To all book lovers out there, what book would you like to re-read once again?

To all book lovers out there, what book would you like to re-read once again?
We all have books that played a significant role in our lives. Most of the books we read affect our minds and the way we percieve the world.

If you were given the chance to re-read one of your favorite books, what would it be?


I guess the book I would be reading again is the book of literature in our high school class. It contains classic short stories that were American originals and most have a happy ending. One story is about Sam Shay who is a gambler that he even gambled against Satan. Can you imagine betting against Satan on things that you cannot clearly predict like the rains? Another is about the kidnapping of a boy that has a similarity to the movie Home Alone.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-17-2018
For all the book lovers this is the hardest questions. Because you have accumulated a lot of favorites that will make you hard to decide which one you want to re-read.
Posted by Carrascoshiela on 12-18-2018
I would love to be able to read "The Count of Monte Cristo" for the first time again! It' such a swell book. Great storytelling by ALexander Dumas... I have read the book a few times, it truly is a masterpiece!
Posted by blindwitness90 on 12-18-2018
This one is a precious masterpiece. They just don't write books like this anymore. The richness of plot, character's arcs, and the story are beyond incredible.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-18-2018
I kind of wish that I could re-read the very first Harry Potter again. By re-read, I assume you mean that your memory is completely wiped and you have no recollection of reading the book originally. In any case, yeah, I’d choose Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, because it was one of the most defining books of my childhood. It changed the way I looked at literature, and made me realize that reading can actually be really fun. It was the first time that I read a book and actually enjoyed it rather than feeling like I was forced to read/learn.
Posted by Denis_P on 12-18-2018
I love reading books. Yes, this question is quite hard for someone like me. If I were to choose one specific book that I want to read again, I would go for "The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino. I happen to read this book in one of the darkest time in my life and this book enlightens me and made a huge impact in my life. I love to read that book again.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 12-18-2018
The only book I've read over and over is The Little Prince. I'm re-reading it now to be honest. I just love the lessons and the quotes on that book. It's a children's books but kids will learn a great deal from it. About things that matters most in life. It's a must read specially to kids.
Posted by knnon on 12-18-2018
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry gives, in a children's book, the best advice of adults to live in the present. Through The Little Prince, he teaches us that adults prefer numbers and immediate things and forget to look in depth, beyond the surface, to let go and invent. Such an amazing book.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-18-2018
I would really like to read Harry Potter books again. Those never get old! They are so great and full of details. Their covers are also looking great. One of the books has a purple cover. I can not remember which one because I keep them in basement due to the fact that they are huge and there is not enough space in my room. I also love Harry Potter movies! They are so great, same as those books are!
Posted by NikSuks on 12-18-2018
The Lord of the Rings, all three books, and the complete collection of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Also, several books by Jules Verne would be beyond incredible to read again with new eyes, as if it was my first time reading them.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-18-2018