Ty Beanie Boos Thankful - Turkey

Ty Beanie Boos Thankful - Turkey
Thanksgiving will surely be an amazing day: friends, family, dinner! A lot of it will surely be enjoyed, and in the end we will all go to bed with full bellies and a smile on our face. But going to be might be lonely, and abandoning the Thanksgiving spirit before going to sleep is... well, it might not be amazing as the day that we just passed. What about something to hug, some cute nice little toy themed with the day, maybe a plush, the typical companion of many nights in bed (not only for children, I personally know many adults and older people that actually love plushes!) - something Thanksgiving related of course! For example this absolutely incredible and adorable little turkey. This thankful turkey is part of the Ty Beanie Boos brand, and it's being sold on Amazon for just 19,48 dollars. Just a quick look at the picture will make you go "Awww!" for his incredible cuteness. The small brown body is covered with short fur, that will help you stay warm in the cold nights of November. Two small wings are attached to the body, as well as two tiny little feet - and all both of those pairs are aven cuter than the rest! Like most kid friendly cartoon and characters, the turkey plush have a big round head, completely red, with a yellow smiling beak and then, the best part of the whole plush! The EYES! Just look at them and try to not smile, look at them and you will want to hug this turkey with all your strenght! Two big beautiful green eye full of life, full of expression, that will completely warm your heart and make you thankful of having such a nice little friend with you. This turkey plush is a perfect purchase, for both adults and kids, for a cute Thanksgiving night.

  • Incredibly cute
  • Well made
  • Very soft
  • Just look at those eyes!
  • As described
  • Arrived fast

  • Not everyone is a fan of the "big cute eyes" style
  • A bit strange, after all it might be too different from an actual turkey
  • Price a bit high
  • Arrived in a weak package



Beanie Boo's are all the rage right now

Beanie Boo's are so popular right now. I just got my kids "beanie boo earmuffs" for Christmas. I'm not sure what it is about them that kids love so much. I guess it's their big, round, sparkly eyes and the many different styles they come in that attracts kids. I have to give it to the TY company for reinventing themselves and basically having a whole second round of success after the mania of "beanie babies" from the 90's died down. I like this turkey. He's cute and festive.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-14-2017
gata montes

Instantly cuddle/snuggle worthy

An instant choice - has to be this one - the Ty Beanie Boos Thankful - Turkey - as it definitely has the “ awww “ factor and in a big way too.

As not only is it way, way beyond cute and instantly cuddle/snuggle worthy - but just look at that adorable little face with those huge eyes - how could anyone resist it !

Posted by gata montes on 11-14-2017


Ty Beanie Babies - Gobbles the Turkey

Ty Beanie Babies - Gobbles the Turkey
Cuteness can be many thing, and can be related to many stuff: sure, the small turkey plush that I described in the other side of this versus is cute, with the big head, the big eyes and all of that, but a majority or minority of people might not like that style, might not find him cute enough to justify a purchase of that particular turkey plush. However the same people might want to have a turkey plush anyway, just in a different style - maybe because they find him cuter, maybe because they don't want something cuter but prefer something more.. somehow realistic, or something that look closer to a adult bird. Gobbles is here to anwser those requests, without asking any other questions. Gobbles is here for all of you: who is he? Well, Gobbles the Turkey is another turkey-shaped plush, perfect for Thanksgiving, also made by Ty Beanie Babies, and it's being sold on Amazon for 8,99. Gobbles is pretty good looking and it seems pretty big: like a proper Thanksgiving turkey, he's pretty fat, and also colorful. A big brown body, two pretty big wings and the usual small (bigger than average, however) yellow feet. He also have a long red neck with a big yellow beak, and two small dots that are his eyes (yep, none of the "big cute eyes" like the other plush here). The best part of Gobbles - and I think he might even agree - is however his tail. BIg, colorful, and almost as big as the body, if not even bigger, the tail is white, red, black... It's simply wonderful. Gobbles might look silly to someone, with those very small eyes that after a closer look give him a weird expression, might be cute to others, for his colors, his shapes, his... everything, or might simply be amazing, for all of this, everything that defines him as the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Adorable
  • Very cute
  • Arrived quickly
  • Excellent price
  • Soft
  • Colorful
  • Boxed well
  • Very well made

  • A bit smaller than Thankful
  • You might prefer a less "realistic" look, like Thankful
  • A few problems with delivery
  • One came in a bad package


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I find both of them to be equally cute. The colors are what make those beanies more interesting. If it was possible I would have bought both of them. However, considering the price I think that I will get Gobbles the Turkey. The other one is a bit expensive.
Posted by Pixie on 11-14-2017
Thanksgiving is not a part of our cultural celebrations, however, if I have to choose any of these items as a house decoration or gift to the children, I think I will choose Ty Beanie Boos Thankful - Turkey. This looks very cute. The big eyes make it very lovely. By the way Ty Beanie Babies - Gobbles the Turkey is also nice.
Posted by vinaya on 11-14-2017
They're both cute on their own design and they're gonna be liked by my kid cousin to hug and to play with these. But I think that the Boos Thankful Turney is a little bit pricey for me since it's almost $20 for just a stuff toy and the other one only cost for $9 (the size is reasonable at its price). Although the Thankful is pricey, the design is so adorable that I can't get enough to look.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-02-2018
Oh well, kids would love to have those small cute beanie babies. Stuff toys are still in fashion and children are still gobbling up those items whenever they see one in the store. That’s why I’m glad to be shopping alone because it is difficult to have children with you. They would pull you unsuspectingly to the toy store in the mall. And once you enter, you are dead – they will not leave the store until you buy them a toy and they will settle even for a small stuff toy only.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-15-2018