What can I do for my cat that had a stroke?

What can I do for my cat that had a stroke?
I have a 14 year old cat who I am almost positive has had a stroke. He was just at the vet four days ago, and had blood work done to determine what his blood level is, and it was 28, which the vet was not concerned about. However, he was placed on a high calorie diet as he has been losing some weight.

The reason I believe my cat has had a stroke is because he has a head tilt to one side. He looses his balance, stumbles, and pretty much just lays around. He is not really interested in food, hence why he has lost weight. He also has one pupil that is larger then the other one, which is a classic sign of strokes in cats.

This cat does have a slight heart murmur.

He will be going to the vet, but in the meantime, I wonder what I can do for him to keep him comfortable. We have been feeding him soft cat food, high calorie treats, and hold him as much as he wants. Any suggestions from anyone that has dealt with this before?


Wow, she is 14 years old! That is amazing and I bet she had a good life with someone who cares as you seem to. I'd ask the vet when you go see them and see what they say. I have no idea what to do for an animal that has had a stroke, I've never even considered it until now, tbh.
Posted by Lop on 12-16-2016
That 14 years is actually a big number already for a pet and having a stroke is probably due to old age. It is sad to have a pet that is sick. I am also a pet lover although dogs are my pets. One of my dogs is 11 years old now and still looking strong although he is not as energetic like before. But I am happy that he doesn’t get sick and he still has that appetite which means he is healthy.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-19-2018
I hope your cat is a bit better. I think that the best way is to handle him with a lot of care and love, especially considering the age, apart from the condition. Try to feed it soft food and milk is a good option. Have it rest a lot too.
Posted by sspi on 12-30-2016
Poor thing as a cat owner my self am no expert but love cats . All I feel you can do just show more love and effection then normal to your cat. Show him how much you care about him all tho he proberly knows anyway but bit extra love around him . Not sure what else You can do just watch him .
Posted by reviews4you on 03-22-2017
14 years is a long time for a cat! That is amazing. Unfortunately when a cat reaches this age you will find that they will get more and more health problems. I have never had a cat suffer a stroke so I can't imagine what it's like looking after a cat that has suffered that. My advice would be to pay more attention to your cat, let them know you are there and love them just as much as you always did. Keep it away from stressful situations especially since your cat also has a heart murmur, I have a 7 year old cat who has was diagnosed with a heart murmur and I was told to keep her away from stressful situations.
Posted by Shortie on 03-28-2017
It is amazing to see that you've kept this cat for fourteen good years which goes a long way to showcase the relationship you have with such a pet. I'm really sorry that your cat is experience this kind of sickness for even humans that suffer from stroke do not always have that good feeling attitude, and on the part of your cat, I would advise that you show it love and care as much as you can during this tough period of its life and never forget that trying another vet doctor if this current one does not get the solution for you is a good way to go about it as well.
Posted by Barida on 09-13-2017
I commiserate with you because I am a dog lover and I know how you feel when your pet is sick. But as a consolation, you said that your cat is 14 years old so that means that was a long time of service to you. And to make your cat comfortable, you can cuddle it if you have the time to spare. Our vet said that pets loved to be cuddled especially when they are not feeling well. Good luck to the caring that you can give to your cat and let’s hope that it can recover from that suspected stroke.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-07-2018
Send him to the vet to know exactly the condition. I think your cat is very old right now and I think like human, your cat also suffering this normal condition when we getting older. I remember my cat sissy, she's also cute and chubby. LOL.
Posted by ion on 07-02-2018
I never knew that a cat can have a stroke. Is this for real? I've never had animals have strokes. I know that a stroke is caused b high cholesterol in your diet. I wonder if a cat can have food that is high in cholesterol? Exactly what foods do you give it. From my little knowledge about cats, they are feed with cat food. Cat food as far as I know is healthy food, I don't think its high in fat. I think that it is more high in protein.
Posted by jaymish on 10-21-2018