allows people to make bad decisions. Even if the bad decisions affect society at large nothing will eliminate this freedom. China tried and now there's a shortage of men.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-20-2017

The number of children does not depends on the inc

Pardon me but it seems silly if the number of children would depend on the income of the family. Does that mean rich people can have more than 10 children? And that a poor man with a small income is not worthy to have a child? I am a religious person and I believe that let's leave to God that decision on the number of children. If a poor family has many children then so be it.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-18-2017
I see where you're coming from, and I agree to an extent of what you're saying, but not for religious reasons. If someone is responsible enough to be raising children, I agree, they should have the option to have them. However, I think it's important that people keep in mind how well they're able to take care of the number of children have with their given income. Needless to say, someone who doesn't make enough to support having 10 children, should NOT have 10 children. Or 5, or any other number the puts burdens on their financial situations and the wellbeing of the other children.

It's not fair to subject children to that.

To each their own

It is wrong to set parameters dictating how many children a couple should have. It is totally the decision of the couple whether rich or not as there are several reasons why a couple may want or not want children. For some it could be lack of space. When both partners work that could also play a role in decision taking - the list is endless.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-19-2017

Disagree with The number of children should be pro

I believe that the number of children of a couple should be proportionate to their desire. There are rich couples with few or no children, but there are also poor couples with many children. I believe this involves the particular desire of the couple and not necessarily the income of each.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-08-2017

You can't put a price tag on a human life.

The decision for a life to be born into this world rests in God's hands. You have no idea what a child will become when they grow up. There are many who were born and raised in abject poverty who grew up to become successful people who contributed to the world at large. We will always have the poor with us. It's our duty to show them compassion and mercy. Not make judgments about their current impoverished state. You never know. That child you help might help you one day. You can't put a price tag on a human life.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 07-08-2017


It's difficult to equate children to income because incomes may fluctuate drastically either way at any time. People usually make a decision based on a predetermined which in many cases is related to certain trends, this is why in certain geographical areas the there is mostly a similarity in the number of children to each household. Finances may not be the major determining factor and that is why we see where rich families may have fewer children than the not so wealthy. I believe that nowadays many people may just decide on the number of children that the wish to have and work towards making a success of raising them.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-18-2017
A couple with limited income should not bear many children. The logic behind this is how would they raise children with their limited income. raising children is very costly, food is very expensive, clothing is expensive, education is expensive health is expensive. However, this does not mean rich people can have many children. How many children should a couple have should purely depend on couple's decision but couple also consider whether they cab finance many children or not.
Posted by vinaya on 05-19-2017
Totally agree with the idea that children must be proportional to family's income. Having children is always expensive, so couples must ready to shoulder all the expenses and they must have a consistent source of income. In order to avoid experiencing poverty among your family, family planning is a must. Your family's income must coincide with your family expenses.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-03-2017
I agree. We should all people become responsible when it comes to having children. Children don't need to suffer because their parents are irresponsible. A child is a gift from God and God gave them to us to take good care of them and to teach them also to be become responsible parents when they grew-up. It's a life cycle.
Posted by Scarlet on 01-14-2018