We should try to eat less meat

We should try to eat less meat
I am not saying we should be vegetarians but producing meat consumes a lot of energy and water. It is simply not feasible and we should try to limit ourselves. People in developed countries eat too much meat and one kilogram of meat requires around ten times more resources than producing one kilogram of vegetables/fruits. We should learn that dishes without meat are as good as those that contain it.



A Side DIsh

We absolutely need to eat less meat. The business of industrial farming is necessary to keep up with the pace of current demand and it has significant economic, ecological, and health consequences. It really needs to no longer be considered the centerpiece of our meals. Meat is a side dish, to be enjoyed sparingly.
Posted by JaiGuru on 10-06-2017

I agree

Despite I like meat, I do think it's bad for our health. Many studies has actually proven that meat can be carcinogenic for our body, same as cheese and some other dairy products. Also it's really hard to diggest and can make people gassy sometimes which can't be good!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-06-2017

Eat meat but in lesser amount

I would say less meat.Less meat. Definitely. Humans were designed for both types of feed. That is for more plant but we were also designed for some meat. We're omnivores, eat plants, but meat when/if available. Just stay away from factory farmed meat and you'll be ok.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-07-2017

Not really

I don't really agree with this, especially nowadays with the vegans acting like they should eliminate all meat from our tables. I just love meat and I couldn't live without it, it is also something that is in every diet, whatever your goal might be. Reducing it would only be the first step towards eliminating it and giving the vegan what they want. And as long as one sane person exists this will not happen.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-06-2017

For the sake of good health.

I agree that we should tey to eat less meat. I am a meat lover. Anytime I see meat, whatever cooked it is, I will try to taste it and eat it. If we think it is okay to eat so much meat at a very young age, then it's wrong. It will not have so much effect on our body now but after we reach 40's or 50's, you will start to feel the effects of eating so much meat. One cause of it is high blood.
Posted by blank629 on 10-06-2017

Less meat

i agree with you we should eat less meat to void heart attack or other any kind of illness that may occur on eating meat but at the same time meat has some positive nutrients that we can get to make as stronger just don't eat to much it has bad negative effect and i still prefer eating fish and vegetables than meat because it offers great nutrients without negative effect as long as it is naturally planted and the fish is naturally catch no chemical so this must be greater than meat food.
Posted by tophew on 10-06-2017

Yes, and it's specifically red meat

Meat is a very good proteinous food and it's quite effective in body development and growth, but too much of its consumption is deterimental to ones health especially when it's red meat. One can get red meat from beef, pork and goat meat. They all offer a good quantity of red meat if one is looking at buying them but it's not always encouraged to eat it too much on regular basis.

If one must eat meat, then the white meat is a lot more better to eat even if in its excess quantity as it's believed that it doesn't have the same health implications as consumption of red meat. Poultry birds offer one the best white meat you can ever look at having.

Posted by Heatman on 10-05-2017
It's a good point but let's remember that red meat has benefits also like supplying us with good cholesterol and also a diet rich in fat is healthier (Associated with exercise of course)



But why does meat taste so good?

Meat, vegetables, what difference does it make? Everything is alive. Everything has its own consciousness. Even a blade of grass has a certain consciousness of its own. Why should we regard vegetables less than animals? Alright, so animals are a more intelligent form of life and have blood pumping through their veins. They have eyes and ears and more or less the same 5 senses humans do. But at the end of the day, nature gave us a mouth and a set of teeth and a stomach to digest all manner of foods from meat to beats to fruits, nuts, herbs, vegetables and other organic matter. Well most of it. I sound like I'm really against not eating animals don't I? LOL Well, I guess I am really. But why is that? I mean, I agree that an animal can be considered more sacred than a carrot. Sure, but then, by who's rules? Who's to say that a cow is more sacred than a banana you know? Us, we, humans, people. We come up with our own "belief system". Our own set of life rules that are based on what our parents tell us, based on what we are taught. I don't know in full just in part. I get that some people don't believe in killing an animal just for food. But again, it all comes down to morality and that's just something man has made for himself. A set of principles based on what he thinks or feels to be right or wrong. Is is wrong to kill an animal that's had a good life and well cared for in a humane way when that animal is going on to preserve life for the humans who are ultimately the most intelligent form and species of life on Earth and has a lot more abilities and understanding about life in general than cows do? I don't think it is when that life is going on to sustain life and existence of the human species. You know? :D Anyway. I just think that meat tastes too good not to eat it. Generally, if nature doesn't want us to do something like eat something poisonous then it makes it taste vial. But meat tastes like heaven and and is just so delicious. So delicious in fact that I think we was supposed to eat it. Even though we only eat meat because of the fall of man in the garden of Eden. If it wasn't for the fall, we wouldn't eat meat as nothing would ever be killed. It was only after the fall of man that sin entered the world and God had to kill a few animals (first death) to dress Adam and Eve to cover their shame that we eat meat today. Apparently.
Posted by idealmikey on 10-06-2017


It may be difficult to sustain large quantities of meat for us to eat especially in the long term but I just could not do this. I love meat. I love white meat. I love red meat. I just could not see myself eating less meat because it is something that I love and I have to have it at least 5-6 times a week.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-06-2017

I disagree

Well, I don't know how much meat you are personally eating but I eat a moderate amount. I never eat it in huge amounts so I don't think that I should be trying to eat less.

Also just, generally speaking, people don't consume THAT much meat. I think it's way better to eat meat that contains protein and vitamins like B12 compared to carbs such as pasta.

We are all able to decide for ourselves and know what's good for us and our health.

Posted by Mehano on 10-06-2017


What I eat and what I choose is my personal issue. And this should be nobody's business. Vegans are like nazis. They dictate their own science and punish others for not being like them. So it can be really bad argument. And that's definitely fall away from freedom of choice. So people should consider trying to eat meat if they like. Choice over vegan dictatorship any day.
Posted by overcast on 10-06-2017

I disagree!

I hate when someone says or even suggest what others should eat, don't get me wrong I do understand your point of view but I like to eat meat at almost every meal except the breakfast. I also eat fruits, vegetables but the best meal for me is meat!
Posted by wallet on 10-07-2017


It is a good idea to try and eat less meat, so we don't kill as much animals and so on. However, we can't completely reduce the amount of meat we eat, people are used to it and meat has it's value for the body. It's like making the whole animal kingdom, stop eating as much meat as they do, it just doesn't work that way. Still, it can be nice, to reduce the amount by a bit, but not overall.
Posted by manmad on 10-06-2017


I am a fan of vegetarianism and have been thinking about getting into this lifestyle for a while now because I have been feeling more and more guilty about the meat I'm eating and overall I just feel like eating vegetables primarily will make me feel better. However, I don't think that people should do this but maybe just that they should consider it more because people should be free to choose especially when what they are doing isn't really harming anyone else.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-18-2018


Different strokes for different folks. There's no one size fits all solution for a lot of people. For example lots of people are on keto or modified atkin's diet due to health reasons. There's also entire ethnic groups of people who have over time developed their diet mostly around meat, especially in the arctic regions and nomadic groups around the world because those areas aren't suited for agriculture. A person's diet should be tailored around them and not a blanket generalization.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-05-2017
No, this isn't a "personal business" issue. Overconsumption of meat has a measurable, deleterious effect on the environment and the economy. Our over-reliance on meat as a staple of our diet has lead to the deplorable practices we find happening in factory farming in which animals are being pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. Through a process called bioaccumulation, those products end up in us, and eventually back out into the environment when we expel them. There they cause even more damage. And you don't have to be a crazy PETA lunatic to understand that the way we're treating these animals is utterly divorced from any basic standard of decent morality. Furthermore, nutritionally speaking, diets high in meat are a number one cause of much preventable, but dire health problems which eventually becomes the public's economic responsibility when these people get sick and can't afford their medical care.
Yes, it is a personal business issue. My personal genetic makeup doesn't allow me to eat as much bread or wheat for example because that leads to early onset of Celiac Disease and possibly Chron's. Same goes for MILLIONS of people with various dietary issues/specialties. The thing about your view on overconsumption is that at the root- the cause is a constantly growing human population. Our farming practices in the States, though disgusting on an animal rights standpoint, is extremely efficient. The land footprint is much smaller than if we were to go back to pure free range which destroyed entire ecosystems. Soybean fields are equally as destructive and pollutive and I happen to live near a bunch of them. They constantly spray chemicals every month to keep off bugs and super fertilize the fields during down time. That runoff gets into our water supplies and massively corrodes our pipes and systems. Despite water treatment filtering a lot, it doesn't get it all. I live in it and I live all around it, so don't feed me the moral superiority that plant farming is better than animal farming. They're both crappy to the environment overall.

It all boils down to a massively inflating human population and the planet's inability to keep sustaining that population. Humans need protein to survive and thrive, there's no two ways about it. I've gone to school for medicine initially, prior to changing my major, so I'm not talking out of my ass on this one. Organic Chemistry is one of the hardest fields in science because guess what, it deals with the chemistry of living beings. You can't blanket generalize people's bodies or dietary tolerances because it doesn't work like that. Over population on the other hand, that's the big run away culprit root of almost all the issues we have.

Meat is life

I'm sorry but I can't really have a day without having some meat. I really love the taste and the benefits of it. My favorite kind of meat are pork, beef and steak. These three I can eat anytime of the day as long it is well cooked and well prepared. I cannot really eat less meat because I really got a small body and I need the carbs and protein to get into a better shape.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-19-2018


Meat from the scientific point of view is not an healthy option for the body like fish.Meat like red meat and fatty part of meat are quite unhealthy for the body.The fatty part of the meat clogged the arteries and block the airwaves making man to be susceptible to heart attack and other heart problems. Unhealthy meats makes the body susceptible to diseases and unhealthy body.
Posted by lovely on 10-05-2017
Well variety is the spice of life and moderation is the key. With that, there are some people out there who would love to sum up meat and vegetables as a wholesome dish while others will just settle for fruits and vegetables. I'm not that big a fan of red meat but I would try some goat water or turkey seasoned rice every now and then. This is great and wholesome and I know there are some diehard vegetarians but I personally like the variety as they illustrated the spice of life in my food selection without much consequences to bear.
Posted by Joteque on 10-05-2017
Yes we should try to eat less meat although meat is also important in our body we should eat in moderation. Eating more meat can cause damage in our body .The high fat and cholesterol content in some cuts of meat may increase your risk for high cholesterol and heart disease. Increasing your intake of red and processed meats was associated with a higher risk for lung and colon cancer. The more often you eat red or processed meats, the higher your risk for diabetes and heart disease. Choose skinless poultry and fish more often than red meat.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-05-2017
I eat meat and my issue is that I have not eaten as much as I want to. I understand the dangers of eating meat, but that can happen for those that have been eating and might have taken enough that the body system is now being uncomfortable with it. So, for someone like me, I need to increase my meat intake for now.
Posted by Barida on 10-05-2017
I don't think this topic is going to go down or received well if it was presented where I come from. I think the underdeveloped countries eats even more meat than the developed as you pointed out.

It's almost impossible to see a meal served in my country without meat, be it in a rich or poor home. Its almost like a thing of pride, at worst they call you poor or broke if seen eating a meal without meat.

The point you made above is quiet true. Making meat doesnt only consume water and energy, it also consume a lot of livestock...plus I read and know that excess meat in someway affects the health at an older age.
Posted by Rumu on 10-05-2017
I'm a meat lover, so there's no way for me to try to eat less meat. Meat has always been part of my everyday menu for the food. Though I'm eating meat almost every day, I never had neglected my health in either way. I know too much is bad, that's why even if I consume meat every day, I alway observe proper moderation.
Posted by DanoCath on 10-06-2017
I gave up meat back in 2011 and it was one of the best choices I made in my life. I feel so much better and look very good for age 40. Not only did I go vegan so did the whole family, my wife and 3 kids, and our medical bills are so much cheaper. We go for a check up once a year, and we are not on any pills! Less meat equals more years on Earth in this day and time.
Posted by kamar19 on 10-06-2017
There are many dangers associated with regular consumption of red meat and for health reasons it is definitely wise for us to reduce our consumption of meat. According to the latest reports published by the government of my country one of the major causes of death is cardiovascular diseases. This is the case in many other countries too I guess. I agree that it costs more to produce meat and this is the reason why it is sold at a higher price. However it is really not that safe to consume vegetables too nowadays. There are so many genetically modified vegetables being sold on the market which are bad for health.
Posted by Pixie on 10-06-2017
Eating red meat is in some way necessary, due to all the amino acids it has that are vital for ourselves. But in some way if we have a diet that contains all the acids, we can leave the meat. So, all the fat and adverse effects of eating red meat brings, will be gone. So for sure we can eat less meat, and change it for more healthy options, as long as we satisfy our diet we all that we need. According to doctors, eating red meat just once a week is more than enough to get its benefits without the bad issues.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-06-2017
I think people who are vegan come up with various attack on non vegans. And they come up with any random logic to hate others. So there seems to be lack of the professionalism and fact manipulation. People can see that eating less meat or more meat does not have any change. When the food these days is made with lot of animal supply. Like hens and the bacons are made in supply. So there is not much of an issue with eating more less meat. People just spread propaganda.
Posted by overcast on 10-06-2017
Frankly speaking, we don't eat meat daily anymore. We consume meats twice a week. The rest of the days we have vegetarian food and eggs. Fish and pork will be consumed once a month. We did noticed that our bowel movements had improved with more tofu and grains. Meats are highly injected with hormone growth, my teen became fat because she loves meats.
Posted by peachpurple on 10-06-2017
Meat isn't something I am really willing to give up just because of how much more effort it takes to produce it. If it wasn't a profitable market no one would sell their livestock or even take the time to raise them commercially. So we pay for the meat which feeds back into taking care of more livestock to make more meat. So the background production and strife isn't really anyone who isn't a direct beneficiary of the profit of the meat's problem. Not eating meat for the sake of your own health is a viable reason to eat less meat, but not to make it easier or in this case harder for more production of meat isn't a reason.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-06-2017
I think meat is not necessary to eat every day. I love it and can not imagine giving it up totally, but we really don't need to eat it every day. There are plenty of ways to get our proteing without eating meat and we would probably be healthier without eating it every day to be honest. For some people it is very ingrained in their diet though.
Posted by kgord on 10-06-2017
Eating meat is good but we should not make it a daily routine that it must be everyday. We can add fish and chicken to our foods also instead of meat since they also contain vital minerals and proteins for the body.
Posted by babyright on 10-06-2017
I am overweight and maybe nearing the level of obesity. Worse, I am hypertensive with a high cholesterol level. The advice I got from my doctor is to lessen the food intake particularly meat because meat is the main contributor of cholesterol. More vegetables for a healthier eating is preferred although I have to admit that it is not easy to avoid eating meat especially steak and pork barbecue. Just the mention of those food already makes me salivate huh.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-07-2017
Sometime back I read a research paper that concluded that one of the reasons of increasing cases of various cancers is people have started eating more meat. Meat contains saturated fats and saturated fats causes cancer. Meat is also not very good if you are diabetic or have heart diseases. health wise, a vegetarian diet is better than meat products. Environmentally, meat production consumes more resources than plant-based food production.
Posted by vinaya on 10-08-2017
Definitely can't agree with these as mostly eating meat really contributes on gaining me more weight and muscles as I'm almost skinny ever since I was a kid. Its hard to develop a nice form of body and sustain the strength I need to do more weight lifting and other strenuous exercise without or with lesser meat on my diet. I admit though that I've been lacking intake of fruits and vegetables later on and its not adequate to just rely on meat as it mostly contain protein and calories.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-09-2017
Well I think it depends, though eating too much meat is bad for the health and they said it affects the heart, so it's very advisable to pipe down a little on the meat we consume, because it does us no good but harm and with the way we are going with eating meats, we now eat any type of meat, without putting into consideration the repercussions.
Posted by Authord on 10-19-2017
If one is eating too much meat well beyond the recommended daily allowance and to the exclusion of other foods and nutrients, then I think it's fine to reduce one's meat consumption. We can always opt to eat lean meat and reduce eating fried meat if we're concerned about fats or cholesterol. We should strive to eat a balanced diet and not have less of one food type for the very flat and textbook friendly reason that "it consumes more energy and water" to produce that type of food.
Posted by chatbox on 10-22-2017
Each person has his own belief, some eat vegetables, some fruits but most people eat fish, poultry and generally meats. As it's correlation with obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol levels, well it's a proven medical fact that having a meaty diet does lead to these complications. What is best for me is to eat a balance diet of meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. I believe that in life there's should always be balance.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-17-2018
I was in the home of my niece last weekend and one topic was the fatty liver of her daughter. She is only 14 and I was wondering why that problem with the liver. My niece said that her daughter doesn’t eat vegetables and very choosy with fruits. In other words, she is a meat eater and a heavy eater at that. Admittedly, we have to eat fruits and vegetables regularly to strengthen our body against cholesterol and other nutrient deficiency. As with my niece’s daughter, they are thinking of a way on how to persuade her to eat more vegetables.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-25-2018
There is thing called too much can be bad. It's okay to eat meat as long as we did consume that are high in fats which might cause hypertension and others. There some good meat like fish where we can get some benefits like Omega 3 which good for the heart and brain.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-12-2018