Twitch is a streaming service platform made specifically for streaming video games as well as uploading video content related to games and gameplay.

Twitch was launched in 2011 and is currently owned by Amazon with a constant and impressive popularity rate, especially among Generation Z which wanted a place away from Youtube, specialized in only one thing, streaming video game plays.

Recently Twitch started to expand the type of content offered, having available eSports video competitions, music/songs broadcast as well a general creative content.

  • High-quality service in terms of streaming quality. With Twitch you rarely get any latency at all (if any) but you are also able to stream very high-quality videos.
  • 1 hundred unique visits EVERY single month. That is huge and I'm sure it even makes Youtube invidious on that figure. Sure, you may argue that Youtube is bigger, yeah in terms of video games related content and in terms of how big of an audience that watches live videos each platform haves, Twitch is clearly the winners and undisputable king.
  • Accessibility. I think Twitch wins the accessibility war, you can watch Twitch pretty much from any popular device: Apple tv, chrome cast, ps4, Xbox 360, Nvidia Shield, you name it, Twitch can be at least accessed if not streamed.
  • Earning money from Twitch and becoming a partner is pretty simple. The requirements aren't very hard to achieve and you actually have a sizable potential audience that can turn a profit for you.

  • Xbox developed its own streaming platform named Beam. Meaning users don't need to use a third party app anymore to stream their games. So basically Twitch lost some users when Beam was implemented.
  • Really crazy community. The community of Twitch in comparison with Youtube, for example, is pure trash. Sure you may argue that freedom and speech and all that, but Jesus people on Twitch are crazy when it comes to the comment sections. Especially when it comes to more popular figures.
  • Twitch lacks in unique and quality features. Sure, Twitch is popular and Twitch offers a decent service with the potential of monetizing it. BUT, unlike Youtube Gaming and other game streaming platforms out there, Twitch doesn't seem to want to evolve much. It only implements some features after it already been implemented on other platforms and doesn't really innovate anything.
This may be a bad thing in the long run because you need to constantly innovate and come up with new things if you want to stay ahead in the game.



Twitch all the wall

YouTube is too generic. Its like they over think the theme. I like YouTube but if its about gaming. Twitch rules.
Posted by Anonymous on 06-16-2017

twitch :)

I love twitch and there are a ton of gamers on there also like mixer . I love gaming and streaming and also like watching over members stream. All tho YouTube is more popular but twitch is getting popular as well now and its growing daily.
Posted by moneybags82 on 06-20-2017

Twitch Switch

Youtube was developed for the sake of sharing videos and not to stream games while in the other hand twitch primary service is gaming so its bound to be the best and personally like twitch better.
Posted by wikifarmer on 06-18-2017

Easy choice is the best streaming platform when it comes to games. YouTube gaming isn't bad but it lacks so many features that Twitch already has and most importantly it lacks good streamers.

YouTube can't compete with Twitch. If you just compare the numbers that Twitch brings in every single day versus YouTube Gaming you can see how superior it is.

I almost never really watch YouTube Gaming because Twitch offers me the best streamers and high-quality videos without any lag.

Maybe in a few years time, we will be able to say that YouTube Gaming is getting near Twitch's size but right now, no.

Posted by Mehano on 06-16-2017
Jonathan Solomon

I prefer Twitch

Personally, I feel the YouTube platform as a whole has been played out. Especially when it comes to gaming. Like Mehano said, YouTube can't compete with Twitch. At the same time, I wouldn't even compare the two, to be honest. YouTube Gaming is generic and kind of boring. Every gamer sort of takes the same approach to YouTube Gaming. It doesn't have any originality nor creativity.

I watch both, but if I had to choose one, without a doubt Twitch is the way to go!

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-16-2017


Well, I see that you prefer Twitch as well. Twitch is probably better for the streamers and the audience because it allows you to donate and help out your favorite streamers. It also doesn't have some no life Youtube moderator muting your stream because of some music you are listening to. There also are features like the record clips and just the organization of it where it separates all of the streamers according to the game they are playing and the number of views. With YouTube, there is just much to be desired in terms of flexibility and accessibility to new streamers.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-16-2017

Twitch All the way

When it comes to streaming and gaming I would highly recommend twitch. Youtube is really bad when it comes to their streaming setup and most of the times you are forced to watch streams on poor quality settings while Twitch adds an optional quality changer. Youtube streaming also varies in many types of genres than gaming, but Twitch on the other hand only streams gaming and even has a policy about people having a somewhat a game going on while they stream.
Posted by AWPEK on 06-17-2017

Twich, that's for sure

I think Youtube is not the ideal platform for games, so... The way gets easier for Twich to establish itself as an infinitely better option. It's more appropriate and offers the best features for those who really enjoy the world of video games.
Posted by WildSpirit on 06-16-2017

twitch for Games

Honestly I like youtube and I visit it daily, But when it comes to Gaming and all game related I use twitch because it's just a Gaming world, The audience Understand more that language! I mean when I want to share the videos Of a game I played Ofcause I use Twitch, I don't care about XBox's new streaming system I still use twitch anyway may be I'll use it later but Twitch is good so far And I like it for games.
Posted by Clara1993 on 07-06-2017

Twitch is King

Youtube is just trying to look for new ideas but it's really not working. For the past few years, it was known that Twitch was for live streamers and Youtube was for posting videos. If you try to copy something that's been perfected in a website and start it up these days it won't really be the same
Posted by lexcion on 06-18-2017

Youtube can't touch Twitch.

Twitch is definitely superior than Youtube. Youtube might be better in all aspects of video, but not game streaming. Problem with Youtube are their copyright detections. It's too much hassle for streamers. Unless they fix their system, streamers are better off with Twitch.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 06-20-2017
Golden Geek

Twitch is just more familiar

I don't know of anybody who goes to YouTube Gaming looking for game streamers. (I know people who watch YouTubers who play video games, but that's different.) I know YouTube/Google wants their cut of the action, but I don't think their service is ever going to take off like Twitch has.
Posted by Golden Geek on 06-16-2017
Indeed. Seems like they can't just focus on certain things right? They want to be a part of whatever is trending on the Internet world. Oh Google.

Youtube Flux

With YouTube in flux regarding their ad-rate twitch is the better platform for any aspiring streamer. The Amazon purchase really solidified Twitch's long-term viability. It'll be interesting watching the migration from one platform to the other over the next few years.
Posted by kooch on 06-16-2017


Twitch is so much better and Youtube just started copying Twitch's model. I'm all the way for Twitch in this debate.
Posted by Ipa07 on 06-17-2017

Voting for Twitch

I like using Twitch when I stream. I'll use Youtube to save my streams, but it was so difficult setting up an account that would work the way I wanted to. Twitch was super easy to set up, and I appreciated it being ready to use almost immediately. Plus, I can stream from my PS4 without any issues. Twitch is interactive and allows for ease of use. It's a great site.
Posted by megaanmaarie on 06-20-2017

All you need

Twitch compared to YouTube is meant for gaming. A large variety of many people streaming together, you can easily jump from one game to another. Twitch completely destroys YouTube when they come in competition and there won't be any fun lost after watching streamers for hours. Though people with bad internet should go on twitch as you need a decent wifi.
Posted by timstargraal on 06-17-2017

This is it

When people want live interaction with the broadcaster people think of twitch. I personally have never gone on YouTube to find live streams. The only live streams I watch on YouTube are from people I am a fan of already but when I want to find random people I go to twitch because that's what I'm used to.
Posted by Deen on 06-17-2017


I am mostly in youtube but I believe that for streaming games, twitch is better. I believe we should keep things the way it is, youtube does not need more live game streams, it's already making enough money by itself and has killed over a lot of other rival businesses already.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-17-2017

Twitch is the best

YouTube gaming doesn't have a well reach for livestreaming games, twitch instead has a lot of public, YouTube can't really compete with Twitch.
Posted by StolenKid on 06-16-2017

Twitch all the way

Twitch is the best streaming platform up to date. YouTube Gaming is still new and it has a lot of downsides.
Posted by galegatling on 07-03-2017


Of course, Twitch is built mainly for this type of genres. Everything you need when streaming your game is all in Twitch. You can easily donate to the gamer that you support the most through PayPal on that app which complicated in Youtube Gaming. Streaming games are Twitch's specialty.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-26-2017


YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming
Youtube Gaming.

Although Youtube is the most popular video content platform on the web and actually the second biggest search engine the world has to offer, it needed a separated platform like Youtube Gaming to be able to compete with the growing demand for live video streaming, a service that Twitch figured out it was going to be big.

Strangely enough, gameplay videos started on Youtube and it still holds the largest audience in terms of videos at demand. But it kinda lacks when it comes to live watchers, something that Twitch is more popular for.

  • YouTube Gaming has a really neat feature called video scrubbing, meaning you can go back in a live video and see again a certain period of the video again. For example, let's say you are watching a live video and someone interrupts you while you watch if you miss anything you can't really go back and watch it on Twitch, but you can on Youtube Gaming.
  • Youtube gaming is separated from Youtube main website. And this is wonderful in my opinion. It makes sense offering a totally different service away from your main structure. It also looks a lot better than traditional Youtube or at least is gamer orientated.
  • Awesome app! Again, Youtube makes sure Youtube Gaming is a totally separate entity and this also includes a new app which is far above what Twitch or other competitors released.
  • We are talking about YouTube here and what is Youtube's main service? Videos! So, of course, one of the main advantages Youtube Gaming has over Twitch is quality over. If you want to stream in 4k, you can stream in 4k. It's simply incredible looking back what was possible 10 years ago.
  • Youtube easily haves an advantage when it comes to monitorization. If you are a Youtube partner you just need to switch to Youtube Gaming and start creating content, the money will follow.

  • What it comes to the number of people watching live videos, Youtube clearly looses. Sure they have a huge audience watching on-demand videos, but overall when it comes to live videos, Twitch beats Youtube Gaming.
  • Poor accessibility. I've mentioned that Youtube Gaming is separate from main Youtube. But that's pretty much it, apart from the mobile connectivity because it has a cool mobile app, you can't really use Youtube Gaming integrated with anything else.


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Twitch all the way. It was built for streaming and it has way more features to back their service. YouTube seems like a bad joke compared to Twitch. I have watched some videos live over YouTube, the only plus to it is that you can actually talk with people in chat. On twitch there are too many people and catching up with messages can be quite a task at times
Posted by Makefort on 06-16-2017
True. Seems like for me, YouTube just wanted to make a game streaming platform since they have a lot of gaming videos uploaded on their site. But that's not the same as Twitch who put effort on bring streaming quality in the first place. I heard that Youtube Gaming has had a lot (and I bet they are still having) of issues when some people try to stream games. It doesn't sound unusual to me.
Posted by galegatling on 07-07-2017
I'd choose both. I prefer to reach as many people as I can. Because branding requires you to be everywhere. You can then consider that option. In case if you used twitch video option you can make use of the youtube for offline viewing or later viewing. And vice versa. But these days there are some good viewers coming out on the twitch. So that's another thing to watch out for. I would suggest you to try both.
Posted by overcast on 06-17-2017
I actually choose neither, mostly because I play a lot of rhythm games that release albums for longer versions of the songs in them. Due to this, copyright-related issues are rampant on YouTube and I know Twitch is getting there. Due to those factors, they're not exactly risks I care to take. I use different streaming websites instead and while perhaps it's inconvenient for many I'm not exactly seeking a wide audience, so...
Posted by Linen on 06-17-2017
I am not much into gaming, and I have neither used twich or youtube gaming, therefore, I cannot say anything about these two gaming platforms. Since I don't have any experience, I cannot also make a comparision between these two. I think I will have to check these gaming platforms to know better.
Posted by vinaya on 06-17-2017
I have not try twitch or youtube gaming. In fact, I didn't know about there is YouTube Gaming app. I am interested to find out more about it, though I do not think I can make time to play games at the moment. I have seen twitch and I think it's pretty good. I cannot really compare as I am not a user for both of these sites.
Posted by kaka135 on 06-20-2017
I never really tried Twitch nor Youtube Gaming, but for watching live videos and live gaming I definitely prefer Youtube. But I'm pretty sure it's just 'Youtube' not Youtube Gaming. Youtube ( not Youtube Gaming ) is #1 for anything video-related for me, even gaming videos.
Posted by ValX on 06-20-2017
I admit that I don't have problems on watching game plays or just pro players on Twitch or YouTube, I do it on both sites without problems. On Twitch you can watch all the plays and comments from the one who's playing, you have full details of everything. While, on YouTube you can only see what they want to show you, they modify and edit all the content we upload, of course they only put the best plays and it makes all look beautiful and professional.
Posted by luispas on 07-30-2017
I will go with twitch not with all its popularity and effectiveness. When it comes to streaming videos I think twitch is incomparable with YouTube. it much more better with buffering and other glitches. The site has so many unique visitors monthly and money is made better there by users.
Posted by lovely on 03-02-2018
Gaming is truly a big industry that streaming services are now getting to be big companies. This is the first time I have learned of Youtube Gaming that serves the streaming of video games. With the huge database of Youtube for the depository of the countless videos, now they are engaging in game videos. I think that is a good start because gaming is the name of the game now. Sooner or later, it will be one of the biggest industry and I guess it is now in the top 10 industries in the internet.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-25-2018