WWE 2K17 on the PS4

WWE 2K17 on the PS4
WWE 2K17 on the PS4 is fresh out and starting off where WWE 2K16 left off! Proclaimed to be the reigning flagship title champion holder of all WWW video games and gets and 8.8/10 from IGN amid much press and fan based acclaim!

With improved graphics for next gen consoles and new life-life movement system for authentic wrestling, WWE 2K17 takes you to Suplex City by the one and only WWE cover superstar that is Brock Lesnar and many more popular Superstars and legends of WWE and NXT.

Wrestle with the greatest and experience the most realistic WWE gameplay every experienced with many more new defensive and offensive moves and tricks, high quality seamless animations all in one of the biggest WWE and NEXT superstar and legend rosters!

Using one of the most comprehensive creation suites made yet, you can fully customize your WWE to your hearts content. And new creation options let you create highlight replay videos so you can create your own victory videos.

Literally create your own superstars and arenas and championships which you can invite friends and other players to take part in WWE events to a WWE battle of supremacy and bragging rights!

Bring the personality and drama of all WWE Superstars to life in the MyCareer mode and WWE Universe mode. You'll have to say the right thing and use your words wisely to smack talk your opponents down to form rivals or allies!

The words you choose will have an effect on your character and shape his destiny as you progress up the WWE and NXT ranks to get yourself well and truly on the WWE Hall of Fame. Not that doing that will be easy!

All to a great soundtrack be P Diddy that has music and artists in it like Twenty One Pilots, Black Sabbath, French Montana and more all mixed up and curated by P Diddy (Puff Daddy).

  • One of the biggest and most self acclaimed and backed up by a large fanbase of WWE wrestling games for the next gen gaming console gamers.
  • Very immersive gameplay that has thousands of new moves and animations and backstage brawling and the biggest roster of WWE and NXT superstars today.
  • Great new amount of features and career mode with new promo engine for bringing all your favorite WWE wrestlers to life in a very realistic way.

  • Despite the games size and sheer amount of new features, some people say it's just like the predecessor and is full of bugs in the game too.



smart wrestling

I remember how Brock was a threat until Goldberg undermined his reputation, I don't like fighting games but my brother do. With all enthusiasm he'll welcome this game. PS4 is one of the most astonishing game consoles available, when my brother play wwe most of the wins is determined by timely moves, so I don't know if this one is the same or it varies from the norm. I can't imagine certain characters defeating wrestlers who are on top of the companies entertainment profile .
Posted by Trisha on 01-11-2017


EA Sports UFC 2 on the PS4

EA Sports UFC 2 on the PS4
This is EA Sports UFC 2 on the PS4 that invites you back into the Octagon in fist throwing, knee ramming fights that are innovative and have amazing true to life character animations and a new Knockout Physics System that gives you the most realistic UFC fighting experience to date.

From the get go to the knock out itself, you are guaranteed the most genuinely exciting, authentic and realistic UFC fighting experience that's just packed full of punches, kicks, holds, slams and knock outs and all the emotions and joys of winning the ultimate fight!

The new Physics Knockout System provides a much more visceral and authentic fighting experience that's more rewarding when you actually get a straight up KO on whichever opponent you are fighting at the time!

And the new Dynamic Grappling system gives you much more independent fighting control over your player in most grappling situations where both fighters have simultaneous interaction that really brings the game to life in a much more responsive way.

You can actually even control your players head movements so that you can slip in and out of grapples and holds and and dodge and counter-attack your rivals attacks on you with great fluid like movement that's a joy to experience.

Plus mix this in with a new and improved, parrying and blocking system and you have all the skills and tools that you need to defend yourself against your rival opponents attacks on you. Although they'll be able to do the same!

With many of the biggest, best and most popular MMA superstars to play with, as and fight against, you'll be fighting in the Octagon as both today's UFC fighters and MMA legends and many more as you rank up and reach the top of the MMA leaderboard.

  • One of the most realistic and authentic looking UFC fighting games on the market for next gen consoles today.
  • Has a new and improved physics knockout system and dynamic grappling. Plus more control over your fighters movements.
  • Play as your favorite MMA fighter or many other MMA superstars in the MMA world.

  • Career mode isn't said to be as cracked up as it should be and a bit of a let down due to toughness of some levels.
  • Some people don't like the new format for grappling and clinching and blocking as it takes some getting used to.


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I love the WWE on plat station brothers are die-hard fans of good wrestlers and as such with this gameplay, they decided to get for the very fascinating with a lot of Wrestlemania fight that will keep one playing and getting addicted to it.I like all the new features and it makes the game more lively in a very realistic way.
Posted by lovely on 01-24-2018
Oh, I’m not really into sports but I know some fights of UFC because that is the favorite of my husband. I guess WWE is better in real fights because of the special effects that look so real. I just cannot say the same with the computer game. And UFC may also be the same, fights for real are nice to watch but a computer game may not be that exciting unless, take note of that, unless you are the player. What about that? For sure that will be exciting eh.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-20-2018