URSTAR Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 24 Speed 26" Aluminum Frame Bicycle

URSTAR Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 24 Speed 26" Aluminum Frame Bicycle
URSTAR Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a product for perspicacious individuals, the bike makes things exceptionally easy and fast. UPSTAR is ideal for speed, with 24 speeds by shimano available to meet your needs. The finest of materials were put together to produce what remains a heraldic bike, each component is geared towards improving biking standards and comfort.

The bicycle frame is made of MTB aluminum, the material has high capacity to withstand highly impacting force. Frames made from MTB aluminum are light in weight, yet very strong and rugged. The strength enable the frame to carry heavy individuals without any form of deformation, even obese individuals can enjoy this bike regularly and the experience is always splendid.

The size of the wheel is 25.9 inches, very sizable to cover appreciable distance with one stride, large sized wheels can reduce the number of pedaling when climbing mountains or riding on plane ground. The bicycle has a front fork suspension brake, the brake suspension is 70mm and delivers incredibly when applied.

The bike transmission chain is Z51, with ratings 1/ 2x2/ 32x108L, this chain meets all mountain biking requirements and standards. Chain failure can be heart breaking especially in lonely areas, the company chose Z51 due to it's unmatched performance. The chain wheel 42T×6.7" MC-AD26, 22T/ 32T/ , ED Crank, black ski pad.

• RD TZ30 Shimano rear derailleur. • RD TY300 Shimano Front derailleur. • Very friendly saddle, made with quality leather. • Reliable front fork brake disc with 70mm suspension. • 25.9 inches wheel. • Transmission Chain Z51 1/ 2×2/ 32 × 108L. • Seat post with non skid thread and security thread. • 26 inches × 1.95 outer tube. • 26 inches × 1.95, IIR inner tube.

• No side mirror. • No front light.




This was a bit of a tough decision since they both seem like good choices if you are into cycling. But if I had to pick then I would go for this, the URSTAR Full suspension mountain bike 24 speed and aluminium frame bicycle. The fact that it has a very friendly saddle makes it great.
Posted by kingcool52 on 03-27-2018


ORKAN 27.5" Mountain Bike Hybrid Bike 21 Speeds & Full Suspension & Shimano

ORKAN 27.5" Mountain Bike Hybrid Bike 21 Speeds & Full Suspension & Shimano
ORKAN 27.5" Mountain Bike Hybrid remains the centre of attraction in exhibit shops and mountain racing, ideal for sagacious bikers who are experienced and know what they want from a bike. Hybrid bike's are rare to come by, only few brands deliver top notch quality and complexities, this is one of the few bike's that remains profound in all ramifications.

The frame is made of quality steel capable of meeting high end mountain biking demands, the frame has a special suspension fork which is pivotal in ensuring stability. Steel frames remain trendy in bike production, since the material has remarked strength and satisfies mountain bike standards, steel is very light compared with other heavy metal, and the material remains intact even when exposed to impacting loads.

The frame can carry heavy individuals and loads without deforming in shape or size. The technology used in ORKAN mountain bike hybrid ensures minimal vibration, this quality is beneficial in rocky and mountainous regions, since it helps to reduce shocks which can be detrimental to the bike rider. The bike color combines blue and black in a fashionable way, this gives the bike a resplendent appearance.

Shimano 21 speeds is available to meet your needs, delivering a very wide range of speed, therefore selecting the most appropriate speed for each terrain can be done seamlessly. Comes with excellent rear derailleur, and adjustable seat.

• Frame made of steel. • The frame is light and very strong, it also has suspension fork. • Adjustable seat. • Very fashionable, resplendent appearance. • Experience minimal vibration. • An exquisite hybrid brand for a memorable mountain biking experience.

• Maximum recommended human weight 200 Lbs. • No side mirrors.




When it comes to getting a mountain bike, one of the criteria that comes to my mind is how long is the bike going to take me to and fro the mountains and by reading about the ORKAN 27.5" Mountain Bike Hybrid Bike 21 Speeds & Full Suspension & Shimano, I have come to notice that it is going to give value for money as you will get to enjoy some good times having it than the former one mentioned above.
Posted by Barida on 07-22-2018

Beginner friendly

ORKAN 27.5" Mountain Bike Hybrid Bike 21 Speeds & Full Suspension & Shimano is my pick between these two. The frame is light and durable and is shock resistant. It also has an adjustable seat that would be very useful for my below average height.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 07-13-2018

Sounds more like something I'd buy

The side mirrors aren't a real necessity for me, so I think this one wins out. Sounds like the durability of the frame mixed with the lightweight nature of it would be really convenient - I want a bike that's going to last me a while so I was drawn to that!
Posted by amelia88 on 07-22-2018


I used to bike for my exercise because my job in the office is sedentary. I have a mountain bike but the cheap one only. Shimano is expensive, I know that brand and I cannot afford it. But I guess Shimano is a good bike that is made in Japan. I have stopped biking though when the muscle on my right leg started to exhibit a swelling when it is abused. That swelling always appears when I use the bike for 30 minutes.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-26-2018
You might laugh at me, however, I leaver learned cycling. I never have a bike and I never cycled, even when I was a child. Well, it is not that I did not try cycling. When I was a kid, I tried to learn cycling. My skills were improving, but sadly I injured myself very badly that I was in the bed rest for a mont. After I recovered I was scared to try a bike.
Posted by vinaya on 03-27-2018
I had a very sad experience with riding bicycle when I was still a teenager, I sustain so many injuries in the process of my learning how to ride and till date, I still have a serious phobia when it comes to riding bicycle or motorcycle.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-09-2018
It is always necessary that we trade with care when getting new bicycles as having the one that can be able to take one to far distance places while you are balanced is definitely a good choice. I feel both are good as long as you are not riding it off the streets at night.
Posted by Barida on 08-02-2018
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Posted by Anonymous on 01-12-2019