Unrequited love

Sometimes falling in love with someone cannot be avoided. There are moments in where we take up the courage to confess, no matter if rejected, we keep going. During these moments, there is always one person who is hurt. However, the person usually being seen as the 'antagonist' is the one who rejected. There are two sides of the coin. Which one would you want to be?

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I was in high school at that time when my friend admitted that he likes me. I was surprise, but I have to reject because I see him as a friend and besides my other friend likes him. But it's all in the past now and I did not regret with my decision.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-10-2018
It's better to choose friendship over potential love story. That's great that you choose friendship over the guy. You are a friend that has to be kept close because you value your friends more.
Posted by theresajane on 12-11-2018
I don't know that I'd like either of those situations since they both mean someone's heart is usually going to get crushed! I'd prefer to be in a healthy loving relationship from both sides!
Posted by amelia88 on 12-11-2018
It's hard to choose. But, you know, it feels good to be loved. So, even though it's a bit selfish, I'd rather have someone who loves me even though I have no feelings for him.
Posted by theresajane on 12-11-2018
I'm unsure as to which one I should pick. I really do not know who loves me at this moment and I am not in love in anyone as well. Love is an eternal feeling that happens at any time, at any place and towards anybody.
Posted by kaushikangara on 12-11-2018
I have been both the protagonist and the antagonist. The 17 year old me thought it was a good idea to string along a teenage girl until it was no longer convenient for me. I had no one to blame but me when I was stuck on a park with a crying girl while everyone was shooting me judging looks. Years later, my girlfriend told me she didn't think I am the one for her, always thought it was better to be the protagonist but the crying-my-heart-out version of me would say otherwise.
Posted by pencilneckgeek on 12-11-2018
When I was younger I was kind of romantic maybe because I have been reading romance books. But when I fell in love I realized that love is a mysterious thing. I’m so happy that I fell in love with the right man because I know of so many who are not happy with their spouses. But when they got married they had a grand wedding with a lavish reception. After some years the love died and they have separated.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-12-2018
I'm used to liking someone and they don't like me back, it sucks and it hurts but I used that to my advantage to get better in life and I can do things on my own and thanks to them I was right, I am so much better now. I did so much things on my own without someone telling me "You can do it" and this reminds me of that Katy Perry song that goes "I'm gonna love myself the way I want you to love me"... Yes it's sad but this is how the world works.
Posted by ivandelrey on 12-12-2018
Before, I liked someone and they said that they felt like he also liked me too as a lot of people noticed he acted weird and strange when I was present but he did not have any guts to confess his feelings same to me as well. I was so happy that I was able to noticed that one but of course I am not really sure about that but he really acted strangely when I was present and he looked to me very shyly and me too. Same as well to my other crush before that guy. His uncle told some of his friends that his nephew really likes me and of course I don't believe it as it was not really obvious and he was so snob as if he don't want to look back at me. For now, I like someone else but he doesn't like me back but there some who likes me but I don't want to entertain them.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-14-2018
It's an uncomfortable feeling having someone love you but not feel anything for them. It's awkward even talking to them or spending time with them because you don't want to give them false hopes. I much rather have love for someone who doesn't feel the same towards me because I don't think I can even act out on how I feel. I won't be confessing I'll just remain quiet so the friendship wouldn't be ruined. It's harder but at least it won't be awkward.
Posted by knnon on 12-14-2018
This topic suddenly brought me back to past. I have a guy best friend who feel inlove with a girl but she likes another guy which is also their bestfriend. They had so much time together that they noticed how things got complicated between them after the guy confessed his feelings to the girl. Although he knew that his love will never be reciprocated, he still waited for her and support her for all of her decisions. After a year of waiting, the girl suddenly starts to feel the same as she already appreciated the efforts that his bestfriend for him, so they tried to be together. Until such time that, the girl met an another man. The man courted her, and yes both of them are competing in order to win the girl's heart. But after a year again, her guy bestfriend lose and the new man won. And now, they are now in their 3rd anniversary of their relationship. Love is hard and painful. It can be developed but you can never force someone to love you. It's just that the girl tried to fall in love with here bestfriend trying to reciprocate his feelings as a gratitude for his efforts. But, if you're really meant for each other, you will really be together in end. That girl is me and I am now happy with my 3 years LDR boyfriend.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-14-2018
Had a crush on my best friend, but she didn’t feel the same way. However, I didn’t want to shut her out of my life, as she was one of the few positive things I had. After 7 years, she is still my best friend to this day and, honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-16-2018
I choose to be in love with someone who doesn't love me because it's not yet the end of everything. I will give my best and try so hard to make her fall in love with me. But I see that it is not the right thing to do anymore, I will let myself find another love and pursue it. I don't want to choose someone because of mercy. I want to spend my lifetime with the person I love and love me back.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 12-17-2018