What are your favorite snacks?

What are your favorite snacks?
Snacking is something we do not just when we feel hungry but also when we are in a good mood. When it rains heavily outside some deep fried stuff with a hot cup of coffee or tea puts a spring in our step. Atleast it does that to me. But mostly I snack on dry fruits, biscuits and chocolates. What do you snack on and when? Are you sure what you eat is good for you?

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Peanuts. I abaolutely love them and find they are the perfect snack food. Not only tasty but they are also rich in proteins and fats. A tasty and healthy snack.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-01-2017
I love them too. You can eat them in many forms. We get them with the outer shells in raw form. We boil them with salt and water. Then we get candied or coated with honey. I like the saltless roasted ones. The only problem is here they do not remove that red skin I have eaten those while I was in the US. They clean them and the size is also much bigger.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-02-2017
Oh i have eaten those! Damn they taste good! Over here we would deep fry them and add some chocolate syrup on top. Absolutelt awesome.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-02-2017
I try to snack healthy so a lot of times my snacks will be fruit or veggies. I also like different kinds of nuts. They are all tastes and good for you. When I feel to have something that is sweet and not so good I like to snack on a few candies. Candies are my weakness. I also enjoy tortilla chips and homemade salsa.
Posted by Sue on 08-01-2017
Meals are actually boring (lol) Snacks make up for this boredom. Fortunately there are enough snacks which are tasty and good for health as well such as dry fruits and nuts. I just cannot stop eating chocolates but when eaten in moderation they do help maintain our health. Sometimes I tend to go overboard with them.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-02-2017
Chocolates are so good too and I do crave chocolate every now and then. I do agree that meals can be boring but snacks never are. lol There are just so many wonderful snacks to choose from.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
My favorite snacks are bananas and sandwiches. If ever I do feel hungry in the afternoon I either eat any of the two, because they are always available in our home or I go out to buy some local food here from street vendors. I love to food on stick here especially Kikiam, which is basically ground pork that is fried and wrapped, and qwek-qwek which are eggs. I can't say I stick to a favorite snack since I love food that I tend to try different food as snacks from time to time.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-01-2017
Something new for me - those pork wrapped goodies and what you have called that is made from eggs. Bananas are good for health. I do not call it a snack but a staple diet here. You must be having a variety of sandwiches with or without butter may be. Sandwiches are really filling after which you may not want eat your regular meal
Posted by iamawriter on 08-02-2017
My favorite snack is banana cue. It is plantain banana that is fried in oil and sugar and placed in a stick. Next to that is boiled corn on the cob. It is nice to eat when still hot so I can put butter. And my third favorite is boiled taro that is eaten with sugar and grated coconut. But lately I have stopped snacking because I am trying to lose weight.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-01-2017
I used to love roasted corn on cob that we ate while strolling on the beach when we were in the city. That used to be roasted on open coal and the guy would rub some lime, salt and chilli powder over it. I have great memories associated with this goodie. I have no idea what taro is. Bananas are eaten regularly here and I call it our staple diet.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-02-2017
Ah hh... This is a real tough question. It seems like I have to choose a drop from a ocean. I'm a big time foodie and can munch on almost everything. But French fries are my all time favorites. I always have a tough time in keeping my hands away from them.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 08-01-2017
Snacks are irresistible and I agree with you on that wholesale. (lol) You must be dipping the french fries in tomato ketch up as that is how I like them. The only thing I did not like was when I was at a US restaurant they had kept a common dip on the table and everyone was dipping in it.
Over eating snacks need to be curtailed though
Posted by iamawriter on 08-02-2017
French fries are always a good treat. Do you drip yours in anything? Some people like ketchup while other prefer something like ranch dip or sweet and sour sauce. Irefer mine with just salt and ketchup. I haven't had fried in awhile. I sure could go for some right about now.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
gata montes
Although snacking is not something that I do that often - as I rarely if ever feel hungry between meals - on the few occasions that I do feel in need of a snack - its generally fresh fruit or vegetables for me - either eaten as they are or made into a smoothie or if wanting something a little spicy - home roasted chickpeas - all of which are not only healthy but rich in nutrients too.
Posted by gata montes on 08-01-2017
Choosing a snack with health in mind not many do. I try my best but there is always that craving to go for that which I like. Although dry fruits is my favourite snack and luckily healthwise they are a good choice I do sometimes go for ice cream and/or some sugary stuff.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-15-2017
rose thornes
I snack anything I can find at the kitchen. But I mostly munch on curls, I know its unhealthy but sometimes I just can't stop myself.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-01-2017
What are curls? I have never heard of them. I am sure they are really good though. I am curious what they are though.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
rose thornes
I mean cheese curls. Sorry for confusion. I didn't notice that the mouse take the cheese. Lol!
Posted by rose thornes on 08-02-2017
Ah, don't make me hungry, haha :) My favorite type of snacks have always been salty. I don't really enjoy the sweet kind. There's nothing better than snacking on things like flavored chips or pretzels. However, I am aware that these type of snacks are sadly really bad for you and for your health so I don't indulge in them too often. Maximum once per week. Otherwise, when the hunger strikes and I need something to eat, I usually eat different nuts - anything from hazelnuts, brazil nuts, Indian nuts and more. They're really healthy and yummy!
Posted by Mehano on 08-01-2017
I tasted pretzel when my niece who had come from Australia had brought me these. I got hooked on too and so when I was on holiday in the US I got a few of those. I am not much into salted snacks but this was special. I love chocolates and have been eating them I think even when I was in my mother's womb. Thanks to online shopping I have a wide variety to choose from. I eat nuts more for maintaining my health.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-06-2017
These days, my snacks usually include fruit like strawberries, or some celery with peanut butter. I usually choose the latter if I need something a bit more substantial but still crave the crunchiness. Celery is nice and crunchy so it's perfect for that. The peanut butter adds a little kick of protein. It will keep me going until I'm ready for a meal.
Posted by Zyni on 08-01-2017
I have never had celery with peanut butter before but i know it is a popular snack for many people. I do enjoy celery with cheese whiz though. I use to eat that for a snack a lot when I was a kid.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
I like to snack on the usual unhealthy snacks such as chips or cheese crackers. I only buy them about once a month as a treat so I don't snack on them all the time. I will snack on cheese, nuts, fruit, or veggies like carrots or celery at other times. I have been trying to cut back on snacking though especially at night when I usually want to snack. I don't often snack during the day as I don't usually crave anything.
Posted by morgoodie on 08-01-2017
Cheese seems fine when it comes to health. That is a nice discipline you have as if you stocked up anything then the temptation to go for them would be there. Strange that you talk of craving in the night. I stop eating early and in fact skip my night dinner. A hot mug of milk and honey is what I take in the night.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-06-2017
Coffee and vegetable role. I enjoy every time at the time of rain and at the time of free time or relaxing time. Singly coffee or singly tee is very much favorite to me to remove the tiredness. Snack is some times necessary at the after noon .

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centurion on 08-01-2017
I know of a few coffee addicts. My nephew was one that his mother had to just have the coffee pot filled up the whole day through. He would in fact just live on coffee. I used to be a tea addict too but I have given up all that now and survive on two cups a day. Strange that I managed to curb my craving as tea used to be had in our household whenever we were in a happy mood. But that is not a good thing reallly.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-06-2017
I mostly prefer salty snacks, almost any of it. But my favorite are by far chips, of any shape and (almost any flavor), chips from Lays to Pringles... any of them. I know they aren't healthy, but honestly I don't care that much since I don't eat them so often that they would be a problem. Absolutely chips.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-01-2017
I do enjoy chips to. They satisfy that salty craving. They are so good and hard to stop eating once you get started. There are so many flavours to choose from. My favorites are dill pickles, salt and vinegar and ketchup.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
My favorite snack lately has been crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon & fresh black pepper grinder on top! I also like to snack on fruits like strawberries, blueberries, grapes, bananas. Also nuts are very healthy for you. Occasionally I'll have some chips (but rarely).
Posted by simplym on 08-01-2017
Smoked salmon is so good and with crackers and cream cheese it does make a nice snack. It is very expensive here so I only buy it occasionally but when I do I enjoy it so much. It is a special treat.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
I love the snacks, almost all the ones I have eaten are very delicious and I tolerate them. It is difficult for me to have to choose one as the best, but I think my favorite would be Cookies, I can eat them at any time of the day with no problems. My favorites are those stuffed or those that have chocolate chips. My brother and I usually make oatmeal cookies and sell them to our acquaintances, they all like them.
Posted by luispas on 08-01-2017
That is a good thing that you are not choosy. Life becomes easy for those who are not fussy about anything. At the same time the temptation to just keep on eating what is available also needs to be kept in check. I have heard of oatmeal cookies. In fact when I got fed up of oatmeal porridge I did make them myself but only for a short while.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-06-2017
I like popcorn, chips, fruit, popsicles or crackers. I eat those most often for snacks. I do like snacking and can usually find the kind of snacks I desire so that is a good thing. I try not too eat snacks that are too high in calories, because that can be a problem.
Posted by kgord on 08-01-2017
Going by your choice it seems you may be sometimes replacing your regular meals I do that in the evenings. I have snacks but skip dinner. I feel light going to sleep when I have snacks earlier in the evening. But I must have breakfast as early as I can as I do feel hungry on getting up.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-15-2017
I eat a lot of snacks and most of them are crackers, potatoes chips, and biscuits with chime and salt. In some cases I like to eat fruits and peanuts, it depends on the mood I have.
Posted by wallet on 08-01-2017
Wow... I love snacks. Anything and anywhere as long as there are snacks there I'd eat it. My most favorite of all is kwek kwek. My most loved of all snacks is kwek kwek. It's an egg, which is hard boiled which has different variety. It can be balut or penoy or just simply hard boiled egg. Covered with batter and deep fried until golden. Once cooked, you dip them, in my case, I bathe them with vignegar with copped onions and cucumber, a dash of salt and pepper and chopped chillie. It took me almost 10 minutes to decribe it but it woukd only take 30 seconds for me to eat 1...
Posted by Neiltarquin on 08-01-2017
I have never heard of these and they are not something we eat in our country but they sure so sound good. You description is very vivid and makes me want to try them. I know I would like them. What a great snack.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
I read elsewhere here about kwek kwek. We do not have them here and so I have not tasted them. But reading through your response I see it is easy to make specially dipping the boiled egg in batter. Anything deep fried should taste good. I will see if I can make it. This is how we learn new recipes - thanks to the social networking sites.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-06-2017
This is a great topic of discussion. I definitely love love mixed nuts, salted cashews, and pistachios, although they are expensive. I like nacho chips and salsa, and occasionally indulge in queso dip with beef in it--but, I guess that would most likely constitute a type of meal more than a snack. I like eating fruit as well, like sliced strawberries and bananas.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-01-2017
You are tempting me with all those groovie snacks that are your favourite. I too like pistachios but they always seem to be packed with salt I have not tasted salsa or queso dip with beef. You are right. That could easily replace a meal. This discussion is loaded with snacks that some of us have never seen or tasted.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-15-2017
I try my best to eat healthy snacks. I like to snack on nuts, fruits and vegetables. Sometimes though we all need a treat! When I am treating myself I like a big bag of Doritos chips and a jar of cheese sauce.
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-01-2017
I love almost any kind of chips and french fries. I could eat them at any time of the day but I usually have a little snack while I'm working, as well when I'm watching a movie or series. Snacks are delicious and I'd say that my favorites are the Lays chips.
Posted by reginafalange on 08-01-2017
I snack all the time, both in a healthy and unhealthy way.

On the healthy side: I love all kinds of fruits and nuts so I munch on them whenever we have them available. I particularly enjoy cashews, pistachio and walnuts on the nut side, and strawberries, cherries, bananas and pineapples as fruity snacks.

When it comes to unhealthy snacks I adore munching on some cheese every now and then, and potato chips are my number one weakness. I also love to bake and prepare desserts, so my homemade chocolate pudding and chocolate chips are an ocassional treat I allow myself.
Posted by VintageRose on 08-01-2017
You listed a great variety of snacks and so many good ones from ones that are healthy to one's thy aren't. I have always believed that you can have everything in moderation. As long as you don't over indulge or eat it all the time then it is not bad. Everybody deserves to treat themselves every now and then.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
Yes, that's the right motto to have! I wish I was strong enough to stick only to healthy snacks but like you said, everyone deserves to treat themselves every now and then.

But sometimes it's SO hard to resist the temptation, and I end up eating them a bit more often than just occasionally haha, but I suppose I make up for it by having healthy snacks as well!
Posted by VintageRose on 08-02-2017
I prefer to snack on biscuits especially the cream crackers or Graham crackers. I don't favor on salty snacks or sweetened snacks because they are expensive and very little content. I could buy 450g of biscuits for $3 and munch the biscuits or dip into hot coffee while enjoying my tea break time. Biscuits are popular snacks in the office especially among the ladies.
Posted by peachpurple on 08-01-2017
Good that you go by what comes cheap. I like cream crackers too and they taste great with a bit of cheese and a tiny bit pineapple. I also like them dunked in tea but i need to be careful as they quickly get soaked giving me no chance to eat them (lol) These days we get the Britannia Nutri Digestive biscuits which are crisp and have a different taste. We eat them every day. Our pet dog likes them too.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-15-2017
I usually go for the healthy snacks like almonds and cranberries and raisins. Occasionally I would indulge in some dark chocolate or Greek yogurt or fruit ice cream. Wow just speaking of snacks has put me in a snack mood. I think I had a pack of peanuts around here somewhere, oh that's right I ate it already! With the summer heat getting real intense in my country I like to snack on watermelons. I could eat tons of the stuff and bananas and dragon fruits as well are now some of my favorites.
Posted by Joteque on 08-01-2017
Watermelon is a good snack choice especially in the summer. It is cool and refreshing. I also like the sweetness of it. It is so good. I heard that some people put salt on Watermelon when they eat it but I have never tried it that way. I like it just the way that it is. I don't care for any other melons though.
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
My favorite snack is the Lay's BBQ flavored chips. It's not healthy but I just love the taste of it. I eat other chips for snacks, I also love chocolates, Snickers, M&M's, Kinder Bueno and etc.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 08-01-2017
Lays BBQ chips are the best. They are so good. I, also, like M&Ms. They are so hard to stop eating once you get started. I don't carve a lot of chocolate but when I do I do enjoy some M&Ms. Yum!!Yum!!
Posted by Sue on 08-02-2017
My favorite snack is a meat pie. I can do anything for a meat pie with a chilled glass of orange on a hot afternoon.
Posted by maria_c on 08-01-2017
I really like snacking too but I have reduced the amount of snacks that I usually consume. I am actually on diet and snacking is a complete no for me. Some of the snacks that I really like are crisps, chocolates and on rainy days fried snacks are for sure the most delicious foods to have. At night I usually snack on chocolate cookies. I know that I have put on considerable weight due to my snacking habits and that's the reason I don't really snack that much nowadays.
Posted by Pixie on 08-02-2017
Chocolates are my favourite too. I have always shopped for chocolates whenever I have been on foreign holidays. Most visitors always get me chocolates knowing how fond I am of them. I have also tried making them but they never come up to the standard of what is available in shops.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-15-2017
I think these days I am mostly into oats based snacks. As you can see those snacks are lot better for the health. And not much weight gain on that front. You don't have to worry about the calories and other issues. I have found that for me personally this works out just fine. So on that front I'd be surely be using it if you can consider that to be a possibility. I think some of the junk food are also good snacks.
Posted by overcast on 08-02-2017
Those who are health conscious sadly miss out on those real good snacks. Having said that I think dry fruits and even chocolates in moderation could contribute to maintaining good health. I have heard of oats based snacks but I do not know if there could be many varieties in them.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-15-2017
Well as a vegan I try to eat health snacks like fruit, but I don't always eat fruit as a snack. I enjoy hummus and chips, or guacamole and corn chips. Sometimes I will eat a vegan cookie. One of my favorite unhealthy snacks are the fried Indian snacks, they are so good in taste but not good if your trying to lose weight.
Posted by kamar19 on 08-02-2017
Tasty though they are deep fried Indian snacks are loaded with bad health issues (lol) . One actually gets addicted to them. Who can resist an evening snack with a hot cup of tea with loads of guests as company? The aroma of what is getting fried in the kitchen adds to the trouble.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-22-2017
I like Croissant and Esfiha. I think they are my favorite snacks right now.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-02-2017
Icecream is hands-down my favorite snack. I love the cooling effect of eating it on a hot day. I love the numerous flavors every grocery store carries now. It's a little like Christmas every other week in the grocery when I pick up a container. Plus it's diverse! You can put it in cones, on cake, in dishes with mix-ins, and even milkshakes!
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-02-2017
Ice cream comes in several flavours and textures here where I live. There is one producer who is specialised only in ice creams. He keeps updating his list with something new each time. We have what is called 'gadbad' This is a mixture of several flavours with dry fruits added. I like anything in chocolate though. I have also eaten ice cream made from fresh fruits when we were holidaying in new Zealand.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-22-2017
My favourite snack is bananas. First, they are healthy.Second, very tasty and nutritious. Third, no hassle with cooking. Just peel and eat.Nice organic substitute of sweet snacks.Works amazingly even for such chocolate-maniac like me.))
Posted by RosieCheeks on 08-03-2017
Bananas is a staple diet in our household. I eat them thrice a day. They are loaded with health. But I do not stop there. There is a list of goodies that I like to snack on as I am not much of a huge fan of regular food. I even skip my dinner and snack on whatever is there, late evening. I only have hot milk with honey in the night.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-22-2017
My favorite snacks are dried fruits such as cashew pistachio, almonds, peanuts etc. I love to munch these try nuts every now and them. I also like to eat fruits mostly mangoes and grapes.
Posted by vinaya on 08-05-2017
Dry fruits are good for health. They have no cholesterol. I too like them. I just ordered for prunes. I find them slightly moist and sticky but I suppose they are better than totally dry prunes. I get my stuff online through amazon in They have pretty good chain of suppliers. I normal;y soak figs and apricots in sugar syrup that makes eating easy.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-22-2017
My favorite snacks are curry puffs and egg tarts. I like pastries usually as this food is crispy and taste delicious when you eat them fresh out of the oven. I also like to eat cereal bars as snacks too.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-06-2017
They are quite filling I notice. But you can always skip you lunch or dinner if you are having these heavy snacks as I am sure after eat those you will not feel hungry any more. We get pastries here too but I am not satisfied with the bakery here that does them. I find very little filling in them. I too occasionally get them and I prefer egg patties.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-22-2017
I usually snack on fruits everyday since they are healthy and keep me full in between meals, but my favourite snack would probably have to be chips. I could eat a whole family-sized bag of chips in one sitting but if I did that everyday, I would probably have some health problems by now. Recently, I like snacking on homemade popcorn instead of chips sometimes because it's a healthier but still delicious alternative.
Posted by lilac123 on 08-08-2017
Specially while watching television that is the time chips could just vanish not knowing how much one has really consumed. I am not much into fruits although I do eat bananas as a staple diet and not because I like them that much. My favourite fruit is the mango. We have them growing in our garden and during the mango season I simply live on them.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-15-2017
Doritos are my favourite snack, sometimes I look for something sweet but mostly I like fried stuff, fruits are an option too, whatever comes in handy works for me but Doritos are my faves.
Posted by StolenKid on 08-10-2017
This is such a hard question for me because I love to snack on just about everything! But I love to snack on chocolate chip cookies, such as the Chips Ahoy ones are always the best but I also really enjoy the big curly cheese puffs. And if I could I would eat french fries all day long (especially McDonald's fries) with vanilla ice cream. But like I said; it is so hard for me to pick just one or even just a few because I love to snack on just about everything I can get my hands on because I love food and I have a big sweet tooth.
Posted by Eboudreau17 on 08-12-2017
Believe it or not. Just by reading all these responses my mouth has been watering (lol) All of you have contributed greatly here talking about snacks and how some have been controlling their urge to eat them just so that their health is maintained.
Your sweet tooth could easily land you in trouble (lol)
Posted by iamawriter on 08-15-2017
I'm a must have snacks kind of person and I got a list of favorite snacks to choose from everyday but my top three are Pringles, strawberries and apples are my favorite snacks, every time Every day and everywhere I must have at least pringles and an apple in my bag.
Posted by Clara1993 on 08-16-2017
I snack at afternoons and what I eat It is not healthy, I eat everything with sugar chocolates, cookies, milo, and cakes, Oreo's are my favorites. I know I should eat something healthier but I am not used to, if I want to stay Healthy I need to start eating better like fruits.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-21-2017
Cookies all the way! I could be eating them all day long! Chips Ahoy are my biggest weakness. They are just irresistible... I know I should start eating healthy snacks, but I just can't avoid eating these wonderful sweet pieces of Heaven!
Posted by Rebelssis on 08-23-2017
My favorite snack is baked cookies paired with hot brewed coffee without sugar. It is a perfect snack for me that cookie slowly melting inside my mouth and the bitterness of hot coffee blend to it.
Posted by rogel on 08-26-2017
My favorite snack will always be a street food.It's not really healthy but once in awhile is ok .Since I was a kid after school I always make sure I still have some extra penny so I can buy some fish cakes,fried quail eggs,mango with shrimp paste(it's actually pretty good though I must say when I first tasted it ,It's really weird),banana wraps and some jelly on my way back home, even until now I still buy those stuffs after a long hour working.It taste great but it's not healthy so eating these moderately is a must.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-30-2017
Well most snacks that I eat are probably corn and potato chips. But whenever I'm on the street, I tend to look and always bought orange batter covered hard-boiled quail eggs or maybe chicken eggs. Dip it on sweet and chili sauce and I also other street foods like fish balls and yeah there's lot of people who craved for these things so there are lots of these small food stalls every where in the main part of the town near the public market. Their not that really healthy to eat though so sometimes I bought banana cue or maybe banana stew as its much healthier to eat.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-05-2017
Meat/fish pies happens to be my best snack. I am not much of a snack person but I always have an exception when it comes to pies. They tend to be quite irresistible for me. Most times, when I go shopping, I try so hard to avoid snack section inside the mall but that's an impossible task because as much as I try to avoid it, I would still end up perceiving the smell of the pie and as such I will be forced to buy at 5 pies.

The reason I don't fancy snacks is that I have a belief that too much junk food is not good for one's health. So therefore, I try very much not to get addicted to eating such because I know that most eating disorders we have today are all as a result of being addicted to one particular set of eating habits. I do value my health condition so much that I take care of things I do, eat and participate in, so that I don't fall a victim to any consequences of my actions.
Posted by Heatman on 09-09-2017
I do love to eat fast food snacks, chocolates, cookies, ice cream and more as I do have a sweet tooth. I can't help but eat any kinds of sweet. They are all my favorite. I don't stick to one kind of food. As much as possible, I eat different types of snack every day.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-10-2017
I have got sweet tooth but I'm trying out some snacks because of my weight loss journey but before now I was a great fan of any nice pastry and cheese.I could snack all day on cakes and crunchy pastries. I have reduced or cut off all that.
Posted by lovely on 12-18-2017
It looks like we have the same desire when it comes to snacks. Yesterday I bought pastries and ice cream. My husband was teasing me that it was early for my birthday because cake and ice cream are the staple of children’s birthday parties. We have lots of chocolates in the bedroom fridge so you can imagine that I have what I want with the reach of my hand.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-15-2018
Potato chips or fries would be my pick. These are the snacks that I never get tired of even if I've been snacking on them since my childhood. Some flavors I do get tired of so I tend to change it up a bit from time to time but generally these would be what I consider my go-to choices when asked for a snack order. I like most any potato based snack so any iteration of these two would be good too such as similar snacks like hash browns or even mashed potatoes.
Posted by Wubwub on 01-29-2018
Well there are so many i can tell but saltish snacks are best. But nothing is better than a tasty pack of Nimko.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 02-21-2018
My favorite snack is a potato chip, I really love potatoes and the fries is very yummy.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-06-2018
I love eating sweetened bananas, custard cake, hash browns, and brazo de mercedez. I also have a list of local favorites for snacks but I've been missing most of them because food vendors here are switching to foreign-inspired snacks like potato fries and dimsum. In fact, the local delicacies have become more expensive due to rising prices of ingredients and many have simply stopped offering them. It's easier for them to sell French fries, siomai, fish balls, and Takoyaki balls as they can be bought in huge quantities at cheaper prices and cooked fast.
Posted by chatbox on 11-19-2018
When it comes to light snacks my fave are cookies, butter, peanut butter or chocolate chip. For heavy snacks it has to be Dimsum like Pork Buns and Dumplings. There's also Chips, here we have Baconnettes, it's a bacon flavored chip.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-20-2018