Thomas Kinkade Jingle Bells Illuminated Musical Christmas Snowglobe by The Bradford Exchange

Thomas Kinkade Jingle Bells Illuminated Musical Christmas Snowglobe by The Bradford Exchange
If you live in the right zone and you are lucky enough, during the Christmas period it will snow! And who doesn't love snow during the Christmas morning? How much atmosphere it adds to the whole day, how amazing is when you wake up, you look at the window and you see all the streets covered by white soft frozen water? Snow is fasciating, to be sure, and even more when it's actually falling. If it wasn't, we wouldn't have snowglobes! They are those small circular glass things, with some decorations inside of various kind, that you can turn over to make snow fell on those tiny people. There are snowglobes of different cities, with different characters of various franchise, and of course Christmas snowglobes! And how wouldn't they exist? Snowglobes and Christmas are a perfect match!| Of all the snowglobes you can find themed around this period, this one is one of the most gorgeous: made by Bradford Exchange, it's being sold on Amazon for 89,99 dolalrs and no shipping costs. It cost a lot, but it also offers a lot. First of all, let's just look at it: inside the globe there is a small house with multiple floors and a lot of windows, all with the lights on. Of course it's covered in snow! Outside, two kids are decorating a nice wonderful little Christmas tree, and near it there is even a snowman! Around the house, a lot of trees covered in snow. And it's not all, because the snowglobes have decorations even outside of it! There is another Christmas trees, beside many others covered in snow, and even a small streetlight. On the bridge that it's right in front of the snowglobe there is a sleigh, with a horse in front of it, and a tiny group of people that is enjoying the Christmas spirit. And if you don't think this is enough, the snowglobe is a musical one! While the snow is falling and the lights are on, you will hear the typical Jingle Bells music playing. This is the reason why it requires two AA batteries, that sadly aren't included. It's amazing and totally worth the price: everything is handcrafted and handpainted, and the amount of details you can see it's simply unbelievable. It's a great addition to a snowglobe collection and a amazing standalone piece.

  • Full of details
  • Handcrafted and hand painted
  • Very colorful
  • Have a lot of atmosphere
  • It looks wonderful

  • Very expensive
  • Batteries not included
  • The base is just plastic
  • There was yellow water inside the snowglobe
  • Quality of the music is pretty poor




I love both of them actually but I had to choose this one, the Thomas Kinkade Jingle Bells Illuminated Musical Christmas Snowglobe by The Bradford Exchange because of beautiful it looks. It would just look so good on a table or would also be a great present for someone as well. The fact that it illuminates makes it even greater
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-06-2017

fits the globe theme better

I like this more because I think the house looks and fits better being in the globe and getting snowed on. The Santa one does look cute but his size makes the globe look too small for him. I like the house more because with the snow everything looks more to scale.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-06-2017

Thomas Kinkade Equals Christmas

In the United States of America, there is no Christmas joy and cheer without the art of Thomas Kinkade (1958 - 2012). He was and still is called the “Painter of Light”. I read a short biography about this man and it seems the “art critics” dismissed his artistic abilities. No matter. The rest of the folks who don't know what art is or is supposed to be, totally disagreed with the experts. Almost every year, they especially show how much they disagree during the Christmas holiday season.
Posted by foxchannel on 12-06-2017

Expensive but Kincade is quality

Thomas Kincade is a wonderful artist so even though this piece is expensive I think it's like an art piece - the level of detail looks very impressive and eye catching. I think it would last forever if you took care of it properly.
Posted by amelia88 on 11-20-2018


Kurt Adler Santa with Big Bag Musical Water Globe, 100mm

Kurt Adler Santa with Big Bag Musical Water Globe, 100mm
Some people like simple things, or can't afford to spend too much for a snowglobe. The other one, while rich of details and beautiful to look at, is very elaborate and expensive, but you have plenty of other options of more affordable snowglobes. For example, this Santa one: like the other it's being sold on Amazon, but at the lower price of 28,44 dollars. Sure it's a bit smaller and there are less details, but that doesn't mean that it's bad, and since if features Santa himself the Christmas spirit is strong in this item! Inside the snowglobe, like I said, there is the big man himself, ready to climb down a chimney. With a big pink smiling face, he bring on his shoulder a big bag, full of colorful gifts and presents of various sizes and shapes like bears and similar stuff. Outside of the globe there are his loyal assistants, without them he wouldn't even be able to fly: his reindeers! Each one wear some Christmas bells around their neck, and they are quite distracted. One is looking somewhere far away, another one is eating some holly... Of course Santa doesn't ride the reindeers, as you can easily imagine by the fact that you can see also his sleigh, with even more presents on it. A very simple scene, but typical of Christmas and very well made with the right amount of details. It's not all, however: like the other one, this snowglobe is musical as well! Press a switch, and you will hear the familiar melody of "We wish you a Merry Christmas"! And what best way to wish yourself, or your relatives and friends, a Merry Christmas than with a snowglobe featuring Santa Claus himself? The snow will slowly fall on his shoulders, while his smiling face will look directly at you hoping you pay attention to the meaning and lyrics of the song.

  • Cheap
  • There is Santa himself in the snowglobe
  • Simple yet effective
  • Arrived packaged in proper conditions
  • Very cute

  • Arrived broken
  • The colors aren't bright
  • Some users found Santa's eyes a bit creepy
  • The music is a bit slow
  • Sloppy painting



Santa in the globe

I like this one the best. It is affordable and also I think it is very cute. I would go for this globe because I think it has a lot of things I would like in a snow globe to be perfectly honest. I think it is very nice, and a good globe to have.
Posted by kgord on 12-05-2017


I prefer the santa water globe,aside the fact that it a bit cheap and can be readily bought, I think it looks pleasnt and cute to me.It great to have because the globe came with santa.Sice it packaged as seen in the picture, then it just perfect for me that way.
Posted by lovely on 12-07-2017
Spending $90 for a decorative item that I am not using for a long time is not my idea of home decoration, therefore, I will not get the jingle bell snow globe even though it is very beautiful. I will get Kurt Adler Santa with Big Bag Musical Water Globe just because it cost less. Price is one factor, but I think this item is also very beautiful and I am buying it for cheap price and aesthetics.
Posted by vinaya on 12-11-2017
The miniature globe display was popular when I was still in school. We actually had several kinds, from the palace and the ship up to the community with several small houses. But the problem with the globe is that it dries up after a few years. That’s why I was looking for a globe with no water. Now, I am wondering why the small globe display seemed to have lost its appeal to the consumers.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-03-2018