Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison
Between the XIX and XX century, there was a very famous man that today is studied on many science books: his name was Thomas Alva Edison, one of the greatest inventors in history. Without him, we wouldn't have stuff like incandescent lamps or sound recording, alongside many other apparently minor things. He was born in 1847 in Milan - not the Italian city, of course, but a town in Ohio. All of his studies were done just by himself, since he went to school just for a few months. He studied everything on his own, for the entirety of his life. Of course seeing what his future was like, it's obvious that his favorite subjects were science and technology. He was really interested in the most recent world changing invention, the telegraph. The first inventions arrived when he was just about 21: he designed a system for automatically registering voting, but it wasn't really well received. Maybe the right path was the telegraph. ,aybe he had to design something to help communications, to make them faster. For example the stock ticke, that machine often seen in old movies to receive stock quotes, and print them on a long line of paper. You probably know what I'm talking about, even if today it's seen only in museum and not used anymore. This had a huge success, and Edison could then focus on more research in his new lab. Here, he created the phonograph, a revolutionary invention that allowed sound recording - something unheard before! After that, he invented the incandescent lamps who slowly became the modern lightbulb. His attention was mostly focused, however, on the electrical grid and electricty in general. But he was basically a genius, that during the entirity of his life registered over one thousand patents. Sure, some of them were never created and some weren't as amazing as other, but his contribution to the science, to the world in general, was something incredibly huge.

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  • One of the greatest inventors ever
  • Some of his inventions are still used today in various forms
  • Over 1000 patents registered
  • He was a good CEO, amazing at selling his inventions and ideas

  • Some of his ideas was ripped off from other people
  • Managed to get kicked out from his own company somehow
  • To discredit his adversaries, he killed and tortured some pets



My Vote Is For Thomas

A great man he was and made an impact in science. Edison was a very high profiled scientist and inventor. He gets my vote here.
Posted by stbrians on 11-22-2018


Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
The name of Nikola Tesla is surely less known that Edison's, but his apparent lack of fame doesn't mean that he wasn't a great inventor as well. He deserve some recognition, and here we are to give him that. Let's go back in the year 1856, very important for Tesla since it was the year in which he was born, in a place called Smilijan. He studied a lot, really really a lot: after finishing studies in physic and math, he started to study philosophy, even up to 19 hours at day, sleeping just around two. Insane! Probably due to the amount of study, he even started to feel items and objects in the dark, and (but this happened since he was little) start seeing flashes of lights. It's impossible to determine if those phenomena are connected to his genius, but it's in this timeframe that he started to have amazing ideas. His main focus was around the field of alternating current electricty, a concept that up to our days still remain really important. During the following years, he actually start to work for Edison, or more precisely, for the Continental Edison Company, realizing one of his most famous invention, the alternating current induction motor. After that, he moved to the United States.

Other major things he create or discovered are even more useful, or interesting, like his whole theory on the ether that allows to transmit various energy forms without using electrical wires. He discoreved that the Earth is a good conductor, and this is where the Tesla coil comes to play, a massive machine that allowed to turn on lightbulb from a distance.

During his life, Tesla lived under the shadow of different inventors, and he probably didn't like this fact since he refused the Nobel prize in one occasion, since the year before he was given to a inventor he met various times, Guglielmo Marconi. He refused again because he didn't want to share it with Edison himself. Sure, his life maybe wasn't that shiny, but his contributions on science were big and important, and like I said at the beginning, he deserves a bit of recognition. Let's give him that.

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  • Alternating current was a great and effective invention
  • Underrated inventor
  • He studied a lot, maybe even too much

  • He created a earthquake machine
  • He is somehow considered a bit of mad scientist
  • Wasn't really great at selling his ideas




I have heard that Edison took a lot of credit for other people's work so of the two, I think that Tesla was more of a genius. It is just one of the things that we should not take for granted in terms of our electronics use. We should all remember Tesla.
Posted by kgord on 12-24-2017
Yea, I'm equally going to vote Tesla on account of this; Thomas took many of his works


The man who did most of the invention that were stolen by Edison. You can see that Tesla was the best man we needed. And there were things that many people don't have idea about. In such case there seems to be option for us to know more about his life and how things went.
Posted by overcast on 04-03-2018

Tesla Was Even More Of A Genius

I have read many rumors about Edison and how some of his actions and business procedures and ventures destroyed Tesla. I would need to do more research on this, but I know that Tesla was proposing a free-flying energy technology which would not need all of the heavy-handed utilities which Edison and his people were hoping to set up with powerlines, etc. The Edison side of the business would've stood to lose a lot of money if we were to adapt the Tesla model, so I think they sort of ran him out into obscurity where he died in relative obscurity. His genius has not even been fully realized, even today, and he was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-22-2017

He was passionate.

I believe that the reason some of the people always claim that Tesla is a mad scientist is because of the love and passion that he has for the world of science and technology. He was always there trying to improve on the things that he invented which is particularly good as at that time. So, there is this drive that made him keep reading notes on how to improve as well.
Posted by Barida on 11-02-2018

Nikola Tesla

He's lucky to have invented such great inventions during times of abundance of information and resources. I choose him because his inventions are widely used today and he's really a genius inventor.
Posted by mitan143 on 12-17-2018


This is a very difficult question. Both were geniuses and marked humanity with creations and theories ahead of their times. I think I definitely prefer to choose both, because it's hard for me to say who was the best or the wisest.
Posted by hermessantos on 12-22-2017
Thomas Alva Edison is the most popular inventor not only in his era and probably of all time. The most basic and most important of his invention is the light bulb. I cannot imagine living in a house with no lights and darkness is gone all because of Edison’s invention. I know that he had countless of inventions. In fairness to Nikola Tesla, the bulb will not be lighted without electricity. So I guess he gets the kudos for that too.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-23-2017
These were great inventors that I heard about in high school but from my studies, I think Thomas Edison was the greatest of the two.His inventions are evergreen and the one that I like most is the electric bulb it was an awesome invention and I was told he tried this for over 99 times before he got it right, what spirit of dexterity.It a lesson we should always learn not to give up it wasn't just about his inventions.
Posted by lovely on 12-25-2017
Most of the things done by edison are nothing but stealing. And yet he managed to bring out the best in him in the press. And the tesla unfortunately didn't make it to the end. I'd say we learn from history a lot in due process.
Posted by overcast on 05-22-2018
I know I studied alot about Thomas Avia Edison when I studied physics in school, I always admire Edison back then I wanted to be a great inventor too like him but that dream changed, now I sew Thomas Avia Edison as a crook and a con artist who riped other scient
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-26-2017
I know I studied alot about Thomas Avia Edison when I studied physics in school, I always admire Edison back then I wanted to be a great inventor too like him but that dream changed, now I see Thomas Avia Edison as a crook and a con artist who riped other scientists of their invention. He exploited Nikolas Telsa alot, I came to know of this when I surfed through the net for information.

My votes go to Nikola Telsa, he his the greatest of all, tjo
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-26-2017
This happened to me as well once I studied Tesla and the story behind the story. In America, the history books and classes mainly focus on Edison and on selling his vision (the status quo of powerlines and power monopolies); however, once I got to college, I discovered Tesla, and that changed everything in my viewpoint regarding these two men and the history of the exploration of electricity in the Modern era.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-27-2017
I know I studied alot about Thomas Avia Edison when I studied physics in school, I always admire Edison back then I wanted to be a great inventor too like him but that dream changed, now I see Thomas Avia Edison as a crook and a con artist who reaped other scientists of their invention. He exploited Nikolas Telsa alot, I came to know of this when I surfed through the net for information.

My votes go to Nikola Telsa, he his the greatest of all, I call him my 'unappreciated Inventor' with his sad story and his inventions not appreciated earlier on until his death, I feel there are others like him too who are not known but their inventions are still being used till today. Let us bear in mind that some of this inventions we praise others that are well know might all be a mirage, the real inventor might be in their shadows awaiting all the whole praises but never got it, let's learn to appreciate others for their works even if we are the ones financing it.

Sorry for those mistakes, I couldn't edit them nor delete it because this site don't have any of such.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-28-2017
I think Edison won the race due to the approach he took to attack on Tesla and stole his invention. And you can see that some of the time in capitalism people win by that tactic. And this was no different. Now that people know the truth about Tesla. They are praising him. But in those times you can see that many praised the Edison for sure. That is another thing to consider as well.
Posted by overcast on 04-12-2018
I think edison was positively projected while the tesla was kept in the dark. And edison managed to steal a lot of things from the tesla. So it can be seriously damaging in many ways. I'd say on that note you should consider tesla as more authority.
Posted by overcast on 04-03-2018
I still can’t get over how I was blatantly lied to for most of my young adult life. We were always told that Thomas Edison was a brilliant inventor who not only created the light bulb but hundreds of other inventions. The fact is that Edison wasn’t an inventor, but a businessman and a charlatan. He was a patent maker who stole ideas from brilliant minds like Nikola Tesla, and then sold them off as his own. Not only that, but the man was an animal abuser who electrocuted animals in order to show the “dangers” of Tesla’s alternating current and undermine his efforts. Bear in mind, if it wasn’t for Tesla’s alternating current, we wouldn’t have the inventions we have today.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-07-2018
Thomas Edison is without a doubt more popular than Nikola Tesla but with the recent revelation I learned about his life and career, I will choose Tesla. Books can be very deceiving just because we don't have access to how we can prove or disprove it. We just take them as facts.
Posted by Chinet23 on 10-11-2018
Thomas Edison is a great guy, but he did more than science, he lobbied too. He did a kind of politics with scientific works, stealing people's patents, and ensuring that other inventions that rivaled his did not make it to stardom. Nikola Tesla Worked under him, and he (Thomas) stole a lot of his(Tesla's) works, while Tesla was thinking it doesn't matter, that he isn't much interested in fame and all that, he lost credits and later spent the later days of his live in obscurity, in loneliness; a life devoid of the recorginisions it truly deserves.

Both were geniuses, but Thomas used his "street sense" more than Tesla did, he curbed attention at all cost, and today he is recognized more than Tesla.
Posted by mosesoscar on 11-07-2018
Tesla all day long. Now, If you're a fan of shrewd, cutthroat businessmen who have no problem squashing the little guy to get ahead, then Edison is your man. It's kinda like comparing Gordon Gecko to Doc Brown.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-14-2018
Both are actually good inventors. I should have choose the two in the first place but I choose Tesla in the end because he had done so many inventions already. But I am also very grateful with Thomas Edison for discovering such an important invention in the history.
Posted by mitan143 on 12-17-2018