Victorian Vampiress Kids Costume

Victorian Vampiress Kids Costume
This Victorian Vampiress Kids Costume starts at $15.07 on Amazon. Any order over $25 will ship free. The costume is imported and is polyester. It includes the choker, the gown, and the collar. It comes in sizes small, medium, and large.

I love this costume because it is very fun. The colors are bold and bright, in black and red. Reminds me a true vampiress dress. Would look great with chunky black boots or shoes. Add some fangs and your little girl will be instantly turned into a vampire.

  • cute
  • fun
  • cheap
  • bold, bright colors
  • great price
  • nice design
  • elegant
  • affordable
  • fits good

  • neck collar is very uncomfortable
  • material is very thin
  • see through dress
  • very long
  • not very warm
  • collar is not tight enough with just the included velcro bands
  • cheap quality
  • sleeves started to unravel
  • collar strap is way too long
  • collar piece flops around
  • snags easily
  • costume arrived ripped
  • arrived defective
  • delivered with small holes
  • feels cheap
  • gold lace up broke when tying it on child
  • sleeves are too short
  • arrived stained
  • looks bad in person
  • rips easily
  • child has a tendency to play with collar to make it stand up or fit right
  • wrong size was delivered
  • seams on side were poorly sewn together
  • metal eyelets came out
  • material frayed easily



I choose this costume

The victorian vampiress kids costume is perfect for my daughter. I like the colors of this Halloween costume. It is also has an elegant design and the price is very affordable.
Posted by rage35 on 09-24-2017


It looks great and the price is just right, I hate spending too much on Halloween costumes because I'm the type of person that will buy them every year. Also the design of this one is great.
Posted by Tania997 on 09-24-2017


This one looks perfect and I so much love the color combination, it is well laced and shadow blended. It looks cool and it's really worth every penny, because it's not so common like the Royal, and I loved wears that are not so common. And to cap it all it looks sleek, with a touch of awesomeness.
Posted by Authord on 10-09-2017

Suits perfect!

I prefer to choose victorian vampiress kids costume to be a costume for girls. The combination of red and black makes it cool. Also the design of it make you look a top class vampire. It looks powerful just by seeing it.
Posted by blank629 on 09-24-2017

Cuteness overload!

I like the Victorian Vampire Kids Costume than the royal vampire costume. i find it cute to look to wear for the kids with great designs not like the other side somewhat creepy but this Victorian vampire costume make your kids look like a princess. so i will choose this for my kids.
Posted by tophew on 09-24-2017


Royal Vampire Costume

Royal Vampire Costume
California Costumes is offering their Royal Vampire Costume for girls on Amazon starting at $20.62. This costume comes in small, medium, large, and extra large. It is made from polyester and includes the dress, attached collar, and a choker with cameo.

I love this little girls costume as it is very elegant looking. The material looks great and it does not give off a cheap vibe. The colors are classic vampire- wine and black.

  • looks great
  • fits well
  • beautiful
  • detailed
  • gorgeous
  • fit as expected
  • true vampire colors
  • very cute choker
  • choker comes with safety light

  • collar flops down
  • choker broke right away
  • on the long side
  • poorly made
  • sewing came undone
  • thin material
  • quality is different from what is described
  • tag was sewn into collar edge
  • fabric is not high quality
  • ribbon came out easily



Better colors

Both costumes look pretty fun and I believe every girl would enjoy wearing them but I prefer this one a bit more. Royal Vampire Costume is just made out of true vampire colors. The vampires aren't really known for pink but rather dark red and black so this costume is very realistic in a way.

I love everything about it because it contains so many little details on the fabric. It gives off an "expensive" and sophisticated look. It's a great buy and quite affordable!

Posted by Mehano on 09-24-2017

This one

I like this royal vampire costume, it looks good and detailed. Even if it's a little expensive than the other one, i think it's worth it. It looks more elegant and sophisticated than the other one. I like the dark color that looks like a real dark side vampire. I can imagine my niece looking really great wearing this costume.
Posted by zheh on 09-25-2017


Wow, the Vampiress Kids Costume has a Cons wrap sheet at least three times longer than the Royal Vampire Costume, that's a buyer beware sign if I ever saw one so boldly before! The price tag alone will tell you that either of these costumes are nothing special to howl at the moon about but at least when you do wear them you'd hope that nothing rips or threads off suspiciously or flaps unimpressively. The Royal Vampire does have a bit more flare to it. Looks like it will stay up the entire night without having to be scared off by a thread and needle trying to save face while in the Halloween swing of things.
Posted by Joteque on 09-23-2017
I will like the Victorian vampire for my girls, I'm sure rhey'll like the afforadibility and the chic looks it will give the wearer without looking bland or just plain simple.
Posted by lovely on 09-23-2017
rose thornes
Both dress look so cute. Victorian vampire dress look elegant but its very long. I like royal vampire costume its beautiful and its not too long. I also like the color of vampire-wine and black, its more attractive.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-24-2017
I don't have girls, however, I am thinking to have something different for my 6 years old niece. I think Royal vampire Costume will be a better option compared to the Victorian Vampiress dress. The Victorian Vampiress Custome looks like a long gown, the only thing that can be associated with vampire is the color, however, Royal vampire Costume looks very vampire.
Posted by vinaya on 09-26-2017
The victorian vampiress kids costume is very good since it is made up of bright colors and it is affordable to buy for your kids for picnic or any entertainment event.
Posted by babyright on 02-12-2018
When I was in grade school, I remember that we had a costume party in school. I don’t remember dressing myself in a scary costume and none of my classmates did. All the costumes, from what I remember, are interesting and funny. But now that Halloween is getting popular here, maybe the school children will be wearing scary costumes if ever they will have a costume party in school.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018