Toysmith Color Click Pen

Toysmith Color Click Pen
Toysmith Color Click Pen makes it possible to enjoy all the rainbow color combinations by using a single pen. Their are limitless color possibilities when you use this pen. One can express him/herself felicitously with the aid of this pen.

The pen has very responsive button that makes switching between various colours fun, when you want to produce a work entirely with ink, if the work is of an artistic nature and you wish to ensure it is captivating, then this pen probably is all you need to achieve that dream.

Their are practically 10 different colors to switch between, this makes it really interesting to work with such pen, the Toysmith color click pen helps in building upon ones inspiration, because when you have multiple choice of colors to select from it will advertently broaden you horizon and perspective of the work at hand.

• 10 different colors to select from. • Enhances creativity. • Makes writing fun.

• Considerably big in size. • difficult in selecting a particular color, due its singular button switch.



I was going for Bic... but

I love the Bic name brand, so it seemed like a no brainer to pick that. And, even now writing this, I'm tempted to switch to Bic. Talk about the pull of nostalgia! I remember having Bic multi color pens as a child. This was a real highlight for me, loving to write and having so many beautiful ink choices available. These multi color pens go way past the ordinary black/blue one color pen and take writing to a whole new fun level. The reason that I chose this specific pen is that you said it has ten colors! Not sure I have ever owned one with so many colors, this would be lots of fun! A great way to have so many inks at your finger tips without having ten pens to clutter your desk. The problem being, this pen barrel is probably a little too large to be comfortable. But I don't imagine I'd be using it for anything but scribbling notes or updating a single piece of paper. So that might not be a big deal.
Posted by Beverly on 03-17-2017
Yeah it used to be a big deal back in the day when you had one of these multi-colored pens! It was like it's 3 pens in one! But now they are like 10 different pens in one. Kids today don't know how good they got it! :P

10 in 1!

Wow 10 different colored pens, in 1 pen! I used to think that the 3-in-1 pen was good back in the early 90's. Now they have pens that are 10-in-1. That is pretty cool. But does that mean that the next generation will have 20-in-1 pens? And the next after it, 30-in-1 pens and so on up to a 100 in 1 pens? That could be cool. Although you'd be a bit spoilt for choice! At least you'd have virtually every color in the rainbow to choose from. Back in my day we only had those 3 in 1 pens. And they were the primary colors of red, blue and green. Although you could get those that had black, blue and red color pens too. I haven't actually picked up one of those pens in a long long time. I don't really use stationary that much these days but I'd imagine it to be like taking a trip down memory lane holding and using one. I remember we used to draw using those kaleidoscope graph things and we'd spend hours and hours making these strange crop circle like patterns and drawings on paper. I really wish that I still had them in a folder or something as they would be great to look back on in your older years to see what kind of stuff you used to draw when you was a kid. Anyway, Bic pens are great and all but come on! 10 in 1! You'll never need another pen again! :D
Posted by idealmikey on 03-17-2017

More is less

Growing up and being at school Bic was always the brand used when it came to pans, I remember having a Bic 4 Color Ball Pen at school and it was so much easier than carrying numerous pens around with me. The Toysmith Color Click Pen though wins with me because it has more colors and you can never have too many colors when it comes to writing or doing work and having 10 I am pretty sure that covers most colors that would be needed. More room in my pencil case for extra things I need more of with this pen.
Posted by Shortie on 03-17-2017

10 in one

Ball pen with multiple colors are very useful when their is need to complete a work that demands intense color blend. The Toysmith is an invaluable tool that facilitates color work especially those that are art related. The pen has an elaborate design that makes it very handy when in use. Everything about the pen is compact, considering the number of colors that are available in the pen. This pen is very efficient, so serious writing task can be accomplished with it.
Posted by Trisha on 03-17-2017

had one as a kid and loved it

I had one of these pens as a kid and I absolutely loved it. I would definitely choose this pen with 10 colors over the Bic pen that only has four colors. The whole point of this pen being fun and enjoyable is the wide array of colors it offers. You can color a whole picture with just one pen! It's incredible! I recently purchased one for my daughter and she had an absolute blast using it!
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 03-20-2017


BIC 4 Color Ball Pen

BIC 4 Color Ball Pen
Bic 4 Colors Ball pen is incredibly the right choice when their is need to go for a multi colored pen. Bic is a household name such that the brand has overshadowed the like, people call some brands Bic and it can reconcile with the fact the they rendered remarked excellent services for many years. Their years of experience still count and goes a long way in putting them at the hem of affairs in the ball pen world.

The color combinations are black, blue, red and green. This colors are among the most desired ball pen colors. For recording of data with immense precision the BIC 4 color Ball Pen is arguably a perfectionist, everything is done with a touch of excellence.

Their are four buttons to make switching between color choice extremely simple, the size of the pen is considerably moderate, regardless of the fact that it contains four unique colors. The colors are so firm and they have resounding cognitive ability that people with eye defects can see what they are writing vividly.

The BIC 4 Ball Pen helps reading skills by making provision for development by rendering services in terms of legibility.

• Contains the basic ball pen colors. • Very reliable. • Has separate buttons that makes switching from one Color to another fun.

• Limited colors to select from. • may not be as efficient as single color ball pen.



Love these!

I used to go nuts for these ball pens when I was a kid. 4 color pen? That was almost magical. Had one of these for at least all of middle-school. High-quality pens, durable made to endure abuse from kids, you got to love BICs
Posted by Cristian on 03-21-2017


Bic is very popular, their is a reason behind that popularity and its the reliability of BIC. I can't forget some painful moments when I go for a very flashy pen only for it to disappoint me when I need it most.

When I go for exams I prefer BIC because their is 80% chance it will deliver without any hindrance. Decorated ball pen are good for design purpose, maybe just carrying them around as part of the dress code. This four in one can serve as a marking pen for assignments and it is just sufficient.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-17-2017


I have always loved and used the Bic pen it enhance ones writing skills it helps bring clarity and make the writing legible for one to read back what has been written and it nice to look at after writing with it.I like the varieties of color it comes in.
Posted by lovely on 02-06-2018
Bic ball pen was the most popular brand when I was still in school . I remember it was the blue color that was the official ball pen that we were allowed to use. That was in high school. But in college, it was the black ink that was the official color of the pen. I wonder now why the choice of color is like that. Anyway, we are still buying Bic ball pen and it is still the brand that we patronize. However, there are no special ball pens in the bookstore and office supplies store like the one in this discussion, that with 4 colors.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-07-2018