What constitutes old age for you?

What constitutes old age for you?
I have had several around me who I have considered old even when they were in their fifties or even forties by their behaviour. For me therefore age is just a number and does not constitute old age but behaviour does.

I am a senior in terms of number of years but considering the fact that I am computer savvy I do not think I am old.

Here is an lady who ois old in numbers doing the Salsa


What about you? Are you young or old?

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I'm a very young lady because I'm still in my prime and life begins at age 40 and I'm a bit far from this but I believe people are as old as the feel because age is certainly a number.I define people's age according to their action.An agile and vibrant 60 yrs old man might not be looking his age because of his energy and strength while someone in his 40 is so sluggish.To me, I will think the one that is sluggish is already even though he is younger because he isn't acting his age.So one action count for me.
Posted by lovely on 01-12-2018
When I was young, 60 is already old as what I had seen in my grandparents. But now that I am 55, I’d say that 70 or maybe 80 is the old age. But in reality, as long as the body is able and willing then that is not old yet. My husband has a great uncle who is now 105 but he is still independent. He eats by himself and he doesn’t need a caregiver. And to think that he is still smoking, I guess we cannot consider him old.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-11-2018
Well the heart is something that makes you old or young. There are hundreds of people that I have met who were in the late twenties and even early thirties and still play video games and watch anime. Even they have kids now, but they try to manage some time for their inner younger self to enjoy the most they can. So, being computer savvy doesn't make you young or old but yes if the people around your community believe it to be something done by the young then indeed you are still young.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 01-12-2018
That's what I always say: Age should be just a number. You can age physically and keep up with the active mind. That may bring you a good old age.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-12-2018
Well stated, age is a thing of the mind, it has nothing to do with when one was born.one inner self-radiates what one stands for and not the numbers of years on earth.I know a lot of old people that still behave young because of their inner being.We are as old as we think about.
Posted by lovely on 01-13-2018
Old age for me is a sign of life experience. You can get old, but old age is just a number at your age. The most important thing is to keep your mind always renewed.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-12-2018
People are living longer and longer these days and if I had to put a number on old age I would say that it has to be 80 years old. And thankfully I am only 43 so I still have half of my life to go, that is if I live to be 80. Because these days you never know how long you're going to live with all of the crazy people in this world.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 01-12-2018
I consider senior citizens as old people. And these are people who are in the age bracket of 60 years old and above. I consider people who are in the age of 20-59 as adults. Adults are not old people for me. They are just people who are already mature enough to make rational life decisions.

Going back to seniors, I believe that they should be given preferential treatment because at their age, that's the time when lots of health problems start to materialize. Their earning potential also start decreasing so they should receive tons of discounts.
Posted by limberg on 01-12-2018
Well middle age is considered 47 or 50 according to most people. While some people consider 60 to be old, I've also heard that people consider 80 and over to be old. There are a lot of 70 year old's who look a lot younger than they are. I think if you want to label a person as old or what is old? It depends on your body and what it's been through. Boxers for example, or professional fighters or athletes are considered old by age 35 due to the mileage or tread on their bodies. A regular person who lived a regular life though, they aren't really considered old until the grey hairs start to REALLY come in nice and obvious.
Posted by NickJ on 01-13-2018
Old age to me is a stage of life where the body has to biologically give way to the next generation of individuals. Age is certainly not a criterion to classify an individual as old or young; for someone, 50 might be their old age whereas for some it might be their prime. What really classifies a person, I think , is ones attitude. You could be a 90 year old still enjoying everyday of life. Stephen Hawkins inspires me a lot to have a positive attitude toward life. If physical inability makes a person old, Nick vujicic destroys that stereotype. In fact , as it is said, old is gold; old age is the time when one is filled with experience and a whole generation of young people is looking up to you.
Posted by Beydingeh on 01-13-2018
I agree that age is just a number and that we only become aged when we think and act like one. Hence, two people can both be 60 but one may feel old and the other may not feel old at all. Some senior citizens I know are conscious of hitting 60 and adopt the retiree attitude. They think that they are too old to be active and interested in learning new things. I think that when you stop learning and exploring new activities and interests, your mind and body will gradually degenerate and age. You are what you think you are.
Posted by chatbox on 01-13-2018
My father is 70 years, he can still do manual work for two hours without getting tired. I don't think he is old. I have a relative who is not even 60 but cannet walk without a walking stick. This guy is too old for me. Age is just a number, the number does not tell about old age. Old age is related to inability to do something.
Posted by vinaya on 01-13-2018
Exactly, either inability or acting like you're going to die everyday is what constitutes old age. I know a lot of people into their 60s and they're able to do a lot of jobs without getting tired. It's your heart that gets old, not your mind.
Posted by Tania997 on 01-15-2018
People who have reached 70, 80, or even more that are still strong and could still do the things they have been doing since in their younger age, are those who continue training their mind and body. Those who are lack of physical activities tend to weaken and feel so old faster. I knew people in their 70s who could still do stuff that a 20-year-old kid and doesn't have physical issues. And I knew lots of people in their 50s that could no longer jog for more than 15 minutes and are suffering from different body pains. I think if we train our mind and body regularly, we would still feel like we are still youngster even the number of our age add up every year.
Posted by vhinz on 01-13-2018
We should all embrace old age and enjoy it.Some people are at 60 and enjoy outdoor activities and also keep fit not because they want to look young but because they are enjoying life and they won't let age control how they should behave. There are so many advantages of being old. Old people are wise and they are not stressed by the opinion of others. So age and behavior both contribute to old age.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 01-13-2018
We should all embrace old age and enjoy it.Some people are at 60 and enjoy outdoor activities and also keep fit not because they want to look young but because they are enjoying life and they won't let age control how they should behave. There are so many advantages of being old. Old people are wise and they are not stressed by the opinion of others. So age and behavior both contribute to old age.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 01-13-2018
For me age doesn't matter although our movements and outside appearances change but there is one thing that cannot be change which are our inside appearances. Such as our characteristic, attitudes, and our thoughts where we believe.
Posted by mar06 on 01-14-2018
I think that this is always different depending on the individual. I am 45 years old, and I "feel" pretty old, but everyone tells me I look like I am in my early thirties (a great compliment, but convince my aching joints and back of that). I have seen 60 year old men run circles around some twenty year olds due to attitude and lifestyle choices, so I guess that the answer to this question depends upon how we live, genetics, and, overall, how young your attitude is and just how young that you perceive yourself.
Posted by JoeMilford on 01-14-2018
When I was a girl, I remember seeing my grandparents as old although they were only in their fifties. My perception was not because I was too young but maybe because of their appearance. People during that time easily grow old in looks maybe because they don’t dye their hair and they don’t do a workout. Life was easy although stressful with the difficulty of earning. Now life is more comfortable and people have ways to improve their appearance, from hair to makeup. So now what I see as old is one who is into his 70s or older.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-14-2018
I agree age is nothing but a number. You're as old as you think you are. I watched the link to Youtube you post, that 80 year old lady is amazing. Most of us can't dance like that, et we are much younger. I was listening to a motivational speaker(Bob Procter) , he was saying as you age you are supposed to get better at everything because of the wisdom and knowledge you have gained, like fine wine. Most people think past 60 you are a goner. But 60 is the new 20 as can be seen in the video of the 80 year old dancing salsa. Wow!
Posted by jaymish on 01-15-2018
For me, age is and always will be just a number. I personally know people that are over 80 years old and extremely vital, doing all sort of things and I consider them as "young". It completely depends on how you act, what lifestyle you have, and of course, how you feel at heart. That's why I don't think that a certain age is automatically regarded as old.

I think with age you also gain so much wisdom and knowledge. It isn't bad to age but I will always try to be youthful and young regardless.
Posted by Mehano on 01-15-2018
I agree with your words. Age really is just a number and if you feel good, there is no reason to worry about age. I believe the key is to simply live well and keep the mind and body always active. This makes age come and you are becoming more and more renovated to the world. Long life for all of us.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-16-2018
I strongly believe that age is just a number. My grandpa is 88 years but he is very active and always enjoying each and every moment of his life. He is the coolest grandpa and is always mingling with the youngsters who enjoy his company. My grandpa is actually a writer and professor. He will release his new book soon. He likes to go out. His favorite hobby is gardening and he works in his garden regularly. I can even say that my grandpa is more fit than me. So for me age is just a number.
Posted by Pixie on 01-29-2018
Age, after all, is just a number. One can be very active and fit even at the old age and very dull and boring even at a very younger age. There are people who age very gracefully and try to enjoy every moment of there retired life. on the other hand, some people tend to become more combative and irritating as they grow old. To accept the changes in our body as we grow older and to make an attempt to always be happy and in tune with the world around us will help us to become a role model for people around us regardless of our age
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-25-2018
I do agree that age is just a number. We all grow old but I like thinking of it as we all level up. Isn't it fun thinking of it that way? No we didn't have a birthday we just leveled up! But anyway, I don't really know what to consider as old because even though my grandmother is 60+ I still don't see her as old. Even if anyone says they're 80 I still don't think they're old, I just think they're wise and they know a lot for being in this world for that long.
Posted by knnon on 12-13-2018
It depends on your perspective in considering a person to be old. My take is the physical strength and of course also the looks of the person. If he looks very old but he is still strong then I cannot consider him old. If he looks young but his movement shows that he is weak and not agile anymore then I can consider him old. When my mother turned 60 I still thought that she was young until she reached 70. It was just sad that she was hit by a stroke so now she is really old at age 85.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-15-2018