Were you a member of Bubblews? What was your experience there?

Were you a member of Bubblews?  What was your experience there?
When myLot stopped paying – a site that paid for interaction - most members from myLot rushed to Bubblews. I still continued with myLot but the field there was empty. After all writing for sites one expects to be paid. I got an account with Morachat which did not last long and finally after a year or so I joined Bubblews.

Bubblews is now closed as the owners could not sustain the heavy load - thanks to spammers. We knew it was coming going by the thousands of views some users amassed for themselves.They were using foul means to get those views. Bubbles payment had a connection with views. Admin there did not pay attention when these spammers were reported. They just did not bother to delete their accounts. It all started with delayed payments and the site asking for time but many were not paid – their last posts did not earn anything.

I was at Bubblews for a few months but must admit i earned good there. That was the easiest site to earn. We had to create posts having a minimum of 400 characters - not words - on any topic under the sun. This was easy to do and my earnings there just mounted. I earned almost 50 dollars each week. I did not get paid for the last few posts as it was at that time Bubblews had no money to pay. It closed down.

Compared to other sites that were paying at that time, Bubble paid the most and so when users started showing their resentment I wondered why they did that as all those who complained did get a lot of money at this site. If only Admin had paid attention to the various reporting users did they would have still been there and we all would have still continued to earn well.


Honestly i tried this site before i even write one comment and when i ask for my payment they did not pay me and i know this is due to spammers that overload the website. it feels sad to me because they are legitimate paying site job but just got crush. i hope when they get back they will be more improve and concern in every aspect of internet strategies defense.
Posted by tophew on 10-25-2017
Honestly to be sincere, I haven't heard of this site before, this is absolutely my first time of hearing it and it sounds alien to me. From the comment I just read about, I think it's actually more better that I have never heard of it before (LOL).
Posted by Heatman on 10-25-2017
I have heard a lot about Bubblews but it went off before I became aware of these online working portals.I have seen many people talking about it. Not only talking, I have noticed that each and every prior member misses the site a lot.

And as you mentioned, if the site gave you an earning of $50 per week, I can understand why people miss the site to this extent. If I were there, then I would have been equally devastated.

According to research, any site who generously pays its users is unable to stay for long. They experience initial days of supremacy and then sublime into oblivion. I really wish that a good site like this revives back soon with a few changes in its policies that can make it stand for long.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 10-26-2017
I knew about Bubblews late and when I joined was when payments were delayed and I was never paid.It was really an interesting site at least with the little time I spent there.I believe the site would be back but this site I'm sure the Admin will be more strict and would look out for spammers that way the duration would be longer.
Posted by lovely on 10-26-2017
I was a member of the bubblews. And earned around 2k or so. And it was a good earning. And more than 1k was pending in payments. And they seriously had a bad system for earning money from their system. Hoping that some of such similar sites come out. I have had struggled in past on many platforms. But it was a good platform for which I am grateful. I earned one honda activa from their sites earning. So I am not going to rate them down as they earned me my life's first bike.
Posted by overcast on 10-26-2017
I tried the site and was never paid. I do think there was a reason since I did kind of game the system by exchanging likes with the small community I was able to gather, but since I was not outright asking for it, I felt like I did not break the rules and should still have been paid. I heard they paid a lot of people out and I don't think they are straight up scammers, but they are somewhat incompetent in that they really did not have much of an idea of how to enforce their rules and they were pretty much just guessing which people should get paid and which ones should.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-26-2017
I have been a member on bubblews, I was one of the first members that registered there and I got paid three times, after that they said that I have a copied content and this was not true, and they stopped paying me. I left the site and never went back, the fact was that I have never copied anything, that was the most unreal and disturbing for me so I gave up on that site.
Posted by wallet on 10-26-2017
Well, the bubblews seems like a good site though, but I have not heard of the site, so I really didn't participate. It's bad to hear that the site is down. Spammers are always inevitable and the admins should have dealt with such cases at the initial stage. And by the way, any site that pays large for such easy work will likely not last long enough.
Posted by Authord on 10-26-2017
I was a member there too and I earned quite a lot over there. I also met many people and made new friends on there. It is a bit disappointing to see such good sites going offline. Unfortunately I lost some money there and I feel a bit bad because I worked really hard to earn those dollars. I have not come across any other site like Bubblews. It is true that Mylot is now paying but the pay rate is quite low and it is difficult to reach the minimum payout.
Posted by Pixie on 10-26-2017
I was a member there, earned about $1,000 but lost $400 because the site refused to pay me the remainder money when it was closing down. Gave lost of excuses. Luckily, I managed t saved my files, republished them elsewhere. It was a good site to earn fast money but the spamming comments and articles were just unbearable
Posted by peachpurple on 10-26-2017
I also tried and register in bubblews but unfortunately I don’t receive payment maybe that time company is already struggling about the payment. I heard and read good news that bubblews is really paying site sadly they did not sustain their site. Hope someday they will come back again with strong and more improve paying site.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-26-2017
I've never tried this website myself, but I've heard a lot of people talk about it and everyone told me it was pretty bad. People wouldn't get paid, doing stuff with it was hard.. I don't know, I think it's better that I never tried it.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-26-2017
I joined and posted an article and at first it was fun, but I realized it was a lot of people liking your post and expected you to do the same. I also found you were more successful if you posted at peak times when users were online. I stopped as it wasn't about quality but about views and likes and because the peak time was slap bang in the middle of my day it wasn't convenient.
Posted by Alexa on 10-26-2017
I had heard Bubblews a few times and the comments were mixed (good and bad). It seems that the site ended up closing for lack of control of what users were posting there (not to mention the amount of trolls messing things up).
Posted by wiseagent on 10-26-2017
I once used Bubblews in the past and was getting paid for writing normally. Years later, I discovered that some payments would not be completed each time I tried withdrawing. When I was stuck at all these, I made my searches and found that most users had already been having similar issues with the site. I am such a person who loves to work, but when it comes to having payment issues, I don't stay. Eventually, I quit Bubblews and joined InfoBarrel to continue with the writing job.
Posted by potentialwriter on 10-27-2017
It is not my experience but my husband’s. It’s so sad because that site was the first salvo of my husband’s online work. After posting more than a hundred articles and earning more than $300 in his bank, there goes the announcement that the site is reneging on its promise to pay due to spamming (of a third party). It was like nipping the interest in the bud – earning online seemed impossible with that sad experience.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-01-2017
I was in Bubblews. Before, they shut down, I had over $1000 with them. How did I earn that kind of money? Well I had 6000 followers, I published 10 posts and generated enough views, comments and likes to make $10-$15 every day. I remember the Admin, Arvind, wil gave interview on Bloomberg saying Bubblews will become a threat to social media because Bubblews was a social media that paid. I think the team Bubblews was over ambitious.
Posted by vinaya on 11-01-2017
I was also around and saw the interview by Arvind. I think the idea for Bubblews is great, but they executed it wrong. They didn't take care of problems until the last second. By them, it was too late. People always reported scammers, but those people were never banned. Bubblews kept them on the site and the scammers continued to scam. They'd cashout and Bubblews would pay them. A lot of their funds went to scammers and that's what lead to their downfall...
Posted by kataomoi on 11-15-2017
I also believed that shutting of Bubblews was because of the spammers and spammers. Bubblews paid for views, likes and comments. The spammers genetarted fake views and Bubblews paid them. Another reason for crashing is over paying. They paid one cent each for one view, like and comment. That was too much.
Posted by vinaya on 01-01-2018
I have heard that Bubblews is going to be coming back under new management. I was not on the site, and not sure how I missed it, but I know some people did very well there. I plan to join it if it is up and running. Mylot is up and running, and never really left I don't think. I enjoy that site, but it is more for socialization than money making. The money there is minimal, even if you are quite active.
Posted by kgord on 11-08-2017
Where did you hear this? Honestly, the name and reputation of Bubblews is ruined so I don't see why they would want to reopen it. If there are new owners for Bubblews, they might as well open a new website with a new name. A fresh start is better than starting with an old name, but bad reputation.
Posted by kataomoi on 11-15-2017
Damn, I never heard of Bubblews before but now I truly wish I did, haha. Just reading through everybody's experience I can tell that you were able to make a decent amount of money through the website which is what we all like. I am not sure why I've never heard of it before though since it was so big... maybe I wasn't as interested in online money making back then. I am not surprised it got shut down though since if you have that many members making such numbers, it's hard to sustain it.
Posted by Mehano on 11-08-2017
I used Bubblews for almost a year and they paid me almost every time. They didn't pay me my last payment because the site was going downhill then. But other than that, they were generally very good with payments for me. I know that wasn't the case for everyone and many people got scammed by them... I wouldn't say they are a good site, but my experience with them wasn't too bad.
Posted by kataomoi on 11-15-2017
Out of all of the social writing sites that I joined, Bubblews is the only one that I really don't care to remember. It doesn't even exist anymore and yet people keep asking about the site. I don't get it! (O.o)
Posted by foxchannel on 11-25-2017
I was once a member of Bubblews some years ago when the website had not gone closed. Most of the content management sites had closed down totally. Some of them were Webanswers, Infobarrel, Triond, Bukisa, Hubpages, though Hubpages is still very active and functioning. What I remembered about Bubblews was that some people used to complain that they didn't get paid at one time or the other.
Posted by potentialwriter on 12-02-2017
I was late for the party when I joined and by then, people were already complaining about not being paid. Some were using the platform itself to gently follow up on their cash out, complimenting the admin while doing so. Looking back, Bubblews seemed to be something unsustainable and bound to fail at some point so it was something great for those who joined the site earlier.
Posted by chatbox on 01-14-2018
I never joined Bubblews but have heard about it. Your description sounds like a case of poor management.That's why companies like Facebook have trained mangers to run the company instead of technical people, who stick to programming. The problem with Bubblews seems to be poor marketing strategy. Good marketing is guaranteed to generate revenue from people wiling to advertise on the site. It could also be poor cash flow management.
Posted by jaymish on 01-28-2018
Never heard this site before, I'm a member of Mylot but not really active. I really don't know how this bubblews works but since you compare it to my lot, I think this is another paying site. Sad to say never try to experience this site before it closed. Hopefully they will upgrade it and open it again.
Posted by ion on 07-02-2018