What do you think the mobile phones would look like in the future?

What do you think the mobile phones would look like in the future?
We've had many different mobile phones back in the day. From the oldest and biggest phones that would cover up your entire face, until the current ones today which are now touchscreens and wireless. We keep on seeing on sci-fi movies that sometimes, the gadgets they are using are already transparents and holograms. The inner parts aren't shown anymore and they are even thinner!

Is this really the future of our mobile phones? If so, is it even possible for that to happen? What do you think will the mobile phones look like in the future?


Holograms are already being developed. We have inventions such as watches that are based on holograms being worked upon, so it wouldn't surprise me if in the near future we have holographic phones, we can't assume what's going to happen to them in the future, because the average person 10 or a little more than that years ago, hasn't been thinking that we would have smartphones this early, but we do. Maybe, we'll also use ones that are more convenient to carry and can change their size depending on what we want just by pressing a button.
Posted by manmad on 08-30-2017
That is true. I've seen a video from the Internet wherein they were using a hologram phone. But they still haven't done the touch or gesture thing. They just showed the hologram itself and controlled it via computer or whatever that is. It's pretty awesome though. Specially if they incorporate that on watched that'd be awesome! Now you can just press your watch and do almost everything. :p
Posted by galegatling on 08-31-2017
I have seen something like that in a commercial, they really want to make the mobile phones to look as a hologram and to add it on our hand. Technology is evolving day by day and we get surprised on what they create. I wonder why they don't try to be so innovative in since and health as well, a treatment for cancer would outweigh any invention in this world, and this would bring a lot of money if this is what they are looking for.
Posted by wallet on 08-30-2017
Smaller and bigger. Yes, both of them: some models will get even bigger, but another company will think "Hey, what if we do something small, this time, like the first mobile phones?": The look will vary, but they will be able to do a lot of stuff... they will become more of a multitool devices than actual phones, and many people won't use them for communications (be it phonecall or messages), since maybe new ways of communication will be developed. They will change both look and function, then. Look at how different are modern phones to the old first mobile phones: progress is fast and huge, and it will keep going this way.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-30-2017
Yeah. But some also say that it will not have a drastic change in the coming years because so far we are having everything that we need and the world isn't that innovative yet to introduce such innovations. But I'm sure by now there are already companies developing these so called holographic images that could be obtained by tiny devices such as the watches. We don't know we might see an innovation wherein we would be planting chips to our hands and by there we can have access to the Internet. Lol
Posted by galegatling on 08-31-2017
THat is a good question. Generally, as we all know, technology tends to become minaturized over time, so maybe we will have smaller phones that will be capable of doing more. Instead of some of the big thick lenses that are available with today's world we might instead have smaller phones that are capable of doing just as much. I guess time will tell with what comes down the pike in the future.
Posted by kgord on 08-30-2017
Time will tell indeed. I also noticed that nowadays, smartphones tend to be more smarter and thiner, and smaller too! So it won't be long when glass phones and holograms will be introduced because for sure by now they are already being developed. I am curious though, how would it produce sound if ever holograms are invented? Is there such thing as holographic sound as well? If so, that'd be sick!
Posted by galegatling on 09-05-2017
I think that there will come a day when mobile phones will be so advanced that they will not be handheld anymore but rather will be inserted into our brains. In that sense, all we'll need to do to call someone or access an application is simply think of the app or the person we want to call. It a bit weird and certainly dangerous but I don't think it's that far away from reality at all.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-30-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Well, it depends. When it comes to smartphones regarding hardware and software, technology is evolving at such a rapid rate, the possibilities are truly boundless. Keep in mind though, the fact that we have touch fingerprint I.D. within smartphones nowadays is an amazing milestone in itself. Mix that with voice recognition and other features, I'd say we're already living in the future if you ask me! Like Manmad said, holograms are a major possibility. I also see more location-based augmented reality games like "Pokemon GO" existing in the future. Basically, more ways to interact and truly experience the smartphone that's in your pocket. My only concern, however, is the price. Because as more technology is implemented, the cost usually increases.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-30-2017
I feel like at a certain point they won't even be compared to phones. I'm thinking it will be some sort of all purpose wrist watch-like projection device that can call and text and everything. I guess it depends really on how far in the future you mean. In about 20 years or so I am guessing the phones can't get too much skinnier so they will probably get clear and then from there we will move onto something different entirely.
Posted by AlexHarris on 08-30-2017
Seriously I have tried to imagine that so many times but ended up with nothing. I know as we grow technology makes what we felt was impossible the previous era as simple as anything we can think of. So that has made me to refrain from bothering myself with such thoughts. I rather wait and see whatever they come out with and buy the ones I like and can very much afford.
Posted by wiiky28 on 08-30-2017
I also curious when it comes to the price and how much they would eventually costs if these holographic phones are ever released in the future. Would they still be the same price as the powerful ones today? Hmm. Keeps you wondering sometimes. And also, will it be available to all or limited only to some people? I hope that it will be available to all because if not, then the world will turn into something like that of the Hunger Games movie. Lol
Posted by galegatling on 09-04-2017
I've always imagined future gadgets to look like that of Stark's in Iron Man. Oh! It will be so cool! All in holograms or transparent phones that will be in sync to all other devices. Greater storage capacity and also battery life. I've always envisioned it to become more futuristic that could cater all the needs of human. There are actually a lot that is running through my head just one idea after the other but I think what is more important is that It is user friendly and safe.
Posted by Istine on 08-30-2017
Well, when graphene hurries up and catches up with us, when they fully develop that technology, mobile phones will be completely transparent. They will also charge in literally seconds not hours and will last for months not days without needing a recharge. Graphene is going to completely radicalize and revolutionize our lives. I know that sounds cliche but look into it and you'll see what I mean and why.
Posted by idealmikey on 08-30-2017
Wow! This is some next level information right here. I've looked it up and this is probably the first time I have seen this element. Right? It's an element? Or you are talking about something else? If it's an element then it will surely revolutionize the development of our technology specially when it comes to electronics.
Posted by galegatling on 09-06-2017
Mobile phone companies are now competing in creating a type of mobile phone that has more screen while reducing unnecessary parts (e.g. iphone to its earphones). The next thing that we can expect to be removed is the charging port while the battery will get even smaller by the coming years. The wireless charging technology will become more advanced and the range of charging distance will dramatically increase.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-30-2017
The world of technology continues to evolved everyday and nothing will be surprising I believe because with our inventors and scientists nothing is impossible with them.I wish the could be phone that alert of eminent danger,like danger is close by you stand getting the signal this one feature on phones would be quite magical.
Posted by lovely on 08-30-2017
I Think for me as technology evolves there are chances that in the near future our smart phones will be hologram or much better concept because every year or as the day pass by smartphone companies are always thinking about innovation they strive hard to make it more nice and more advance for us to use so for me if that happen i will gladly accept the new concept of the smart phone.
Posted by tophew on 08-30-2017
A hologram phone would be very enjoyable! I'd love to see the caller in 3D as we're having a conversation. If the device is able to project the image at a 1 to 1 ratio it would almost be like they're right there in the room with you having a conversation. This would do wonders for people in long distance relationships or soldiers off to war. Imagine a conference call with several projections filling up your room!
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-31-2017
I have to agree with you JaiGuru. A hologram phone would be amazing but I doubt it would be a reality to see them everywhere for a little while. I'm sure that a lot of companies like Samsung have already tried to develop a phone capable of having a hologram feature in it. It would be so cool to be able to see a person as a hologram whilst you are video calling them, would be loved by any Star Wars fans surely.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-31-2017
This is something that I have always been wondering about. The mobile phones of the future will for sure be very sophisticated with features that we can't even think of today. I have changed two mobile phones within a year as they accidentally fell down and as fragile as they are their screens got damaged. Maybe in the future we will have such phones which can fix themselves in case it their screens get damaged.
Posted by Pixie on 08-30-2017
Same here. Wanna know the crazy part? What if we won't be using mobile phones anymore? What if there'll come a time where we will be using wrist bands with embedded holographic features such as 3D virtual effects and stuff. Would that be awesome? And you can connect it with your glass tablet if you wanna play some games but the best part about it is that it's very handy and it's just on your wrist!
Posted by galegatling on 09-03-2017
I have seen in movies and commercial about the phones that are transparent and holograms, some are really thin and i have seen those which can be bend and indestructable. I think what we see in those movies or clips can be done in the future cause we see how fast the development of each gadget has become, so i think it can soon be done.
Posted by zheh on 08-30-2017
I'm honestly a big fan of how smartphones look as of right now, their designs are great and I'm not really sure I'd like the transparent ones we see in movies or holograms. When I want to talk to someone hearing their voice is enough for me, an hologram would be pretty weird. If we're talking about design only, I hope nothing will change too much.
Posted by Tania997 on 08-30-2017
I don't think we will be staying on these current models and forms of our smart phones in the future. For sure there will be innovations and modifications. The transparent glass probably has a good chance of becoming real in the future a couple of hundred years from now. Well we cannot stop innovation and technology though that is for sure. We can't do anything else but to wait and adapt to the changes.
Posted by galegatling on 09-11-2017
Hopefully, it will never look like that picture that you have used. I think smartphones look fine right now in terms of appearance. I really do not want any of that transparent phones because they just look awful and it doesn't make sense at all really. Imagine trying to do anything on a transparent phone outside whilst the sun is shining extremely brightly. You just wouldn't see anything on your screen.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-30-2017
Why not? Don't you like thin transparent glass phones? I think they will look cool and trendy. Lol. It does make sense. It's just transparent but it will probably have a lot of feature including holograms since they would rely more on transparent and clear objects. As for the brightness, that is inevitable. Why would you want to use your phone outside? Of course the colour scheme would be stronger and more solid so you can still see the images because all particles and features of the phone will probably have background colours.
Posted by galegatling on 09-07-2017
I doubt they look much different in the future than they do now. We will perpetually be going through a cycle of them getting smaller as technology permits for miniaturization, and getting bigger again when new generations of tech offer a big enough leap forward that the power they have becomes more valuable than the vanity of being smaller. The only way this will change is if some extremely novel technology replaces our current networks. Maybe some kind of brain to device interface. Beyond that, what we have is what we've got.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-30-2017
I don't think, we can predict, how the future gonna be happen. Because, the technology keep changing, as it is like unpredictable at all. Maybe in some sort of time, hologram will finally be created, as final product. Because, what happened today was still on prototype stage, and not a final product to be available by public.

It is more interesting, the fact that, the reality of hologram technology will be in just 5 years, or earlier than I predicted. We don't have the certainty about the future of human race. Because, as human, we keep evolving into more suffocated in terms of technological advancement.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 08-30-2017
I think it's pretty complicated try to predict what the future will be for this kind of technology. But I think a more logical path is the technology through the hologram. I can't (at least at this point) imagine other more viable paths.

However, technology evolves every day... So, it's best to let the next chapters be written.
Posted by wiseagent on 08-30-2017
Well, wouldn't actually get to that point, of total difference from what you see now, because there will be recycling of the past,as the globe rotates, what you drop at a point in time will get back to you, at your own sequence. And that's what we will experience in the future of mobile phones, there will be total overhauling in the future, we will go back to normal phones like Nokia old phones, with a new uniform and concept and then we move further from there and when we reach our threshold, we get back again and start the loop.
Posted by Authord on 08-30-2017
I think it will be definitely be something to do with holograms and they will be smaller and more compact. I wouldn't be surprised if you wore them on your wrist and the caller would appear as a hologram. It would be very similar to Star Wars.
Posted by Vatroslav on 08-30-2017
I think transparent and holograms are the future of mobile phones. When mobile phones were launched in our home country, it was so expensive that I never though I would ever own a mobile phone. However, four years later, I was using a mobile phone. The technology not only because cheap but also better, The first mobile hand selt I saw was just like a geometry box, however, the phone I am using now is sleek
Posted by vinaya on 08-30-2017
Just like you, that was also my thinking when the cellphone came out in the market that I couldn’t afford it. But after a year or so I was able to buy my own portable phone with a subscription line. The scenario was repeated when the first iPhones were sold in the local market because it was pretty expensive although it was amazing. I didn’t imagine to own a phone that could connect to the internet. And now that kind of phone is common.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-01-2018
I hope they stay the same visually and that brands work on developing waterproof, shatterproof products with more storage. I think there's no reason to keep making up strange features like removing headphone jacks and the focus should be on improving the quality of what we already have.
Posted by anna on 08-30-2017
I believe that they will be able to create smartphones that are pure glass on the front and also make them thinner. Hands free features would also increase. I also believe that phones in the future will be able to protect holograms, but that's if they would be able to create batteries that would last more than a day. Batteries right now just suck. If you use it for browsing the web and watching videos, your phone would only last 6 to 8 hours max.

What more if they would add a hologram feature in the phones of the future? If the batteries of today won't be able to keep up. I'm a bit concerned though as the battery of a thin smartphone might not be able to hold much power. Still, I'm very excited for what the future holds. I like using smartphones. They're already part of my daily life. Any advancement in technology makes me very happy.
Posted by limberg on 08-30-2017
Paper display and hologram is going to be the future. You can see that mobile phones in bulky form won't be there in future. But it'd be interesting to see how long paper display may survive. Because just being a fiber and allowing the information transfer on it. That does not sound like a good option to me. And based on what are some of our assumption. I guess we have to see it'd be reasonable to say how that works out.
Posted by overcast on 08-31-2017
Human intelligence are exceptional and they create or innovate things into something new. Where I can also anticipate how mobile phone would look in the future or couple of years from now. I guess a phone that lock and unlock via eye scanner could be the possible innovation of human. That will exceed our expectation to secure confidentiality and communication of people in future.
Posted by rogel on 08-31-2017
I could care less what the phones look like, as long as they work when you need them to work and the person you're calling answers the phone!!

Yeah, kids! This is your mom and I'm talking about you! Answer your phone! You know I don't call unless it's an emergency!! :)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-31-2017
Haha this always gets me every time. Even if I don't have a kid yet but I can already feel the pain the parents have to go through every time they call their kids and won't even answer the phone because well, it's just mom. Just mom?! Haha. It's kind of frustrating too because I know you always want to be mad at them and punish them but then at the end of the day, you couldn't do it in the long run because you love them so much specially if they look sad like a pup.
Posted by galegatling on 09-08-2017
I think the phones in the future have bigger screen but thinner. It would have cameras that are really of big megapixels, one that can be at pat with those cameras used by professional photographers. And I am one of those who likes a phone with a very good quality of camera.
As to those with holograms, yes that will be the trend . i also think they will also have a very big interanl storage.
Posted by SimplyD on 09-01-2017
I think that instead of phones we will be using things similar to Google Lens - phones will be integrated into it so when you look through let's say a lens or glasses you will see various features displayed in form of holograms and with your eye movement or hands you will then choose further action such as calling, texting, web surfing. But that's still quite a few years away. I think the first step will be something similar like you have mentioned. It's quite fascinating seeing how the mobile phones technology is expanding and evolving.
Posted by Mehano on 09-01-2017
Smartphones >WILL< disappear in the near future. Instead, we'll be using our own fingers to speak with someone and hear what (s)he has to say and everything visual will be connected to some glasses or lenses.
Posted by Wyvh on 09-01-2017
For that kind of thing to happen, our body will be technically and scientifically modified to produce holograms or image of those high technology communicating devices. I've seen lots of sci-fi movies and anime to date and mostly the most convenient way to achieve those is like embedding a chip or maybe sim card to your own body. What I want to see in the future though is a more advance voice recognition software or app that doesn't need you to touch and can be avail by the public for free. Something that can call or send message to another person with touching a key or something.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-01-2017
I think it is really unpredictable, to be quite honest. Given that I'm still stuck in the mindset of the present time, I imagine them to still be in some sort of physical, interactive form such as the clear, glass concepts I've seen floating around on the internet. But truth is that in the distant future, forms of communication might not even come in a physical form. They may be neural implants where all we have to do is think of something and it's instantly processed within our brains. It would essentially be telepathy.
Posted by Denis_P on 09-02-2017
Eventually I think we will have micro-chips inserted that will connect wirelessly with our brainwaves. We will be able to scroll through information with our thoughts. We can answer phone calls just by saying a word. We will not have to hold anything. It will probably be even more advanced that we can imagine. I'm not a tech guru so I'm sure what I'm saying is quite off, but that's what I imagine.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 09-04-2017
Although I also think that this is going to be unpredictable, because new unforeseen developments are happening in labs all over the world, it seems like the general concensus here is that the hologram phone will be the next wave. It reminds me of Tony Stark in Iron Man and the technology he had. I have also heard a lot about implants so that we do not even need devices on the outsides of our bodies--I am a little wary of those.
Posted by JoeMilford on 09-11-2017
there will be better and more faster phones that browse quicker than the ones we are using now. The mobile phones will be more portable and it will have more storage capacity than the present ones.
Posted by babyright on 09-12-2017
It would more than likely be holograms or even digital implants where a small chip implanted into the body would handle all of our internet and telecommunications requirements. The possibilities here are endless as well as the potential for chaos. Brain hacks for example would be a thing of the future as a result and of course the mind games would be more of a reality. This would open the door for other technologies like nanobots! But let's not get carried away here. We're looking at cell phones of the future and at this stage they could take on just about any shape or even more than likely, they could even be shapeless as there are no limitations to what the future of telecommunications can be.
Posted by Joteque on 09-21-2017
I can't just place a hand on what future smartphones would look like in the future. I have seen phones that loom quite slim and sleek while holding and these are things that show that the future is really unpredictable in the manufacturing of phones. I wish to be alive to witness the changes that will come from the smartphone sector.
Posted by Barida on 09-25-2017
That picture made me giggle. I think they'll eventually reach a point where they are thin enough (perhaps we're there already) and big enough. These days, there's not much left to innovate on the design. As long as they are water and dust proof, drop and scratch resistant and drop resistant while still looking nice and being made of premium materials, that's practically the design done functionality wise. Small, if any bezels on the front while still housing the microphone, speaker, sensor array and fingerprint sensor underneath the display and you're done there.

Hopefully a small, non-protruding camera module that looks good and of course takes DSLR quality images. A flawless high-res display, non-stop performance and one of the most important yet limiting factors of a mobile device: battery life. It must have all day battery life. Other than that, I doubt much would change in the looks functionality. We're in the golden age of smartphone design. It all comes down to performance and software.
Posted by Sp3ctrum on 10-03-2017
Personally, I think that there will come a time when technology will be so advanced that we will have built-in mobile phones, iPods, and other technological devices. That's right can you imagine having a cellphone in your head? Sounds cool but potentially troublesome
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-03-2017
It's better to be with a hologram. But I prefer a small device that we connect to our ears and it will automatically connect to our brain and we can see the screen through our eyes. Just like in the anime Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. You don't need to hold a device anymore as it's already connected to your ears and it's much convenient to use as well.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-20-2017
I had seen a demo of a futuristic phone on a tv show. The phone itself is flexible that you can bend it aside from being waterproof and shockproof with the guaranteed durability. That may not be much of an improvement from the present phone but I guess the features would be more amazing. It just I didn’t see the features in that demo although I am sure that the camera would be much improved.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-13-2018
While keeping up with the technology and enjoying innovations, I honestly have no idea what the cell phones will look like in the future. I venture to say that mobile phones may be thinner and lighter. The batteries will last longer and you can recharge them more easily. Honestly I'm curious to know what more modern can be created.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-29-2018
With the rate at which technology advancement is going lately, I wouldn't be surprised seeing mobile in crystal transparent mode. Sometimes I do feel like these tech people are some sort of witches that they keep on inventing stuffs that always beats people's imagination. After God in heaven, they are the next in line as ultimate beings.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-13-2018
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Posted by hermessantos on 02-26-2018
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Posted by hermessantos on 02-26-2018
I am very satisfied how smartphones are today. I can't how it is going to look like in the future and I thinks is the problem of smartphone innovators too. Good example is the Samsung S9, there's not much of a difference from its predecessor. Obviously, they are running out of ideas. I am thinking there will be another gadget that will come out rather than smartphone. Google Glass probably is going to be next.
Posted by gavinci13 on 03-20-2018
In this era the we have a wireless charging, even though it comes with negative aspects as slow charging. However within the future your smartphonencan charge as quickly as you enter the room. There are a few concept chargers, and the technology is interesting.
Posted by jetselle on 11-22-2018