Tiny House

Tiny House
A tiny house offers minimal, flexible, and comfort living all at a very low cost. It also forces one to live a more outdoors and less materialistic lifestyle.

Usually very low cost, flexible, can easily move.

Small living space, arguably cramped.



I like this idea

I have never lived in a tiny house but I would love to do that. It will save me lots of time for my studies rather than keep cleaning the house and tidy it up. Sounds a perfect idea for my kind of life style.
Posted by mesush on 05-08-2017

Smaller the better for me

I would definitely prefer a tiny home. I like a place that is cozy and compact. You really don't need a whole lot of living space. I bought a huge house and sure it was nice but once the kids moved out it was way to big and lonely for me. I only lived in such a small area of it. It just didn't make sense to me so I sold it and moved into a much smaller place which I like a lot better. There is plenty of room for me and my fiance and our two cats. We don't need anything bigger.
Posted by Sue on 05-29-2017

A tiny house is cost effective especially for sing

As a single person I think a tiny house will prove to be a major financial benefit. Tiny homes are cheap to purchase and low maintenance and great for a single occupant. If one has a family than a tiny house may not be suitable.
Posted by kingrichez on 05-17-2017


Suburban House

Suburban House
A suburban house offers a quaint living space where you can usually spread out and plant your seeds.

Large space, lots of private space, large.

May be hard to afford, too big, not easy to move.



No Question... Suburban For Me

I have seen more and more talk of "tiny houses" lately... and while I think they're cute and a great idea, I personally have way too much "stuff" to ever be able to live in a small house. I could downsize by 90% and still not fit everything into a tiny house. :-)

The low-cost living is very tempting, I have to say, but even with just three of us (and a cat!) in my family, something like this would never work out.

Now all that said, I think this would be an awesome way to start fighting the homeless epidemic... groups could maybe supply a number of these houses and hold some kind of lottery to determine who gets them... the resident would have to be able to afford the costs that are involved, of course, but maybe they became homeless because they just couldn't keep up with a "regular" cost of home ownership.... worth considering in any case.

Posted by Anonymous on 05-08-2017
I wish I would have noticed that I wasn't logged in when I answered this... the "No question... suburban for me" is my answer. I'm sure glad I didn't respond to 5 or 6 posts before I realized I was coming up as anonymous. :-)


Well given the choice I think most people would prefer to live in a larger house and suburban houses are generally bigger buildings than well, a tiny house. Called a tiny house because that's basically what it is! They do look very dainty and quaint and compact! And would be fun to stay in for a couple nights on the weekend or something. Maybe as a small holiday home. But I wouldn't want to live in small tiny house like that all the time. I need to stretch. I need my space. I need a small garden at the least when I want to go outside and get some air or something without having to use a place that is communal or public if you know what I mean! :)
Posted by idealmikey on 05-12-2017

I prefer Suburban House

Hello Have a wonderful day.

I prefer Suburban house. A house with a great land. Like a wrench. With huge area there will have been a big house and some big big trees, flower garden and car room and green grass. I love to walk on that green grass with my princess at every morning. I love to take the small small water drop on the green grass by walking. Its my dream to create a big house. At the small child hood on both grandfather area there were huge and huge land wherever I have been started to walk at the early morning-stopped at the mid day - has been taken lunch with field worker of grandfathers and has been started to return and at the evening time I have returned home. At that time I have understood that my parents have big lands (those are not available now a days except a few and small land). From that time I have been started to make a big house and my recent house is as like as Suburban house.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 05-08-2017

I am for the Suburban House

I live in an area where there isn't any facility to house these tiny homes and to adapt to this type of living would be too tedious because I would have to be considerably downsizing my furniture and accessories to suit this new situation. I Like to have a bit of space and easy mobility around the house, therefore, this arrangement consisting of multiple layers where I would have to be constantly moving fixtures in and out and around wouldn't suit my style. However, I am not discounting the tiny house concept and it seems to be catching on at a rapid pace but it's just not for me.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-08-2017

Suburban would be better.

Those tiny houses would be extremely cramped with extremely little space to store your belongings. A bigger house would be a place that you will like to make into a home rather than somewhere where you sleep. But I do think slightly bigger place than the one you are showing for the tiny house would be really good.
Posted by Gaince on 05-16-2017

Suburban Home All the Way

I'd go for a larger suburban home any day of the week. I'm someone who needs a good amount of space, and plans on raising a family one day, so a smaller home would necessarily be ideal for me.

Of course the cons is that a larger home will be more expensive, but I'm ready for the challenge!

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-08-2017


I'd pick the suburban house hands down. Being able to afford your own little piece of suburbia, isn't that the American Dream? As cozy as a tiny house may sound, it can get cramped if you plan to start a family. I also love interior design, so I'd love to have a large open home to start decorating and furnishing!
Posted by krystyltbh on 05-09-2017

Suburban is superior

If you and your family can financially support the suburban house, it is by far the better option.

It has more space, more privacy, better location and most importantly more peace. I love having peace and not constant noise from random areas around me. Peace provides a calm and relaxing environment.

It is also great if you're planning to expand your family since you don't have to worry about the room and if everybody will have enough space. It's a perfect choice and I have been living in such house for all my life. I adore it.

Posted by Mehano on 05-24-2017

Retirement bliss

When socialising in real life comes to a halt what better way than spending time in a sprawling suburban house. This applies more to seniors when they have done with their life in metro cities.

That is what we have done. We gave up our city life and shifted to a semi rural town where we have built our dream home with a sprawling garden where I spend most of my time.

Posted by iamawriter on 05-14-2017

Best bang for your buck

If you have good credit and a stable job, a normal suburban house is obtainable. I can reason with the fact that a tiny house offers wonders for a minimalist. However I do believe that we need a typical size house to thrive in an be happy. If you want to live like a minimalist or a smaller home, that is still indeed possible with a suburban house. Plus you can have good access to utilities, neighbors, and stay close to the city. Living in a tiny house is usually "off grid". You can use the same money you would have used purchasing a tiny house to use as a down payment for a typical suburban house.
Posted by jeremy-k on 05-15-2017

surburban house

if i was owning a tiny house I would not say that I own a house lol. I'd rather say that I just have a place to hide myself or just sleep, even if if tiny houses are affordable and all that I prefer to take my time saving money as much as it can take for me to buy a house that I'll be proud of and that'll show my kids and tell them yeah this is my hard earned house, can you get a better one?
Posted by Clara1993 on 07-05-2017

Would actually prefer other things than either, bu

As much as tiny houses look to be in vogue at the moment, I appreciate having the space to stretch my legs and... just, well, the space to stretch and move around, really. I'm not exactly a tiny person and I would feel very cramped in houses like those. Plus, by necessity many of those would be situated in the countryside or elsewhere, when I prefer to be closer to cities.

Mind, though, I wouldn't choose a suburban house as my first option; I would probably choose, say, a 1-bedroom apartment. Maybe share a house if I needed/wanted to. I don't see the point of having a big house, but compared to an excessively small space, I think I'll take something where I feel like I could move around in just fine.

Posted by Linen on 06-15-2017

It's bigger

I would never agree on living in a tiny house. These living conditions are absolutely terrible and remind me of a prison cell. A human being needs space so a large house is a better choice. I wouldn't mind having to commute further if I had a medium-sized house with a garden and a place to park my car.
Posted by felabruno on 09-05-2017


I prefer suburban houses because they are bigger which means I can have more room for whatever I need and I don't have to live in a cramped space. I get that there is also merit to minimalistic living but I just prefer to have more space instead. I also think that houses like that usually are better looking than tiny houses so in this case the choice is easy for me.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-13-2018

Never comfortable in small spaces

I am never one for small or tight spaces, tiny houses can never work for at all in any way possible. In fact, it would probably have me feeling chocked up and unable to breathe just fine. I think my phobia for small or tight spaces is more of psychological now and it gives me the creep.

Suburban House are perfect for me in all ramifications, it would afford me liberty and opportunities that tiny houses can't really offer me. I enjoy stretching myself out in my apartment without feeling the need to leave my premises. The possibility of having my own garden in my house is another thing that would make always pick Suburban House over tiny ones.

Posted by Heatman on 09-23-2017


My house is somewhere in between the two and as it's just for my granddaughter and myself it's perfect for us. I wouldn't want a very large house with heavy costs neither would I want cramped living space. I have a medium sized house with a little sun room on the back and a small low maintenance garden which suits us perfectly.
Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-08-2017
You have the same reasoning as my husband. Our house is not big but not small either with 3 small bedrooms that are just fine with us. Sometimes when we are daydreaming, he would say that we wouldn’t live in a big house because we might not see each other often. A small house is the appropriate home for us because there are only the 2 of us and 2 housemaids.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-16-2018
We moved to one of the most happening cities of Australia Sydney a couple of years ago and started living in a busy CBD(Central Business District) in a 2 bedroom apartment because it was close to rail station and all facilities were available around the place. Later we moved to a studio apartment because it was even closer to our work place with almost equal rent. I am in love of this apartment which has lesser space and lots of adjustments. You may laugh if I told you that I have broken my room into different zones by putting multiple movable walls. I am enjoying my tiny apartment with everything within touching distance.
Posted by mesush on 05-08-2017
I would pick the tiny house because I like something that is cozy. I don't think you need a large area, space wise, to live in. I've had a big house and even though at the time I bought it I liked it I later found that there was a lot of wasted space. If I had to do all over again I would get a tiny house. It would suit me perfectly.
Posted by Sue on 05-13-2017
I like the concept of a tiny house and I would get one when the time is right like when my boys grow. I even thought about getting and his and hers tiny house one for my recording studio and one for my wife. I can see the future of housing move toward tiny homes and the show about tiny homes is fun to watch.
Posted by kamar19 on 05-25-2017
I don't see anything wrong with living in a small house. Note, some Americans, though, would be ashamed to live in a small house because they're obsessed with status. In fact, even some poor Americans might not want to live in one cause they look sort of silly. In that case, they might opt for a cheap house or apartment rental. Anyway, I'd rather live in a bigger house, but I wouldn't ashamed to live in a small house - but I do admit, they look sort of goofy.
Posted by jyy on 05-26-2017
I'm living in a suburban home because I can't stand the cramped space in city dwellings. That would be almost like living in a tiny house. With a suburban house, I have room to expand and I have a garden which provides vegetables and spices which allows me to save on food. I also have two fruit trees. A suburban house is way more comfortable and just right for me and my family. I don't mind taking a vacation in a tiny house but may be not for a long time as I'm a very active person who likes to do things around the house.
Posted by chatbox on 07-28-2017
I am not neat enough or organized enough to live in a tiny house. I mean you would have to be purging all the time. You could not do much shopping at all or your house would get cluttered. I honestly don't see myself doing very well in a tiny house. I just don't think it would be my cup of tea.
Posted by kgord on 08-03-2017
If I am to choose and have enough money to choose which house, it'll definitely be a suburban house. I belong in a big family so a tiny house would definitely not enough for us because it's like we're squeezing inside a tiny house. A suburban house is definitely what is perfect for us and very suggestible.
Posted by DanoCath on 10-09-2017
We purchased our home in a suburban area in 2001. At first, we were having difficulty in adjusting to the place because it is quite far to our place of work. But after some months, we got used to the long travel of at least 2 hours in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon. The perks are a lot aside from the space. There are plenty of trees, birds of different kind and the neighborhood is pretty ideal and neighbors are friendly. We belong to the middle class and our home is very appropriate for our standard of living.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-16-2017
Well,maybe because I have always been on the big size I don't like anything tiny and definitely wouldn't go for a tiny house,no matter how fanciful it could be,I will prefer the surban house with enough space for both public and private stuff to do.Tiny house can be so limited and heated up almost all the time.
Posted by lovely on 03-22-2018