What do you do for 4th of July?

What do you do for 4th of July?
The USA will be celebrating Independence Day soon, on the 4th of July. For those celebrating it, tell us about what kinds of things you like to do.

We usually have family and friends for a cookout, and then we all go and attend the local fireworks show. Sometimes, we go to parades or other scheduled events as well. Some years, we've gone to the lake.

What are you going to be doing this year? Have you made any fun plans?


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Posted by centurion on 06-25-2017
I am not from America so we don't really celebrate 4th of the July. We only have fireworks for New Year's Eve so I bet that it's nice having them in the middle of the year as well. I always enjoy watching them - especially the big crazy kind that have so many different effects.

I would love to go the U.S one day and experience how you guys celebrate this day. I often see videos of it on the television and it looks like great fun. Either way, happy future 4th of July!
Posted by Mehano on 06-25-2017
My husband had experienced the 4th of July in the US when he was there a long time ago. He said that it was a great event because the children were so excited with the fireworks. But the main fare in some cities is the parade that included the war veterans. It can be compared to the celebration of the New Year’s Eve here that fireworks and parties are the standard to make the atmosphere festive.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-05-2018
Jonathan Solomon
I'm a proud born American. So 4th of July celebrations are always a guaranteed good time! Normally, if we don't have a grill out at our house, we usually go out for lunch to watch the downtown parade. We've also gone on vacation in the past too, so normally my family and I take off during this period. America's Independence Day always brings about positive vibes to its citizens. A true day to be patriotic for the country I love.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-25-2017
I'm not American, I'm Canadian. Our birthday is actually July 1st, which is quite close to our American neighbor's big day. We typically have a cookout, spend time with family and friends, go to festivals that take place around the town, and then end the night with fireworks. I'm guessing it's pretty similar to what most Americans do.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-25-2017
I think some good things that can be done during this holiday are: getting the family together for a great lunch, revisiting some longtime friends to talk a lot about life or take a day to reconnect with yourself, get away from it all and stay away from everyone to think about life. Everything will depend on your mood in the day. :)
Posted by WildSpirit on 06-25-2017
Fourth of July is around the corner. I typically skip out on going to the beaches since it is very crowded. Usually it is a house party / family gathering and we would enjoy a nice BBQ at home. Then from the yard, we can see the beautiful fire works. Sometimes at a local park (we'd take a walk there and enjoy the fireworks).
Posted by simplym on 06-25-2017
I usually cook out sometimes go to visit friends or family and sometimes go to fireworks. This year I will be going to a barbecue. I am looking forward to it. It is always fun to celebrate my nation's heritage.
Posted by kgord on 07-01-2017
As I am not American I don't celebrate the 4th July. I normally just create a post on Facebook to wish all my friends in the USA a happy Independence Day. It would be nice to visit the States some day and see how this day is celebrated. It would probably be really great fun to join in with the celebrations.
Posted by JMS on 07-04-2017
I don't celebrate the 4th of July, primarily because I don't really have people to celebrate with. As far as I'm concerned, it's a quiet day off, or would be if not for the sparklers and small-scale fireworks going off across the neighborhood. I don't enjoy them because I find the smell and noise a bit annoying (I don't get to watch them from where I live), though I don't mind watching larger-scale fireworks shows - in general, though, even though I live in the US I see the 4th as just another day of the year.
Posted by Linen on 07-07-2017
I'm not America so.. nothing! This years, at least. Some years ago I spent a whole year working in Orlando, and since we were in the USA we had to do something during this important day! So we went to the Magic Kingdom and watched the fireworks... Pretty nice, pretty cool. I didn't feel the patriotic spirit but I did enjoy them, absolutely.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-14-2017
The past few years Fourth of July has been a holiday I don't do as much for. This most current one my husband and I went hiking with several friends, followed by a casual BBQ lunch. It was a lovely and relaxing day. Later in the night however, wow what a different story! We are new in a our neighborhood and live not too far from an Army fort. The patriotism of our neighborhood is pretty evident by the variety of American flags around the neighborhood. We expected some of the neighbors to be out with a few small fireworks since we saw firework stands all around the area, but we were not at all prepared for what took place. Just after it got dark outside, we were tucked snuggly on the couch watching some patriotic TV show ("Turn") and then it was like we were in a war zone. Full fledged, amusement park style fireworks blasting right over top of our home! What?!? This couldn't possibly be happening, I mean those types of fireworks aren't even legal for personal use. Sure enough there they were... directly over our house while our neighbors gathered in the street setting them off and their friends vehicles barricaded the entire front of our home, including our driveway. Now, I'd always loved fireworks, but when you have fireworks like that blasting over top of your newly purchased home and the sound of them is triggering military PTSD.... that's a whole other story. So, next year for Fourth of July, I guess we'll man our yard with a water hose and ear plugs stuffed in our ears... it'll be a new tradition.
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-06-2017
I am not from the United States so, in my country we don't celebrate this day. Our independence day is on 5th of July. Personally, I don't do anything out of common that day. I know it is important but I usually go for a movie or spend time with my family and friends. We don't do anything with fireworks or something like that. In my country prefer to spend money on Alcohol rather than spend it on fireworks haha.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-29-2017
I live in Brazil so there are no 4th of July celebrations. (Except for a few American communities located south of the country) Still, we do have our own independence day which is a national holiday. We are not a very Patriot people unless it's world cup time. So it's like any other holiday.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-29-2017
We used to have a fourth of July here but unfortunately, our independence day was moved to June 12 when I was in high school. Since that time, the kind of celebration was not that grand anymore. And now that the government is bent on making fireworks and firecrackers illegal maybe there will not be any celebration anymore. For those with patriotic fervor, they go to the park for the flag raising and national anthem in the morning.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-23-2018
I'm not an American but when I was still in college, I was living in my Aunts house with her retired American Navy husband. Every 4th of July, my Uncle used to go to an American restaurant to buy meal which consists of a turkey, mashed potato, friend rice, barbecue and a cake. He always did this every 4th of July as a simple celebration for the USA's Independence day.
Posted by vhinz on 10-26-2018