What Women Want

What Women Want
An extraordinary motion picture to watch on Valentine's day. The Character Nick Marshall who is played by the activity performer Mel Gibson. He truly cherishes himself and is a significant character and supposes he can get any lady he needs and supposes he realizes what they need. Be that as it may, when he as a mischance and as far back as then can hear ladies' considerations.

He can hear what ladies are truly thinking about and is disturbed that his flaunting methods are not well known with his female partners. To exacerbate the situation his fantasy of being elevated to a higher position has been foiled by man-eating, new colleague Darcy (Helen Hunt).

He doesn't this way and utilizations his freshly discovered forces to demolish her by perusing her psyche and offering her thoughts as his own. Be that as it may, soon his arrangement reverse discharges as she begins to look all starry eyed at him and there is by all accounts no chance to get out.

Mel Gibson Movie romantic comedy

using to is the advantage of reading minds to know what women want a bit cheesy



Romance of Mel Gibson was great

I loved the movie. Not only is it funny, well written and acted but also there is some interesting truth and hope to the story. Men and women are different and bridging the divide is possible if we really listen and don't judge each other using our own gender optics
Posted by muaaz.93 on 01-19-2018
I know it's just a movie, but I don't know how anyone can see Mel Gibson as anything remotely related to romantic, especially considering his tumultuous (real life) relationship with his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva's - who accused him of repeatedly punching her in the face.

She left him and kept her silence for a long time in return for a really nice child support agreement.

To make it worse, the girlfriend (and mother of his child) was later investigated for extortion after she publicly released audio recordings of his abuse and Mel ended up not having to pay most of his child support agreement of $750,000. So basically he ended up as a wife beater and dead beat dad in one.

Especially sad that justice system failed his abuse victim (and former girlfriend) by only sentencing Mel to rehab and counseling/probation rather than jail time.

If Mel Gibson had punched a man in the face, he'd probably be serving a ten year prison sentence... what's that saying for a 'civilized' society.

Still double standards when it comes to abuse of a man vs abuse of a woman/wife.


I vote for what women want. I am afraid of ghosts. I don't like ghosts.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-18-2018

A classic movie from the Late Patrick Swayze plays the Character Sam who as his life taken from him very suddenly which was ordered by his best friend Carl. As Carl find out that Sam as millions of dollars in his accounts and Carl wants it.

After Sam is murdered in cold blood in the dark streets when he is attacked at gunpoint when Sam and Molly are walking home from a show they just been to see. The mugger asks for his wallet but Sam fights him then the gun goes off.

Sam chases the killer down the streets, he returns to molly only to find her cradling Sam in her arms. He is shocked to see his self in Molly's arms covered in blood. He sees the white light come for him but he steps back from it, he now knows that he is dead and the white light is his way to heaven. But Sam as unfinished business and stays on earth to protect Molly and he is right to do so.

A movie about Sam the ghost who is willing to do anything to try protect is grieving wife Molly and find the Killer and bring him to justice. Molly (Demi Moore) still can't believe he is gone. Sam knowing that Molly can't see him or hear him no more so he decides to try his luck on the streets where he finds an old fortune teller shop. Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) a fortune teller passing her self off as a Spiritualist Medium talking to the dead. Sam walks in and watches her as she tries to pass on spirit messages to some poor old lady in which are fake messages she cants contact the dead and Sam Notices this.

But when Sam keeps talking Oda Mae can hear him, she can't see him but can hear him crystal clear. Until Sam as enough and watching Oda Mae Brown ripping off her customers, he shouts out what a crock... To which scares Oda Mae and Sam can't believe he is finally heard.

To which the pair team up to find his killer and also pass messages on to Molly Sams wife which he has to warn her about the killer and later puts a stop to the Killer and Carl from Getting the millions to which Sam owns. An excellent romantic and also sad movie which is loved by many.

great acting performed by Patrick Swayze

A few movie mistakes which can be very easily spotted like Sam on the train bangs is head...



Wasn't a huge fan of Ghost at first...

The first time I saw Ghost, I was maybe 11 or 12 years old and really hated it. Obviously, it's more of a film for grown ups. Over the years, this became one of my favorite (funny, bittersweet/sad) romance movies. Not sure that I would call this a romantic comedy but there are some really funny moments. My favorite parts even now are between Sam and Oda Mae, rather than Sam's 'widowed' girlfriend. I was more interested in his new 'relationship' after death with this unique woman rather than the relationship or boring life he had before with the girlfriend Molly.

At some points, I felt like he was just hanging onto the past and needed to let her go. But I guess he loved Molly. And, in the end, he moved on once he knew she was safe.

Posted by Beverly on 01-22-2018

Love it

Damn, I absolutely love this movie. I have seen it at least three or four times and it made me cry every single time. It's just such a beautiful storyline it is impossible to not feel anything.

That's exactly why this movie is so good. It makes you feel and it brings out emotions.

The plot is very unique and well executed.

Posted by Mehano on 01-21-2018


Ghost was a unique movie with some beautiful scences it it. What Woman Want was a funny Rom Com but Ghost was something different and something special. I preferred this movie over the other. It had a lot to offer and the special effects were great.
Posted by kgord on 01-19-2018


I think the ghost has a good plot. And it was executed the nice way too. And in fact many people have found out things to be nicely done. In terms of the story and the execution. I'd say that ghost has it lot better compared to any other story.
Posted by overcast on 01-20-2018


I watched this movie a couple of times and it's really great. I found the whole premise of a ghost collaborating with people in the real world to find his killer unique and interesting. It was also sad but beautiful at the some time.
Posted by Tania997 on 01-20-2018

Touched the Heart

I'd watch this one for Valentine's Day. Both movies are love stories. But “Ghost” is a very touching love story. Romantic comedies are fine but I don't prefer them. They're usually too corny for me. I'm not a Demi Moore fan. Never have been. But she and Patrick Swayze had good onscreen chemistry in this movie. They were a couple in love and one partner was tragically taken away in a murder. When your partner dies, your love for them doesn't also die. It takes courage for the partner left behind to keep on living. But surely the partner who has gone would want them to keep on living. This movie was really good! A tear jerker but sweet!
Posted by foxchannel on 02-15-2018


I wasn't overwhelmed by either film but when both movies are compared side by side? GHOST is far superior to WHAT WOMEN WANT in my opinion.
Posted by NickJ on 11-14-2018


It's been a while since I last watched this movie.

I miss seeing flicks that get me teary-eyed. This is one of them. I like this more because you get a good build-up for the characters' relationships and backstories.

You get to know them well without being bombarded by extraneous details. The protagonist is flawed by lovable. This is what makes his eventual departure to heaven memorable and heartbreaking.

One of the best romance movies I've watched.

Posted by Steve5 on 01-21-2018


The choice is very easy. Ghost is one of my favorite romantic movies with some very beautiful shots between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. I think the story and the screenplay of this is very excellent and the acting is also amazing. I love the character of Whoopie Goldberg who provides the much-needed humor in any serious kind of a movie. I think it is amongst one of the best and memorable movies I have seen.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-26-2018


This movie is a classic. The scene with the clay is iconic. Whoopie Goldberg is also very funny here. The movie does not get old.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-22-2018

Oh my darling

This movie brings great memories for me. Watching this with my family and love ones was really touching. The beginning part shocked me where you would see the main actor get killed but his spirit still remains in the human world. The story then goes to you unusual movie which is very creative and very fascinating to watch. I enjoy watching the part where the main actor and his girlfriend have that slow dance with one another. The song "Oh my darling" is very catchy and really gets to your head.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-19-2018


I think there are plenty of good stories like what women want. But the ghost seems to be more unique. And if we compare the stories in terms of the experience. I'd say ghost has better re-watch experience. And most of the people should approach that. I don't know if there are any other out there.
Posted by overcast on 01-20-2018
I have heard these two movies, but I don't think I have watched them. I think Ghost is a classical and special movie, as I have seen other movies using some scenes in Ghost and it seems to be a great movie, especially in the romance category. This is one of the movies in my "must-watch" list. I am not too sure about What Women Want, though it sounds good too.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-20-2018
It's difficult for me to choose one of the films because I like both. In addition, these two films are different, ie "What Women Want" is a romantic comedy film. On the other hand, "Ghost" is a romantic movie with a touch of drama. Although not very fond of romantic comedy, these two films are very good.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-20-2018
I think that ghost is a better movie. To be honest, I didn't really like the 'What Women Want' movie. I didn't quite like the story. As for the Ghost, this is a memorable movie. The story is more captivating and the actors did an amazing job. This is a really good movie which I have watched this movie several times. I highly recommend it.
Posted by Pixie on 01-20-2018
The ghost movie is really an excellent movie that really teaches us to finally know who our friends are when we live , it shows that some of our friends do not actually love but just the money we have.
Posted by babyright on 01-20-2018
I have not watched any of these movies, however, I am interested in both of these movies. generally speaking, romance genre is always on the backseat for me, however, since What Women Want has Mel Gibson, my all time favorite actor, I want to watch this movie. I am also interested in Ghost because I like thriller.
Posted by vinaya on 01-20-2018
In terms of worldwide box office success, Ghost wins over What Women Want and there are good reasons why more people paid money to watch it. It has a very touching story and almost realistic special effects. I honestly haven't watched What Women Want because I didn't find the plot interesting enough. I hardly watch movies and Ghost was just one of those special movies I've chosen to watch.
Posted by chatbox on 01-21-2018
I've watched both movies and I would say they are both unique on it's on way. The other one is romantic-comedy while the other is a thriller but touching movie. I love rom-com movies so I prefer What Women Want movie.
Posted by Scarlet on 01-22-2018
I love both movies. Very unfair to make us choose! However if i had to choose I will choose What Women Want. Ghost is a good watch but very intense. I'm not even sure you can compare it to What Women Want. However What Women Want was better for me. I watch it again every year when on vacation( i have movies that i watch again every year,my favorites) It's just really funny. The chemistry between Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson is explosive. So i vote for What Women Want.
Posted by jaymish on 01-22-2018
I have seen the movie Ghost and until now whenever I would hear the theme song, it always reminds me of some scenes in the movie especially the séance where Whoopie Goldberg was in trance and her body was being used by Patrick Swayzie. It is a classic love story where Demi Moore had played her role to the fullest. One good movie to watch on Valentine’s day.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-22-2018
I like Demi Moore, however, I have not watched too many movies featuring Patrick Swayzie. On the other hand Mel Gibson is one of my favorite actors. Based on what I have read here, I think What Women Want is a feel good movie, feel good movies are best when you are sad, bored or frustrated.
Posted by vinaya on 10-15-2018
I'm a Patrick Swayze fan and I vote for ghost. Both Patrick and Mel gave wonderful performances in those movies and both of them where action stars with roadhouse for Swayze and madmax series for gibson but in my opinion Swayze was more inline with his role in ghost. Why? It's because most of Gibson's films where action films while swayze played more diverse roles in films. Remember his unforgettable performance/dance in Dirty Dancing?

Another factor was Swayze's chemistry with the beautiful Demi Moore and the performance of Whoopi Goldberg.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 01-29-2018
Mel Gibson in one of his best characters. And I thought he was never going to make such a movie. But the film manages to keep the level almost the whole story, and that happens because it has a good story, and a super cast.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-15-2018
Well in terms of popularity i vote ghost. Also Patrick's acting on this film is really good because it's really convincing and close to reality. Although i love Mel Gibson as an actor, but i'm just comfortable seeing him in action films like Die Hard.
Posted by fishbate on 07-31-2018
What Women Want is a Rom-Com while Ghost has a more serious theme. Both have unique plots but I will pick the more classic and dramatic one which is Ghost. I'm not into Rom-Com movies that's one of the reasons but I like both Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt so this movie is also a good one. Ghost really was a blockbuster during its time and it has become unforgettable since then.
Posted by Chinet23 on 09-12-2018
I prefer what women want. I don't like to see ghosts. I want reality than ghosts.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-18-2018