Valentine Gift Set Gift Bag

Valentine Gift Set Gift Bag
This Valentine Gift Set is made up of all things you might put together into one big gift for your loved with this Valentine's day!

All packaged up into one beautiful gift that you can give to your lover, or lover to be and containing lots of nice things.

Just look at what you get in the Valentine Gift Set Gift Bag!

The Valentine Glitter Gift Bag itself measuring 13" x 10" x 4.5" with a big red heart and LOVE written on the side in big letters for putting all this stuff in.

The Red Tissue Paper Pack. You get 10 red tissue papers measuring 20” x 20”. Use as many as you need to wrap all these bits up with and have some left over for after.

2 x 12 oz Valentine mugs. Both of these mugs can be used together so that you can enjoy your favorite brews together as a couple in love.

The mini plush bear with 4" x 2 ¾" eternal rose and bow on the stem that shows your love for them is as everlasting as the rose itself will be.

The Mini Plush Bear with Rose Bear measuring 4" x 2 ¾" and the 7" x 2 ¾" rose with it that comes together in its own PVC gift box.

The Artificial Everlasting Red Rose that has a nice bow on the stem that shows love for them is as everlasting as the rose itself is.

The giant 7oz Hershey Kiss which is a giant sized version of everybody's preferred kiss! A 7oz Hershy Kiss in that classic milk chocolate that everyone enjoys.

The Love Frame in the word LOVE where the O is a heart and ready to have a picture placed in it of one of your best pictures together, or just of you?

The red Back Scratcher that has the words "Back Scratcher & Anywhere Else That Tickles Your Fancy!" written along it for scratching those itches with.

Of course, when this arrives, there will be some small assembly required first. You'll maybe want to wrap up some of these gifts in the red wrapping paper you get with it all.

And you'll probably want to put a picture in the frame already unless you want to leave that to them to do. So they can pick one out that's perfect of you two? A double selfie or something perhaps!?

Well that's the Valentine Gift Set Gift Bag and I think it would make a nice Valentine gift set gift bag for anyone. More for a girl/lady than a boy/man!

  • Great perfect Valentine's Day gift set with up to 8 different items that are all romantic and lovely to give as a gift set.
  • Has both a fun appealing, interactive and practical side to it as well what with the mugs, frame and back scratcher!

  • The products aren't the best quality made products like the frame and bear but the mugs and the rest is okay.



Special gift

I've really been thinking of a gift that will spice up my val, I have been contemplating on the perfect gift for the season, this gift bag has really narrowed down the search. So many pleasant and lovely gift all in one bag, but I'm still thinking after I must have gotten this precious gift for my friend are you sure someone will buy such gift for me, or should I buy one for my val and one for myself?

All in one gift with this quality can't just be found by strolling the grocery store, I like their packaging and lovely selection. This gift bag is a sure gift this Valentine. Straight up to make my list and know those who truly deserve it.

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-12-2017


Goodness! So many stunning gift bags out there, which one should I pray for, em not so sure yet. Like the saying the more you look the less you see. We keep looking in retrospect , but its certain the day will be splendid and fun filled. The content of this gift bag is undeniably appealing , I love this special gifts. May be I'll have to buy them for myself, but I trust my friends. I'm sure of a surprise package.
Posted by Trisha on 01-13-2017


Valentines Day Gift Set Basket for Her

Valentines Day Gift Set Basket for Her
This Valentines Day Gift Set Basket for Her comes with some really nice things that are ideal and loving and romantic to give to someone such as your partner, lover or to be this Valentine's day.

Especially so if they love their cute looking teddy bears, flowers and candles! When is it not a good time to give someone some of the most delicious looking chocolate candles to set fire to?

Just look at what you get for why this would make a good Valentine gift set idea..

The Eternal Gold Foil Forever Rose and heart vase . A gold rose that is exquisite to behold and will last forever eternally as long as your love for them lasts. A truly unique one of a kind gift that makes a statement of love.

The white 11" Teddy Bear with a red bow and hearts on its paws and is squeezable and soft and cuddly all day long! No gift set would be complete without a cute, soft and cuddly Teddy Bear making it come alive.

The Scented Chocolate Candles. They look just like delicious chocolate truffles and are scented on such too. You will get one of the candles shown that comes in its own specially wrapped gift box. Just right for setting the mood!

The Gift Basket itself is a reusable wire basket that all of this comes in. After that it can be used for just about any purpose you want and will be loved by any girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter or friend.

All ready for gift giving. For giving as the perfect gift on Valentine's day. These are Valentine gifts that will last forever and are sure to impress the one you give it to as being so thoughtful.

And these are very popular and they only have a limited supply of them and they sell out very fast! So you shouldn't procrastinate on this and place your order for it right away in time for Valentine's Day.

Teddy bears and roses have always been symbolic of love and affection. And candles are perfect for setting the perfect tone and mood of the evening. So the Valentines Day Gift Set Basket for Her takes care of that for you.

And that's the Valentines Day Gift Set Basket for Her!

But which would you prefer to get and to give this Valentine's Day?

  • Very nice Valentine's Day gift set to give to your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, daughter or someone else special on the day.
  • Will save having to buy them all individually and trudging around the shops to get them all before Valentine's Day comes.

  • You don't get that much with it, and you only get one candle although the picture shows four of them.


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So many possibilities, out there the mall is ready and waiting for people to shoplift their special Valentine package, this gift makes sense.
Posted by Trisha on 01-13-2017
I think in case of valentines these days the gift cards are lot better option. So you may wish to make use of the Amazon and other type of the gift cards. These days some people also make use of the cryptocurrency. So that can be really good in many ways.
Posted by overcast on 12-15-2017
Based on what is included in the gift package, I think I will choose Valentines Day Gift Set Basket for Her. Well Valentine Gift Set Gift Bag might also be a good idea, however, as the cont mentions about the quality of items inside the package, I am not choosing this item.
Posted by vinaya on 12-18-2017
Getting the valentine gift set gift bag for a loved one will be a great delight for him or her, the items in the bag are really worthy for a valuable friend during the valentine's day which is a great day for lovers.I just love the tissues, mugs, plush bear, artificial rose and even the love frame which are all the content of that bag,a perfect gift bag for a perfect lover.
Posted by lovely on 02-14-2018
The valentine set gift bag is far better and attractive to express again your perfect love for your partner on this special day and it contains all the expressions of love and other nice gift to make your partner happy.
Posted by babyright on 02-15-2018
It used to be a gift basket or a gift set or a gift bag. But now what do we have here but a gift set basket. That probably means it's got more than just a gift basket. And what about the gift bag? Tons of items huh. Unfortunately for me, we don't celebrate the occasion because my husband's stand is that every day can be a Valentine's day for us. And since his actions speak louder than his words, I believe him and I fully agree. That's the reason why I enjoy looking at the products for the occasion, just salivating but not shopping.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-28-2018