Video Games are Bad for Kids

Video Games are Bad for Kids
This debate refers to video games in general. And taken as a whole, video games are bad for kids. There's no middle ground here. They're either good or bad. And I believe that video games do more harm than good for children.

I've heard some arguments before stating that playing NBA 2K won't make you an NBA star. Playing Final Fantasy won't make you the savior of the world, playing a boxing video game won't turn you into the next Manny Pacquiao. So playing GTA won't turn you into a gangster. Well, this argument supporting video games is clearly wrong. Video games affect our behavior. It affects the way we view things. It doesn't help us develop our skill. It simply plays a role in our day to day habits. Therefore, if a kid sees a video game character swearing to another, that kid would do it as well. What a kid sees, a kid does.

Aside from influencing the way kids think, it also promotes laziness and procrastination. Video games are very addicting. If you're hooked with a game, you won't want to get out of the couch. When kids get addicted, they'll be glued on front of the TV. Is that ideal?

I enjoy playing video games. But that doesn't mean that it's good for me or for the kids. It's just like smoking. Some people like it, but it doesn't mean that it's good for them.




I'm not going to be the most popular opinion around here but I do think they are bad for children, I just think it's better for them to play with real people in the actual world rather than just being sitted in front of a consola all day. I think they'll become a little boring when they do so not video games for my kids!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 11-17-2017

Yes I agree!

I agree that they are bad for kinds because parents use them as babysitters and they don't respect the esrb ratings. I was in Gamestop about a month ago and this little boy who was around 7 to 9 years old was in the store with his grandfather. And the sales guy asked then what they wanted and the boy hung his head low and said "Grand Theft Auto ". And the grandfather said boy lift your head up and talk loud and tell the many what you want. And this point the boy was jumping for joy and yelled out "Grand Theft Auto'. And whats so said about off of this is when a kid goes bad and goes on a killing spree they blame video games instead of blaming the parents for warping their young minds!
Posted by Soulwatcher on 11-18-2017

I agree.

Playing video games is one of the ways that we can get the mind of the little ones out of their studies. Something that is also important for us to know is that there are times that it doesn't work the way that we want and this is the need we should try to stop them from playing the game often.
Posted by Barida on 12-04-2018

Yes once it gets to addiction

Gaming for kids only gets bad when it the playing obsession has turned into chronic addiction. This way, the kid is completely rendered useless to both himself and his family because playing games would definitely interfere in all his doings and education included. Too much of everything is bad, so when games are played too much in its excess, it becomes a problem for the kids.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-08-2018




I strongly disagree. I play a lot of games, some of them violent and I don't have any problems. I have played violent games since a small age. My favourite game while I was growing up was GTA and I first played it when I was around 6. I don't have any problems. It depends on the person. Regarding the comment below about the blue whale challenge, that is not a video game so you can't use that example for this discussion.
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-16-2017


I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. My very first console was actually a gift from my parents and they even played with me!

After years of playing all sorts of games, even very violent ones I am completely fine, healthy with a good social life. Therefore, video games aren't bad for kids.

Video games, the same as everything is bad if it goes unmoderated and unsupervised from the parent's side. Of course, they can develop an addiction if you let them play for ten hours straight but that's not the video games fault, it's the parents.

Posted by Mehano on 11-17-2017


There are studies that prove that video games help eye hand coordination. They also show that the games open kids up to a world they wouldnt otherwise experience. Yes, maybe violent video games are bad for young children and shouldn;t be sold to them, but other game playing as long as it is not excessive, is fine.
Posted by kgord on 11-17-2017

Abolutely, not!

I think there is a middle ground on the issue. I mean, obviously, they can be bad for kids given certain conditions. Parents simply have to know how to walk the line between extremes.

For instance, kids shouldn't play video games all day, just like they shouldn't drink soda pop all day. Instead, it should be balanced with exercise. Anyway, I'd say the same thing for adults. Adults shouldn't be on computers or video games without a balance of exercise.

Posted by jyy on 11-18-2017
gata montes

Totally disagree

Nope don't agree that video games are bad for kids - especially as its not generally the games that are at fault - but the parents - as its their responsibility - to control what games their children play - as well as how often and for how long they are allowed to play them.

Apart from that - not only have video games been proven to be beneficial in the sense that they can improve - hand-eye coordination, concentration and problem solving skills in people of all ages - not just children - but they are in reality - nothing more than a pastime - just like any other hobby!

Posted by gata montes on 11-18-2017


Video games aren't the problem but rather how much time you spend playing them should be the question. Everything is great in moderation and this is no exception
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-16-2017

No way.

I strongly disagree with this because games can not be attributed as the real villain of this "dilemma". Each game is given an age rating and this is a must to be observed by the parents, as well as the use and permanence of the children while they are playing it.

Blaming the game for a fault that belongs to the parents is pure hypocrisy.

Posted by wiseagent on 11-16-2017

It's a no to me.

For me, video games are not bad for kids. Maybe sometimes it is but most of the times, it can be a motivation to them. You can use it as a motivation in study like saying they can play video games if they pass the exam or the semester. It has also another benefit and that is the games with a educational value. It is really good for kids because playing is not boring to them.
Posted by blank629 on 12-09-2017

bad parenting is bad for kids

I think anything can turn out to be bad for kids if they don't have the proper guidance to have along with it. If it weren't video games being blamed then it would be TV and if it weren't that it would be the internet. All of these are just tools for entertainment and if there are parents around doing their job then the reliance on these medias won't be as strong and therefore the fault does not rest on these tools but on those that give all the power to them.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-06-2018


I've played video games when I was a kid so It's not right to become selfish and won't let your kids experience what you've experienced during that age. Video games can also help them to have a sharp mind and a quick-thinking so I will let them play video games as long as they're done with their homework and all the things that they needed to finish. It's also a way for them to relax and relieve their stress from school.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-27-2017

Nope not at all

They are not bad for kids in moderation. They actually help children develop great hand-eye coordination. Also help their brains operate faster and increase social skills when kids play games with their friends. Parents however should monitor their children to ensure they aren't gaming too much. It can be a stress on their hands and eyes as well if they overdo it. Parents should also monitor a games material and subject matter depending on how old the child is.
Posted by NickJ on 12-02-2017

Don't blame the games for bad parenting

Parents are responsible for bringing up their children. They cannot delegate their responsibility to video games. Then blame the videos games when their kids turn out badly.

Before video games, it was television. Instead of spending time with their children, parents turned the tv set into an unpaid babysitter. That's like feeding the kids with junk food so that the parents don't have to spend time and effort feeding the kids with proper food.

So let's get the priorities right. Parents are responsible for their kids. Period. Don't blame the video games.

Posted by Aree on 12-03-2017

Not at all

Video games are not bad for kids in any way except possibly reducing the amount of physical activity that they get. In fact, I think that certain videos game can be beneficial to kids by teaching them problem solving and time management.

This being said, of course kids should do things like their homework before they play games, but I think that responsibility falls of the parents.

Posted by hardward on 01-09-2018


Never blame the games as they are not humans. Video games are cool, but if the kid is not supervised and not monitored, then clearly, it's the parents whom we should point out fingers to.
Posted by theresajane on 11-19-2018


It's not bad for the kids because first things first you should know what games you are allowing your children to play. Yes there are a lot of FPS or First Person Shooting games out there or any kind of video games that are rated M for Mature but in the end it depends on what you give them. They can play all or any kinds of games out there as long as they understand that it is not suppose to be placed in the real world. Then that would cause a big problem. But as long as the kid knows what is right from wrong then for sure there would be no problem and everyone will enjoy a good time playing.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-17-2018


Some video games especially the violent ones are bad for kids. We must not let our kids play those games for extended hours. Violent games are bad as they may negatively affect the kids. They may think that such behaviors are accepted in the society and may find it normal to engage in violent activities. Sadly, there are many teenagers who lost their lives due to the Blue Whale game. However, there are some types of video games like puzzle ones which are actually good for kids. Those games may help to improve their critical thinking skills.
Posted by Pixie on 11-16-2017
Using logic in the playing of violent video games it is easy to see that it can affect the minds of the children. Take note that children learn faster than adults so that what they see in the video games may be stuck in their subconscious. That is a serious problem if you will ask me because the subconscious dictates the kind of behavior of the person. Video games are okay for me if there is no violence involved like basketball.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-17-2018
I know of a friends kid, that stays up all night playing video games. In this instance, I would clearly say that this is a bad idea. If you buy your kids video games, you should also find a way to make sure that your kids, use them in a responsible way.

I don't think video games are a bad, but the way they are abused by parents and children is the problem. Some parents buy their kids video games to distract them and keep them busy, while the parents are busy working or socializing.

We need to remember we are the parents. First, buy video games that entertain and educate your kids. Do your research on this. Second, monitor your kids and make sure that they play these games in moderation.Also, make sure that your kids go out to play.
Posted by jaymish on 11-16-2017
IT depends on the kind of video games. If the video game involves fighting, killing, hitting one another then it can influence the behavior of a young child, but if the video game is the sporting type like football, basketball e.t.c then it is good for the child.
Posted by babyright on 11-16-2017
That's not really true. There isn't any correlation between those two - if a child sees a movie where somebody gets shot that doesn't mean that they will go out and shoot somebody as well. It's always up to the parent to explain what happens in the video game is not real and so on. I have played violent games from a very young age and I am completely fine.
Posted by Mehano on 11-17-2017
I think you're a little mistaken. There is scientific research (just search) where they point out that children who play violent games in excess can develop violent and antisocial behavior as adults. Watching movies is totally different from playing games. In the game you are in control and you can kill other spaces. Already in the movies, you just witness the violence and have a minor feeling about the games. You can be an exception to all this. But research and you will find that violent games can influence the behavior of children.
Posted by hermessantos on 11-18-2017
gata montes
I would disagree - as apart from the fact that everyone has different temperaments and tolerances for aggression and violence - meaning - there are those who are capable of controlling their anger or frustration without the need to resort to violence and then there are those who use violence as an outlet - as they know no other way of dealing with fear, anger or feelings of inadequacy than to be aggressive.

Bearing in mind that - there is very strong conclusive evidence from research - that indicate violent behavior can stem from many different causes - such as alcohol or drug abuse or even be psychologically inborn from feelings of helplessness, inadequacy or fear - and from a psychological point of view - violent behavior is generally defined as an action that is in itself a sign - or rather - a desperate form of communication - from a disturbed individual - it is in reality - not possible to generalize and say that video games either influence or cause people to be violent.
Posted by gata montes on 12-03-2017
Some time ago I read a survey where it said that games can be beneficial to the education and development of children. In some cases, the games were related to learning math and languages. I think in fact games can be very beneficial as long as they are played in moderation. When games become an addiction, the benefits are simply replaced by harm, that is, the child starts having a reduction in schooling and ceases to develop socially. Therefore, it is always good for parents to be attentive.
Posted by hermessantos on 11-16-2017
Video games can either be good or bad. It actually depends on how it affects kids. One day, when I become a parent, I'm not actually banning my child in playing video games as long as he is disciplined. He can play as long as it is for relaxation, provided he will eat on time, bond with family, be responsible with studies and other tasks, and of course, play with us or with his friends. I will implement that kind of discipline so we can all play video games to enjoy quality time together.
Posted by Krisleen on 11-17-2017
if video games were bad, then, they were not very popular all over the world. I absolutely disagree with the topic here. Ya, video games are very addictive and can make us lazy but that's okay because we have to be optimistic here and should see the positive aspect of video games here i.e. it can help us to reduce our anger and depression, it can enhance our memory, it can improve our problem solving skills and so on. There are many benefits of playing video games.
Posted by bikramsapkota1997 on 11-17-2017
I think video games are bad for children. Most of the popular video games feature violent themes. This will have a detrimental effect on children. My 7 years old nephew plays video games. When he is angry, he says "I will kill you" "I will eat you." He is just a child and this feels normal, what if his nature remains same when he grows up?
Posted by vinaya on 11-18-2017
I think videogames played limitedly are actually good for kids. Their mental activity increases playing video games. I have found that children playing video games are smarter than the ones who do not play. While playing video games in extremes causes the negative effect in the children. When they get addicted, they get aggressive and also get isolated from parents and social activities. Therefore, it's parent's responsibility to determine the limit of playing video games.
Posted by Bhawana25 on 11-19-2017
I agree that when the kid plays video games for a limited time, it can be good because a video game is a good form of entertainment. However, the main question is how can you control the kid to play only for a limited time. The games are so addictive that the kid can hardly avoid it.
Posted by vinaya on 01-18-2018
Personally, with the fast-moving technology, there's no question that video games are having both a positive and a negative impact on the lives of children. I would say it improves their processing speed and working memory. However, playing more than 3 hours of video games a day can result in a poor psychological adjustment. I see that this can game online can be an addiction too.Everything that is done excessively has a negative indication.
Posted by cess_08 on 01-27-2018
I don’t think video games are bad for the kids because I used to play them when I was young. And although Pacman is already a classic, it can still be likened to the video games now. On second thought, I understand that most video games are the violent type perhaps the reason why some parents forbid their children to play video games. Playing is not bad. What’s not good is when children play the video games excessively.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-05-2018
My initial point states that too much playing of games which results in addiction makes gaming bad for kids. But once it's being played moderately, then it can be of good benefit for such kids. There are some educational games which can help a kid with maintaining brain sharpness. So therefore, when a kid plays in an average manner, the games become a good incentive for such child.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-08-2018
I think in most cases it will be bad if the parents failed to completely monitor what their kids are spending games with their game consoles, There are good games out there that helps develop your children's mental awareness and creativity Like Minecraft and the likes. Games are really addictive but this is a good way for parents to also develop discipline for their children at very young age. Computer games will be bad depends on the parents supervision, let you kids play but monitor what they are playing and descipline them about the time where they can only play.
Posted by gavinci13 on 02-16-2018
Too much of something will always be bad for someone. Video games have many benefits for the gamers, especially kids. It will help them how to solve a real-life situation, problem-solving, create strategies, and be competitive. It will just become bad for kids if he plays too much, it will make his eyesight poor, it can be a distraction for studies because he will just play all night or it can decrease his social life as he will only be at home. Make sure that the parents monitor their kids because you have the authority to stop them when it is enough and try to divert their attention to other skills that they might enjoy.
Posted by vivalavanda on 02-23-2018
No, it is not bad for kids if they are taught by parents to only play video games in moderation. It would teach them a lot because video games are what taught me English best. I played lots of RPG games that have walls of text and that helped me stay ahead of kids my age.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-08-2018
It will only become bad for a kid of he/she already ignoring his/her responsibilities especially in school matters. But I think kid deserve to play video games too, you will never know it may lead to his passion whether being a professional gamer which is considered now to be an athlete, or he/she can make new games as a programmer which can also be popular in the future. And just like what other said, kids can also learn a lot of information in video gaming like sentence construction or correct grammar usage and there are actually a lot of good things to happen to kids as long as parents have guided him/her well in managing their time and disciplining them as well.
Posted by mitan143 on 04-24-2018
Well, not all of them. Some games are bad for kids, yes that's true, but there are also games that can help kids, like the educational kind. This games can also help children relax and makes friends. Parents just need to keep and eye on their children , so that kids won't play the bad games and don't get addicted to it.
Posted by neillios on 08-05-2018
No. It is a great way to enjoy and unwind for kids. Even adults enjoys them. But we just need to remember that it should be used in moderation. Games should be age appropriate and if not, adult supervision is needed.
Posted by mdayrit on 09-28-2018
It's not the video games. It's the parents or guardians whom we should be blaming if something bad happens to the child as a result of playing games.
Posted by theresajane on 11-19-2018
For a majority number of younger players (children)? Yes, it is definitely bad for them. Especially if they do heavy gaming rather than doing outdoor activities and other stuffs related to body exercise.
Posted by mitan143 on 12-13-2018
The true danger of video games, like any other similar hobby, is creating a habit of not exercising and being completely sedentary for long periods of time over the course of many years. Beyond that, game on, friends.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-16-2018