Valentines Day Night In

Valentines Day Night In
Valentines day the 14th February is a romantic time for partners/lovers to spend the day or night together. Romantic setting is ideal for a great night in you can do all kinds of romantic things together.

Such as, placing rose petals around the home and into the bedroom also in the bathroom. A great night in with a romantic homemade meal with a candle which is lit on the table allowing couples to set the romantic atmosphere to there setting. Many also like to place tea light candles around the bath side setting a scene for your partner to taken by surprise as they have seen all the work you put into all of this with your efforts.

Nights in are ideal if you want to have a cosy night with your lover and show them all they mean to you with your inspirational ideas your lover will have a great valentines day. Setting the mood with low lighting, homemade food with candles and bottle wine. Instead of stuck in traffic and trying to find the right restaurant which on valentines day is hard to come across a decent restaurant which isn't busy.

  • Cozy night in with that someone special
  • focus all your attention on them in your own home without been disturbed

  • Not everyone likes nights in on Valentines day they want to be spoiled



Night In

Spending Valentine's Day Night in is a special way of letting your partner know that you two don't need those extravagant food and ambiance to enjoy the night. Home-cooked meals are pretty special in today's modern and instant times. You can be intimate and show your affection to one another without other people around. Plus you'll be safe from the extra hassle of crowded streets and traffic by staying in.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-29-2018

Save more money and time

Valentine in is the best way to celebrate Valentine's day because you save more money and time unlike going outside wasting your money. You can cook for your partner as well or make some diy gift for her or him. Just search some unique ideas to make your wonderful Valentine's day ever!!
Posted by Anonymous on 04-13-2018

SO much more relaxing!

There are definite benefits to staying in on valentine’s day! To me it’s significantly less expensive, less stressful, and we don’t have to worry about a sitter for our kids! I’m at a point where I don’t really a fancy dinner or expensive present to feel loved!
Posted by Anonymous on 05-09-2018

Night in means more quality time

Definitely a night in, relaxed at home. It is more romantic than going out to a restaurant among all the other couples. I prefer to have some quiet time, maybe a nice dinner prepared with love, a movie in our sitting room afterwards. There is no need for anything fancy as the most important thing is being with each other.
Posted by EliteWriter on 01-10-2018

Stay in but go out too

Who needs all that hustle n' bustle of going out, booking a table, hiring a taxi, braving the cold, going up against other Valentines dates and all of that when you can have a nice, warm, cosy romantic night in. And you can still go out by staying in. If you know what I mean. And sure, you might have to clean and wash up after. And sure enough, I like to go out sometimes, who doesn't!? But it's still nice to occasionally stay in and have a romantic Valentine's day / night in with your partner when you make it nice. Cook a really nice meal, put a couple bottles of vino in the fridge, get some gourmet snacks in and treat them. They love it! And these nights are often appreciated more than the ones where you go out since you have to put the spread on yourself.
Posted by idealmikey on 01-18-2018

Where the magic happens

To be honest, when you celebrate valentines day at your house or at your partner's house, it's more intimate. And of course, at home is where the magic happens. After eating and watching a movie in your room, what do you think would come next?

Anyways, what I do is actually a combination of both. We go and dine outside (if I have money, at a fine dining restaurant), then maybe watch a movie at a cinema, then go home and make up. :D

Posted by limberg on 01-12-2018

Staying In

I prefer to spend Valentines Day at home with my love. I think it is a much nicer time together. It is more comfortable for me and more romantic. I do not like going out. It is such a busy evening so I find it way too stressful for my likings. I would choose a night in over a night out any time.
Posted by Sue on 01-15-2018

All night long!

I am not that outgoing anymore and I prefer to spend high-quality time with my partner.

If you go outside for dinner, sure it is fun but you are also surrounded by other people and have to behave in a certain way.

That is why I prefer to stay in and so does my partner. We can do whatever we want without having to worry!

Posted by Mehano on 01-10-2018

relaxing and comfortable

It will definitely be a night in for me, as I have three young kids with me and I usually don't get someone else to babysit them. Moreover, my husband and I prefer to stay at home during this kind of festival, as we don't like crowded places. I think staying at home is more relaxing and comfortable, and we get to enjoy better.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-09-2018

Night in

I guess a night in is more fun and allows you to be freer with one another and be more romantic. Of course, going out wouldn't be bad either but the most time should be spent at home together
Posted by toshina on 04-30-2018

I'd Say "In"

I guess that this would most likely depend upon your partner's preference, or how the two of you compromise, but I have had some of the best Valentine's nights ever just staying at home with some wine, cooking dinner together, and then some romance afterwards. Every eating establishment worth going to on Valentine's Night gets obnoxiously packed, and I prefer to have a bit more privacy than that with my significant other. The older I have gotten, I would say that I prefer staying home for this holiday.
Posted by JoeMilford on 01-17-2018


Going out is not convenient because too traffic and lots of people while staying night in is good because you are in a comfort of your own home and it's not crowded and noisy.
Posted by Scarlet on 01-09-2018

Night in

Valentine's day is a very special event in which I want to show the person I trust and love how much I care about them. And there's nothing better than spending some time together doing something romantic, just having a good time relaxing. A lot of moments are better when you're just with your partner, going to a restaurant will take those moments away.
Posted by Tania997 on 01-11-2018

Too many people out at the same time

One thing I hate about special occasions is that everyone is out celebrating it at the same time which means everyone will be going out trying to go to the same places you are. This also means that there will probably be a lot more cars in the route you're taking and pretty much they will most likely be doing things at the same time you are trying to accomplish your own plans, both going to the place and coming home from it. The place will probably also be packed even if you were able to get a reservation, and this would mean a lot more noise. I would much rather just stay home and go out on any other day instead.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-04-2018

Pretty much more lovely but..

Every lover or love birds out there in the world today would always pick Valentines Day Night In over the outing option because the real show gets popping at home in doors. But personally from where I stand, I cannot do without the two because I seriously enjoy being outdoors as much as I would desire being indoors.

In as much as I know it's lovers day and must be a good day to get comfortable and relaxed at home, I cannot wake up and get cooked up the whole 24 hours at home without going out. It's not possible, I would easily get bored from the long stay at home being indoors. With a mixture of outdoor and indoor activities, I believe it's going to be a better experience than picking just one over the other.

Posted by Martinsx on 01-27-2018
JB Fernandez

Night is Life!

More romantic moments can happen during at night! Who doesn't want to end the day cuddling and making love with your partner?
Posted by JB Fernandez on 02-14-2018


Almost every night, the surprise will come perfectly. It will be boring or maybe non-excitement way to surprise in the morning. Night gave us a special effect or a mystery feeling that makes it good to surprise.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-11-2018

More relaxing

I enjoy the comfort of being at home and being able to wear what I want. I think it’s also more romantic to be able to order take out and just relax in each other’s company instead of deal with the noise and stress of a night out.
Posted by amelia88 on 11-24-2018

There's no need to spend a lot for a once a year e

I don't actually see the need to spend so much on a Valentines Day date. For me, it's much better to stay at home and cook some special food and have some wine and do a lot of sweet things without being very conscious of other people's judgmental stares and etc. I can just save that money and do my best to make my partner feel as if everyday is a valentine's day because that's actually one of the problems between couples right now, the inconsistency. For me, it's much better to have simple dates but at least it's consistent instead of having a fancy date outside and only happens once a year.
Posted by jaybee19 on 05-16-2018

Night In

I would prefer night in. I could just arrange a simple but sweet dinner inside our small home and cook delicious food for him whem he got home. Nothing could beat the feeling when he said that what I cooked is very delicious. Seeing him smile is enough for me to say that I just did the right thing without even leaving our home.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-29-2018

night out

Valentine's day is once a years, so couples should make the best out of it and go outside and have a sweet date.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-27-2018


Valentines Day Night Out

Valentines Day Night Out
Make that someone special feel special by taking them on a night out maybe a fancy restaurant and spoil them to show them how much they mean to you. It isn't just about spoiling someone it is that time of year where you really get to spend some quality time with the person you love dearly.

A great setting is making sure you ring around and book a restaurant first before the last minute as some people do tend to wait till it is too late. Book a table and take your lover for a romantic meal for 2 and spend that quality time together. If you have children find a babysitter, have nice meal and glass of wine and both you use this time to just show each other what love really is and how much you both mean to each other.

Perfect for romance with a night out instead of sat at home, take the time to show how much you really appreciate that someone special in your life. Valentine's day is a special day so do something special be spontaneous and romantic.

  • spoil the person you love to show how much they mean to you
  • No need to cook, go to fancy restaurant and enjoy your night

  • Hard if you have children it means finding a babysitter
  • can cost you money even tho it only happens once a year




I love getting away, even if it's just for a night. I enjoy eating out at a good restaurant, a nice glass of wine or a cocktail, and going back to a nice hotel. It's a nice change of pace from everyday life and makes Valentines feel even more special and celebratory. Plus it's good for the local economy! Local businesses make good money on Valentines evening. I enjoy Valentines Day Night Out for sure!
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 01-18-2018

Night Out

I prefer night out. And also going for various places. You can see that some of the time it can be really good in many ways. And another thing is that night out often takes more time due to lot of people having reservation for food. So it's a good experience either way.
Posted by overcast on 01-10-2018

Night Out

While the restaurants might be a little bit crowded I'd rather have a night out. I wouldn't want to cook anything and I don't think takeout is the right experience for a special occasion.
Posted by anna on 01-10-2018


A quality Valentine's Day should be spent both outside and then inside. You have to take out your partner to a nice romantic place, no one said that it should be a restaurant, however that works too. There are a lot of ideas you can achieve on such a day and you should be creative about it. Of course, there is nothing bad in spending it in your home, cause you can do a lot of things there too.
Posted by manmad on 01-25-2018

Take The Trip

Valentines Day is a time for celebration. And I get that some of us appreciate staying indoors during the holiday. It can be quiet and intimate. It's cool.

But for those people like me who prefer something a bit more extravagant, I want to make the most out of it. It happens once a year. Live a little is what I would say.

I want to go to places I usually can't afford and not have to worry about expenses because it's just one night. A special night where anything feels possible. I've always loved seeing everyone excited and enjoying the outdoors for its welcome atmosphere.

Posted by Steve5 on 01-24-2018

Night Out

This is mainly because we as a couple mostly stay in for most nights, and valentines is one of the days where we free up our schedule and relive moments when we were still in the early dating stages (we're currently together for 8 years now). The number of people going out on this occasion also adds to the ambiance of the season and you can feel the love in the air compared to just staying the night. Going out also makes for a more wonderful night when you go home since you'll have a different experience then inside your room.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-08-2018

Night out

It's a once a year event, so why not go out and enjoy? There are more options out there to try like having a date somewhere you haven't been before or doing various activities that excite both of you. It's okay to spend a bit more than a night in valentines and enjoy to remove stress and connect with your SO.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-12-2018


I vote for Valentines Day night out. You are already used to eating inside your house. It is a once a year event only that needs to be celebrated outside the house.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-29-2018

Night out

I choose celebrating Valentines day night out. There is no need to cook. We will just eat at a restaurant together.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-29-2018


In the early years of my married life, my husband and I went out for a Valentine’s date on my initiative. He just wanted to stay home but I insisted because I wanted to feel romantic. Whoa, there was no transportation, all the cabs were full and it took us almost an hour to get a ride. Reaching the place, we were disgusted because all the restaurants were full to the brim with the long queue for the waiting line. That was one Valentine’s Day that I wouldn’t forget. We went home with nothing achieved and had a sandwich at home for our Valentine’s dinner. Now it’s always a night in for a totally enjoyable night.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-09-2018
I have always loved Valentine's day in, it gives one the opportunity of spending time with the only one that matters in privacy, no intruder and no distractions.The place will be so cozy and warm and it will be a great time to reminisce on your past life or life journey with your partner and also definitely how to move the relationship forward.It always a bight that new life is breathed into the relationship and probably new promises are made.
Posted by lovely on 01-09-2018
I really like what you are saying here about the intimacy of staying in and really focusing on one another in the relationship. We can all go out any time, and just because this is some sort of "declared holiday" does not mean we have to go out and boost the economy spending hundreds of dollars. This holiday could be used, like an anniversary, to remind us of our time with our significant others and about what we have learned being with them, and I think that this really would, or should, generate a talk and other things that being at home could definitely facilitate.
Posted by JoeMilford on 01-27-2018
Yea,that's the whole essence in my own opinion we stay in and remisence on the past and think about the way forward for the future,no need wasting money on vanity instead we get a quality gift for another and focus on our selves and no distractions from the outside world.
Posted by lovely on 03-08-2018
I love going out at night with my other half to celebrate Valentines Day. We usually go to our favourite restaurant and after dinner, we head to the nearest beach. I really enjoy walking on the beach with the person I love the most at night. This is so relaxing and I feel happy doing something different. I don't like celebrating Valentines Day at home as I have to cook, wash the dishes and do the other household chores. I usually feel exhausted after this and all I want is to go to bed.
Posted by Pixie on 01-09-2018
I think many people among us are going to spend the night and day both time. I think valentine is the time when you are going to have a good time with someone. And that can be a good thing. You just have to spend that day the right way. And you can consider spending it in a way you can have it better. Another thing is that it's fun to have that day. So it does not matter at the end.
Posted by overcast on 01-10-2018
I think it basically comes down to what you feel like doing and how much money you have. I think if you are short on funds then staying home might be in order. If you feel like spending money and doing something different, going out might be the best thing.
Posted by kgord on 01-10-2018
As I live on my own now, I will be staying in on Valentine's day. It would look silly if I were to go out on that evening on my own. Everyone would think I'd been stood up which would make me laugh but I would rather not look silly. When I am in a relationship though, it's best to go out and have a romantic time with your partner. It is such a busy time though, that you have to book a taxi and restaurant in advance.
Posted by JMS on 01-11-2018
This depends on what kind of personality you have.If you're an introvert or an extrovert. I am an introvert so I'd go for a night in any day over a night out. I like staying at home and doing things with my partner. I find this more romantic. Time is the greatest gift someone can give you(I learned this the hard way) Why would you then want to divide it, with other people? At home we cook dinner together, share a bottle of wine ,dance to romantic music e.t.c It's amazing!
Posted by jaymish on 01-11-2018
I prefer the day night in because I am not much of party goer and at night I read and focus on every other activities that I engage in, I don't like Valentine's day that much, I prefer staying at home alone since it's like a public holiday for that day. I don't see the need of even celebrating Valentine's day.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 01-11-2018
A valentine night in is obviously going to be the pick for me a shy person but I love going about things in private and rarely public in some few cases.

Valentine celebration as the world has turned it to be is a day of showing or renewing emotional vows to love ones. Events like this is a very special one and I personally think it should be spent within close doors away from eyes of others in a romantic way for two. That's how I picture spending a valentine day with my partner. Unfortunately, am not a believer of valentine's day celebration. But don't get me wrong, I do believe in the valentine tale itself. I think he was a great man and deserves whatever memorial celebration given to him.
Posted by Rumu on 01-11-2018
When I was single, there used to be Valentines Day Night Out. Since I never had a serious relationship, my Valentines Day Night Out used to be with boys like me. We used to dine in the resturant, drink and pass crass remarks on our own life. Now I am married, there Valentines Day Night In. I don't like go out with my wife in the VD. Instead, have a quite evening in the house.
Posted by vinaya on 01-14-2018
Valentines Day Night In is only ideal for those couples who lived together. This is really a very romantic way of showing how much you love your partner by setting up the mood on the entire house with rose petals, candles, banners, and stuff with a very romantic dinner and music which will really turn your night an unforgettable night. If you don't live together with your partner, I suggest to pick her up to her house with tons of gifts like roses and chocolates and teddy bear and then go to a very fancy restaurant and order a very nice meal and also have a musician that's serenading your woman so you both have a romantic night which is truly memorable. No matter what you do or how you set up your date, it will always be memorable for your date, even on simple things. I'm sure she'll appreciate that.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-17-2018
It's definitely night out for me and my partner, hell it's the most romantic night in the year I want to spend it with my partner going out to a romantic dinner and going to a club to dance the night away.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 01-29-2018
I would choose valentine's in. I just think that the most important things when celebrating this special occasion is spending quality time with your special someone. As long as you both feel special on that day and you both are comfortable then I believe that would be perfect.
Posted by anahbello1206 on 02-07-2018
Today is the Valentine's Day. I have not made any plans for the day. I woke up at 3 in the morning and started working on my assignments. My wife woke up at 5. We wished each other and then she went on with her house chores. The Valentine's Day ius just an another working day here.
Posted by vinaya on 02-13-2018
I'm single so I spent Valentine's day in! Haha, but that's not what this question is about, is it?

I believe that staying 'in' or going 'out' depends on the personality and tastes of the couple. Some people are extroverted and get bored indoors, while others are introverted and would rather have an intimate moment without the need to get out. I'm the latter, so I'll always prefer a private celebration that matches both our tastes. Valentine's day is all about romance, and romance feeds on privacy, so why go out when you're celebrating your bond with someone else?
Posted by VintageRose on 02-22-2018
I think this one involves the age of the one that will vote. For kids or teenagers, day will be most preferably with them. Night of course is for people that is in the legal age. You know what I mean. :)
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-11-2018
I cannot say that I don't want to celebrate Valentines at home it is just that I am still not legal to be able to spend time to my boyfriend at home because first of all I don't owe a house and lot. Second, I am kinda embarrass to do it at home (with family) which is our only plan is just for two of us.
Posted by nekonieden on 03-15-2018
there's nothing wrong with celebrating a special occasion with a bit of class, sometimes going out for a fancy dinner, or watching movies, or going to arcades. its fun and romantic and fit the valentines day spirit. it only takes once a year to specifically celebrated and pamper your love ones. but there's also a good amount of perks if ever you just stay at home. first you'll both be comfortable in any pjs you're wearing. second there's no cost, you can diy all the aspects of your home dating. you can play music, watch tv, cook dinner, cuddle, have a make shift spa at home and all under your control and budget, and third there is more privacy in comfort of your home than in a public place. but all together what's important during valentines is being able to spend it with someone special.
Posted by Anonymous on 03-19-2018
Celebrating valentines day with your special someone is really a big event in your life. I would really want to celebrate valentines day in the night in because I want that both of us will really enjoy the night without any disturbance from any outside sources. It is only ones in a year that is why I make it a habit to make it a wonderful day for my partner. It really means a lot to my partner that is why I am doing a lot of effort in it to make it a successful one that she will never forget in her entire life.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-09-2018
It should be celebrated I get that many people say that if someone really loved someone they would show it everyday instead of that one day. But most people that go out and buy flowers and bears and stuff may still show that person that they love them everyday of the year. And anyway, it could be the one day a person gets the courage to confess their crush on someone. Most people who say that Valentine's Day shouldn't be celebrated are single and bitter. And even the people who are with someone who still say it should still mind their business, if you don't like Valentine's Day then it's just your opinion, but you shouldn't ruin it for everyone who love Valentine's Day
Posted by Anonymous on 04-17-2018
It should be celebrated I get that many people say that if someone really loved someone they would show it everyday instead of that one day. But most people that go out and buy flowers and bears and stuff may still show that person that they love them everyday of the year. And anyway, it could be the one day a person gets the courage to confess their crush on someone. Most people who say that Valentine's Day shouldn't be celebrated are single and bitter. And even the people who are with someone who still say it should still mind their business, if you don't like Valentine's Day then it's just your opinion, but you shouldn't ruin it for everyone who love Valentine's Day
Posted by Anonymous on 04-17-2018
Well fro me it depends on my budget or situations of my family, some couple is having more kids and its hard for them go out in the night like me and my wife. So I prefer to celebrate it in our house because we have kids to watch over and we don't have a house maid or baby sitter to do the job.
Posted by albino on 05-21-2018
I prefer to spend Valentines Day out with my family because that would really make it special. If we simply spend it at home, it would just be another one of those nights. I want my child to learn to make this day a special day for loved ones when he's fully grown. I know it's one of those days that people say are commercialized but I really don't mind. It's just a once-a-year thing anyway. It's also my way of thanking my child for making a special card for me on this occasion. Besides, we do go out to dine even on those days when there's no special occasion. Restaurants do glam up for this occasion and kids notice the special decorations.
Posted by chatbox on 05-23-2018
I'm more in favor of going out. It only happens once a year so it'd be pretty nice to find somewhere you can celebrate the evening with your special someone. Treating each other to wholesome meals is simply delightful. Not to mention it's much more mysterious to go out at night.
Posted by Steve5 on 05-31-2018
For someone with kids it is better to go out early than late, because kids will be at school at day so we can take our time going out while when it is night we have to hire a baby sitter which is costly.
Posted by allyn2017 on 10-31-2018
For me night out is better than dinner inside the house when it's Valentine's day. Because, it is once a year celebration so couples should make the best out of it.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-27-2018
I choose eating out on Valentines Day. You are already eating in your house everyday. To make the Valentines day special to your special someone why not treat them out. It will make them so special.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-29-2018
For me celebrating it outside the house is better. It is just a once in a year celebration of love. i would prefer to date outside the house in a romantic place.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-29-2018