What do you prefer, printed books or ebooks?

What do you prefer, printed books or ebooks?
Do you consume printed or electronic books? I think electronics books have lots of advantages, like being environmentally friendly, more portable, more ways of accessing them... Although there seem to be some health concerns related to reading on electronic devices, mainly eye problems. Printed books, however, still seem elegant, classy and artistic to me.

Which one do you prefer?




Then I generate to centers in the brain for learning are stimulated because it's heard aloud and seen as well as followed along by site. What and my siezures I've had for 30 + years kinda wiped out that part of my memory, but also the ex wife so yeah!! Plenty of each book on the go no or e-book where electricity flows!! You pick now? Book you can use anywhere? Or a e-book you can use with your high tech devices to help comprehend? What do you pick ? Maybe you could just send this out to all you know and we can get a large estimate on which one is picked most, im betting on e-books!!!!!! You! Use number 654269???? ????.
Posted by Anonymous on 12-28-2018

Printed Book

I Like to read from Printed books but I also support E books. My most books are Amazon Kindle but the essence and the feelings of touching a book is so good that I vote for Paper Back .
Posted by Anonymous on 01-20-2019


I prefer ebooks over printed books because everything is going digital these days due to its convenience . You can now store many books on one device, not only does it save space at home but it also make it easier for you to look for books. I know people who have hundreds of printed books. Not only does it waste space but it can be difficult to find the books you want. Of course there are advantages with printed books as well. For example, you can sell your printed books after you read them but I think the convenience of ebooks is appealing to me more.
Posted by MasterA on 01-17-2019

I prefer an ebook

I prefer using an ebook reader than a printed book because it is more portable, I can use it even at night (without the glare if I use my mobile phone), and most importantly, I can store a lot of books in just one ebook reader.
Posted by clarisseblogs on 01-07-2019



Printed books

It is true that with eBooks, you don need to carry any extra weight around. All you need is your phone or your computer and you are good to go. However, the experience is completely worth it when you read from a printed page. There is a feeling about it that is hard to put in words. Then there is the smell of the pages too. Be it a new book or an old one, there is always something about that smell that just gets me every time.
Posted by Franzel2oo on 12-29-2018

Printed books

I vote for printed books. It is what I am used to read. I have read eBooks too but not that much.
Posted by achikeziah on 01-14-2019

Eye comfort

I do care about the environment so much. In this matter, I would choose E-books. However, when it comes to traditional books, there is this feeling of authenticity that motivates you to read further and further. You could bring it everywhere without the concern of it needing of charge nor the light obscuring the text. It is truly better for the eyes and good for the touch. It is the experience that I go after. The turning of those delicate pages and the smell it radiates.
Posted by Yumyan on 01-06-2019


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Posted by Anonymous on 12-28-2018
Posted by Anonymous on 01-14-2019
I prefer printed books. I can hold it in my hands. I can bring the book anywhere I go.
Posted by achikeziah on 01-14-2019
Printed books are good for me. You can put them in a library where they are accessible to all
Posted by Anonymous on 01-17-2019
I prefer a printed book because it doesn't strain my eyes if I wanted to read for a long time. Besides, there is this great feeling when you are holding the book, you can feel it in your hand, and the smell of it. It makes you feel something.
Posted by vivalavanda on 01-22-2019
Printed books are easy to use and very effective nowadays. But using printed books is more effective and reliable. When reading a printed book you can focus and more determined to finish it because of there's no more interruption like pop up of a new message on facebook or email or friends calling you via video chat.
Posted by Em14 on 02-16-2019
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