UDI U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone

UDI U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone
This is the UDI U28-1 FPV WiFi HD Camera Drone. It's a FPV (First Person View) HD camera drone that comes with a 4" LCD screen on the actual controller itself so you can see what it sees, in real time.

With the U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone you can take to the skies like a bird and enjoy a fuss free and breathtaking flying experience almost like no other FPV drone flying experience before it.

The U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone is the perfect and ideal FPV camera drone both for newbie and experienced drone flyers that are looking to fly around in the skies above and see what it sees from a birds eye point of view.

However not only is this an HD FPV camera drone, it's also an agile stunt drone that lets you pull off aerial stunts, 360° flips and rolls and other tricks with a simple flick of the joystick on the controller.

Plus it comes packed with tons of flight technology such as the 6 Axis Gyro for super smooth flight and stability with added wind resistance making it fun and pleasurable to fly in even light to medium winds outside.

Allowing you to take HD aerial photos and video, you can snap and record all the action from the air in 720p HD resolution. And all of which is stored on the internal 4GB micro SD card built into the U28 drone's controller.

The HD camera on the U28 drone is a 120º Wide Angle 2MP camera that can record everything in full 720P HD resolution and it comes with a 4GB micro SD card which it's stored onto making sharing and uploading to YouTube very easy.

With a long flight time of around 7-9 minutes, and a quick charge time via a USB cable, the 3.7V LiPo batteries can be charged from the mains or from your computer/laptop. Plus you get 2 batteries to double up your flight time.

A fantastic drone for newbies and beginners. It's 6 axis gyro stabilization makes flying it very smooth and stable and with two speed settings of low and hight, complete novices and experts alike can handle it without much effort.

And the U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone has headless mode so it can be flewn in any direction regardless to which position it's facing it. Non-headless drones need to be turned into the direction you want them to go in. Not so here.

But what makes the U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone so appealing is that it's an FPV HD Camera Drone of course. That means you can view what the drone is viewing on the included 4" LCD screen in real time as it's happening.

Altitude Lock

With the altitude lock the U28-1 drone will be perfectly stable at the altitude you set it to when flying. This makes taking pictures and recording videos on it very smooth and clear.

FPV Mode

With the FPV mode you can stream live 720p HD video from the drone's Wide Angle Lens camera straight to the build in LCD screen that's on your WiFi controller and store it on a micro SD card.

Headless Mode

The headless mode makes it possible to fly the drone in any direction you want to go in regardless to which direction that it's facing in. This makes it very easy to fly and control.

Double Flight Time

As you get two batteries, it effectively doubles your flight time. And with a low battery warning sound, you can quickly swap over your used battery for the new one and be up and flying again quickly.

  • It has a 720p HD camera with Wide Angle Lens so you can see more of what's in front of you in good quality resolution.
  • It has a 4" LCD screen built into the controller itself so you can see what it sees in real time FPV viewing.
  • It has a flight time of around 7-9 minutes which can be doubled with the extra spare battery that you get with it.
  • It has some good flight technologies like headless mode, altitude hold and 6 axis gyro stabilization for flying on windy days.
  • It can pull off nifty aerial stunts, rolls and other 360° flips and tricks for that little bit more of a fun element.

  • Battery life isn't that great at only 7-9 minutes. Less if you're recording/streaming too.
  • Some people say it's difficult to fly and "wobbles" in the air a lot.



UDI u28-1 FPV

I've done research on drones and this one comes handy, the cameras are HD and the streaming bandwidth is large enough to transmit data in real time, the UDI has fast processors that enhance its high performance.

To view the world handsomely with all comfort this drone is good, this Christmas must be great and if you've not taught if it , its time to start.

Get the best view if your area with UDI drone.

Posted by Jeshurun on 12-21-2016

Better for me

UDI U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone has all the features I look for in a drone, with its flying mode, I'm definitely going to choose it over any other type of drone. It's expensive but worth it.
Posted by Martinsx on 11-07-2018

UDI U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone

I think that this drone is better in functionality and battery lifespan than the other drone which can fly for only 4 minutes or half the time I can operate the UDI U28-1 FPV HD Camera Drone. Also this drone has additional features that makes it better.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-15-2018


TDR Robin FPV HD Camera Drone

TDR Robin FPV HD Camera Drone
This is the TDR Robin 5.8G FPV 720P 2MP HD Camera Drone with built in 4.3" LCD and pop-up sunshade and 4G Micro SD. It's a palm sized FPV drone and is RTF (Ready To Fly) FPV (First Person View) HD camera drone.

The TDR Robin FPV HD Camera Drone is controlled wirelessly using the 5.8 GHz standard which gives you real time viewing of what the drone sees straight back to the 4.3" LCD screen on the controller and is stored onto the MicroSD memory card.

You can see what the drone sees in real time from a range of up to 230 feet (70 metres) away. And the camera is a 720P HD camera so you can take high quality 1600x1200 photos and videos from the sky in a birds eye view.

More than just being able to record and take HD photos and video, and being able to see it in real time FPV style, the TDR Robin FPV HD Camera Drone is also packed with some sophisticated flying technology to boot too.

There is the Auto Hover mode that lets you hover your drone perfectly in one spot in the air using its altitude holding technology for a complete hands free hovering experience. Plus teh 6 axis gyro stabilization gives you a very smooth and stabilized flying experience with some strong wind resistance too.

Although it's palm sized, it has a light weight airframe design with small rubber feet for a soft landing every time. The rubber feet absorb most of the impact of crashes and hard landings which increase the life of your drone.

And with the LiPO batteries you get an increase in flight time over Alkaline or NiMH cell batteries. Letting you take amazing high quality pictures, photos and videos from high up in the air like never before.

There's no doubt that the TDR Robin FPV HD Camera Drone is packed full of the tech that most drone flyers will be looking for today. A high quality camera, headless mode and stabilization and return to home features. All for a fairly reasonable price make this a worthy HD FPV camera drone for new to intermediate drone flying enthusiasts.

Headless Feature

The new headless feature makes the drone super easy to fly and steer in the air. Where as without it, you'd need to point the nose into the direction you want to go in. Headless feature means you can fly in any direction you want to regardless of which direction your drone is facing in.

3D 360° Stunts

With a flick of a button, the Robin can pull off awesome looking 360° rolls and flips in any direction you want, forwards, backwards or sideways left or right.

Modular Battery

The modular battery design makes for a compact battery with no exposed wires and very quick and easy to replace when you need to get back up in the air quickly.

Auto Return Home

With the Auto Return feature you'll never loose your drone if the battery gets low. It will just reverse its course and find its way back to where it took off from. That means no more lost drones!

  • It has a 2MP 720P HD Camera and can stream what it sees in real time to the 4.3" LCD built into the controller itself.
  • It has several flight technologies that include headless mode and 6 axis flight control system for stabilized flight.
  • It has a range of up to 230 feet and a flight time of around 4 minutes which isn't that great but it uses a lot of power.
  • It is a small palm sized drone and is light weight with rubberised feet for soft landings extending its life.

  • Flight time also isn't that great at only around 4 minutes which is pretty abysmal!
  • The Yaw rate is said to be very slow and wind can be a massive factor.


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They're both look gorgeous to have my first drone and I do like both of their specs. The design is fantastic and I can't wait to experience having this kind of drone. I am satisfied with what specs they can offer to me for my first drone only for fun but I don't think that this is better to use for a professional video capturing drone.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-05-2017
Maybe no one had expected that a camera can fly to take shots for a movie. Even if I have some associations in the local movie industry, I’m still amazed by the development of equipment with the small action camera that is Gopro and also the drone that can take shots in any angle not only from above but also in some slanting shots. And drones are not that expensive anymore so I guess those new products are very welcome to the consumers who are enthusiasts or professionals.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-03-2018
I have no Idea about the features of these two drones, but they're looks great and useful. Honestly, I really love to buy my own drone but the price is still high, and I think much better to become practical not to buy the things I don't need. And this is the reason why I don't have any Idea, because if I won't buy, I'm not interested to read articles, I will just hurting my self by doing that. LOL.
Posted by ion on 07-24-2018