Upcycling, a specific kind of recycling, entails turning waste material or an unwanted product into something better quality. When upcycling something, nothing gets broken down. It can be reworked or reconstructed in many different ways but typically stay the same, if not better quality than when the process started.

Upcycling's major benefit is reducing landfill waste, lessening the demand for natural resources and decreasing the amount of chemicals being emitted into the earths atmosphere. It can save you money by turning something you have that may be broken and turning it into something else that you need.

The job market may be impacted significantly as there wont be as much demand in retail. In addition, retail store wont be making as much money by selling any new products.



Sounds artistic, and creative.

There was once a news segment about a company that took used wine bottles, cleaned them up, cut off the top, and then re-purposed the wine bottles int candles. This is very creative and artistic. This is like a million dollar idea.

When you think about all the waste that gets recycled, and recycled many times over, you are not only emitting more gases into the atmosphere, but you are wasting energy to recycle the product.

With upcycling you are building new products out of products that are recyclable. There are many more opportunities in terms of business growth with upcycling than there is with just plain recycling. Upcycling can also be a great hobby, because you are being creative and creating new products out of old products.

If you are thinking of going green, or want to be a green business then try to convert old products into new products like making candles out of wine bottles, it's very smart.

Posted by Everett on 01-11-2017

It is similar reusing

They say to reduce, reuse, recycle and in my opinion Upcycling is right there with reusing (maybe just after it such as reduce, reuse, upcycle, recycle). It is also fun to make things out of other things.
Posted by Lop on 01-11-2017


Upcycling is an invaluable process , it is definitely less demanding, a lot of energy is saved during the process. Instead of extracting raw materials from the scratch its a wise bid to upcycle, that way alot of money is saved and the environment is kept clean and sanitized. The process of up cycling give every member of the society a sense of belonging, because they must work hand in hand to achieve the process.
Posted by Trisha on 01-13-2017


I haven't heard of upcycle until I tumbled to this topic. It is really amazing and better than recycling.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-09-2018



Recycling means to turn waste into something reusable or to refurbish a product to reuse. When something is recycled, most commonly, plastics, paper, metal or glass, it is broken down so the basic materials recovered can be made into something new. This typically results into lower quality products than before they were recycled

Recycling protects the environment. Trees are constantly being cut down and the recycled paper made from the trees are reused, minimizing deforestation and felling. Recycling also lessens pollution, the recycling of industrial products can help cut down the levels of pollution by reusing the materials instead of throwing them away.

Recycling is not consistency cost effective. In some cases separate factories are needed for processing reusable products. This can create more pollution in transportation, cleaning and storage. The recycled products aren't always the best quality. The items are often made from overly used or fragile trashed waste, which is why recycled items are cheap and only last for a short period of time.



Really cool

Many materials can serve multiple purposes, so it would be good to maximize such potentials, why leave it the way it is when it can serve multiple purposes. In my opinion I'll say that recycling is very good because it ensures no material is wasted. Think of a situation where the original product doesn't serve its intended use, then the best bet is recycling, that way the raw materials are not wasted.

Recycling might cost a bit but you can't compare the cost with the loss that would be encured without recycling.

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-12-2017

Upcycling is Recycling (O.o)

I have to say Recycling is better for the simple reason that Upcycling is sort of like a subset of recycling. (O.o) That's how I understand it. If we didn't recycle then we couldn't upcycle. Right? (O.o)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-04-2017

full transformation

I'm not really that much into renovated old materials as I prefer to have something be brand new as much as possible instead of it being a refurbished old piece of material that was just made to look new. Additionally, I usually don't find it appealing to see the type of designs that come out of making new things out of discarded materials so I'd much rather have them be shredded and transformed into new materials that I can work with instead.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-19-2018


Both are of equal importance. If something can be upcycled then it is a good thing. It is amazing some of these beautiful pieces of furniture have been saved because of upcycling. Yet, some things cannot be upcycled and we need to think can we use this again, and what for? It may be a plastic bottle or a tin can. Both can be recycled but not exactly upcycled.

They are both being recycled, just in different ways. The plastic bags in your shopping centre were made from previous plastic. Upcycled furniture is recycled furniture without the dismantling.
Posted by JMS on 06-20-2017
I think that upcycling is probably better for the environment but not everything can be upcycled so recycling becomes the option. Whatever we can do to keep the amount of waste being dumped into a landfill is good all around. However, some materials that are made from recycled materials are definitely not higher quality. Plastics tend to be thinner such as the plastic grocery bags.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-09-2017
Upcycle is reusing the thing and recycle is making different thing from the used thing. For instance, if you build a fence from used tyres, it is upcycle and if you throw the tyre in the furnace, and create a new tyre or other things, it is recycle. recycle and upcycle, both are necessary to make this earth a better place. Recycle and upcycle will less the consumption of resources and generate less trash.
Posted by vinaya on 08-17-2017
Our method in helping the conservation of environment is recycling. We collect empty bottles, be they glass or plastic, and even used tin cans. There is a recycling center here that buys those junk. But we don’t sell it ourselves because we give those junk items to the garbage collector who sells them for extra money. We also use cloth bags for shopping so we don’t need the plastic grocery bags anymore. As much as possible, we try to recycle what can be recycled.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-24-2018
Not many things can be upcycled but we can definitely recycled many things which is a lot better and this will help declutter the environment and keep it clean.Recycling helps keeps dirt and waste away from.the environment and help make it into something useful again which is better than dumping it and it turns into a total mess and break out epidemic from all the decaying things. Recycling brings money after selling the recycled items.
Posted by lovely on 02-21-2018
I mean going by simple logic, I'd say that upcycling is clearly the way to go. I'm a fan of recycling as much as the next guy, but the problem is that you can really tell when you're using a product made out of recycled materials. I don't mean to complain about it, as it obviously helps the environment to an incalculable degree, but I'd be lying if I said some recycled products aren't inconvenient to use. If you can turn an old product into something that is of the same quality or even better, that's obviously the logical way to go.
Posted by Denis_P on 07-04-2018
I think recycling by far is more beneficial than upcycling. Because recycled materials are bulked materials which are then recycled so where talking about tons of materials while upcycling only uses a very small portion of recyclable materials.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-16-2018
Both are really good in our environment and either practice are great. however, the upcycling is more artistic.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-09-2018
Do I have to choose? I think both are great. In this day and age I think we're all much more aware of trying to recycle or even repurpose things so we lessen our environmental footprint and that's such a wonderful thing.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-11-2018